Best LED Grow Lights For Weed In 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

It won’t be wrong if we say that “Best yield is one of the best bi-product from your selection of right and best LED Grow light.”

As the trend for indoor growing and cultivation is on its peak, many brands are bragging regarding their products.

Moreover, everyone is claiming that they are the only one who provides best led grow lights among the rest of all.

And as we all know, in such a situation it becomes necessary to do our homework carefully and to put enough of efforts in research before making our decision and to prevent being cheated.

Well, you don’t have to worry about all those stuff because we’ve done all the work for you.

Yeah, here in this article, we’ll provide you reviews of more than 12 LED Grow lights which you can count on as some of the Best LED grow lights available on the market.

Also, to help you with making your decision easy, we’ve crafted a short yet effective Buyer’s guide for you.

You can purchase many of these lights on Amazon and also at Happy Hydro, one of the top hydro stores.



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So yeah, our ultimate goal is to help you in selecting a perfect fit depending on your requirements and some other factors that we usually don’t know/consider while doing our research.

Before we began with the reviews of Best LED Grow Lights, we’d like you to take a quick look at this comparison table which will help you in making the whole decision process more manageable.

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Best LED Grow Lights For Weed
#1 – G8LED 600W MEGA LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.4/10

  • 8 Band Optimal Spectrum + UV & IR
  • Delivering 1480 uMol PAR
  • 2 years of unlimited warranty

#2 – Advanced Platinum P300 300W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Massive coverage for around 4’ X 3.5’
  • Stellar support for long 5 years
  • Multiple cooling fans and high profile heat sink

Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Grow space of around 4.5’ X 2.8’
  • 3 years of authentic warranty
  • High PPFD to get high yield

#4 – California Solar System 550 LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.0/10

  • Programmable spectrum control
  • Automatic voltage recognition
  • Bulletproof active heat management

#5 – VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • 3 individual mode switches
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • 3 years warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or Money Back

#6 – BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Lower consumption of electricity
  • 10 different LED colors
  • 1036 uMol PAR from 18″ height.

#7 – VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • 397 uMol from 18″ height.
  • Only pulls merely 130W
  • Reflector and dimming knob

#8 – Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • 20 Pcs of 10W dual chip LEDs
  • Produced massive 850 uMol
  • 2 separate mode switches

#9 – King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Complete 12 Band Spectrum
  • Massive Coverage of 3.5′ X 4′
  • Dense Enough with 645 uMol @ 18″

#10 – Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • 120 degrees + 90 Degree Optical Lens
  • 2 high functional cooling fans
  • Dense Enough with 453 uMol @ 18″

#11 – Shengsite UFO 50W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • The power consumption of mere 50W
  • Highly Effective for all type of plants
  • 1 year + 30 days Return

So, Let’s begin now!

Review of Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing In 2023

As we stated, the prime purpose of providing our readers with a detailed yet short comparison table was to help them understand, what they’re getting out of this article and for their use.
We hope it helped you.
So now, we should move forward with the detailed and well-researched reviews crafted by our experts.

1. G8LED 600W MEGA :- Best LED Grow Light By High Times Award Winning Brand

G8LED Mega 600W Optimal Spectrum - Hightimes LED Grow Light Reviews

Yeah, you guessed it right! The brand won High Times magazine’s Best LED Grow Light of The Year award successively.

An experienced indoor cultivator would know the worth and trust of a brand who wins this award.

Moreover, the quality and ability to produce better yield is supplied along with this grow light by G8LED, and that was the reason for its nomination.

Also, recently G8LED 600W grow light grabbed a place in Wiki’s list of Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights on the market for its quality and customer satisfaction.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 20”X 12”X 3”& 22.4lbs
  • LEDs :- 200pcs * 3W
  • Spectrum :- 8 Band Optimal Full Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • PAR Results :- 1480 uMol
  • Actual Wattage :- 380W
  • Coverage :- 4’ X 5’

Features & Benefits of G8LED 600 Watt MEGA LED

  • Sturdy Body Build & Design :-

This grow light by G8LED is manufactured using some of the top rated materials. And, Its strength and durability are predictable by looking at its dimensions & weight part in the tech specs.Also, due to its body build up and comprising materials you can rely on it for a long term indoor growing purpose.

  • 8 Band Optimal Spectrum + UV & IR :-

Spectrum is the prior factor of consideration for anyone who’s looking for one of the best LED grow light. Also, in that case, you are getting an 8 band full spectrum light for your plants from this beast.We agree that it has eliminated some of the bands from its spectrum. However, upon research we found that it’s research team had tested results using several test cases and what they got from an 8 band spectrum was better compared to a 12 band spectrum. Also, it helps in maximizing yield per watt of electricity.

  • PAR & Coverage :-

Intensity and ability to cover a specific area by providing huge footprint is what matters at the end of the day. Well, in that case too, this grow light is capable of delivering 1480 uMol PAR results from the height of 18”. So yeah, it is capable of providing a decent footprint for a massive area of 4’ X 5’ uniformly.

  • Actual Power Draw :-

A good decision is something that along thinks of the longer term. If by investing lesser money, in the beginning, you’re grabbing a power sucker then you’ll regret your decision. However, G8LED Mega 600W Full spectrum LED grow light pulls merely 380W for effective operations.

  • Customer Satisfaction & Aftersales :-

Manufacturer provides 2 years of unlimited warranty and stellar customer support to their buyers. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve taken opinion from people who’re using it since a long time back, and according to their opinion, we didn’t come across a single person who’ve faced issue while using it.

What Makes G8LED 600 Watt A Right LED Grow Light?

There are mainly two reasons according to our experts, based on what we could say that it is the right product to consider if you’re a bit of experience in the past.

Tremendous Performance :-

Yeah, as already mentioned, grow light is capable of delivering an 8 band full spectrum along with IR and UV, which plays a vital role in the process of photosynthesis and helps in producing resinous flowers. Also, the intensity of this LED by G8LED remains intact even in larger space, without compromising on power consumption.

Fabulous Cooling & Well Balanced Environment :-

Yeah, this full spectrum LED Grow Light is equipped with multiple cooling fans, which are silent and an excellent heat sink for easing heat dissipation process. Well, it saves our plants from harm and keeps things balanced, and that’s why we’d say that it is perfect for large-sized grow space with the expectancy of top-notch performance.

Pros And Cons Of G8LED 600 Watt MEGA LED

  • Awarded as Best LED Grow Light by multiple magazines and web authorities.
  • Top notch materials in the making.
  • Unbeatable Strength and Durability.
  • Remarkable Spectrum Ability.
  • The Inclusion of IR&UV for Better Results.
  • Uniform Coverage for Massive 4’X5’ Grow Space.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Extra-ordinary PAR Results.
  • Less Power Consumption with better performance.
  • Effective Cooling.
  • Stellar Customer Support and Fabulous Consumer Satisfaction according to our Survey.
  • A Bit Pricey.
  • The Product is not waterproof so requires additional care from dripping water.

Who Should Buy G8LED 600 Watt MEGA LED?

People who’ve got a bit of experience in Indoor growing with LEDs. Yeah, we don’t recommend it to a beginner because indoor growing and results depend on several factors and we recommend this product once a person has a hand on experience with some beginner level LED grow light.

Our Verdict

Well, when it comes to our verdict on this grow light, all we’d like to say is, go for it if you’re expecting powerpack performance for a more extended period without wasting too much of your hard earned money on the electricity bill and an additional LED grow lights to get better results.

Yeah, our recommendation for G8LED 600W Mega LED lies on its quality, performance, and capabilities.

2. Advanced Platinum Series P300 :- Made with Love from USA

Advanced Platinum Series P300

We’re sure that you’ll have heard the name Platinum LEDs. Yeah, it is a USA based brand focusing on producing excellent quality lights for indoor marijuana cultivators. Moreover, Trust, recommendation and customer base obtained by this brand is remarkable.

Well, it all possible due to their highly qualified researchers and above the expected performance.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 19” X 8.5” X 3” & 12.8 lbs
  • LEDs :- 100pcs * 3W
  • Focusing Angle :- 90 degrees
  • Spectrum :-12 Band Full Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- Yes
  • PAR Results :- 1050 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 93W Veg & 180W Bloom
  • Coverage :- 4.5’ X 3.8’ ( From 22” Max with decent footprint)

Features & Benefits of Advanced Platinum Series P300

  • Full Spectrum :- All Essential Bands in a Single Pack

As we stated, Platinum LEDs is known for its high performance and extraordinary quality. Also, as we all know, Spectrum is the most vital and one of the essential parts of indoor growing. And in that case, Platinum P300 is capable of producing a full spectrum light, consisting of the depth of IR to the height of UV. Yeah, Panel is equipped with around 100 LEDs, and focusing angle of LEDs are 90 degrees, which helps in improving penetration rates and further helps your plants in getting better growth and healthy life.

  • PAR Results :- Charm of Real Intensity and Density

As of now, PAR results obtained by Platinum LEDs are unbeatable, and they’re still on the top when it comes to PAR tests. Yeah, Advanced Platinum LED P300 is capable of providing 1080 uMol from the height of 18”. Well, it’s more than enough and helps your plants in well-sustained growth by providing dense and bright light all the time.

  • Dual Mode Control & Less Power Pulling :- Lets You Control Your Power Units

Yeah, Platinum LED P300 300W grow light is equipped with 2 separate mode switches, so you can control it accordingly depending on your plant’s life stage. Also, this dual mode switches help you in saving more electricity as during vegetation phase it just pulls around 93W from a wall. However, during blooming you plants need more intense and bright light, and hence it’ll pull around 180W during bloom which is entirely acceptable looking at the quality of light. And with this note it becomes one of the top rated and most suitable LED grow light for indoor weed cultivation.

  • Coverage & Footprint :- Factor Justifying its Place in BEST LED Grow Lights List

When it comes to concerning factors, even a beginner would think of coverage abilities. Well, it should be and in that case, you’ll glad to know that it is capable of providing a decent footprint for around 4.5’ X 3.8’ of the area from the height of 22”. Also, note that you’re always advised to increase or decrease the distance between light and plants depending on your observation.

  • Cooling Sense & Inner Materials :- Smart Dissipation Is Must

We understand your concern here, and our team had done their job very hard to assure you of its cooling caps. Yeah, P300 by Platinum LEDs is equipped with multiple cooling fans and high profile heat sink made up of aluminum. Combination of both these parts charmingly does their job. Also, to prevent failure of Unit this LED grow light is equipped with scientific drivers and Zener diode which ensures durability even for a longer timespan.

What Makes Advanced Platinum Series P300A Right LED Grow Light?

Well, if you’re seeking our opinion regarding qualities that makes it a right Grow Light for weed plants in this advanced platinum series p300 300w review, then all we’d like to say is it’s quality and durability along with heart satisfying performance. However, we shouldn’t forget this product is manufactured by a brand established and developed in the USA itself and hence can’t neglect level of perfection it’d be providing.

Pros And Cons Of Advanced Platinum Series P300

  • Brand Established and Developed in the USA.
  • All parts used are manufactured in the USA.
  • Highly Durable and Strong Build.
  • Useful spectrum focusing on overall plants growth.
  • Best on the line PAR results of 1080 uMol.
  • Dual mode switches for easy and comfortable control.
  • Massive coverage for around 4’ X 3.5’
  • Verified Better yields per watt of electricity.
  • Extremely quiet and cooling operations.
  • Remarkable power efficiency outputs.
  • Stellar support for long 5 years.
  • Don’t feature timer on the panel, though it could be controlled using a timer.
  • Extreme brightness requires safety glasses while being in direct contact.

Who Should Buy Advanced Platinum Series P300?

People interested in getting a better yield per watt of electricity and at the same time don’t want to invest their money on comparatively less reliable Chinese products should think of Platinum LEDs.

Even though it is a bit pricey, we’re recommending based on fabulous input we gathered from real life users who’ve reported us tremendous results.

Our Verdict

As already stated, Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W LED Grow Light has almost everything we expect in a premium LED grow light. Looking at the level of full spectrum capabilities and lower level of power consumption, we’ll surely recommend it to you if you don’t want to invest your hard earned money on a so-called Best LED Grow Light in your budget.

Marijuana growers with low budget and optimal expectancy should check out our reviews for affordable LED grow lights for raising weed plants in home.

3. MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W :- Value for The Money Product

Mars Hydro 720W Review - Best LED Grow Light for indoor Growing

And here it comes an effective yet budget friendly option for budget savvy indoor growers. Yeah, Being on the market since so long, Mars Hydro is known for their quality and performance at a budget friendly price tag. While, brands has provided several series of full spectrum LED grow lights, in this review, we’re going to focus on Mars Hydro Reflector 720W specifically.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 2”X 12.8”X 2.4”& 14.72 lbs
  • LEDs :- 144pcs * 5W
  • Reflector or Optical Lens? :- Reflector
  • Focusing Angle :_ Mixed
  • Spectrum :- A Complete Full Spectrum Including IR+UV
  • Dual Mode Switch :- Yes
  • Dimmable :- No
  • PAR Results :- 873 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 298W±5%
  • Coverage :- 4.5’ X 2.5′

Features & Benefits of MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W

  • Design & Quality Control :- Scientifically Designed for Better Results

Well, the first feature that we thought, is worth mention, is it’s quality control and design. Yeah, several series and product lines are being provided by Mars Hydro, though the first factor in this 720W model is its scientific designing, that expresses the mind behind it. Yeah, it is designed in a way so that it could provide fully absorbable light to plants and create healthily and well sustained grow space.

  • A Complete Full Spectrum :- Deep and Effective Light Effect For Veg And Blooming

When it comes to spectral capabilities, this grow light produces a complete full spectrum including the bands ranging between 440nm-460nm, 630nm-660nm, 730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k. Yeah, it also comprises most vital IR in its shade, so that the process of cell building could be improved and plant gets best possible growth with its light.

  • Coverage & Footprint :- Enough to Cover a Mid-Sized Weed Grow Space

Agree! Just being a complete full spectrum LED doesn’t make sense, unless it could provide ample and decent footprints during growing operations.

Moreover, Mars Hydro Reflector 720 is equipped with a Reflector which maximizes the light effect and could spread decent brightness for a massive grow space of around 4.5’ X 2.8’.

Also, Mixed focusing angle of LEDs helps in spreading light evenly and boosting penetration over canopies.

  • Power Efficiency :- Looser OR Winner?

Yeah, as we always say, this is something that determines whether a product you’re planning to bring home is a loser or a winner. Less power consumption means more saving at a longer run. Well, as far as Mars Hydro’s Power efficiency is concerned, it pulls merely 298W at max while setting on its topmost level of brightness.

  • Cooling & Care :- No Worries for Heat Issues

Yeah, Mars Reflector 720 is equipped with 3 silent yet active cooling fans which helps in keeping grow panel cool and under the heat level. Also, an advanced heat sink is included in its design of the body from where heat will dissipate in no time. According to our survey, even while keeping these grow light closer to the surface of the plant canopy, no one has observed any harm to the plants. So be assured.

  • After Sales :- How Reliable They Are?

We understand your concern here, anyone coming across a Chinese brand would think twice before making a final call. Well, in that case, we’d like to mention that Mars Hydro is on the market since almost 8-10 years and during this long time span, they’ve worked hard on improving their products and customer support as well. Manufacturer provides 3 years authentic warranty to their priceless consumers.

What Makes MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W A Right LED Grow Light?

Well, In our opinion it is the quality at a decent price that makes it a right LED Grow Light. Also, after reaching out to several users of Mars hydro, we’ve observed that this is not only a quality comprising product, but also durable and is capable of being a productive companion for a more extended period.

Pros And Cons Of MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W

  • Verified Reliability By Existing Users.
  • High-Quality Product Designed to Help Grower’s Community.
  • A Complete Spectrum Comprising All Vital Bands.
  • Acceptable And Decent PAR Results.
  • Massive Coverage for An Intermediate Grower with Mid-Sized Grow Space.
  • Dual mode Switches for Comfortable Use.
  • Less Power Pulling = More Savings.
  • Active Cooling Fans & Heat Sink.
  • Massive Recommendation Rate by Weed Grower Community for This Product.
  • Authentic Warranty Terms And Support.
  • It is advised to be clear about warranty terms.
  • The unit is not waterproof and seeks additional care from the surrounding water body.

Who Should Buy MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W ?

Anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet effective product should consider keeping it in their wish list. Yeah, people aiming to get around 4’ X 2.5’ of average coverage, this could be a perfect and quality product for your plants. Also, dual mode switches give the easy controlling ability to people who’re not much experienced and don’t have knowledge about suggested hanging height for a specific type of plant, such as marijuana.

Moreover, if budget is an obstacle and you are alright with lower specifications then it’s sibling model Mars Hydro 300W is also a good option to start with.

Our Verdict

Well, if you’re not looking for a pricey product and your requirements regarding coverage lie between 12sq.ft, then we’ll recommend you to take a look at this product and its reviews available on Amazon. People are supporting it based on what it has to offer, and we’re doing the same because we don’t want you to miss a quality product for the matter of 5-10 bucks.

4. California Light Works Solar System 550 :- Made for Tech Savvy Indoor Weed Cultivators.

California Lightworks Solarsystem 550 Review - Best LED Grow Light On The Market

And here it comes one from a well known and renowned brand of USA. Yeah, CL is providing exceptional solutions to indoor growers and gardeners for a long time back. With time they’ve improved their products in a way that what we get today from them is a complete masterpiece, we must say.

SolarSystem 550 is one of their latest model on the board and doing well on the market with its performance. Let’s explore reasons behinds its placement in our LED grow light reviews.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 18”X8.5”X4”&13lbs
  • Spectrum :-Complete Full Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • PAR Results :– 888 uMol
  • Actual Wattage :– 400W Max
  • Digital Control :– Yes
  • Spectrum Control :- Programmable
  • Coverage :– 3’ X 4’
  • Thermal Management :– Yes Active
  • Certification :– UL & CE

Features & Benefits of California Light Works SolarSystem 550

  • State of The Art Technology :- Something Worth Investing Into

Yeah, SolarSystem 550 is not an ordinary light like rest of all. We’ve included it in our list of Best LED Grow Lights for some obvious reasons, and the inclusion of the latest technologies is one the reasons. Yeah, SolarSystem 550 by CL features a programmable spectrum control. Also, it is equipped with a digital control panel and a compact display. Moreover, you can have an outdoor journey with it as you can set the timer as per your requirements. Yeah, it features a built-in timer as well.

  • A Complete Spectrum :- Made for Well Balanced Growth

This LED Grow light spreads a full spectrum light which also includes the most vital IR and UV in its pinkish and bluish effect. Yeah, you’ll have two different light effects with same LED panel depending on the phase your plants currently passing through. Well, in veg mode plants requires blue band as much as possible while in blooming Red effects is known to be better for resinous flower’s aim.

  • Operational Cost :- As Low As Possible

As the unit is fully programmed and features some marvelous tech within it, many might think it will pull a lot of energy for optimal operation. Well, the reality is a bit different than the predictions, yeah, SolarSystem 550 draws 400W at maximum for perfect performance. Yup! An ultimate power saver at your service. Yeah, you can count on it as a ideal led grow light for marijuana growing in your home, as its return per watt is better compared to others in the low budget segment.

  • Coverage Capabilities :- Better Than the Expectations

This grow light by California Lightworks is capable of providing 888 uMol of PPFD results, so it is predictable how much area it could cover with this tremendous output. Yeah, you can use it for around 4’ X 3’ of grow space during blooming. Yeah, as during this time, your plants will require more dense and direct light for their hunger. Also, you may change height during vegetation and could achieve more substantial coverage from this grow light, and moreover, it also varies depending on the type of plants you grow.

  • Warranty And Brand Trust :- You Won’t Regret. Assured!

Yeah, your concern is obvious. However, we’ve conducted a survey, and we observed that people are happily using it. Yeah, some of them even said that I don’t regret that I made this choice because even after 6 months of use light is working correctly. Still, the manufacturer believes in taking perfect care of its consumers and offers 5 years warranty and stellar customer-friendly support.

What Makes SolarSystem 550A Right LED Grow Light?

In our opinion, it’s the inclusion of latest technology with a vision of improving indoor growing yields, is one of the critical factor that makes California Lightwork’s Solarsystem 550 one of the Best LED Grow Light among all others available on the market.

Pros And Cons Of California Light Works SolarSystem 550

  • Well Renowned Brand known for a Vision.
  • State of the art technology behind its working.
  • Fully programmed and controllable spectrum.
  • Slim and Sleek design.
  • Tremendous PPFD Outputs of 888.
  • Low Power Pulling of around 400W at max.
  • Massive coverage of 4’X3’
  • Cool and Quiet operation.
  • Built-in Timer for comfort and worry-free operation.
  • Reported Yield Results.
  • Freebies in the box.
  • Brand Reliability.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Extremely Bright, though safety glasses are provided in the box to save your eyesight.

Who Should Buy California Light Works SolarSystem 550?

People are aiming to bring something cool and state of the art, and this is the model for you. If you’re looking for a premium brand’s quality and worry-free use of an LED grow light in your grow space, then Solarsystem 550 is made for you. Also, we recommend you to check your needs concerning coverage expectancy and power efficiency and then make your move wisely.

Our Verdict

“Everything comes at a price.” Though, for Solarsystem 550 it won’t be true. Yeah, here everything is coming at a price lesser than it deserves. While researching and doing our work, we come across several appraisals regarding this grow light, and that’s the reason we’ve decided to include this panel in the top 5 positions of our list comprising several Best LED Grow Lights on the market. And, our recommendation lies somewhere in the already mentioned facts and features of this marvelous piece of satisfaction.

5. VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W :- “One of Its Own Kind” LED Grow Light

Viparspectra PAR600 PAR Series 600W LED Grow Light - Review of Best On The Market & In the Segment

A brand is known for the level of dedication and results in and from their products. Yeah, Viparspectra is China Based LED Grow light manufacturers and has several warehouses throughout the globe. In this Reviews of Best LED Grow light we’ve selected two high performing variants from this brand. However, for this product review our focus is on Viparspectra PAR600 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, yeah one which is quite famous for its unique design and useful PAR results.

So, Let’s explore!

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 1” X 11.8” X 3.5”&13.7lbs
  • Spectrum :- 12 Band Complete Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • PAR Results :- 1020 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 275W Max
  • Built-in Timer :- No
  • Spectrum Control :- Separate Switches for White, Blue, Red
  • Coverage :- 3’ X 3’
  • Cooling Fans :- Yes – Front Placement
  • Certification :- CE& RoHS (Eco Friendly)

Features & Benefits of VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W

  • Uniqueness in Design :- One of Its Own Kind.

Yeah, This PAR series by Viparspectra is the only product line available with front facing cooling fans. Also, dimensions and body build up of Viparspectra PAR600 are focused on the plant’s growth. If we talk about LED and band placement on the panel then this grow light is equipped with 120 LEDs of 5W each and color band placement is in a way that each color blends well and creates a results-oriented light effect for the plants.

  • Full Spectrum & Well Balanced PAR/Lumens Output :- Better For What Matters

Well, light spreads a pink brightness in the grow space while working, so you may imagine its worth for blooming. Yeah, its light includes all the most vital bands required for effective productions and resinous buds. It is a 12 band full spectrum LED Grow light, including IR and UV in it. Also, the name of the series is a good indicator for its PAR capabilities. Yeah, it is capable of providing 1020 uMol of PAR results from the height of 18”.

  • Separate Spectrum Control Switches :- 3 Switches for Perfect Blend

Yeah, Viparspectra PAR600 600W LED grow light features 3 individual mode switches, so yeah all the control for light’s effectiveness and the color effect will be on your hand. Also, you may set it accordingly based on your preference and observations from your grow space. A Separate Blue, White and Red switches are there to let you control effectiveness.

  • Power Efficiency :- Low Pulling At Its Best Output

When it comes to power efficiency, we become extra conscious of any product. Yeah, because in our opinion a product which torn apart your pocket isn’t the best recommendation. Well, in case of Viparspectra PAR600 600W LED Grow Light, we concluded that it pulls merely 275W when all the modes are ON, and light’s brightness is at its peak.

  • Aftersales & Support Responsibility :- They Value their Customers

Well, to ensure the safest use and confident yield results, Viparspectra provides 30 days of money back policy. Yeah, if you don’t think it is worth it then merely raise a refund request, and they won’t ask a single question. Also, they provide 3 years stellar customer support and their team is always there to back you up from whatever problem you face while using their product.

What Makes VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W A Right LED Grow Light?

In our opinion, there are two reasons which make Viparspectra PAR600 a right LED Grow light for an extraordinary yield result.

Reason 1 :- Enough For Mid Sized Coverage Expectancy With Lower Power Pulling.

Yeah, this grow light by viparspectra is capable of covering a massive area of 3’ X 3’ with its highly intense and bright light. Also, if we look at obtained yield results per watt of electricity, then it becomes apparent to count this panel as one of the best led grow light on the market.

Reason 2 :- Front Facing Cooling Fans Don’t Only Take Care Of Light, But Also Takes Care Of Plant Canopies.

Well, when it comes to heat dissipation and cooling factor, we must be a bit concerned and shouldn’t compromise on these factors. In this case, Viparspectra PAR600 is equipped with 3 front facing cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink. Cooling fans don’t just keep the panel cool and quiet, but also redirect the heat away from the plant canopies, so better and healthy plants with no harm assured.

Pros And Cons Of VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W

  • Reliability of Brand & Durability of Product In Single Box.
  • High Performance, Value for the Money Grow Light.
  • The spectrum includes all essential colors in it along with the most vital IR.
  • Individual Mode Controller, for better and effective light depending on plants stage.
  • No Harm Assured for plants with Front Facing Cooling Fans.
  • Higher PAR Compared to others in the same Segment.
  • Remarkable Coverage of Around 3’ X 3’
  • Lower Power Consumption Even At Best Performance Setting.
  • Trustworthy Customer Support.
  • Recommendation From Enough No. of Experienced Growers.
  • This Panel Is Not Waterproof.
  • Doesn’t Feature A Built-In Timer.

Who Should Buy VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W?

People with coverage expectancy of around 3’ X 3’ along with dense and bright light’s aim, should go for it. Moreover, fan placement is done in a way so that you may not require an additional exhaust if your grow room is ample enough and leaves enough space to roam the heat.

So yeah, no matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate grower with some experience in indoor cultivation, this is the perfect piece manufactured for all the segments of buyers.

Our Verdict

If it is our opinion that matters to you then all we’d like to mention is, a well reliable brand with a decent number of existing customer’s recommendation, you won’t regret your buying decision. In case you’re still feeling skeptical about the product they prefer to go through this existing customer’s review and evaluate yourself, what it is worth of.

Moreover, this led grow light by viparspectra has also succeeded in securing a place in upmost positions of our best 600w led grow light reviews roundup.

Happy Growing Pal.

If You’re interested in viparspectra’s product only but have a bit of lower or higher requirements then check following two articles for two best alternative to this PAR600 model by viparspectra.

6. BESTVA DC Series 2000W :- Quality At Its Best With Low Price Tag

Bestva DC2000 2000W - Best LED Grow Light Reviews

Hey Folks, here is the most awaiting review of Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light. Yeah, nowadays this is the most demanding and heavily used product among indoor growers, especially among indoor marijuana cultivators. Yeah, there are several reasons behind its success and high demand. Though it’s not possible to explain it in fewer sentences, so let’s explore this masterpiece by Bestva in brief in our Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 66” X 8.46” X 2.36” & 10.36 lbs
  • LEDs :- 200pcs * 10W
  • Dual Chips? :- Yes
  • Focusing Angle :- 120 degrees
  • Spectrum :- Full Spectrum with 10 Different Kinds of LEDs
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- No
  • Daisy Chain :- No
  • PAR Results :- 1036 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 390W
  • Our Recommendation :- 5’ X 5’
  • Brand Claim :- 7.8’ X 7.5’
  • Warranty :- 3 years + 30 days Return

Features & Benefits of BESTVA DC Series 2000W

  • Light Weight :- Low in Weight Yet Quality is Intact

Yeah, looking at specifications you might have guessed about its durability with this much lightweight build. However, according to several opinions we took, lights build is tough enough to fight against undesired situations. Yeah, it is made up of high-quality metals and materials. Also, even with a light weight they’ve not compromised on the quality of essential and core parts.

  • Well Balanced Spectrum :- Good For Plants

Yeah, this 2000W grow light by Bestva comprises of 10 different LED colors and creates a light effect that your plants would love to utilize. Moreover, we must admit, it’s spectrum is utmost close enough to the real sunlight, and you can count on it as one of the Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for your indoor plants.

Also, Bestva has kept overall growth of plants , and hence they’ve included IR and UV in its effect which will help in improving cell and leaf building process and will take appropriate care of germination as well.

As a side note, Blue: Red ratio in this tremendous LED grow light is of 2:8 which is generally counted as one of the most desired ratio for healthy plants.

  • Intensity and Footprint :- Large Enough

Being Frank, initially, we were not expecting above 1000PAR from this grow panel as it’s not priced among those which features above 1K PAR.

However, what we analyzed and verified, left us shocked and forced us to include it in our list of 10 best recommendation for LED grow lights.

Yeah, it is capable of providing 1036 uMol PAR from the height of 18 inches and is capable of spreading light evenly over plants with its LEDs focusing angle of 120 degrees.

  • Coverage :- Our Verified Figures

As coverage is solely dependent on the hanging height, we usually prefer to talk with people about it and take their inputs. In Bestva DC2000 2000W LED’s case, the manufacturer claims coverage of around 7’X7’. However, according to our research the majority of people are getting around 5’ X 5’ of coverage with ease. Also, while utilizing this grow light for 25 sq.ft of area results obtained are better than expectations.

  • Freebies & Warranty :- They Value Their Customer’s Safety As Well

Well, in the box you’ll get a BestVa DC2000 Grow Panel Unit, Power Cord, Free Hanging Rope, Hanging Hooks And Also One Safety Glass to save your vision and prevent harm to your eyesight. Moreover, From Aftersales point of view, the manufacturer provides comfortable support for around 3 years and also includes trust establishment period of 30 days. Yeah, you’re free to ask for all your money back if you don’t feel satisfied with the performance or this grow light.

What Makes BESTVA DC Series 2000W A Right LED Grow Light?

As Bestva DC 2000W is not featuring Daisy chaining or dimming functionalities, many might think how one could count on it? Well, answer relies on the performance and quality of returns this grow light has produced or producing in many cultivator’s grow room.

Yeah, in our opinion it is level of balancing in spectral effect and power efficiency even after covering a massive space are some of the many reasons that make it a better LED Grow Light compared to other cheap LED grow lights.

Pros And Cons Of BESTVA DC Series 2000W

  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Marvelous Spectrum balancing.
  • Effective Coverage (Our Verified Figures of 5’ X 5’)
  • Works Well For All Stages of plant’s life-cycle.
  • People’s demand due to quality in performance.
  • Lower consumption of electricity.
  • Remarkable Yield Outputs at the time of harvest.
  • Decent Cooling Functions.
  • Safety Certification from authorities.
  • In The Box Freebies.
  • Doesn’t Feature Daisy Chaining, Though not required due to coverage cap.
  • Dimming Knobs would have been an added advantage.

Who Should Buy BESTVA DC Series 2000W

People with an expectancy of massive coverage are prime users of Bestva DC 2000W grow light. Well, if you’re planning to grow more than 5-6 marijuana plants in your grow room, then it seems to be a perfect fit in our opinion. Also, the user interface isn’t complicated so a beginner could efficiently utilize this panel. Moreover, broad support is from existing grower could be an added advantage as many are using it and knows what settings and installation cautions are required to produce better yields.

Our Verdict

Instead of our opinion in this Bestva 2000W LED Review, we’d like to go with people’s opinion here. Yeah, if you’ll check this massive response by people who’ve used it or using it, then you’ll realize how it could benefit you. Yeah, it’s quality, performance, and capabilities that matter at the end of the buying decision.

7. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W :- All The Control In Your Hand

Viparspectra Dimmable Reflector Series DS300 300W - LED Grow Light Review

One more from the same brand, but different series. Yeah, our former variant was belonging to PAR series of viparspectra while this review will be primarily focused on Dimmable Reflector Series.

As the name suggests, this 300W grow light by Viparspectra has a combination of two features that raises its worth for your plants.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 14” X 8.5” X 2.8” & 6.8 lbs
  • LEDs :- 60pcs * 5W
  • Focusing Angle :– Mixed
  • Reflector :- Yes
  • Spectrum :- Full Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- NO
  • Dimming Knob? :- Yes
  • Daisy Chain :- YES
  • PAR Results :- 397 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 130W±3%
  • Coverage :- Effective For 2’ X 2’
  • Warranty :- 3 Years Local Warranty + 30 days guarantee

Features & Benefits of VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W

  • Spectral Balancing & PAR :- Something That Makes It One of the Best LED Grow Light

Viparspectra DS300 features a complete full spectrum with massive results in PAR tests. Yeah, it succeeds in reaching out to 397 uMol test results from the height of 18”. Also, it’s spectral graph is entirely flabbergasting. Yeah, it has best suitable placement of various band all over its panel, which helps in growing better plants and producing bigger buds.

  • Coverage :- Ample for Small Sized Indoor Growers

This small variant of viparspectra is capable of covering around 2’ X 2’ of grow space at max. However, it is possible to expand the mentioned results, we won’t recommend it. Our recommended coverage is something that’s been tested and with what we’ve verified better results compared to other height selections.

  • Low Consumption :- Reliable for Longer Use

Even while giving its best, DS300 only pulls merely 130W from the wall. Yeah, we must admit, this is the lowest from a grow light which has this level of performance capabilities and control functionalities.

  • Reflector & Dimmers :- You’re The Ultimate Controller

As mentioned earlier, this grow light has a combination of reflector and dimming knob for your preferred output in brightness. Moreover, reflector remarkably does its job, also even they’ve used completely fireproof reflectors in its design so don’t worry about it. Also, with dimming knob, you can produce the intensity of brightness based on your daily observations and experiments.

What Makes VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W A Right LED Grow Light?

Fireproof reflector for safety and maximization of light effectiveness, dimming knob for giving you complete control, daisy chain to provide you with freedom of extension in grow area by connecting another light, etc. are some of the several reasons we’re counting on it as one of the top rated LED grow light on the market.

Pros And Cons Of VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W

  • Budget-friendly LED grow light.
  • Complete spectrum with perfect spectral balancing.
  • Full control of intensity in your hand with dimming knob.
  • Effect maximization with a fireproof reflector.
  • Certification from various authorities.
  • Suitability for small sized grow spaces.
  • Freedom of extension with the daisy chain.
  • Well placed cooling fan.
  • Lowest power puller in the reflector + dimmer segment.
  • Trust on the brand from numerous growers around the globe.
  • Doesn’t feature a timer.
  • Not waterproof.

Who Should Buy VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series 300W?

People with small grow space, and useful light expectancy are the major existing user base of this grow light. Yeah, this grow light is best suited for people with coverage expectancy up to 2’ X 2’ and expectation of power consumption below 150W may count on it as their preferred choice.

Also, if you want to save few bucks and ready to compromise on functionality of dimming then check this Review of Viparspectra 300W Reflector LED Grow Light. Yeah, that’s a similar light with similar capabilities but elimination of just a single feature.

Our Verdict

If you’re aiming to put your money on a product that don’t let you down or that don’t let you regret later in your journey, then this is one of the perfect fit for you.

Yeah, buy it with confidence.

8. Phlizon Newest 1200W :- LED Grow Light Of New Era

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light Review - LED For Indoor Marijuana Growing

Something cool, something real is here. Yeah, here is the Phlizon Newest 1200W, one of the highly praised and recommended light among indoor growers and cultivators. There are so many grow lights available on the market, then why do people talk about this grow light that much? Well, we’ve got an answer for you. Let’s understand this beast with a close look.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 8” X 8.3” X 2.4” & 7.5 lbs
  • LEDs :- 120pcs * 10W
  • Focusing Angle :- Mixed
  • Reflector :- No
  • Spectrum :- Completely Effective Full Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- Yes
  • Daisy Chain :- YES
  • PAR Results :- 972 uMol
  • Actual Wattage :- 240W
  • Coverage :- Effective For 3’ X 3’
  • Warranty :- 2 Years + 30 days guarantee

Features & Benefits of Horizon Newest 1200W

  • Latest Design :- Result of Mind Behind Its Making

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light is entirely designed with keeping almost all the factors that play a role in plant’s growth in their mind. Yeah, it’s not just high-performance horse, it’s also reliable and competent in reality.

One of the significant change you’ll see in its design is a utilization of 120 Pcs of 10W dual chip LEDs, yeah earlier versions were featuring traditional 5W & 3W. Another change is the elimination of reflector and inclusion of optical glass to boost effectiveness. Also, this variant in Newest series is made more power efficient compared to their earlier variants.

  • Spectrum & PPF Results :- Heart Pleasing Results

Even at lowest price bar, here’s something that made us feel it like a premium grow light. Yeah, it has produced massive 850 uMol in our PPFD tests which we usually see in premium LED grow lights that are offered at a higher price.

Also, with it’s higher PAR results it becomes capable of penetrating more light and succeeds in boosting absorption rates. Moreover, the higher photon flux density is always good as it is a key factor to create a well-illuminated light effect.

Now, if we talk about its spectrum then it is a complete full spectrum LED grow light with best RED:BLUE ratio that helps your plant to get consistent growth no matter what phase they’re passing through. Yeah, it’s all possible due to newest PPFD spectrum that it features.

  • Separate Mode Switches :- Control is All Yours

People who’ve somewhat experience in indoor growing would know that it’s always great to provide our plant’s with most suitable light they crave for. Yeah, during veg they’ll seek Blue band for improving germination and leaf building, while in blooming they’ll need Red band to boost cell building and resin creation.

And that’s what Phlizon has kept in mind while designing this LED. Yeah, it features to separate mode switches for Veg & bloom, and you can control it as you prefer.

  • Coverage :- More Than Enough At This Price

We’re glad to mention it here in this Review of Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light that its coverage area goes up to 3’ X 3’. Yeah, you can utilize it for your midsized indoor garden confidently without any doubt, and there won’t be any compromise on its performance.

Also, if you’re thinking about starting with 9 sq.ft but planning to expand it then no worries as it features daisy chain port on its backside.

  • Power Pulling :- Low on Bar

Demands less but supplies more. Yeah, it’s not something like those old fashioned power hungry HPS systems. Moreover, it just pulls 240W for efficient working and creates an effect like an 800W traditional grow light with too much heat.

  • Additional Goodies :- What More?

Along with unit in the box, you’ll get some corner hooks & hanging rope, power cord and a humidity monitor to keep an eye on your grow space environment. Moreover, you’re getting state of the art cooling system to increase the lifespan of your panel.

Also, Phlizon provides 2 years warranty on which you can rely with closed eyes. Moreover, 30 days trust establishment period is cherry on the dessert.

What Makes Phlizon Newest 1200W A Right LED Grow Light?

Brand value, state of the art design, and high performance at a low price tag are some of the many reasons to consider phlizon newest 1200W as one of the best led grow light series. Yeah, with this level of perfection in spectrum creation and this level of balancing in power consumption to performance this becomes irreplaceable in the segment of below 200 price bar.

Pros And Cons Of Phlizon Newest 1200W

  • Cheaply Affordable pricing for budget bound growers.
  • Growth and Result oriented design and mechanism.
  • Well balanced spectrum and intensity.
  • Best in the segment PAR results.
  • Complete control in the user’s hand for suitability according to the plant’s phase.
  • Decent Coverage of 3’ X 3’.
  • Daisy chain for future planning.
  • Acceptable Electricity consumption.
  • Marvelous cooling and heat dissipation system.
  • Fabulous Humidity Monitor In the Box.
  • Remarkable Support for their customers.
  • Built-in timer would have been an added advantage.

Who Should Buy Phlizon Newest 1200W?

People who crave for quality and performance, this is the LED you should look for. Yeah, who’s expecting coverage upto 3’ X 3’ and don’t want to make a hole in the beginning by buying a premium LED, may count on it as one of the best alternatives.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Phlizon the brand itself is worth investing onto, so yeah, we won’t leave this precious chance of recommending Phlizon Newest 1200W to indoor plant growers or weed cultivators. Also, one of our friends has reported us tremendous yield results from this beast, and hence now we could confidently recommend this product to anyone who wants something new for their plants.

Though, budget shouldn’t be a hurdle here, you should still check this list of some top rated 1000w LED grow lights on market; if you’re looking for a good budget choice in 1000 Wattage segment.

9. King Plus 1200W :- Performance In Your GrowSpace

King Plus 1200W - Reviews of Best LED Grow Lights

We humans usually have a mentality of expecting less from low priced products. Yeah, we do have. However, sometimes we come across something that amazes us with its performance and doing better than our expectation. Yeah, in this Reviews of Best Full Spectrum LED grow lights, here’s one that belongs to that lobby.

Yup, it is King Plus 1200W Dual Chip LED grow light, which performs out of the box. Also, it’s not bragging, and it is what we’ve verified and tested by experts.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 7” X 8.3” X 2.3” & 6.61 lbs
  • LEDs :- 120pcs * 10W
  • LED Brand :- Epistar/Bridgelux
  • Spectrum :- Complete 12 Band Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- No
  • ON/OFF Switch :- YES
  • Daisy Chain :- No
  • PAR Results :- 645 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 235W
  • Our Recommendation :- 3.5’ X 4’
  • Brand Claim :- 3.5’ X 5.8’
  • Warranty :- 3 Year (30 Days Refund -> 180 Days Free Shipping + Free Parts -> Afterwards Paid Shipping + Free Parts)

Features & Benefits of King Plus 1200W

  • Build :- That Represents Brand’s Worth

King Plus is known as a high quality indoor grow tools suppliers, especially for grow lights. It is because of the trust they’ve obtained from the people who’re using it without any trouble.

Yeah, their products are manufactured using high quality and realistically working parts and components. Moreover, you can imagine its durability with the weight of the product mentioned in our technical specification section.

Yeah, as far as this King Plus 1200W Review is concerned, we’ll mark it checked for its strength and reliability.

  • Spectral Boost :- Highly Effective

King Plus 1200W is equipped with dual chips LEDs, yeah, every single looking lens is a combination of two chips which works somewhat similar like advanced COB LED Grow lights. Also, it’s been observed that light produced by 10W dual chip LEDs are far better than traditional single chip 5W and 3W chips. Maybe since it combines the effect at a single point.

Moreover, this grow light features several color bands in its spectrum, and anyone could count on it as a complete full spectrum grow light as in the tests we’ve observed that all most vital and essential bands are present in its effect. Yeah, it don’t lack a bit of effect that matters the most.

  • Brightness and Footprint :- Better of Both the Worlds

This grow light succeeds in reaching to above 500 par results. Yeah, tested PAR figures lie around 645 uMol from the height of 18”, so one could rely on its brightness without any worry. Also, with much PAR output, one can count on it for efficient and effective illumination for more than 12 sq.ft area. Yeah, you can obtain around 3.5’ X 4’ of coverage with this one of the best grow lights by the king plus.

  • Electrical Consumption :- Low Power from wall

Most concerned factor for people buying an LED is power consumption. Yeah, it has to be in fact, because it is something that’s gonna matter in the longer run. Well, King plus 1200W only pulls 235W for effective and worthy functioning. Also, it shouldn’t be mentioned as it doesn’t matter, but it is capable of replacing your old fashioned HPS/MH with around 900-1000W power pulling.

  • Exhausting The Heat :- In A Perfect Way Possible

King plus isn’t just something that performs well from spectral expectancy and power efficiency point of view. Yeah, it performs well from the cooling point of view as well. Yeah, this beast is equipped with 3 silent yet highly effective fans for cooling which correctly does their job. Also, accurate placement of fans makes it possible to dissipate almost 85% heat out of the panel.

  • Additional Features :- Some Freebies and Quality Aftersales

Upon delivery and after unboxing you’ll get a hanging rope, a power cord and some hooks for installation. Along with that, you’ll also get a safety glass for saving your eyes from the incredibly intense light. Moreover, King Plus provides stellar customer support for 3 long years. However, you should go through their warranty terms to clarify everything regarding their conditions.

What Makes King Plus 1200W A Right LED Grow Light?

Tremendous performance, well-grown plants and our verified massive yields by people that have used it in the past or using it currently, these are some of the many reasons that make King Plus 1200W a perfect LED grow light for indoor cannabis cultivation.

Pros And Cons Of King Plus 1200W

  • Cheap yet working and productive.
  • Well balanced RED:Blue ration in its complete spectrum.
  • Best results in Blooming.
  • High-Quality components in its build.
  • Above expectation performance in power consumption. (Mere 235W)
  • Massive Coverage That Works.
  • Decent PAR Reading upto 645 uMol @ 18”.
  • Scientific Cooling Fan Placement.
  • Suitability for All type of plants in all phases.
  • Support on what you can rely on.
  • No separate mode switches.
  • No daisy chain option.

Who Should Buy King Plus 1200W?

If you’re planning to start with extensive coverage of around 3.5’ X 4’ and expecting one of the best led grow light for your plants which have been tested and verified performer, then this grow light will be a perfect fit for you. Yeah, for quality and effectiveness you can rely on it.

Our Verdict

As a verdict, we’d like state just 3 words. “Go for it.” Yeah, our justification relies somewhere on its quality and effectiveness that we’ve observed and verified by the people who’re using it. Also, King Plus 1200W LED is one among those most discussed grow light on various communities over the internet. Moreover, many reviews and positive ratings on Amazon for this grow light is more than enough to justify its caliber and worth. Just check it!

10. Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W:- Reliable And Trustworthy Grow Light for Plants.

Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W - Review of Best LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

When there is a large number of competitors against you, it becomes hard to sustain your place on the top. However, performance and quality along with client satisfaction are the keys to stay there forever. Yeah, Roleadro is the brand known for sustaining their place on the top with it’s better and massive performance. And, our current focus in this review will be on one of their massively successful model on the list of Best LED grow lights. Yeah, it’s Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 1” X 8.2” X 2.4” & 4.74 lbs
  • LEDs :- 100pcs * 10W
  • Focusing Angle :- 120 degrees + 90 Degree Optical Lens
  • Spectrum :- Optimal Spectrum
  • UV & IR? :- Yes
  • Dual Mode Switch :- No
  • ON/OFF Switch :- No
  • Daisy Chain :- YES
  • PAR Results :- 453 uMol @ 18”
  • Actual Wattage :- 135W ±5%
  • Coverage :- Max 3’ X 3’
  • Warranty :- 30 Months

Features & Benefits of Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W

  • Spectrum Quality :- Well Suited For Weed Plants

When it comes to LED grow light, our first concern will always remain spectrum. And, that’s obvious we should do that if we care about our plants. Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light spreads an optimal spectrum all over the plants evenly. Yeah, thanks to its mixed lens and LED placement that helps in maximizing effect in a way that it spreads in whole grow space.

Moreover, spectrum also consists most vital UV and IR in it, chips placed for this purpose might seem to be not working, though it works and our expert’s team has verified its effects.

Also, plants beneath galaxyhydro 1000W has been superior in quality compared to other cheap led grow lights.

  • Quality Parts – Zener Diode for Safety and High Quality Drivers

Its reliability is all the way possible, solely due to the Zener diode mechanism and high-quality drivers in it making. Yeah, drivers are an essential part that makes an LED to be functional in a right and growth-oriented way. As this grow light doesn’t feature any separate mode switches or even any ON/OFF switch Zener diode plays a vital role in saving the panel from a sudden power supply.

  • Power Efficient Functioning :- A Complete Win-Win

It’s a little duty of the manufacturer to provide something that doesn’t make a hole in user’s pocket in the longer run if they’re taking some money upfront for their product.

Well, in Galaxyhydro’s case, it’s performed out of our expectations and merely pulls 135W while working. Well, if we take all other grow lights into consideration then this one has the lowest actual power pulling compared to rest of all.

  • Coverage :- Enough for A Mid Sized Grower

This grow light by Roleadro in galaxyhydro series is capable of covering an area of 3’X3’ uniformly. This area is recommended for most desired growth and at the height of 20” placement. Yeah, it’s up to you and your experiments that how you’re getting most beneficial returns from this grow light.

  • Daisy Chain Function :- Freedom of Expanding Your Horizons

On the back of the panel there is a daisy chaining port. Yeah, this feature comes handy when the user plans to expand his/her grow space and wants to save some bucks on grow light with newly suitable coverage. You can connect multiple grow lights using this function, so if you’ve decided to start small and wants to extend further in the near future, then it is the right feature to take advantage of.

  • Cooling & Heat Exhaust :- Pretty Cool! Yeah.

This grow light isn’t an ordinary grow light we usually see in the market, yeah, it is equipped with 2 high functional cooling fans, an aluminum heat sink and above that there is a built-in temperature controller. Yeah, temperature controller does its job of keeping an eye on heat pretty well.

Heat issues? No Chance! That’s all we’d say from our side for this decent piece at an affordable rate.

What Makes Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000WA Right LED Grow Light?

Proper research, well-qualified design and development team and highly experienced testers that’s some of the unknown reality about Roleadro. And, we must say, those are the prime factors behind its success on the market. Yeah, quality is a gift by the people behind it’s making we would like to give credit to them.

Pros And Cons Of Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W

  • Affordable yet value-packed product.
  • Durable build and lifespan of 50000 hours.
  • Most optimal spectrum along with UV & IR
  • Massive coverage caliber for a beginner grower.
  • With Daisy Chain Port, freedom of expansion will be in your hand.
  • An ultimate power saver in the box.
  • State of the art heat dissipation system.
  • Systematic light is spreading and boost effectiveness.
  • Zener diode for assured safety of grow light.
  • Warranty of 30 months.
  • No ON/OFF Switch.
  • Timer control would have been an added advantage.

Who Should Buy Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W?

If you’re expecting tremendous growth of their plants and healthy survival of plants with a limited budget, then Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W will be a perfect fit for you. Also, it features a daisy chain port so in the near future you’re free to extend your grow space by placing another grow light in it. We could assure the quality and performance from our end, you evaluate your requirements and determine the suitability of this grow light from your end.

TIP :- While Researching about this grow light, we come across numerous grower’s who’ve bought it with discounted rates. Upon asking they advised us to look for coupons or promotion section on the site from where you purchase it.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, this is a marvelous product for the mentioned audience, and if you’re one among people with limited budget and excellent performance and quality expectancy, then this is a definite choice you could make for your plant’s betterment and perfect growth. Yeah, go for it and eliminate the chance of regretting later due to low budget.

11. Shengsite UFO 50W LED:- Small Yet Effective

Shengsite 50W UFO LED Grow Light - Best Small LED Grow Light for Few Plants

Why grab a big potato when you can satisfy your hunger with a berry? Yeah, shengsite is widely known as a slim yet effective grow panel for 1-2 plants. When we’re aiming to raise merely 1-2 plants, it won’t make sense to go for a 300W or 600W grow light. And, that’s why we researched hard to filter out one which could be handy for people with smaller coverage expectancy.

Let’s explore this tiny beast with some depth and detailed closure.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions & Weight :- 13” X 13” X 1.2” & 2.1 lbs
  • LEDs :- 250 LEDs
  • Spectrum :- RED + BLUE
  • ON/OFF Switch :- No
  • Effect Maximizer :- Condenser Cup LED Placement
  • Actual Wattage :- 50W
  • Coverage :- 1’ X 2’ to 2’ X 2’
  • Warranty :- 1 year + 30 days Return

Features & Benefits of Shengsite UFO 50W LED

  • Slim & Lightweight Design :- Compact in Size, Massive in Performance

Yeah, Shengsite UFO LED Panel features a compact form factor. It comes in a circular share and is pretty lightweight in nature. It makes it easy to change the place or mounting with ease.

  • Combination of RED + BLUE Bands :- Not a Complete Spectrum, Yet Not Less

However, we couldn’t say that this grow light is a full spectrum LED grow light for some obvious reasons. Also, we aim to provide completely unbiased reviews to our readers, so it would be right to state that this grow light features a light effect with the combination of two most elemental bands from plant’s growth point of view.

Moreover, One could use it for any stage of their plant’s lifecycle. If you’re aiming to get bigger buds with a single and budget-friendly LED grow light, then this has suitable capabilities. Yeah, due to its majority of RED band we could tell you this confidential.

Also, a condenser cup design maximizes the light effect and spreads light over plants evenly and makes it beneficial for plants.

  • Non-Hazardous Components In Making :- Safety All Around

Light is manufactured using some highly standardized parts and completely Eco-friendly. Even after longer and consistent use none of the types of hazardous or harmful effect have been seen while using this panel. It shows how much care they’ve taken from the plant’s safety point of view.

  • Ultimate Power Piggy Bank :- Saves for You, Saves For Your Plants

Well, This small UFO Grow panel only pulls 50W for effective performance. Yeah, it’s most probably lowest power consumption compared to other grow lights mentioned in this Best LED Grow Light Reviews.

  • Coverage :- Not Massive, But Enough For 1-2 Plants

The manufacturer claims that it could be utilized for a 6-18 sq.ft of a coverage area. However, we’d recommend you to use it for less coverage if you want the best effect out of it. Yeah, we’ve checked and verified that it has the caliber to produce highly resinous buds if used according to our recommendation in the blooming.

What Makes Shengsite UFO 50W LED A Right LED Grow Light?

Slim and Compact design along with perfection in making and Suitability for raising 1-2 plants perfectly makes it a right LED grow light for happier and healthy plants. Also, the Majority of RED bands in the light shade creates a charming and plant’s favorite light effect in the grow space. So yeah, it’s a majority of RED, slim + compact design and below the expectation power consumption, that’s what makes it a right LED grow light for indoor growers.

Pros And Cons Of Shengsite UFO 50W LED

  • Slim and Compact Design.
  • Majority of RED bands in Light Effect.
  • Highly Effective for all type of plants in any stage.
  • Made from non-hazardous components.
  • The power consumption of mere 50W.
  • Condenser Cup to maximize light effect.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • No Turn ON/OFF Switch.
  • Not Complete Spectrum but Has a majority of RED which is the most vital band.

Who Should Buy Shengsite UFO 50W LED?

People who’re looking for an affordable and effective option for their single indoor plants or a couple of plants are the perfect audience for this LED grow light. Also, Light is not compromising on quality or standards so people in the respective segment could trust on it without any doubt and with full confidence.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, there is no better way than going for Shengsite 50W grow light if you’re one among those people we mentioned in our previous section. Yeah, this grow light is standing out from all the cheap products with its performance and currently doing well on the market as well as inside much indoor weed cultivator’s grow space. Yeah, go for it if you’re raising or planning to raise 2 or single plant as a hobby or passion.

Best LED Grow Light On The Market – Buyer’s Guide

We hope, you liked reviews of the LED grow lights we presented earlier.  Now, in this part, we’d like to list out some essential thing that you’ve to keep in your mind to make a sensible decision.

Yeah, I promise, we won’t bore you like others. Our buyer’s guide is going to be focused on only required information, and we’d just mention the things that make a sense to make an ethical decision for your plants.

Exactly, no basics of light and spectrum as we all know what it is and why does it’s required.

Things To Consider While Looking for A Grow Light:

  • There are several types of grow lights available on the market, and suitability of a light type depends on the kind of cultivation you’re going to adopt. Also, of the kind of plants you’re aiming to grow. Like, LEDs & COBs are best suited for long term weed cultivation.
  • Look for quality and not for features. Yeah, it is the quality that matters at the end not how you can operate it. So be wise, as you’ve to keep your plant’s growth in your mind and not only your comfort.
  • Instead of a cheap product with massive power demand, invest in a costly product with low power demand. Yeah, it’ll save so much of your money in a longer run.
  • Always aim for a well-balanced spectrum and not on any single band. Yeah, we’ve seen people focusing on only RED spectrum, well it can’t grow your plants in a better way without others inclusion. Real sunlight comprises of all the bands and not only RED.
  • IR and UV are two bands that are vital to have if you really care about your plants.
  • If you’re going with an LED grow light then it is always recommended to utilize a grow tent with reflective material, yeah, you’ll notice the difference when light effect will be doubled.
  • It’s still good to clarify warranty terms, as it won’t be the same in all the brands. So better to take precaution instead of looking for a cure later on.

What Features to look for when one is looking for LED Grow Light in his/her budget?

On the verge of staying on the top of best manufacturer’s lists, the majority of brands have started improving their products.

Also, competition is increasing massively, and hence brands are giving their best to grab a lifelong customer. And in this kind of situation, we the consumer should always look for something different and something better to take advantage of. Here is the list of features we should look for in an ideal LED grow light.

However, it is still up to you what is better for your plants and not for you. Also, if you’re getting something for your comfort along with your plant’s concern, then there is nothing wrong in grabbing that LED grow light.

So let’s explore such features that could help you in determining your best bet.

  • Space : Coverage

To determine the light suitability, you’ll have to be prepared with space you could allocate to a well-established growing zone. Yeah, if you’re planning to grow in a massive space then going with a small coverage compliant LED won’t be a wise move and vice a versa.

Coverage is an expected area that an LED grow light could illuminate with adequate brightness. So, keep this feature as your first prior concern while looking for an LED grow light on the market.

  • Spectrum : Growth

Yeah, the different brand have a different mechanism in the making of their products. Also, each product from a different manufacturer would have a completely different LED placements.

The better the spectrum with well-balanced RED:BLUE ratio and inclusion of IR&UV, the better the growth. So, look for a full spectrum LED grow light which has verified all band inclusion in its light effect. Yeah, one of the best LED grow lights will have almost all the bands available in sunlight, and you should expect it in yours too if you’re planning to grow bigger and healthier plants.

  • Build : Lifespan

Well, it’s not required to state that quality of product parts and component is directly correlated to the lifespan of any product. So, aim for a sturdy and solid product with all parts certified by respective standard authorities. Better the build, lesser the maintenance cost.

  • Cooling : Safety

As a grow light is going to be functional for most of the part of the day and hence it is must dissipate heat in a timely and consistent way. Always aim for an LED with state of the art cooling mechanism, like Viparspectra PAR series has a great logic behind placing the fans on the front, in our opinion, it is the safest LED from plant’s safety point of view.

So yeah, cool and stable environment in grow space means safer and happier plants for you.

  • Dimming : Controlling Ability

Though it’s not mandatory but if an LED has dimming capabilities, then control of providing best suitable light to your plants will be entirely on your hand. Also, with dimming functionality, you can test or experiment with several settings and use according to best resulting parameters later.

  • Daisy Chain : Freedom of Scaling

Beginner indoor gardener or growers should keep this feature in their mind while making their decision. Yeah, it is better to have back up option when you plant to scale the growing passion to the next level. Well, this feature is not mandatory but it is good to have if you’re starting with 2’ X 2’ or 3’ X 3’ of grow space.

  • Price : Budget

Even if you’re low on budget, don’t bring a crap at your home. Yeah, it’ll do bad instead of doing good to your plants. There are many affordable led grow lights available on the market with some working mechanism available. We’d like you to look at this best cheap yet working led grow light reviews if you’re short on budget.

Yeah, quality products are available at your suitable budget as well, so don’t panic and do your research. Invest in a product which is worth it.

  • Warranty : Assurity

As it is an electronic item, it’s always better to keep a backup option with you. Yeah, failures happen seldom, and in such conditions, we should have something to back us up and who could do it better than the manufacturer itself?

So yeah, aim for best support along with the best quality, as you’ve read all our led grow light reviews mentioned earlier, it might be cleared to you that we’ve only included product where the warranty is implied.

That’s all folks, we hope that above mentioned best led grow light buyer’s guide will help you in making a right decision. Also, if you still have any query then drop us a comment, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Final Conclusion

As you’ve seen around 11 LED grow light reviews, now you might be feeling in doubt. However, worry not! We’re always here to help you out, as we said, we like to help.

There are several LEDs available each of them are having different characteristics, features and mechanism in it, so it will be up to you, that what you need.

However, to make things easy, we’ll divide it into two sections so that we could filter out best suitable LED grow light for our indoor plants. Right?

First, determine your budget, and then coverage expectancy. Yeah, because these are two things you’ve to be sure about to make a worthy decision. All remaining features are must to have in our opinion.