About Us

Hello Mate,

We’re glad to see you here, first of all thank you very much for visiting BloomShower.Com

Well, as we’re providing this much of information, you might be thinking that who these guys are?

We understand your concern and appreciate it. It’s a pleasure to introduce ourselves as a group of people from USA who’re growing herbs and veggies inside our houses since ages. Also, some of our teammates and group members have currently started growing medicinal marijuana inside their grow space.

Yeah, our prime objective to run this website is to share knowledge among people who’re starting out in indoor growing and cultivation. We’ve large communities to share knowledge with us and we just utilize their mixed opinions to craft the information which we often present to our readers.

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Our Way of Working


Product reviews, buyer’s guides and How-To tips shared on this website or platform are solely result of our own experience or experience of people who’ve handful of knowledge in indoor plant cultivation.

Here on this website, we’ll be providing you all the detailed reviews regarding LED grow lights, COB LED grow lights, grow lights available in various budget, grow lights suitable to various space and plants.

And be assured, we’ve a dedicated and proven process to determine what is good and what’s not. Yeah, we reach out to people who’ve a bit of experience with particular product, we ask them questions, we thank them for their knowledge and we also meet personally sometimes to make sure that what’s being reviewed or provided to our readers in the form of information is truest up to it’s real extent.

Our Team

As they says “A lot of teamwork results into some positive outcome.” Here at bloomshower as well, we’re a team of many members and here’s an introduction to all the key members of our team.

Edwin Moore

edwin moore

Hello! I’m Edwin Moore! I’m head of content marketing team of bloomshower and love to curate highly productive and information heavy pieces.

Apart from, curating content, I also love to spend time in my indoor as well as outdoor garden. Moreover, I’m kin to pets and owe a little kitty at my home. Ohh! I forgot! Her name is mini!

Marcus Perony

Myself Marcus Perony. I love to cherish my free time by spending it inside my garden.

Apart from that, blogging and web surfing are some of hobbies. Here at bloomshower, I handle social media marketing team.

Yeah! If you’re here from any of our social media handles then you might know me well! Right?

Anyway! It’s pleasure meeting you here at bloomshower.com

marcus perony



Joseph Is our technical team head and he loves to spend time on his computer. Apart from a tech geek, he’s also a passionate gardener and that’s the reason he plays a key role from technical improvements point of view when it comes to bloomshower.com

Sara Gustavo

Sara is our researcher and content curator. Apart from that she also handles content editing and information gathering for our audience.

She is also key member in our public relation management core team and she often gets in touch with people who’ve had prior experience of using any indoor gardening related tools and equipments.

Sara loves to spend her spare time in reading fictional novels.

sara gustavo

That’s all about us and we’d like to know about you as well, prefer to send us an email or contact us via our contact page.

In case of any query feel free to drop us a comment in the respective post so that we could help you in a better way.

Thanks for visiting our website! And Happy Growing Bud!