Advanced Platinum P300 Review – Is It Hyped Or Genuine?

Well, here war is to get best possible yield results and what can be more powerful weapon than an LED grow light by a renowned brand like advanced platinum?

Yeah, in this Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review article, we’d be revealing some of the never spoken secrets about advanced platinum series p300.

This are not secrets, rather we’d say that these are the test results we achieved from our experiments with this beast.

Also, we’ll talk about every feature and benefit offered in term of this marvelous piece of satisfaction. Yeah, so that people who’re not knowing anything about it, could get familiar with the product and its details.

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Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light :- Best Ever 300 Watt LEDCheck Price - Advance Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

So, let us begin with a complete review of advanced platinum series P300 300W LED grow light.

But, to get familiar with what’s there in this product? You should have a look at this tech spec & details first.

Technical Specifications :- Advance Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions19” X 8.25” X 3”
Weight13 lbs
LEDs100pcs * 3W
LED TypeBridgelux/Epistar US Made LEDs.
Dual Chips?No
Focusing Angle90°Secondary
Reflector? No
SpectrumComplete full Spectrum
UV & IR?Both present
Dual Mode SwitchSeparate Mode Switches for Veg/Bloom
Power Switch?No
PAR Results1050uMol @ 18”&683uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage(Veg)93W
Actual Wattage(Bloom)180W
Input VoltageAC 85V-260V
Veg Coverage4.5’ X 3.8’ @ 20-22”
Blooming Coverage3’ X 2’ @ 18”
Average Yield3+ oz.
Daisy Chaining?No
Ratio of RED:BLUE~8:2
Shade of LightPurple
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Scientifically Designed Heat Sink + High Performing Fans
Warranty 5 Year + 90 Day’s Satisfaction Refund Policy

So, by now, we believe you could make a rough guess about what’s there in the product for you.

But Yeah, still we’re going to elaborate practical advantage of each feature along with reasons behind some of the dark sides in this grow light.

So, let’s proceed forward with this Advanced Platinum P300 Review.

Features – Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

We usually start with introducing the brand, so that our readers could get more familiar with the manufacturer.

But, in this Platinum LED P300 review, we’ve skip introduction and will move straight to the build & quality part as the brand itself don’t require introduction.

  • Build Quality & Design : Something That Won’t Let You Down For Lifetime

Yeah, you read it right. The brand is known for its quality control & result dedicated products.

Moreover, its current reputation is reflection of their product’s durability and result providing abilities.

Now, if we talk in technical terms then at first glance and with first pick up you’ll be able to imagine its strength very well.

Yeah, model we’re currently reviewing is featuring dimensions of 19” X 8.25” X 3” and weighs around 13 pounds. Agree! Weight is almost double than what’s being provided in some of the 2000W LED grow lights in lower price range.

Also, Each part starting from a screw to outer body of the panel; everything is either manufactured in their own production house or being made in the USA. Yeah, it’s truly a US made product for indoor weed cultivators.

Moreover, product is equipped with highly researched drivers, zeners, control boards & heat management systems.

Full features are explained in below video. Watch it now,

So all in all, if you’re feasible with a heavy duty product then this one is by far most reliable and durable product by Advanced Platinum for indoor weed cultivators.

  • LEDs, Spectrum & Light Quality : Making It A Worthwhile Investment

We don’t like to praise any product unusually. But, believe me, this product made us break our own rules.

Yeah, Platinum LED P300 is equipped with 100 pcs of 3W US made LEDs. Also, optical glass cover on LEDs seems to be sturdy and of higher quality compared to other lights.

Moreover, light produces a full spectrum comprising of all 12 most vital bands required by plants which also includes IR and UV.

Also, talking about RED:BLUE ratio then it is 8:2 which is pretty decent and most optimal when it comes to bloom.

We believe that spectrum is the sole pillar of better growth goal. Yeah, better the spectrum, better the photosynthesis & respiration.

Moreover, IR plays a huge role in leaf formation & cell building process of plants while improved germination is only possible with non-harming UV effect.

Also, due to optical cover we talked about earlier, light becomes an unbeatable beast when it comes to the brightness and spreading caliber.

So yeah, all in all, for the quality of light, LEDs & brightness all we’d say is, it’s worth the price to have it.

  • Density & Required Reflection : Former Is Better So, Later Isn’t Required.

Yeah, usually in majority of cases, it’s not just light that raises good quality weed plants as grow tent also plays an important role.

However, with advanced platinum P series lights you won’t be required to invest compulsorily in a high priced grow tent.

Yeah, you caught it right! Because, lights in this series of Platinum LED is made up in a way so that only the single light factor could bring you growing game to the next level.

Now, if we talk about technical aspects of density then advanced platinum is by far winning brand for bestest PAR results. Yeah, it’s still unbeatable and on first place till date.

Well, Platinum LED P300 provides PAR results up to 1050 uMol from height of 18”from 24” height it is capable of delivering 683 uMol. Yeah, you don’t believe it? Check it here.

Being frank, we tried comparing PAR results of this grow light with other grow lights in our lab and what we found is pretty much shocking.

Yeah, even some of the low priced or budget focused grow lights in 600W segment failed to provide 24” results of P300 from 18”.

Regardless to say, even if you’ve a medium quality grow tent which leaks some minor light and has below the expectation reflection caliber; this grow light will sustain & will produce remarkable results.

  • Coverage Caliber & Yield Potential : Results Are Worth The Price

To make this Platinum LED P300 Review completely non-biased, we approached to people who’ve successfully took at least one harvest using Advanced Platinum P300 LED and asked for their yield & outputs.

Upon inquiring them we found them majority of them are getting on average 3-3.5+ oz yield from their marijuana plants.

Now, if we talk about coverage caliber of Advanced Platinum P300, then brand is marking 4.5’ X 4’ during veg & 3’ X 2’ during bloom as ideal coverage.

However, some people we inquired about results reported that they’re using it for half or even a whole sq.ft more than what’s being recommended.

Yeah, according to them, it’s due to the fact that panel is producing highly dense and brighter light than what’s being produced by lights used for recommended coverage area.

Well, their logic might be true, but according to our experts if light would have been used for recommended coverage only then yield & output might have been better than what they got from their current setup.

  • Phase Swapping & Light Control : Easy with Separate Modes

Yeah, as it’s not a beginner level grow light that should be used only by beginners, we usually expect some comfort & user friendliness and that’s obvious.

So, now, if we talk about light’s requirements then it will require a US outlet for power supply.

Yeah, you could utilize an 85V-260V AC outlet to be precise. Moreover, light doesn’t have any additional requirements.

But yeah, you should keep in mind that this light is not waterproof in nature so keep it away from constantly dripping water.

Moreover, from user friendliness point of view, light has two separate mode switches on the side.

Advance Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

Yeah, you could operate it accordingly based on the phase of lifecycle your plants are going through.

Also, it’d would be appropriate place to mention it in this Advanced Platinum P300 Review, that some users are disappointed with the absence of dimmers and daisy feature.

Yeah, while planning to buy a pricey product we expect some additional feature.

However, researches have proven that daisy chaining is a major safety breach in electronic appliances and it’d be better to not expect it.

  • Power Consumption : Something To Look At

Being straight to the point, I’d mention that light pulls around 93W if only veg mode is ON. And, during Bloom it will pull around 180W of electricity from your outlet.

Now, if we talk about comparison then compared to other budget ranging products power consumption during bloom is a bit higher.

But, we should also mention that plants are found to be healthier and of better condition with this panel during Bloom compared to others with low power consumption.

Also, while expecting better results and higher quality of light, it’ll become a tough decision to make a choice which sucks less power.

Moreover, no other light with same quality sucks less power compared to this one.

So, now you could make a choice depending on what you want! Less power? Or Better Plants & Results?

  • Cooling & Safety Parameters : What About It?

Unlike other grow light, Advanced Platinum takes some extra care in providing safety and better internal build.

Yeah, their board is equipped with zener diodes in between each connection LEDs. So, that even if any one LED goes to dead mode then rest of LEDs will remain functional.

Also, as mentioned earlier in this Platinum LED P300 Review, this product is equipped with heavily reliable US Made drivers that ensures that everything is on track and working well.

So, now, if we talk cooling capabilities of P300, then this grow light features two heavy duty yet silently operating cooling fans.

These fans act as temperature stabilizers and will dissipate heat from bottom and from body and will send it out, ensuring well-balanced temperature of LED grow light.

Also, advanced platinum’s heat sink is one of the best heat sink you’ll find on the market. Yeah, this plays an essential role in dissipating the heat.

Moreover, we’d like to recommend you to have proper ventilation spots and exhausts in the grow space to stabilize the temperature & warmth inside grow space.

Yeah, our advice is just to ensure safety of plants as this grow light has tremendous light and it’s not uncommon that brighter light makes surrounding hot too quicker.

  • Warranty, Terms & Policy : Completely Customer Focused Brand

As we often mention in our reviews, that a brands true caliber could be found from chatters generated among its users.

Yeah, if people are talking good about brand then there must be something good in it and vice-versa.

Now, if we talk about Platinum LEDs then the brand have secured top place among indoor weed cultivators for many reasons and support is one among those reasons.

Yeah, Advanced Platinum P300 LED comes with a 5 years of warranty where in case of any failure you could approach to them and they’ll send you replacement parts for product.

Also, replacement is easy and if required support will guide you regarding process.

Moreover, It also comes with 90 day’s satisfaction return policy where you could return the product and ask for refund with no questions asked.

Well, it would be great to mention here in this Advanced platinum P300 review, that we didn’t found a single person who’ve claimed a refund or returned the product after using it.

So folks! Now, after a complete determination process you could take a look at our determined dark & bright sides of this product that could help you in making your call.

Why Few People Avoids to Invest On Advanced Platinum P300 LED?

This 300W grow light from Advanced Platinum is not like other budget range products.

So, it is obvious that people will do proper research before making a call which is a good way of buying products.

We found some people in our connections who’re not big fan of Platinum LEDs for some reasons. And, here are those reasons.

Firstly, this light is priced at a level for which some of the brands are providing lights in 600W segments.

And in their opinion, a product without daisy, dimmers, waterproofing & temperature control elements at this price don’t make sense to them.

But, yeah, they agreed that results this could produce and they’ve seen from people who’re using it is better compared to rest of all.

And hence, in case your expectations could make some compromise with this additional features then this one could have been one of the best product in your grow space for sure.

Pros & Cons – Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

  • Well-known brand among indoor cultivators.
  • Reliable and US made parts in making.
  • Sturdy & scientifically designed product.
  • 12 Band full spectrum light.
  • Inclusion of IR & UV for better results.
  • Two separate mode swapping switches.
  • Unbeaten PAR results of 1050 uMol @ 18”.
  • Marvellous Focal point of 90 degrees using optical lens cover.
  • Remarkable effective coverage up to 4.5’ X 4’
  • Verified yield up to 3.75 oz.
  • Less power pulling for operations.
  • Highly Safe & Result focused Product to use.
  • Tremendous cooling & temperature control.
  • Built-in controls & drivers for ensuring safety of light.
  • Best on the market support team.
  • Longer warranty terms of 5 years with user in center policies.
  • Dual mode switches should be replaced with dimmers for more comfort.
  • Absence of daisy.
  • A Bit pricey product (Quality is worth the investment).

What Makes Advanced Platinum P300 300W LED a Worth To Look For Product?

Well, we’ll not talk much, rather we’d like you to ask a simple question to yourself.

Yeah, ask yourself that except price what it is not capable of providing you that matters for your plant’s growth?

You got your answer? Then check others opinions over here as well.

What People Has To Say About Their Experience With Platinum LED P300 Grow Light?

carlos user

Carlos from Alabama :-

Yeah, I’m using P300 since last 4 years. And, ain’t thought a single time of replacing this panel. Well, prior to this panel I’ve has used 4 panels within a short time frame of 1.5 year. Yeah, I’m a return hungry grower and all I care about is yield. And, it is producing on overage 3-4 oz every time so what could have been better deal in your opinion?

Edward User

Edward from Washington :-

If I recall, I’m using it since last 2 years. And, this brand is so far my favorite brand followed by g8 led and California light works. Yeah, I’ve used all three and spectrum and brightness of this grow light is one of the best full spectrum LED grow lights compared to rest of both. Also, results are good with it, though I’ve never weighted the yield from my plants.

Frequently Asked Questions – Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

For This Price What Makes You Recommend This Grow Light?

Well, it is a good question to answer though it’s being only asked by one reader.

Yeah, its quality concerning build & output, density of light measured in PAR, cooling & temperature balancing factor along with greater coverage compared to other brands makes us to recommend this grow light to our readers.

What is ideal grow tent size for Advanced Platinum P300 grow light?

Advanced Platinum P300 grow light is compatible for any grow tent below 4.5’ X 4.5’ of sizing. Moreover, due to better performance you could extend coverage by reducing hanging height, though we don’t recommend you to do so as long as returns as concerned.

What is HPS replacement figures of Platinum P300 LED?

You could replace this grow light for your 400W HPS system. Yeah, even after being a 300W grow light it is capable of providing results equivalent to a 400W HPS or MH grow panel.

How to utilize mode switches of Advanced Platinum 300W LED Grow Light?

Depending on the phase of plant’s lifecycle you could set the mode switches. According to our experts, during seedling & vegetation you should use it with single veg mode ON, during bloom you should turn both veg & bloom switches ON, while during harvesting phase you could utilize single bloom mode.

Does advanced platinum P300 really capable of providing 1050 uMol from 18” height?

Yeah, it’s verified by our experts as well that it produces 1050 uMol @ 18” height.

Our Verdict

As you’ve seen our Advanced platinum P300 LED Grow Light review is completely non biased and we’ve not just bragged about the qualities but also we’ve focused on dark sides attached with it.

So, now, for you it becomes easy to determine whether you should go for it or not.

Also, if price is your concern then we won’t advice you to go for it as you can’t make a choice in such case.

But, in case, any additional expectations are stopping you from making a call then we’d like to mention that daisy chaining, dimmers or waterproofing has nothing to do with plant’s growth and results.

Yeah, a wise indoor grower should determine potential of a product using performance & return capabilities and not by features.

So yeah, for quality, brightness, density, cooling, coverage, power consumption and what not! We’re recommending Advanced Platinum P300 LED grow light to our readers.

Let us know your results in the comment section. Have great buds buddy!

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