Best 1000W LED Grow Lights in 2022 – Reviews of Top Rated Full Spectrum LEDs

Are you looking for one of the best 1000W led grow lights for your marijuana plants?

Well, in this article, we’ve curated 10 best models in different segments when it comes to selection.

Yeah, in this list you’ll get only those products that are currently ruling the market by providing real quality.

So yeah, we’ve eliminated junk and useless or fake products from our list straight forward.

Moreover, this reviews are not just for 1000W LED grow lights but we’ve also explained every detail possible, yeah, let it be positive or negative; we’ve not spared it.

So, now, without wasting our precious time, let’s move onto reviews of Best 1000W LED Grow Lights in 2022.

Best 1000W LED Grow Lights – Reviews

Before we move towards encounter and explanation of each model from our list, it would be great for you to take a look at this detailed comparison table.

Best 1000W LED Grow Lights
#1 – King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Marvelous Spectrum of 12-Band
  • Massive Coverage of 3.5′ X 4′
  • Dense Enough with 595 uMol @ 18″

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#2 – Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Optimal Full Spectrum + IR + UV
  • Dual Chip Diodes & Mixed Focal Point
  • Coverable Area Up to 4′ X 4.5′

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#3 – HiGrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • 1:1 Red:Blue Ratio
  • Unbeatable PAR in segment (765 uMol @ 24″)
  • Highly Satisfying Yield Outputs

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#4 – Sunraise 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.4/10

  • 698 uMol @ 18″ PAR output
  • Coverage for 4′ X 4′ area
  • Lower power pulling of merely 165W.

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#5 – Bloomspect 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • 3′ X 3′ of coverage area.
  • Acceptable Power Consumption of 220W.
  • Commendable Light Quality.

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#6 – Growstar 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Coverage of 3.5′ X 3.5′
  • Efficient Cooling.
  • 750 uMol from 18″ height.

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#7 – DimGogo 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.4/10

  • 604 uMol from 18″ height.
  • Power consumption of only 185W.
  • Dual Chip Design for Dense Penetration.

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#8 – Maxsisun 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • Highly Affordable.
  • Good Choice for Beginners.
  • Economic Product from All Around.

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Yeah, our prime objective behind creating this comparison table of best 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights is to give you a rough idea about what sort of products you’re going to explore in this entire list.

So, now, let’s get started with review of our first 1000W LED Grow Light.

#1. King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – All-round Performer for All Plants

King Plus 1000W - Best 1000W LED Grow Light Review

Yeah, our first pick is from king plus. Even if you’re new to indoor weed cultivation hobby, then too it’s rare that you might not have heard this name.

King plus is a highly reliable indoor growing tools manufacturers and their grow light variants are currently ruling the market like anything.

Now, if we talk about this 1000W LED grow light by King Plus then it’s made up of highly durable and completely reliable parts either from their in-house manufacturing unit or from established brands like epistar.

King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light features a form factor of 12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36” and its net weight is 6.39 lbs. Yeah, this one of the best 1000W LED features pretty compact shape and optimal weight enables it for its mounting on any normal grow tent.

Apart from that, king plus 1000W LED grow light features 100 pcs of 10W dual chip LEDs for spreading evenly distributed and a completely balanced spectral effect onto your plant canopies.

Technically spectral graph of King Plus 1000W LED shows that initial spectral wavelength ranges from 410nm and ends at 730nm. Yeah, UV and IR are found in KingLED’s effect.

Talking about coverage and density of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light, it could easily cover an area of massive 3.5’ X 4’ from 22” height which is optimal and most recommended height for vegetation.

Well, that’s not same for blooming and due to expectancy of denser light height requires to be reduced to 18” and from there you’ll achieve coverage for 3’ X 3.5’.

Also note that, our coverage test results are based on the PAR readings of 595 uMol which we got from 18” height.

Now, if you’re more concerned for power consumption by this top rated 1000W LED then it would pull on average 185W of power from your outlet. So yeah, longer run cost for this LED is very economic and cost effective.

Talking about additional features, King Plus 1000W LED features two separate mode switches for easy operations between different phases of cannabis plants. However, KingLED has eliminated daisy chain from their design as it results into more power consumption.

For safety, along with this full spectrum light, you’re provided with a decent 3 years support for this 1000W LED Grow Light model by the manufacturer.

Pros & Cons of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Highly Reliable LED Grow Light by King Plus.
  • A Complete 12 Band Full Spectrum in Its Spectral Graph.
  • Two Separate mode switches for easy operations.
  • Fabulous optimal coverage of around 3.5’ X 4’
  • Decent and Optimal PAR outputs of 595 uMol from 18” placement.
  • Amazing cooling function & well balanced environment.
  • Lowest power pulling in 1000W HPS Replacement Segment.
  • Fabulous user experience reported by verified users.
  • 3 year stellar warranty with money back guarantee for 30 days.
  • This product by king is not waterproof.
  • Timer controllable but LED is not equipped with built-in timer.
<strong>What's included in the Box?</strong>
  • 1pc X King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • A Power cord of 6ft.
  • 1pc X Hanging Hook
  • 1 Set of Hanging Rope
  • 1pc X User Manual

Who Should Buy King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light?

Ideal suitable audience segment for King Plus 1000W LED grow light is people looking out for an affordable yet reliable grow light with a maximum coverage requirement of 3.5’ X 4’.

Moreover, above all this product pull very understandable amount of power units and that’s an added advantage for our mentioned audience segment.

Our Verdict

Looking at the amount of reviews and level of positive response this product has got on amazon, it is complete no brainer in our opinion to get this one home.

Yeah, everything started from budget to quality is justifiable for productive indoor marijuana cultivation.

So, if you’re looking for a less power consuming and a good quality LED light then King Plus 1000W is one of the best 1000W LED Grow Lights out there on the market.

Also, if you’re satisfied with the brand and its reliability figures but want a bit advanced version of this LED then check out our King Plus 1200W Review for the same.

#2. Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light – A Perfect Full Spectrum

Bestva 1000W - 1000W LED Grow Light For Marijuana

Yeah, our next candidate is from Bestva. Bestva is also one of the most recommended brand for its several successful models.

Well, this 1000W model is one of their many successful models on the list and is worth to recommend for those who’re hunting for quality.

Firstly, the best thing we found in this Bestva 1000W LED model is blend of variety of bands in its spectrum effect. Yeah, Bestva 1000W’s spectrum range is 380nm-780nm and all essential bands in between are covered in it.

Moreover, two separate mode keys are there on the panel, so, during vegetation you might experience a bit of purple shade in its effect while during blooming it spreads a complete pink effect in the grow space.

Talking about technical detailing in this Bestva 1000W Review, it features strong and reliable body build up in the dimensions of 12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36” and weighs around 7 pounds.

Also, for enlighting your grow area this panel is equipped with 100 PCs of 10W Diodes which are dual chip instead of traditional 5W chips.

Moreover, Focal point lies at mixed angle of 120 & 90 degrees so that light gets well spread among all growing plants.

Coverage caliber of Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light is of 4’ X 4.5’ during veg from 24” height.

Well, PAR results of this panel is almost similar to our previously reviewed 1000W LED Grow Light by King Plus but still its coverage is better because unlike king plus 1000W this panel uses optical lens for maximization instead of reflector design.

Yeah, with 595 uMol outputs Bestva 1000W LED provides better coverage than King Plus.

Moreover, in realm this full spectrum LED by bestva pulls only 185W of electricity which is convenient and cost effective for all level of growers and their requirements.

In particular, if we talk about cooling abilities of this tremendously sold 1000W led grow light by bestva; then it keeps everything as much balanced as possible. Moreover, multiple cooling fans and heat sink is there to back it up with heat dissipation.

Pros & Cons of Bestva 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • Affordable for all level of indoor weed cultivators.
  • Suitable uniformly for all phases of a plant’s lifecycle.
  • Spectrum consisting of 12 Bands + IR + UV
  • Happier, healthier and greener weed plants as reward.
  • Massive coverage of 4’ X 4.5’ and PAR outputs of 595 uMol @ 18”.
  • Highly power efficient LED Grow Light in 1000W Segment.
  • Effective and systematic cooling.
  • Dual mode controls.
  • Long warranty of 3 years.
  • Elimination of daisy port might be a hurdle for few.
  • Not a waterproof product so requires additional care.
What's included in the Box?
  • 1 X Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light
  • Safety Glass X 1
  • 1 X User Manual
  • Power cord X 1
  • 1 X Adjustable Hanging Rope
  • 1 Set of Cornering hooks for LED Mounting.

Who Should Consider Bestva 1000W For Their Indoor Growing Tasks?

Anyone looking for a strong, durable and highly efficient LED grow light with full spectrum effect and highly dense brightness should consider bestva 1000W LED grow light as their LED of choice.

Moreover, coverage of this LED Grow light by bestva is remarkable and much better than the competitors.

Our Verdict

If you’re seeking our opinion for this one of the best 1000W LED Grow Light in our list, then all we’d say is go for it if you’re not satisfied with King Plus 1000W LED just because of its coverage and footprint.

Yeah, Bestva 1000W is comparatively better than our previously reviewed product.

#3. HiGrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light – The Monster Performer

HIGrow 100W - 1000W LED Grow Light In 2019

Yeah, our next pick on this list of best rated 1000W LED grow lights is from HiGrow. Well, fame is less for it but whoever have used it at least once, they’re recommending it back & forth.

Yeah, HiGrow 1000W Optical Lens series is much powerful compared to other panels in 1000W segment.

Due to the perfection in maximization of generated light this panel delivers around 765 uMol of PAR Readings from the height of 24”. Definitely, from height of 18” it goes far beyond your expectations.

Moreover, balancing in the bands and spectrum is also done in an impressive way. Yeah, Higrow 1000W LED Grow Light features a complete full spectrum light consisting of majority of red color band in its effect.

Also, uniform and overall ratio of two major bands red & blue seems to be of 50:50 which is a major plus.

Moreover, with improvised optical lens design HiGrow is succeeded in reducing lightloss by 30%.

If you’re more of concerned over coverage and energy efficiency then we’d like to make a note here in this best 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews that Higrow 1000W Opt Lens series LED provides coverage for massive 20 sq.ft of area and still consumes merely 400W at max.

Well, 400W is its power pulling when you run it fully on both mode switches ON.

Talking about reliability and cooling, HiGrow 1000W full spectrum LED is by far most reliable and has been praised by thousands of people for its cool and calm work inside a grow space.

Pros & Cons of HiGrow 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • A Complete full spectrum light for cannabis plants.
  • Well blended ratio and effect of blue & red.
  • Inclusion of IR in its brightness.
  • Dual mode separate switches.
  • Optical lens design for reducing light loss. (Upto 30% lightloss is prevented)
  • Massive core coverage caliber for up to 5’ X 4’ of area.
  • Efficient cooling with 3 durable cooling fans & heat sink.
  • Occasional coupons available for buyers to grab at lower price.
  • Reported and verified optimum results from grown weed plants.
  • Could be replaced for a 900-1000W HPS system.
  • Decent warranty of about 3 years and 30 days return policy.
  • Power consumption is a bit on higher side.
  • Not waterproof.
What's in the Box?
  • 1 X HiGrow 1000 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • 1 X Power Cord
  • 1 X User Manual
  • A Set of Hanging Kit.

Who Should Buy HiGrow 1000W Optical Lens Full Spectrum LED Grow Light?

As we all know, there are plenty of best rated full spectrum LED for marijuana but deciding that which is made for you and your requirement is a bit harder when you have to select one from masses.

If you’re thinking that your plants are hungry of a quality full spectrum light then you should try this out.

Yeah, according to our experts, this is by far the best effect for cannabis plants once reach to their midway of vegetation. Yeah, a perfect 1:1 ratio of blue and red is a complete rare in today’s LED market.

Moreover, if you’re planning to expand your grow space upto massive 20 sq.ft of area then too this one would be an ideal choice in our opinion.

Our verdict

As far as our opinion for this one of the best 1000W LED grow lights on the market is concerned, we’d happily recommend it to our readers by keeping quality, coverage and cooling effectiveness in the center.

However, power consumption is a bit on higher side as mentioned earlier in this HiGrow 1000W Optical lens LED review; the quality and return potential is worth few buck monthly in power bill.

#4. Sunraise 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – One Step Ahead Of Others.

Sunraise 1000W - 1000W LED Grow Light

Primary purposes of 1000W LED Grow Lights aren’t limited to few things like HPS replacement abilities & coverage.

Yeah, rather it’s more about impactfulness of the quality of light. There are LEDs in 600W segment that could cover an area of massive 5’ X 5’ with lower impact but ideal LCP at end point.

But, instead of going for that we advise our readers to go for an LED which has higher impact and not just fulfillment of required figures.

Yeah, Sunraise 1000W LED grow lights is one of such rare LEDs which delivers highly impactful light towards plant canopies.

Also, some of our experts are using it and they’ve confirmed that this light is worth it if you want to boost process of photosynthesis in your plants.

Moreover, design & build of sunraise 1000W LED grow lights is greatly improvised where you get triple chip diodes with zener protection and an optical lens cover to maximize effect by centralizing it.

Now, if we talk about its coverage caliber then Sunraise 1000W LED is capable of covering plants in an area of 3’ X 3’ to 4’ X 4’ depending on hanging heights.

Well, this sizing is where you get best possible quality with PAR results of 698 uMol @ 18” and not just so called idealness.

Also, Sunraise 1000W is a complete full spectrum LED grow light comprising all 12 vital bands with IR as well.

Moreover, two separate switches to keep more control over light’s effectiveness on the plants depending on the stage of its lifecycle is mounted in the side of the panel.

Now, if we focus toward actual effectiveness onto our wallets then this LED grow light in 1000W segment just pulls 165W from the board which is lesser than some of the 300W LED grow lights on the market.

As long as you’re expecting good quality plants along with satisfying returns this 1000W LED grow light by sunraise is one of the top rated 1000W LED grow lights in our opinion.

Pros & Cons of SunRaise 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Highly durable build quality & elegant design.
  • Improvised version of LEDs of 15W triple chips.
  • Perfect placement of diodes based on colors & bands.
  • A complete full spectrum light with IR in it.
  • Better rate of lowering light loss. (up to 30%)
  • Coverage of 3’ X 3’ to 4’ X 4’
  • Highly dense and impactful light with PAR 698 uMol @ 18”
  • Lowest in the segment power pulling of 165W only.
  • Dual mode switches for comfort and convenience.
  • Effective and balanced cooling caliber.
  • Support quality is a bit low on reliability ratings.
  • Not waterproof.
What's in the box of Sunraise1000W LED Grow Light?
  • 1 pc of Sunraise 1000W LED Grow Light.
  • 1 pc of Universal plug power cord.
  • Adjustable hanging rope.
  • 1 set of hanging hooks and strings.
  • User manual & warranty card.

Our Verdict

If you’re expecting a decent quality and highly impactfull 1000W LED grow light in price range below 150$ then sunraise 1000W is one of the best choice in 1000W LED Grow light’s segment.

Yeah, with triple chips design its brightness’s density and impact over the plants is extremely higher. Well, majority of people who bought it for their cannabis plant’s have reported that this accomplished their desire in terms of yield.

Yeah, aroma and density of resin over the buds is pleasing for majority of them and you won’t like to miss it.

Obviously, why won’t we recommend this one of the Best 1000W LED grow lights when you could grab it for lesser price with the available coupon?

#5. Bloomspect 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – Low Rates, Optimal Returns

Bloomspect 1000W Grow Light - Best 1000W LED

People with lower budget range might be expecting a model falling in their requirement as well.

Yeah, we’ve included Bloomspect 1000W LED in this 1000 watt LED reviews, not just because it is priced below 100$ but in our expert’s opinion everything being served by this panel is just ideal for your plants.

If we start from body build up then BS1000 features a form factor of 15.9” X 10.4” X 5.8” and weighs around 7.67 lbs.

Moreover, this LED grow light also features one veg and one bloom switch separately to give you control over light band and effectiveness.

Now, if we talk about aspect which play a major role in the process of photosynthesis then spectral caliber is not so advanced but also not extremely lower on the side. Yeah, it’s just ideal and optimal.

Well, it’s a full spectrum with all bands but from density’s point of view this panel has not crossed our bar of expectations.

Also, this grow light is not a complete replacement for a 1000W HPS system, rather its mathematical calculation of equipped LEDs is of 1000 watts.

On coverage side, Bloomspect 1000W full spectrum LED could cover an area of 3’ X 3’ from the height of 18-20” which is not so great but is ideal and justified for this price range.

In reality Bloomspect 1000W LED grow light consumes 219W of electricity which is even higher than our previously reviewed model of sunraise LED in this 1000W LED Grow light reviews.

So yeah, if you’ve few bucks more in the beginning then going with sunraise would be a better choice instead of buying this one. But, if you don’t want to go above 100 bucks then you won’t even find a better alternative than this one is for sure.

Now, if we talk about cooling and heat management then this LED grow light by Bloomspect is comprises 2 highly durable and heat resistant cooling fans along with an advanced built aluminium heat sink.

Moreover, with lowest price and optimal quality of light; Bloomspect offers you a failure cover for their product for up to 2 years along with 30 days refund policy for disappointed growers.

Pros & Cons :- Bloomspect 1000W LED Grow Light Review

  • Budget centered pricing with optimal quality of light.
  • A complete full spectrum effect for cannabis plants.
  • Coverage for 3’ X 3’ grow space.
  • Durable and reliable materials used in its making.
  • Failure proof diodes and functioning.
  • Two separate mode switches for easy controlling.
  • Ideal light to start with & also suitable as a supplementary light.
  • Power consumption below 220W.
  • Smart heat management with fans and quick dissipating heat sink.
  • Support quality is decent.
  • Warranty terms are smaller than majority of brands in 1000W segment.
  • Not an advanced 1000W LED but an optimal alternative for beginners.
What's included in the box of Bloomspect 1000W LED Grow Light?
  • 1 Pcs of Bloomspect 1000W LED
  • A Set of Hanging kit.
  • A User manual.
  • Power cord for connectivity.

Our Verdict

Well, if you’re expecting jaw dropping results from this Bloomspect 1000W LED grow light, then sadly but it’s not possible.

Yeah, this 1000W LED is a good to start with in an area of 3’ X 3’ and for the people with budget of less than a hundred bucks. But, in no way this is an advanced LED suitable to an intermediate level of weed cultivator.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a supplementary light with decent comfort and control then too this is ideal light with best durability and reliability ratings in this price segment.

#6. Growstar 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – Power of Optical Lens

GrowStar 1000W - Review of 1000W LED Grow Light

We often recommend our readers to go for something that’s worth the investment, yeah, even if it requires to extend your budget bar further.

Here’s one of such sort of 1000W LED for you where you will achieve best growth and healthy plants in your grow space with impressive yield as result.

Yeah, GrowStar 1000W LED grow light features a strong and reliable body build up with dimensions of 20.1” X 11.2” X 2.6” and weighs around 13.6 lbs.

Moreover, it comprises 200 pcs of 5W diodes which further includes all vital bands ranging from 445nm to 730nm. Yeah, there’s IR available in its spectrum and its effect can be observed in the plant quality itself.

Now, talking about technical features supplied with this 1000W LED grow light, there are 3 highly reliable cooling fans with extremely silent operation along with a stunningly functioning heat sink for effective temperature controlling and heat management.

Moreover, there are two separate mode switches where during veg mode ON this 1000W LED will deliver majority of blue bands while turning bloom mode ON your plant’s will get majority of red bands.

However, it’s recommended to keep both veg & bloom ON during blooming.

Moreover, it’s good to experiment on setting and timings of this light’s operational timing but make sure that you’re giving enough attention to your plant’s reaction and you’re taking your observations in consideration for each time.

Now, if we talk about density and effectiveness of Growstar 1000W LED then it delivers more than 750 uMol in the center from height of 18” which is best in 1000W LED Grow Light segment with this price range.

Moreover, Growstar 1000W LED is ideal choice for people looking for a panel with coverage caliber of at least 4’ X 4’ during vegetation and 3.5’ X 3.5’ during blooming.

However, even people with larger coverage requirement might like to consider growstar 1000W as there’s a daisy chain port available on this 1000W LED Grow Light.

Also, Growstar 1000W is pretty much cost effective when it comes to actual power draw. Yeah, it just draws on average 380W to 400W from the board, which is justified for this level of density and effectiveness.

Lastly, Growstar offers a limited warranty of 24 months and largest in the segment money-back policy of 90 days.

Yeah, that’s a major plus, where you could check about its actual worth for a long period of time instead of justifying or judging it within 30 days.

Pros & Cons of GrowStar 1000W :- Best rated 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Most recommended light for intermediate weed cultivators.
  • A complete and greatly effective spectrum.
  • Inclusion of IR & UV in its light effect.
  • Placement of LEDs done scientifically from plant’s growth point of view.
  • Minimal power consumption for effective and dens light effect.
  • Ideal coverage of 4’ X 4’.
  • Decent and efficient cooling and heat dissipation.
  • Daisy chain for added advantage of expansion.
  • Dual mode switches for comfortable operations.
  • Strong and durable build.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Occasionally available coupons on amazon. (Check it availability)
  • Largest refund policy on the market.
  • Light’s brightness is extreme and harmful to look at directly.
  • This 1000W LED unit isn’t waterproof and requires additional care.
  • A bit high in price.
<strong>Thins to Keep In Mind While Using Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light</strong>
  • Refer to user manual for installation of mounting.
  • Light doesn’t require a separate ballast so don’t buy it while buying this LED.
  • Don’t run it for more than 9-10 constant hours.
  • Give rest of at least half an hour.
  • Keep it away from dripping water.
  • This light is not suitable for outdoor usage, so use it for indoor weed cultivation only.
  • UV & IR might look dim as its working is that way, so don’t get panicked.
  • Observe plants regularly to avoid damage or harm.

Our verdict

Well, if you’ve took at least one harvest or few then we believe that you don’t seek our opinion.

Yeah, quality of this product is worth the amount to spend on it. However, for experimentation and tests this product is not recommended from our side as it’s a bit higher on cost side.

But, if you’re expecting quality buds as return by utilizing its effectiveness and denser light then this is the by far one of the best choice for you on the market.

Yeah, just go for it.

#7. DimGogo 1000W LED Grow Light – Cheap yet Effective 1000W LED Grow Light

Dimgogo 1000W - 1000W LED Review In 2019

If you’re looking for a thousand watt LED only and have budget less than hundred bucks only, then our next two products in this 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews are falling in such segment.

Yeah, it’s possible to get a 1000W LED in less than 100$, well, we get what we pay for but still this LEDs are worth the money for the quality.

DimGogo 1000W LED Grow light is one of such panel which is priced for less than a hundred bucks and still it has some good quality that are not available in 300W LEDs in same price tag.

Yeah, first thing first, DimGogo 1000W features a strong and durable body build up.

Moreover, Dimgogo 1000 watt LED comprises 100 pcs of diodes and each produces light equivalent to a 10W chip. Yeah, calculative wattage of 1000W is the product of this hundred chips.

Also, Spectrum & density of delivered light is enough for plant to absorb as long as productive growth is in center. Well, if you’re expecting solid intensity in center then this panel is just not for you.

Yeah, this panel delivers readings of 604 uMol from 18” height on the PAR meter display.

Moreover, this panel isn’t power hungry and pulls only 185W of power for its operations. Well, if you join two panels together then achievable density in center will go above 1000 uMol and still it won’t suck as much energy as our previously reviewed 1000W LEDs will suck.

Yeah, from that point of view this 1000W panel is great option.

Now, talking about coverage and cooling, DimGogo 1000W LED will cover an area of around 3’ X 2’ uniformly by delivering same quality of light without any loss.

Moreover, this 1000W LED won’t get things heat up too quickly like others and that’s what makes it one of the best cheaply affordable LED grow light that works for cannabis plants.

And yeah, 3 years warranty & 30 days moneyback policy is like icing on the cake in our expert’s opinion.

Pros & Cons of DimGogo 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Cheaply affordable 1000W LED grow light.
  • 10W dual chip LEDs for producing stable and intense light.
  • Effective and working spectrum quality.
  • IR is available in effect in optimal quantity.
  • Coverage isn’t great but it’s ideal for this price LED.
  • Highly cost efficient from Power pulling point of view.
  • Reliable and efficient cooling fans.
  • Decent support term & policy.
  • Daisy chain & dual mode switches are absent.
  • Product can not be used as a stand alone 1000W LED, it is suitable as a supplementary light or can be utilized in combination.

What’s one thing that resists many people from opting for DimGogo 1000W LED?

As you can see, we’ve tried as much as possible to keep this best 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews unbiased and hence exposing negativity of a product becomes evident.

Well, now if we talk about one thing that’s a major NO-Factor for many then it’s the intensity of LED. Yeah, this 1000W LED won’t just deliver enough light to plants in a massive area of 3’ X 2’. And, keeping it too close to canopies could harm the plants badly. Hence, it’s an ideal choice if you’re planning to buy two.

Yeah, even if you’ll buy two pieces, you’ll save a lot in power bill and will get highly intense and enough of light for more than 3’ X 3’ of area. Moreover, buying a combo will cost you less than what you’ll be required to spend for a single premium LED in 1000W segment.

Our Verdict

As previously mentioned, this grow light is made for beginners who are not fancy of dual mode switches or daisy ports.

So yeah, we’ve included this LED only for those who’re looking for a budget friendly light in 1000W segment. Moreover, if you’re disappointed by its PAR outputs then you should get two of it for improvising the results.

Yeah, even if you’ll get two, you won’t be spending a lot compared to those premium end lights.

#8. Maxsisun 1000W LED Grow Light – Cheapest of All

Maxsisun 1000W - Top Rated 1000W LED Grow Light

Yeah, here’s the cheapest of all the 1000W LED grow light we reviewed in this article.

Maxsisun is a new brand on the market and doing well since last 4-5 years. The key role behind its success among indoor cannabis cultivators is its pricing.

Yeah, it’s priced so less that one can’t even expect a decent 300W LED at the price where its 1000W LED is labeled.

Moreover, spectrum is also worth the money you spend on this LED grow light. Yeah, there’s a complete 12 bands of a quality spectrum is available in this light’s brightness.

The only issue one could face is most probably the intensity and effectiveness of light. Yeah, from the height of 18” maxsisun 1000W LED could only deliver light’s intensity at the ratings of 492 uMol which is not so great for many.

Well, but this panel is priced less than a 300W LED and still it’s PAR/PPFD outputs are much better than those less wattage segment LEDs.

Moreover, power efficiency could also be an issue for many. But, if you’re not willing to pay above 80$ then this is what you could get as a best option.

Also, with all this fuss we forgot to mention that this 1000W Panel by maxsisun could cover an area of 2.5’ X 2.5’ from 18-20” of height.

Talking about additional features, this LED grow light has a power switch and a power inlet. Apart from that you should not be expecting a daisy port or separate mode switches in this 1000W model.

Yeah, this is a starter model of LED made for beginners to be on safe side. Moreover, cooling and heat dissipation is being done marvellously by Maxsisun and it keeps the things pretty much balanced.

Also, for less than 80 bucks this manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty and 60 days of return & refund guarantee to its customers which is a big plus.

Pros & Cons of Maxsisun 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Cheapest of all probable alternatives in 1000W segment.
  • Decent spectrum comprising 12 vital bands in effect.
  • Inclusion of IR in its brightness.
  • Coverage of 2.5’ X 2.5’ is ideal for this pricing.
  • Cooling and temperature balancing is done fabulously.
  • Impressive consumer ratings on shopping platforms like amazon & ebay.
  • This panel is suitable for uniform utilization by beginners in indoor weed growing hobby.
  • Longest in the segment guarantee period.
  • Missing timer, dual mode switches, & daisy.
  • Intensity of light effect isn’t so remarkable.
  • Could be used only as a supplement light or starter light for few plants.

Our verdict

Well, we won’t lie. Yeah, one shouldn’t opt for such panels just for the sack of few bucks. Yeah, this panel isn’t worth the money if you’re serious about your future plans.

But, if you’re bound to go with cost effective options only then there can’t be any other better option available than this. Well, that’s true too.

Yeah, for this price, all the functioning and delivered quality of light is just justified.

Go for Maxsisun 1000W LED only if you’re not allowed to stretch your budget further even by mere 5-15 bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions :- Reviews of 1000W LED Grow Lights

How much electricity does a 1000w LED light use?

Well, if you’re worrying about 1000W then it won’t suck that much power in reality. Yeah, as that’s mathematical calculative figures of product of number of LEDs and power of each diode on the panel.

Moreover, actual power efficiency of each panel depends of its overall build up and some may pull only 150W while some may go beyond 500W. But, it’s in your hand to make a wise move by keeping all factors in consideration.

How many plants can a 1000w LED light grow?

Depending on the intensity of delivered light and obrained LCP points by a specific light you will be able to make a decision regarding number of plants in your grow space.

As a rule of thumb, this 1000W LEDs are ideal for 3’ X 3’ to 4’ X 4’ grow space where you could accommodate anywhere between 5-7 plants depending on plant size.

What's the best 1000 watt grow light?

In our opinion, HiGrow 1000W Optical lens series is one of the best you could get if you’re wiling to grab a quality focused product.

What's the best cheap 1000 watt grow light?

As far as our opinion is concerned, if you’re looking for both cheap & Best then nothing could be better than Bloomspect 1000W. Well, for this panel you’ll require to compromise on coverage, intensity & power efficiency but still this is the best you’ll get for budget friendly pricing.

What distance to hang 1000 watt grow light?

Ideally, all LEDs are recommended to hang at 18 to 22” of height. But, if you’re asking for other type of lightsas well then all other types of grow lights are heat producing and requires extra care and observation, so to be on safe side it is advised to hang above 25-30” of height.

Do 1000 watt grow lights require a ballast?

No. LEDs don’t required an additional ballast.

What is better 600w or 1000w?

Depending on several other factors this question could be answered precisely. But in general for better results it is advised to opt for 1000W LED. You may drop your question in comments to get it answered by our experts.

How much area does a 1000 watt grow light cover?

Ideally it depends on LCP a particular 1000W LED delivers in terms of PPFD results. But, in general a good quality 1000W LED grow light will cover at least 3.5’ X 3.5’ of grow area with ease.


As you could see in this 1000W LED reviews, we’ve tried as much as possible to be precise and unbiased so that you could make your decision freely without any doubt or confusion.

But, if you’re still confused among different choices available then here’s a short segmentation of each of grow light and you could get one that fit the best of all.

If you’re looking for a high quality light with longer lifespan and high yielding results in return then going for HiGrow 1000W or Growstar full spectrum 1000W LED grow light would be a better call.

Yeah, both of those LEDs are best in terms of quality and does its job pretty well. Moreover, people using those LEDs have reported and verified that results obtained using those panels are better than some of the premium LEDs in the high priced segment.

If you’re looking for massive coverage and highly power efficient LED grow light then King Plus 1000W & Bestva 1000W LED grow light both are similar yet different choices available for you.

Well, if you’re thinking of both as identical then in our expert’s opinion King Plus features more strong and durable body build up compared to bestva. Hense King Plus is better than the bestva in our opinion.

Also, for budget friendly choices you may consider Sunraise 1000W with triple chip design which is a big plus in our opinion. Moreover, Bloomspect 1000W isn’t a bad choice after all if you’re limited to below 100$ budget only.

By now, we hope you’ve got a clear opinion from our side and hence you could make a decent choice. However, if you’re still confused or seek a helping hand then just drop a comment below and we’ll reach out to you on sooner basis possible.

Happy growing! & Wish you best yields next harvest buddy!

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  1. Hello. I have a bloomspec 1000w. If I see this correctly. 4-5 plants can go under one light. Ok. Sec question. Can I get a king and put it with the bloomspec. Will it work correctly.

  2. Hello Oscar,
    Yeah, definitely you could add one more in your growspace. Here’s one of the best king plus model for you that could assist you in expanding your grow space. Also, you could utilize daily port while expanding it with another supplementary light. Though, it’s a bit tough to confirm without knowing your model.

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