7 Best 300W LED Grow Lights for indoor Cannabis in 2022 – Reviews

Are you planning to grow your cannabis in small grow space? Well, then first problem you’ll come across will be to balance some of the crucial elements of growing.

Also, as proportions and delivered quantity of light needs to be balanced, selection of smaller LED grow light becomes a bit troublesome to some beginner weed cultivators.

And, that’s the reason we decided to collect some of the best 300W LED grow lights for cannabis growers who’re planning to start small.

Moreover, we’ve also experienced that some growers opt for bigger lights even if they’re starting small because some of so-called gurus of gardening suggest them to do so. Well, don’t do that.

Yeah, doing so could harm your plants and can spoil your whole goal of achieving better yields. Furthermore, it’s true that bigger is better but sometimes it can be potentially vulnerable to our indoor growing plants.

Now, as we mentioned previously, when you opt for smaller coverage, your best bet is to opt for some of the best 300w led grow light from the market.

To make things easy for you, our experts have curated a list of such panels after all due diligence of research and filtration. So, now, let’s begin with our review for best 300 watt led grow lights on the market.

Best 300W LED Grow Lights – Reviews for 2022

Before starting with reviews, pay attention to this quick comparison table for better understanding of what you’re going to get from this list of multiple products.

Best 300W LED Grow Lights of 2022
#1 – Advance Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Extremely Intense Light
  • Jaw-Dropping PAR Outputs
  • Ample Coverage

#2 – Viparspectra V300 300W LED
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Strong And Sturd Build
  • Unique Design
  • Plant oriented spectrum

#3 – Mars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • Affordable LED
  • Extra Ordinary Spectrum
  • Decent Coverage of 3′ X 3′

#4 – Vivosun 300W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Stronger Build
  • Pulls only 135W
  • Compatible for 2’X2′ Tents

#5 – Relassy 300 Watt LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 7.0/10

  • Slim and Compact Build
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Acceptable Spectrum Range

#6 – Growstar 300W UFO LED
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Inclusion of COB
  • Growth focused Full Spectrum
  • Can Cover 2.5′ X 2.5′ Area

#7 – iPower 300W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Best Budget Product
  • Decent coverage of 2′ X 2′
  • Effective Spectrum & Efficient Power Requirements.


Advanced Platinum P300 - Best 300W LED Grow Light

Being a USA based manufacturer, they’ve gained tremendous popularity and credibility among indoor gardeners and weed cultivators.

Yeah, their products are not like routine LED grow lights. You’ll get best possible level of quality and performance with their products. And, that’s the reason our curators picked it as one of the best 300w led grow light on the market.

Now, if we take a look over its potential and performance caliber then Advanced Platinum might amaze you with massive density in its light. Yeah, Advanced Platinum Series P P300 LED grow light is capable of beating any normal 600W-900W LED grow light when it comes to PAR delivery.

Moreover, Platinum LED P300 is equipped with 100 diodes of 3W each. And, yeah, this diodes are produced by some of very reliable brands such as bridgelux and epistar.

Moreover, driver and zener diodes used in its making are made in USA. While testing this grow light in our lab we found that its driver alone is responsible for producing highly dense light. Yeah, it’s symbol of state-of-the-art workmanship.

Regarding PAR outputs, Advanced Platinum P300 LED throws around 1050 uMol on the center point of grow space. Well, this is definitely more than some of best 600w leds in cheaper price range.

So yeah, with this much dense light, it can easily cover an area of around 4.5’ X 3.8’ with ease. Well, we’ve tried utilizing this grow light for above mentioned area and we concluded that manufacturer’s claim regarding this is based on realistic performance and on potential of light. Yeah, even after being a 300W LED this one beats some of the best leds chosen for 4’X4′ tent sizing in higher wattage segment.

Talking about spectrum, it’s a full spectrum light so all essential color wavelengths are available in its light effect. And, yeah, we’ve also verified its suitability from more than hundreds of users and found that it’s ideal for all the phases of a plant’s lifecycle.

Now, if you’re concerned about power draw then this one of the top 300w led grow light pulls around 93W during vegetation and around 180W during blooming.

Yeah, there’s this difference in power consumption due to presence of two separate mode switches. And, based on your configuration it pulls the required power from outlet.

Also, for people concerned about cooling and temperature stuff, there’s a good news. Yeah, as we mentioned in the beginning of this best 300 watt led grow light review, it’s designed by keeping all scientific parameters of growing in mind. And, hence you’ll notice two fabulously functioning cooling fans on the backside of this led grow light.

Moreover, advanced heat sink also helps in dissipating heat without much hassle.

And yeah, cherry on the cake is 5 years warranty with 30 days refund policy for this best USA made 300w led grow light. Yeah, “Advanced Platinum” the brand is confident enough for its product and hence provides longest warranty term on the market.

Pros & Cons of Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light

  • Heavy duty and solid build.
  • USA made LED Grow Light.
  • Reliable and trusted brand selected by thousands of active users.
  • A complete full spectrum output.
  • Scientific and plant oriented light design.
  • Dual mode control switches for extensive control over produced light effect.
  • Highest PAR output of 1050 uMol from 18” height, it’s beating some of 600W LED grow light models too.
  • Lower power pulling of maximum 180W.
  • Massive coverage and heavy yields.
  • Perfect heat dissipation mechanism.
  • Largest warranty period from an LED grow light manufacturer.
  • A bit on pricey side.
  • Dimmers were expected in this price range, though without it too performance is to the mark.

Our Verdict

Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light is made for people who’re expecting best quality for their bucks. Yeah, if we compare this grow light with other cheaper alternatives then first difference we find in it is pricing. However, for all other parameters this grow light can easily beat some of the higher wattage variants too. So, if you’re aiming to grab a quality and long lasting LED grow light which is made by a USA based brand then Advanced Platinum P300 is one of the best 300w led grow light out there.

Yeah as stated here in this detailed review of P300 LED, we highly recommend this 300 Watt LED grow light for real quality seekers.


Viparspectra 300W LED - Best rated 300W LED Grow Light of 2022

Viparspectra is one of the most recommended brand among indoor growers due to its ability to produce quality light for all budget range.

Yeah, they’ve delivered grow lights in different segments with help of their wide range of models and series.

And, Reflector series is one among their best selling series. Yeah, within its launch this series grabbed place in almost thousands of users grow space. Well, all for a reason.

Yeah, this grow light is built using some quality parts and has pretty long lifespan of more than 100000 hours under ideal operating conditions.

Moreover, with purple major in its wavelength it is most ideal LED grow light for beginners when their plants are yet to come out of soil. Yeah, its ideal and best fit for seedling as well as vegetation because it has higher frequency for blue band.

However, few readers might think that due to red minor, this won’t be ideal for blooming. Well, that’s not the case. Yeah, as during veg your plants grow to its best potential, they’ll be capable of producing more buds even with less red bands in delivered light.

Moreover, RED band is not completely absent, it’s just at a bit low side. Yeah, it’s still suitable for blooming phase of indoor growing marijuana plants.

Moreover, from 18” height Viparspectra Reflector 300W LED grow light delivers PAR readings of 412 uMol which is ideal for grow area coverage of 2’ X 2’ with ease. Yeah, it’s one of the best led grow light for 2X2 grow tent sizing.

Also, some of our testers were already using this grow light from viparspectra in their routine growing job. And, they’ve reported that plants grown under this grow light are found to be healthier and greener compared to other cheap LED grow lights available on the market.

Furthermore, we asked them to check cooling and temperature parameters in their grow space while utilizing this one of the best 300 watt led grow light. What we’ve got as results is somewhat unbelievable. Yeah, grow room temperature while using Viparspectra Reflector 300W LED grow light remains within the recommended bar for it.

Well, it’s all because of that silently functioning cooling fan placed on the board of this top rated 300w led grow light.

Moreover, if we believe on input of our readers regarding its performance, then they informed us that this grow light is 50% more powerful than some of other lights in same price range.

Above all, best part about this 300W LED grow light is, Viparspectra provides 3 years extensive warranty on this unit along with 30 days money back without a question policy.

Yeah, this is a definite choice for people expecting ideal grow light for their small grow space of 2’ x 2’ area. Also, for the price you’ll get much more than usual expectation for sure.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light

  • Well known brand recommended by all communities.
  • Durable and long lasting LED grow light.
  • Priced reasonably for novice growers.
  • Optimal spectral output.
  • Ideal for all phases of indoor growing cannabis plants.
  • Decent coverage of 2’ X 2’.
  • Average power draw of merely 130W is highly cost savvy in longer run.
  • Decent mechanism implied for cooling and stability.
  • Stellar and customer oriented support team.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Light is extremely bright and hence requires safety precaution while interaction.

Our Verdict

If you’re planning to purchase an ideal grow light which can deliver best possible level of performance within your budget range, then Viparspectra V300 LED is best bet available for you.

Yeah as mentioned in this detailed review of Viparspectra 300W LED, this grow light is not just budget friendly like others but also delivers productivity with help of its performance.

So, if you want decent productivity from your plants in a smaller coverage of 2’ X 2’ area then go for it without any doubt. We assure you that you won’t regret for your decision.

#3. MARS HYDRO 300W REFLECTOR LED Grow Light – Budget friendly 300W LED

Mars Hydro Reflector 300W LED Grow Light Review - Best 300 Watt LED

Have big goals and low budget? Then, we’ve also included one of the best 300W LED grow light from Mars Hydro in our list too. Yeah, it’s good when it comes to performance, and it becomes even better when you look at pricing.

So, now, let’s take a look at what it has to offer and why it got so much fuss regarding its performance!

Firstly, Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light is a complete full spectrum LED grow light and spreads a pink shade light over the plant canopies.

Moreover, it makes use of SMD diodes instead of using LEDs. Yeah, it helps this grow light in producing 30% higher PAR outputs than its older variants.

Moreover, we’ve tested this grow light physically in our labs under observation of our experts. Well if you’re concerned about our results then, we got 450 uMol from 18” in the center from this panel.

Also, we found LCP of 190 uMol at widest radius of 1.5 ft from the center. So yeah, one can make use of this best 300W LED for their coverage within range of 3’ X 3’.

However, to improve yield per watt of electricity, we recommend our readers to provide denser light during blooming and hence hanging light closer to canopies will be ideal installation. So yeah, during blooming, coverage might reduce to 2.5’ X 2.5’ of area.

Moreover, even with highly productive performance this 300w led from Mars Hydro don’t demand for too much of power. Yeah, it operates with merely 120W of power on average.

Hence, you can count on it if you’re looking for a cost saver unit at longer run.

Also, we checked for stability and heat parameters of this grow light and found that this grow light makes use of one large cooling fan at back side of unit. Yeah, it operates silently in the beginning. However, few users also informed that it starts making a bit of noise after usage of around 10 months.

Furthermore, for manufacturing defects or malfunctioning of this unit within 3 years, Mars Hydro provides a limited warranty on this top notch 300W LED grow light. Yeah, support quality is friendly and authentic and we’ve verified it from more than 20 users.

And yeah, if you’re expecting an in-depth analysis of mars hydro 300W LED grow light then check this review for detailed information.

Pros & Cons of Mars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light

  • Reliable and trusted brand.
  • Utilization of SMD diodes instead of traditional LEDs.
  • A complete full spectrum effect.
  • Decent PAR output with acceptable LCP point.
  • Power pulling limited at 120W during full throttle usage.
  • Suitable and utilizable coverage area of more than 2.5’ X 2.5’
  • Balanced cooling and temperature parameters.
  • Presence of Daisy port for people not sure about expansion in future.
  • Stellar and authentic support from Mars Hydro.
  • Fans start making noise after 10 months constant usage.
  • Not a waterproof LED so requires additional care from dripping water.

Our Verdict

Mars Hydro is giving edge to edge fight to Viparspectra since its inception. Yeah, both products are good for its own suitability. Moreover, both are priced reasonably.

So, for people confused between this two 300W LED grow lights, we’ll say that if you’re looking for blue major then go for Viparspectra 300W LED grow light and for Red major effect Mars Hydro 300W is one of best bet in 300W segment.

Yeah, Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light is best for blooming phase if you’re planning to buy separate lights which are focused specifically to a stage of your indoor growing plant’s lifecycle.

Also, quality, performance, and features of Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light is enough to justify its place among other LEDs in this reviews of best 300W LED grow lights on the market.

#4. VIVOSUN 300W LED GROW LIGHT – Best for Beginners

Vivosun 300W LED - Best 300W LED Grow Light with strong build

If you’re a beginner and asked for some inputs regarding wish list for indoor growing tools in any online community then you might have heard the name Vivosun.

Yeah, this brand has started with grow tents but now they’re also producing quality LED grow lights for their users.

Moreover, Vivosun 300W LED grow light which we’re reviewing currently has got some marvellous feedback from its users. Yeah, many have praised for its ability to produced dense and resinous weed buds from their plants.

So, let’s take a look at what it has to offer in terms of features and performance caliber?

While testing this grow light in one of our team member’s grow space, first thing we noticed about it was its Solid build. Yeah, compared to other grow lights available on the market, this one is a bit stronger. Also, form factor and dimensions of this grow light justifies its strength as we can see.

Moreover, upon checking spectral output from Vivosun 300W LED grow light we noticed that presence of red wavelength is more compared to other wavelengths.

Also, with 90 degree reflection it helps in maximizing light effect of this panel. And yeah, it also helps in improving penetration and absorption rate from plants.

Furthermore, this grow light is resistant enough for heat output of 120 degree Celsius. Yeah, it means Vivosun 300W won’t melt for above mentioned heat output.

Well, with cooling functionalities available on this 300w led grow light that level of temperature has no chance of occurrence.

Yeah, Vivosun 300W LED grow light is backed by one highly functioning and silently operating cooling fan on it.

Also, regarding coverage, this grow light is ideal for any grower with 2’ X 2’ grow tent in his setup.

For power consumption, we’re glad to mention that this 300W LED grow light’s brightness is capable of replacing 300W HPS system. But, still it pulls merely 135W from outlet. Yeah, that’s half of what usual HPS systems pulls on average while working.

Furthermore, Vivosun provides 3 years extensive warranty on this one of the best 300W LED grow lights and also 30 days refund policy is available for non satisfied users.

So, all in all, this grow light is also a worthwhile investment if you’re planning to grow with a reliable growing tool at hand. Yeah, it has everything that usually all experts in growing space suggests to be in one of the top rated 300W LED grow lights on the market in current scenario.

Pros & Cons of Vivosun 300W LED Grow Light

  • Strong and long lasting build quality.
  • Tremendous features and functioning.
  • Quality of spectrum is justified by yield outputs.
  • Coverage capability for an area of 2’ X 2’
  • Power requirements limited to 135W.
  • Cooling is well managed for panel as well as surrounding.
  • Support quality from Vivosun is good and verified by team of bloomshower.
  • Not a waterproof unit so needs extensive care from dripping water.
  • Recommended only to beginners. For advanced or intermediate growers, previous variants are still suggested.

Our Verdict

For cannabis cultivators who are just starting out, this one is best bang for their money. Yeah, Vivosun 300W LED grow light is not just a budget friendly grow light available in 300W segment, but it also has some tremendous capabilities when it comes to performance.

Also, our team has checked this grow light for its reliability and we can mark our words here that it’s most ideal light which has all features and has most of the results matching to its manufacturer’s claim. Yeah, that’s rare in this era of tough competition as most of brands are bragging for fake claims while Vivosun 300W delivers everything according to their claims.

#5. RELASSY 300W LED GROW LIGHT – Good to Start out with

Relassy 300W - Best budget 300W LED grow light

Want something which can fulfil your goals of abundant yields with its best possible performance? Then, Bring relassy 300W LED grow light for you plants.

Well, saying so isn’t enough we know that. However, we said that based on output we got in our one of team member’s grow space with this marvellous 300W LED grow light.

Yeah, Relassy is a new name on the market. However, performance and design of its products are enough to give it a chance.

Talking about this 300W LED grow light’s build, it is equipped with 338 diodes of 1W each. Also, spectrum output delivered by this top 300W LED grow light is amazing. Yeah, its spectrum graph has constant increase in Red wavelength.

Moreover, all essential bands are present in its brightness which helps our plants in growing healthier.

Also, we’ve checked this grow light for power consumption point of view, and we found that it pulls on average 70W for functioning.

Yeah, that’s lowest among all other 300W LED grow lights selected in this list of reviews. However, we are not sure that it can replace an HPS system of 300W or not. Because, it’s density and intensity is not that much commendable. Yeah, it is capable of delivering 300 uMol from 18” height which don’t seem to be equivalent to any of HPS system available on the market in 300W segment.

Also, due to less intense light, this grow light is suitable only for 1.5’ X 1.5’ of area during vegetation. So yeah, if you’re going to utilize your next panel with limited plants then only Relassy 300W LED grow light is suggested by us.

For bigger coverage, you should still think about our priorly mentioned models.

This grow light is made for people who are expecting a slim panel in their grow space, and hence you won’t get any cooling functionality on it.

However, we’ve checked this grow light for produced temperature, and we also found that this grow light doesn’t produce too much heat while operating. Yeah, as it’s less intense, it obviously produces less heat. So, you should stay assured regarding plant safety as it’s safe enough to utilize in grow space.

Furthermore, We didn’t found any mention regarding its warranty on its listing so we contacted them directly and they mentioned that their products are covered for manufacturing defects for a period of 1 years.

So all in all, even after some of downfalls in this grow light, it is still ideal for beginners who’re not free to spend large sum of amount on their initial grow tool set.

Pros & Cons of Relassy 300W LED Grow Light

  • A complete full spectrum effect in light.
  • Ideal for beginners with limited budget.
  • Suitable for a grow area of 1.5’ X 1.5’.
  • Slim and compact form factor.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Power consumption of merely 70W.
  • No external cooling facilities required.
  • Absence of additional features such as cooling fans, dual mode switches, and daisy port.
  • Warranty terms are shorter compared to other brands on the market.

Our Verdict

If you’re starting out with indoor cannabis growing and don’t want to indulge into fancy functioning and configuration LED grow light then this 300W LED grow light from relassy is one of the best out there.

Yeah, also it’s priced by keeping beginners into mind. So, when it comes to value for the money! You’ll get it without a doubt.

#6. GROWSTAR 300W UFO LED GROW LIGHT – Best value for the money

Growstar 300W - Best 300 Watt UFO LED Grow Light Review

Looking for a value for the money LED grow light in 300W segment with some additional premium feature? Well, Growstar UFO LED also has a COB chip placed in the middle of its design.

Yeah, Growstar is serving indoor gardeners since a long time now. They’ve also succeeded in occupying a decent place in its users heart with performance focused grow tools.

Now, if we talk about this 300W LED grow light then it’s a circle shaped UFO bulb designed for people with smaller coverage expectancy.

Yeah, it’s definitely a full spectrum LED grow light with presence of all essential wavelengths in its effect. So, no matter which plants you’re planning to cultivate with this LED grow bulb, it will make your face smile and grow your plants healthier than expected.

Also, if we talk about technical aspect of this grow light then Growstar 300W LED grow light is equipped with 54 diodes of 5W each and a big 30W CREE COB chip placed in middle of other diodes.

Moreover, for efficient performance this grow light pulls a limited power of merely 115W from the outlet.

Regarding intensity of its brightness, growstar 300W LED grow light delivers PAR results of 458 uMol from 18” height. Yeah, that’s the sole factor justifying that Growstar 300W UFO LED grow light is best replacement for a 300W HPS system.

Moreover, it’s pretty compact in sizing and installation of this grow light takes merely few minutes and even a novice grower can mount it without any additional support or help.

Above all, Growstar is confident about its product and hence provides 2 years warranty on it. Well, to add on it we’d like to mention that all their products are tested physically in their testing center before delivery and hence they’re less prone to malfunctioning and damages.

Also, if we count 300W panels for our list of best COB LED grow lights then it would have grabbed a spot there too.

This won’t let your down in not only short run but even in long run as it has capabilities to provide all essential elemental aspects of an ideal yet top rated 300 watt full spectrum LED grow light on the market.

Pros & Cons of Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light

  • State of the art design.
  • Compact and lightweight LED grow light for beginners.
  • Suitable for covering an area of 2’ X 2’ with quality light.
  • Highly intense full spectrum light effect.
  • Consumes very optimal power for efficient functioning.
  • No heat production.
  • Inclusion of COB chip makes it more intense and brighter compared to other lights.
  • Direct delivery of light for higher rate of absorption.
  • Decent support and warranty terms.
  • Not for advanced growers. Though, it’s suitable as supplementary light in an advanced grower’s grow space.

Our Verdict

If you’re expecting an ideal light which has all calibre when it comes to healthier plants and has limited coverage expectancy of 2’ X 2’ then Growstar 300W UFO is one of the best LED grow light in 300W segment.

Also, addition of CREE COB among rest of the diodes makes it a beast for producing healthier flowers with less cost in place.

So, for people who’re starting out and has limited budget, this one is one good option available for you.

#7. IPOWER 300W LED GROW LIGHT – Best Budget 300W LED Grow Light

iPower 300W LED Grow Light - Top 300W LED Grow Light

If you’re among those whose prior concern is budget, then we’ve also include one of the best 300W LED grow light for you which is available within an affordable price range.

Yeah, iPower is a well-known name reputed for quality products manufactured in its house.

Now, if we talk about this 300W LED grow light variant then this is a reflector panel which maximized light effect with help of a reflector. Well, if you’re concerned about its safety then we’ve verified it with constant usage of 14 hours and it stays intact. Yeah, no melting at all.

Moreover, light effect delivered from iPower 300W LED grow light contains all essential bands of wavelengths in it. Yeah, it’s suitable for all growing stages of our plant’s life cycle.

Furthermore, from 18” ideal height this grow light delivers 538 uMol of PAR readings which we think as good if you’re planning to cover a limited space of sizing 2.5’ X 2.5’.

Well, even if you’re planning to cover more area with this grow light then iPower 300W LED also includes a daisy port on it. So, yeah, you can connect multiple units with single outlet.

When it comes to power requirements, we prefer to check each product either in our lab or in one of our team member’s grow space. Yeah, we’ve tested and found that this grow light pulls on average 135W of electricity for efficient functioning.

Well, that’s most ideal power consumed by majority of LED grow lights in 300W segment. So, that’s not a big deal in our opinion.

Furthermore, this grow light is equipped with a single cooling fan for dissipating heat without much hassle. Also, an aluminium heat sink help it improvising it further.

For people concerned about aftersales and support, all iPower grow tools are provided with 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. So yeah, even if you face any trouble from this unit, they’re always there to back you up with their quality support.

In a nutshell, if you’re admiring one of the best 300W LED grow light to take a stand for supporting your plant’s growth and to obtain better yields then this one is a complete no brainer in our humble opinion.

Pros & Cons of iPower 300W LED Grow Light

  • Quality and durable product.
  • Budget friendly 300W LED grow light for beginners.
  • Complete spectrum with inclusion of IR and UV in it.
  • Coverage area capability of 2.5’ X 2.5’.
  • Decent PAR output above 500 uMol from 18” height.
  • Requires less power for delivering more performance.
  • Cooling and temperature stabilization are included in design.
  • Warranty terms of 2 years with 30 days money back.
  • Fan starts making noise after long term usage.
  • Not waterproof.

Our Verdict

If you’ve limited budget and want best value for each penny you spend on an LED grow light then iPower 300W is one of the best 300 watt LED grow light available out there.

Yeah, it is well capable of producing quality light for plants without demanding more power. Also, it is suitable for people expecting coverage of 2.5’ X 2.5’ from their grow light.

So, yeah, we recommend iPower 300W LED grow light for people with less budget and higher expectancy. Go for it, you won’t regret.


As you might have observed, we aimed to include all sort of light suitable for wide range of growing expectancy and requirements in this best 300W LED grow light reviews.

Now, you should select one based on your overall requirements. Yeah, if you’re open to budget and want to invest your money on a quality product then Advanced Platinum P300 is one of the best option out there.

Moreover, if you’ve moderate budget and coverage expectancy of around 3’ X 3’ then Viparspectra V300 300W LED might be your bet for vegetation and Mars Hydro 300W LED might help you during blooming.

Also, if you don’t want to stretch your budget and want to keep it limited yet want an all round performer then iPower 300W and Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light two options are best out there on the market for 300W LED grow light segment.

Now, we’d like you to choose one based on your requirements, and don’t forget to leave your feedback in comment section below once you get your LED grow light in action.

Happy growing pal!

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