Reviews of Best Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work – Updated List of 2022

Don’t have massive budget to invest on those premium grow lights? Well, I didn’t have it either when I started before few years.


Yeah, there are several LEDs available on the market with your limited budget. You just have to do your research properly. Well, that’s the reason we’ve done hard work for you collected some lights, on which you can count as some of the Best Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work in real life.

Moreover, we’ve not randomly taken any of these light, rather we’ve passed each light from our predefined filters about an ideal LED grow light.

Yeah, so we can confidently say that these works well even if they are cheap in price.

So now, without wasting time in random talks let’s start exploring those lights one by one.


Best Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work in 2022

Review Of Best Cheap LED Grow Light For The Money In 2022

Best Cheap LED Grow Lights
#1 – Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Marvelous Spectrum of 12-Band
  • Massive Coverage of 3.5′ X 4′
  • Dense Enough with 595 uMol @ 18″

#2 – Mars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Optimal Full Spectrum + IR + UV
  • Dual Chip Diodes & Mixed Focal Point
  • Coverable Area Up to 4′ X 4.5′

#3 – HiGrow DC 600W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • 1:1 Red:Blue Ratio
  • Unbeatable PAR in segment (765 uMol @ 24″)
  • Highly Satisfying Yield Outputs

#4 – Bestva 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • 698 uMol @ 18″ PAR output
  • Coverage for 2′ X 2′ area
  • Lower power pulling of merely 165W.

#5 – Apollo Horticulture 180W UFO Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • 3′ X 3′ of coverage area.
  • Acceptable Power Consumption of 220W.
  • Commendable Light Quality.

#6 – Realssy 450W COB LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Coverage of 3.5′ X 3.5′
  • Efficient Cooling.
  • 750 uMol from 18″ height.

#7 – Growstar 45W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • 604 uMol from 18″ height.
  • Power consumption of only 185W.
  • Dual Chip Design for Dense Penetration.

#8 – TaoTronics 36W Grow Bulb
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • Highly Affordable.
  • Good Choice for Beginners.
  • Economic Product from All Around.

We usually provide this table to help people in simplifying their decision making process. So, use it accordingly and check what it has for you.

As stated earlier, there are several brands working on producing affordable and best budget LED grow lights that could be provided at some inexpensive prices.

Yeah, we could say that, their prime intention could be to build the trust among their customers for long term business.

Here’s our top 8 choices for best cheap & inexpensive LED grow lights that could help you in fulfilling your needs of getting better yield.

And our first choice is….

1. ROLEADRO GALAXYHYDRO SERIES 1000W LED :- Best Cheap LED Grow Light For Results

GalaxyHydro 1000W - top rated inexpensive LED Grow Light review for 2019

Yeah, our winner for cheap yet working and effective light is Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED Grow Light. We’ve selected it for some obvious and unavoidable reasons. Yeah, it has capability to deliver more than expectations and that makes it best budget LED Grow Light for indoor plants.

So, let’s have a close look on this LED by Roleadro!

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight12.1” X 2.4” X 8.2” & Weighs 4.74 Pounds
LEDs100pcs * 10W
Reflector or Optical Lens?Optical Lens
Focusing Angle90 Degree Direct Penetration
SpectrumEffective Optimal Spectrum + IR + UV
Dual Mode SwitchNo
Daisy ChainYes
PAR Results453 uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage129W – 141W
Coverage3’ X 3’ Max/Core
Warranty30 Months Stellar Support

Features & Benefits of Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED

  • Optimal Spectrum & Latest Design :- No Compromise On Essential Element

First thing that we liked about Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W is it’s caliber when it comes to spectrum. Yeah, in its spectrum you’ll get almost all the most vital bands that we usually expect in real sunlight.

To produce well balanced spectrum they’ve utilized 86 PCs of RED shade LEDs, 10 PCs of BLUE shade LEDs, 1 PCs IR LED, 1 PCs UV LED and 1 PCs White LED on it’s panel.

Yeah, produced spectrum gives ration of RED:BLUE = 8:2 and helps plants in getting faster and healthy growth.

Also, note that, due to majority of red band in its spectrum, flowers bloomed from plants have found to be more resinous and heavier compared to other lights.

  • Brightness & Coverage :- Vast Enough to Cover 3’ X 3’

With help of optical lens placement over the LED chips as a cover, light effect will be maximized up to some remarkable extend.

In term of figure, Galaxyhydro 1000W Full Spectrum LED is capable of delivering PAR Results up to 453 uMol from the height of 18”. And, you can easily utilize it for your desired or predefined grow space of about 3’ X 3’.

However, depending on hanging height and LED placement coverage can be increased or decreased, though we won’t recommend to play above recommendation if you want best yield at the end.

  • Power Readings :- Below the Bar

No, it won’t suck 1000W for its functioning. Yes, brands usually use that figure for mentioning potential and capability in terms of HPS replacement.

Well, Roleadro claims that one can replace a 1000W LED grow light, however looking at its caliber we can assure replacement up to a 600-900W HPS system with grow light.

However, when it comes to actual power draw, this grow light left us amazed! Yeah, it just pulls 135W for proper functioning.

And as they’ve not placed any dimmer or additional mode switch it is rare to deviate from our mentioned figure.

  • Cooling & Safety :- Taken Into Consideration While Making It

Well when it comes to safety of plants and users, Roleadro never lefts a loophole we must say. Also Note that, our previous statement is based on some of our experts personal experiences.

For balancing heat and to maintain freshness in the grow space, they’ve used two highly functional cooling fans.

Also, there is presence of an advanced heat sink made up of aluminium and which does its job in precise manner. Built-in thermal controller acts as an alert for this grow panel and helps in activating cooling systems as and when needed.

  • Additional Feature :- Some Bonus

As an additional feature you’re getting Daisy chaining in this grow light by Roleadro. Yeah, it comes handy when you think about scaling or expansion.

It lets you connect another grow light without requiring an additional wall socket for power supply.

What Makes Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W A Right Cheap LED Grow Light?

What we usually expect in an ideal LED grow light for our indoor plants are basically build, spectrum, quality and performance.

Well, in our opinion Roleadro has best possible spectrum in the budget friendly LED grow lights segment.

Above that, it has some vast coverage capacity and below the bar power consumption reading.

Apart from that, thermal controller is something unique that’s been provided in this grow panel which further boosts its worth.

So, in our opinion, above mentioned reasons are enough to justify Galaxyhydro 1000W as one of its own kind Cheap LED grow light that works.

Pros And Cons Of Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED

  • Inexpensive LED grow light yet has premium caliber.
  • A Complete full spectrum designed by keeping plant’s growth & Yield in mind.
  • Inclusion of IR and UV, in minimal amount.
  • Unbeatable coverage for a beginner level indoor grower.
  • No power sucking features such as dimmers or dual mode switch.
  • 2 High-Speed Fans + Sink + Thermal controller for perfect environment balancing.
  • Referral from vast number of people who’ve used it.
  • 30 Months stellar support on which you can rely.
  • This unit is not waterproof.
  • Supports timer control but you’ll have to buy a timer separately.

Who Should Buy Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED?

Indoor growers who’re just starting out their first growing venture or learning how to grow, this is perfect piece to start with. Even mark from our team had started his journey with this grow light and in this particular review, majority of facts are provided by him only.

We won’t recommend it just based on lower pricing factor, rather we’re recommending it based on the real value it provides to its users.

Our Verdict

Looking at caliber, capacity and performance being offered by roleadro galaxyhydro 1000W it won’t be ethical to count on it as a best cheap LED grow light. Yeah, instead we should use words such as inexpensive or best budget or budget friendly LED grow light.

Moreover, we’ve included it on our list of cheap LEDs that works, because it works well and that’s the reason we’d like to recommend it to our beloved readers.

2. MARS HYDRO 300W LED :- Best Budget LED Grow Light by High Praised Brand

Mars Hydro 300W - Review Of Best budget LED Grow Light

When it comes to budget friendly products for result oriented people, Mars Hydro is the brand that makes a stand.

Yeah, this brand has vast experience in manufacturing indoor grow tools, let it be grow lights or be grow tents.

Also, they’re backed with number of experienced growers as testers who actively suggests them to make appropriate changes in their products so that it could deliver best possible results.

So, let us explore what it has in its pocket.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight11” X 10” X 3” & Weighs is around 6.6 lbs.
LEDs49 * 6W
Reflector or Optical Lens?Reflector
Focusing AngleMixed
SpectrumFull Spectrum + IR
Dual Mode SwitchNo
Daisy ChainYes
PAR Results450uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage100W ± 5%
Noise49 dB
CoolingTop Notch Cooling Fans On Board
Coverage3.5’ X 3.5’ MaxCore& 2.5” X 2.5” Bloom
Warranty3 Years Premium Support

Features & Benefits of Mars Hydro 300W LED

  • Build & Design

While looking at this panel it’s in no way different than those regular hyped LED grow lights. However, fact is its making and overall design mechanism is top notch if you look at it from plant’s survival point of view.

Yeah, it is sturdy, number of different range of LEDs are well balanced. Also, air and heat ventilation is taken care of on this LED grow light which is a definite plus in many ways.

Also, LEDs utilized on this panel are featuring state-of-the-art SMD LED tech which is another plus.

Moreover, LED diodes used on its panel are of best quality available, and if we talk about drivers and zener diodes which handles occasional failures in majority of panels then too, this grow light by mars hydro is well capable of winning the race.

  • Plant Oriented Spectrum Along With IR

Yeah, range of different bands included in its shading includes 400-410nm, 440-450nm, 450-460nm, 630-635nm, 650-660nm, 730-740nm and 2700K-3000K which covers almost all of the vital bands that play a major role in a marijuana plant’s overall growth.

So yeah, with best on the board combination of RED + BLUE band and inclusion of IR this LED grow light is a definite yielding factor for healthy and well-sustained plants.

  • Effective PAR Outputs

While HPS replacement figures are crap marketing traps, PAR helps us to determine capability and caliber of a grow light when it comes to coverage determination tests and light effectiveness.

Well, if we talk about mars hydro 300W then this grow light is capable of providing you 450 uMol of PAR results from the height of 18”. Yeah, it is completely moderate and well capable of spreading highly dense and efficient light all over your plant canopies.

  • Jaw Dropping Coverage Caliber in Segment

Now, if we talk about coverage caliber then Mars Hydro 300W could cover 3.5’X3.5’ of space with ease during vegetation. While, during bloom we usually set our lights more closer to our plants and hence reduced coverage space.

However, still in blooming it will help you by providing almost 2.5’X2.5’ of average coverage which is more than enough for 3-4 weed plants in your indoor grow space.

If we take all 300W grow light in same price segment & with same of better PAR outputs then this one will win the streak by providing you better results in mentioned coverage space.

  • Low Noise

Yeah, while growing plants indoor we all fancy a peaceful environment in our house. However, many brands fails miserably in maintaining the same, this one will help you in achieving a silent and peaceful growing experience.

Yeah, Mars 300W LED‘s noise level is mere 49dB only, so, you could expect more silent grow space if you’ve other tools like fans, ventilator etc. in regulated noise level.

  • Moderate Power Consumption

Yeah, no one would like to invest their hard earned money on a long run money sucker. And, that’s why we recommend fellow indoor growers to focus on average power consumption instead of focusing on product price.

However, along with a low price tag, this item is capable of maintaining your budget in long term as well. Yeah, it just pulls on around 100W while working which is completely moderate if we look at the price segment.

  • Daisy Chaining

It happens often when we begin with a new hobby or interest that initially we’re confused about with what amount of space we want to try with.

Yeah, if you’re falling in such type of beginner cultivators then we highly recommend you to look for a daisy chain capable LED grow light. Reason being, it’s not certain that whether you’ll carry on with same space or you’ll expand your horizon in future.

Well, if you’re beginning then this one is just a right product with low price tag, better results and also, daisy chain functionality. Yeah, this one features daisy chaining and you can extend number of row lights with ease by utilizing this feature.

  • Additional Freebies

Well, you might be glad to know that, this grow light is not a mere piece of a panel that you’re going to get, but with an LED panel you’ll also get few freebies as well, such as a thermometer to keep an eye on your grow space temperature, a timer which is supplemented for setting your panel as per your convenience of use and a hanging rope and cornering hooks.

What Makes Mars Hydro 300W A Right Cheap Led Grow Light?

Well, it’s just price that makes it a cheap. However, it won’t be right way to address this grow panel as a cheap product because for the price, it offers some of the really cool features. If we take spectrum and average power draw in consideration then its just awesome.

Moreover, coverage and cooling is also well taken care of in Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light. So, in our opinion, it’s the combination of features and provided abilities that makes it worth it to put your money on this beast.

Pros And Cons Of Mars Hydro 300W LED

  • Highly effective and plant’s health oriented spectral capabilities.
  • Jaw dropping coverage results that are being reported by existing users.
  • Highly efficient product when it comes to average power draw.
  • Suitable for all type of USA or Canadian sockets.
  • Heavy Duty build that’s capable of a providing a long lifespan.
  • Highly dense light effect with 450 uMol PAR ratings.
  • Well taken care of Cooling system.
  • Compatible to operate with timer which adds few more points in comfort.
  • Daisy chaining ability for future expansion plants.
  • Longer warranty compared to other cheap LED grow lights.
  • Not featuring separate mode switches.
  • Not waterproof and needs extra care when dripping water flow is nearby.

Who Should Buy Mars Hydro 300W LED?

Anyone, who’s just starting out with his growing hobby or who don’t want to give too much of money on a supplementary grow light.

Also, if you’re one of those expecting great results with a moderately hyped grow panel then this one is for you. In our expert’s opinion, this grow light suits all beginners who’re not much familiar with technical settings or are confused about exact grow space sizing.

Our Verdict

For quality, the price is pretty low. Yeah, what you’re getting for a fairly lower price is more than even our expectations. If we talk of technical specification then this one by mars hydro just wins our heart. Moreover, you can’t go wrong with this if quality light for your plants if your first and last concern like all of us.

3. HIGROW DC 600W LED :- Go High With HiGrow

HiGrow 600 Watt - One of the best Affordable LED Grow Light

And here it comes from HiGrow; A new yet successful brand. Yeah, it should be your prime concern that on the verge of finding cheap product, you’re not wasting your money on a failed brand.

Well, HiGrow is an underrated brand in our opinion. Because, we’ve seen people getting commendable results using its products.

Now, if we talk about 600W model by higrow then it comes with a lot of features and abilities that we usually don’t expect from an inexpensive led grow light.

Yeah, let’s check what it has that amazed some of our team members too.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight12.5” X 8.6” X 2.6” & Weighs 5.3lbs
LEDs60pcs * 10W
Reflector or Optical Lens?Optical Lens
Focusing Angle90 Direct Penetration + 120 Degree for Even Spreading
SpectrumBalanced Spectrum + UV + IR
Dual Mode SwitchNo
Power SwitchYes
Daisy ChainYes
PAR Results314uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage120 Watt
Coverage3’ X 3’ Max/Core
Warranty 3 Year + 30 Days Refund

Features & Benefits of HiGrow Double Chip 600W LED

  • Rock Solid Build & Impressive Design

With more than 50000 hours of lifespan & verified usage of at least 2.5 years; doubting its build quality of product reliability won’t be a justified way of criticizing it.

Yeah, we’ve got more than 45 users who are using it since last 2.5 years and none of them reported an issue concerning their utilization.

So, all in all, it is completely verified that product is equipped with some standard parts and materials in it.

Now, if we talk about design then the only thing that we were expecting and it didn’t featured is two separate mode controllers. Yeah, it eases the job of keeping light quality on track.

However, this single fallback don’t make it any bad. In fact, designing and light placement is done in a perfect way that don’t make its user feel that absence of dual mode controllers.

  • Quality of Light – Plant oriented

Yeah, when we say “Plant oriented”, we actually mean it. Nowadays, there are many suppliers who are selling their products on the name of a full spectrum LED grow light in cheap rates.

But, this is not falling in any such categories. Yeah, we’ve checked its spectrum quality by keeping factors of yield on other part.

In our opinion, that’s being labelled as a full spectrum led grow light and don’t produce visible results is a complete crap. However, upon checking the obtained results from number of people we found that it is capable of producing at least 2-2.5 oz on average single handedly.

Yeah, HiGrow 600W LED Grow light delivers a complete and well balanced full spectrum light. Where traces of IR and UV could be found from quality, growth rate and health of the plants.

  • Affordable Power Efficiency for Longer Run

As our regular readers already know the fact that instead of relying on HPS replacement figures we mainly focus towards the power efficiency.

Yeah, this factor plays a major role in calculating long term cost.

Now, if we talk about average actual power pulling measures of Higrow 600W LED grow light then this one of the best budget led grow light consumes only 120W from the outlet.

Yeah, that’s the highest we found among hundreds of users. Also, we’ve tested it in our lab and our electrician reported that this grow light won’t go above 120W if everything else is properly organized in a grow space.

  • Coverage & Light Density

While talking about most essential aspects of indoor growing, how one could neglect coverage caliber of an LED grow light?

Yeah, after all this is something that evaluates your entire growing requirements.

Well, being one of the best inexpensive LED grow light on the market, HiGrow 600W LED grow light delivers quality light with least LCP of 50 uMol from 24” to 1.5 ft. radius.

Yeah, from 24” height you’ll get 314 umol readings in the center while with optimal quality which also knowns as LCP in indoor grow lighting calculations it could cover an area of 3’ X 3’.

Moreover, this grow light is one of the most ideal LED chosen by people using 3.5’ X 3.5’ grow tent for their growing ventures.

  • Additional Features, Safety & Support

Talking about additional features, it has got daisy chaining for people who are not yet sure about their final coverage expectations

Now, if we talk about safety parameters of Higrow 600 Watt LED then as it utilizes an optical lens mechanism for maximizing effect of light, risk of catching fire from reflector has been completely eliminated.

Moreover, internal parts and it’s placement is done perfectly and in a complete scientific way. Yeah, they’ve used zeners in between each LED to avoid potential failures.

And, talking about support, HiGrow provides 3 years of local warranty to their users along with 30 days money back policy for those who are disappointed from this product.

Well, there are very few people who felt disappointed, though it’s not even possible to justify a products caliber with that short time-span.

What Makes HiGrow Double Chip 600W One of the Best Budget LED Grow Light?

Well, if we keep price aside and talk about it then it has everything that we usually expect in an ideal led grow light for our indoor plants.

However, the best part we liked about it is spectrum and LCP of 1.5ft radius. Also, its build succeeded in impressing some of our experts in the evaluation panel.

Moreover, in this cheap price range we were not actually expecting a daisy chain, though it has it and that’s also one of the good part about it.

Pros And Cons Of HiGrow Double Chip 600W LED

  • One of the best cheap yet working LED grow light.
  • Rock solid build that lasts longer.
  • Impressive results producing spectrum with 12 bands including IR & UV.
  • Pink shade in light focused towards results during bloom.
  • Lower power consumption of only 120W.
  • Effective coverage up to 3’ X 3’ of area.
  • Remarkable LCP at 1.5’ with PAR Readings of 314 uMol @ 24”.
  • Implanted safety measures for usage & working.
  • Daisy chain port for freedom of expanding grow space horizons.
  • Awesome customer feedbacks.
  • Stellar warranty & support with 30 days money back policy.
  • Lack of dual mode controller.
  • Its fans makes a bit more noise in some case.

Who Should Buy HiGrow Double Chip 600W LED?

People expecting an ideal light for a good start may find everything needed in it. However, those who expect some premium features like dual mode controller may avoid it.

Moreover, if you’re starting out and not sure about mistakes then this one could be best companion in your learning journey where failures won’t cost you a destiny.

Yeah, in our opinion a beginner who is taking his/her first step in indoor growing or weed cultivation hobby might consider this one as their one of the best inexpensive led grow light for their initial lessons and practices.

Our Verdict

As, mentioned earlier, if you’re an intermediate indoor cannabis cultivator and looking for a budget friendly light to supplement your plants with extra light then this one is not for you.

Yeah, instead you should check out our earlier reviewed products of those which we’re about to review after this review of higrow 600W.

However, if you’re one who is looking for their first LED light to test out stuff in a cost effective way then trying out this product by higrow will be your best fit.

Also, there are some good quality and affordable models of full spectrum LED grow lights available by viparspectra.

You might like to check out our detailed reviews for two most affordable and working LED grow lights by viparspectra here.

4. BESTVA 600W LED GROW LIGHT :- Real Working Light A Cheap Price

Bestva 600W - Best Cheap LED Grow Light Review(2019)

Yeah, talking about best budget LEDs and missing a mention of bestva isn’t justified at first place.

For people who are hearing this name for the first time, let me tell you, Bestva is a brand with which majority of people in our expert’s panel had started their first grow venture.

Yeah, it’s so common to find a bestva LED in a beginner’s grow space if that person has taken an opinion from any expert on the field.

Well, reasons are obvious, it is cheaply affordable yet it has so much to deliver. Yeah, let it be build quality or light quality everything is perfectly included in Bestva’s models.

So, now without wasting your time, let’s take a deep look at this Detailed Review of Bestva Dc600.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36” & weighs 5.5 pounds
LEDs60Epistar/Bridgelux LEDEach of 10W Dual Chip
Focusing Angle120° Mixed
SpectrumOptimized 12 band full spectrum with IR, UV
Dual Mode SwitchYes Provided
Power SwitchYes
PAR ResultsCore Density of 430 uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage125Watt On Average
Coverage4’ X 3.5’ ( From 22” Max with decent footprint)
Daisy Chaining?No
Suitable ForBlooming
Cooling SystemCooling Fans + Aluminum Heat Sink
Warranty 3 Year + 3 Month’s Return Policy

Features & Benefits of Bestva 600W LED Grow Light

  • Reliance of Brand & Quality of Product

Yeah, once can’t go wrong with bestva 600W LED grow light. The brand is performing great on the market since almost a decade now and they’ve succeeded in grabbing a permanent place in indoor weed cultivator’s heart.

Yeah, this is only possible when you deliver a product with utmost perfection and with all essential factors in the place.

Also, quality of product is better than what you pay for. Every part and element in it is made up of top quality materials. Moreover, these parts are either manufactured in their own manufacturing unit of is exported from trustworthy brands like epistar & bridgelux.

  • Suitable Light For All Phase

Bestva 600W Dual Chip LED grow light is manufactured by keeping plant’s growth and health in the mind.

Yeah, almost all essential band we expect in a premium grow light has been found in optimal quantity in its spectrum effect.

Moreover, addition of IR & UV is done precisely and in a way that UV don’t harm plants by providing overage of ultraviolet effect.

Also, panel features two separate mode switches using what you could control overall effect of light as well as its shade. Yeah, it is most ideal way of raising plants with a single LED grow light for all phases of the plant’s lifecycle.

  • No Harm Precautions

Usually, manufacturer’s implement reflector designs in their products. Yeah, to maximize the light effect and even in some cases to manipulate PAR readings.

However, Bestva 600W model is equipped with optical lenses to keep maximization on track and to avoid any potential hazards that are usually happen with a reflector.

Also, placement of LED is done at 120 degrees angle so that all light being produced by individual chips could be distributed evenly over each of the plant canopies.

  • Elimination of Traditional Chips

Yeah, gone are those days of using 3W or 5W traditional diodes. Nowadays, it’s too common that brand’s are utilizing 10W dual chip mechanism.

This mechanism not just ensure lower power consumption but also produces light effect similar to a COB LED grow light.

Moreover, this bestva 600W Full spectrum LED is technically equipped with 60 diodes of 10W each. But, if we look closely then there are 120 diodes of 5W each on the board.

However, this dual chip mechanism plays an essential role in minimizing power consumption as power is supplied to only one input point and it further distributes it among rest of two.

  • Coverage, Footprint & PAR

As we often recommend our users to focus on these factors more instead of focusing on additional utilities and freebies as majority of time brand’s use those freebies and utilities for trapping and misleading customers.

However, Bestva 600W is capable enough of providing quality light for an area up to 3.5’ X 3.5’. Also, it would be good to mention that manufacturer is mentioning 4’ X 3.5’ of achievable footprint zone.

No! it’s not wrong though it is true if we take LCP of 50 uMol in consideration. However, we believe in utmost quality and that’s why we advised you to utilize it for above mentioned area.

If you’re looking for a mention of achievable PAR readings then you’ll get 430 uMol from 18” height. Yeah, pretty efficient.

  • Power consumption & Cooling

Yeah, assuming it to be cheap led grow light is not just right because when you look at the picture for longer run you’ll realize that it’s pretty much cost effective.

Yes! For delivering quality light it just consumes 125W of electricity on average and that too when you run it with bloom & veg both mode active.

Lastly, if we talk about cooling caliber then bestva 600W LED grow light is equipped with two remarkably powerful cooling fans along with an aluminium sink, which functions as we expected it to be.

What Makes Bestva 600W A Right Cheap LED Light For Growing?

Massive coverage and jaw dropping power efficiency results are something that we liked the most about Bestva 600W LED grow light.

Yeah, apart from these two features its spectral effectiveness is also worth noticing. Moreover, just looking at pricing labeling it as a cheap product don’t make sense, so, we’d like to count it as one of the best inexpensive led grow light for beginners.

Pros And Cons Of Bestva 600W LED Grow Light

  • Lower price tag makes it suitable for all.
  • Marvelous lighting effect with mixture of pink & purple shade.
  • Suitable for all phase of a plant’s lifecycle.
  • 12 band spectrum + IR + UV
  • Coverage potential of massive 3.5’ X 3.5’
  • Fabulous power efficiency figures.
  • Dense enough to help plants in maximum penetration & absorbtion.
  • Scientific placement of LEDs, Cooling Fans & Switches.
  • Jaw dropping consumer feedback (Positive)
  • Decent support with long term warranty.
  • Excellent freebies in the box.
  • Doesn’t feature daisy port.
  • Controllable via timer but built-in timer would be great add.

Who Should Buy Bestva 600W LED Grow Light?

This grow light is suitable for almost all grower segments. Yeah, basically it’s a starter grow light which is usually recommended to the beginners. Though, we’ve found several intermediate and well experienced indoor weed cultivators using it as a supplementary LED grow light.

Yeah, misinterpreting quality part for the pricing just makes it a cheap LED. So, don’t fall in that calculation while determining its worth.

Our Verdict

Yeah, anyone looking for a quality product in an affordable price range may go for bestva 600W LED grow light.In our opinion, if you’re running too tight on the budget then investing your money on this product won’t let you regret in the near time.

Also, as we mentioned some user opinions in this detailed review of bestva 600W, it will just ease in removing your confusion.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a different brand then check out this Review of King Plus 600W By KingLED which is a similar product by king plus and have almost all features and functionalities similar to bestva 600W Model.

5. Apollo Horticulture 180W UFO Grow Light :- A UFO Light to Skyrocket Your Yield

Apollo Horticulter 180W - Best Affordable LED Light Bulb 2019

Guess, what we’ve next in our arsenal of best cheap LED grow lights?

Yeah, it’s a UFO LED Grow Light Bulb that’s loved by many and recommended with open heart.

Many of our team members were ignoring it as it looks old fashioned, but jane came forward and adviced to check it once.

Yeah, in our opinion “outdated” is just a linguistic measure and one should avoid it as much as possible; especially when you’re hunting for one of the best in terms of quality and not in terms of trend.

So, let’s check what we found in our tests and observations?

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & WeightDiameter 10.5” (Circular Shape) & Weighs 5.55 Pounds
LEDs60pcs * 3W
Focusing AngleMixed
SpectrumFull Spectrum LED Grow Light
Dual Mode SwitchNo
Daisy ChainNo
Actual Wattage109W
Coverage2.5’ X 2.5’ Core & 2’ X 2’ Blooming
Warranty 30 Months Stellar Support

Features & Benefits of Apollo Horticulture 180W LED

  • Compact Design

Well, unlike other LED grow lights nowadays available on the market, this one comes in a UFO like circular shape. It just don’t minimize space requirements but this design also plays an essential role in producing effective light & its delivery.

It just weighs 5.5 pounds and could be hanged inside any type of grow space with help of hanging rope provided in the the box.

  • Full Spectrum Light

Apollo Horticulture is a well known name in indoor growing and horticulture industry, so mentioning things about its quality isn’t just ideal here.

Yeah, you might be expecting a spectrum with all 12 bands in your “to be” LED grow light and that’s what included in this. Apollo Horticulture 180W delivers a complete full spectrum effect.

  • Effective Coverage & Power Pulling

If coverage is your prime concern and you’re looking for a light suitable for 3’X3’ of area then this one is unfortunately not suitable to you.

Yeah, it’s capable of covering only 2.5’X2.5’ of area at its best. However, in 180W segment this is the best we found by comparing almost 7 well known brand’s products with it.

Moreover, power requirement is also inside the bearable bar of 109W. Yeah, it’s efficient from power consumption point of view as well.

  • Cooling & Support

Well, the bulb itself is very compact in size so only one cooling fan duct is found on the backside of the UFO.

Moreover, Apollo Horticulture 180W doesn’t product a lot of heat like other cheap panels and that’s why the one cooling fan is enough in our expert’s opinion.

Also, From support’s perspective Apollo has got some great customer feedback on their arsenal and their must be some reasons behind their existing customer’s appraisals.

Yeah, they provide decent backup in undesired situations.

What Makes Apollo Horticulture 180W A Right Cheap LED Grow Light?

Compact & Circular size and shape along with some quality light to spread over plants, that’s what makes it a worth to have model for your indoor grow space.

Yeah, this is perfect fit for someone looking for a supplementary light to supplement their high end light in their grow area or may be for someone who’s looking for a small light for their couple of plants.

Yeah, it’s compatibility with pricing, quality and coverage is something that makes it one of the best affordable led grow light for indoor weed cultivators.

Pros And Cons Of Apollo Horticulture 180W LED

  • One of the Best cheap LED Grow Light That Works.
  • Reliable and trustworthy brand.
  • Highly durable parts and materials in the making.
  • Compact sizing makes it compatible for small size grow space.
  • A Complete full spectrum light with well balanced band ratio.
  • Decent coverage of 2.5’ X 2.5’ during mild phase.
  • Economic power pulling of merely 109W.
  • A Highly reliable cooling fans to keep things cool and balanced.
  • No mode switches.
  • Not suitable for large sized grow space.
  • Not waterproof.

Who Should Buy Apollo Horticulture 180W LED?

Anyone, planning to start fresh with less number of plants in their grow space could take a chance for it. Moreover, it is also most preffered choice for many intermediate as well as highly qualified indoor growers while looking for a supplementary light for their largely covered indoor garden.

So, yeah, as even experienced people also relying on it sometime, we’d like to call it one of the best affordable led grow light that works instead of addressing it as a cheap product. Yeah, it’s not cheap other way round.

Our Verdict

In our expert’s opinion, if you want a quality light source for your cannabis plants and you’re just starting out then this one is a very good option as it’s manufactured by a premium and reliable brand and it is available at very cost effective price range on other hand.

So, yeah, this LED grow light is recommended for those whose plants are craving for quality light in minimal amount.

6. RELASSY 450W COB LED WATERPROOF :- An Affordable LED Grow Light That Works

Relassy 450W - Review of COB LED Grow Light

Here it comes an LED Grow Light by an under rated brand. Yeah, there’s very less talk about this panel among indoor gardeners but whoever has used it spoken only good about it. So, we thought to give it a try ourselves and this Realssy 450W COB Review is going to be focused entirely on our own tests and experiments.

Let’s move towards the review of this budget friendly LED Grow Light now.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight14.6”X 10.2”X 1.2” & Weighs 1.8Kgs
LEDs3pcs * 150W
SpectrumFull Spectrum Light Effect
Included Wavelengths 380nm – 780nm
Red:Blue Ratio8:2
Focusing Angle270 Degrees
PAR Results1020uMol @ 20”
Input Voltage120V
Actual Wattage200W
Coverage3’ X 2’ Uniform
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Features & Benefits of Relassy 450W COB LED Waterproof

  • Cheaply Affordable :- Price That’s Worth To Spend

Yeah, usually ordinary COBs are priced above 100s of bucks but this grow light is available below that bar. And, that’s what we liked the most about it.

A beginner planning to try COBs our might get their first step with this panel as risk of losing investment decreases and probability of getting grip over COBs increases with this price tag.

  • Build & Light Quality :- Strong Enough To Improve Things

If you’re thinking that Relassy 450W LED Grow Light Is available just for 60-70$ so there won’t be anything to provide more than that price, then you’re wrong.

Yeah, light is available for very less price that we think like that but we’ve checked that materials used in making it is of top rated quality.

Moreover, a complete full spectrum with all vital bands in the range of 380nm-780nm has been covered in its light effect.

Also, COB knobs placed on its front side are from the well-known brand bridgelux so you could rely on it.

  • Coverage & Density of Light :- How Much It Could Cover?

Realssy 450W is dense enough to cover an area of around 3’X2’ with ease.

Also, light quality isn’t compromised while covering that area as the PAR reading showcasing its density lies at around 1080 uMol from height of 20”.

Moreover, plants raised using Realssy 450W COB LED Grow Light are observed to be greener compared to other cheap led grow light available on the market.

  • Power consumption :- Less Compared To Others in This Segment

Well, this COB LED Grow Light sucks on average 200W for optimal performance.

Upon checking we found that if we take pricing and COB both things as a segment then this is the least power pulling by an COB in this price.

  • Waterproofing & Safety :- First panel in this pricing with waterproofing

This LED Grow light is IP67 waterproofing where if water is spread over COB diodes then there won’t be any issue in its working. However, you’re suppose to take care of one thing that water shouldn’t enter into the body of panel.

Moreover, this panel is safe to utilize in a grow tent of any kind of plants, yeah, let it be Cannabis or your veggies.

What Makes Relassy 450W Waterproof A Right LED Light For Growing?

COB feature at this price is the first thing that we were not expecting from any brand.

However, relassy is delivering above our expectations in this LED panel and that’s why we’d say that this one is good for several reasons including light quality, perfect blend of blue and red bands, lowest power pulling in COB:Price segment and last but not least waterproof COB diodes.

Pros And Cons Of Relassy  450W COB LED Waterproof

  • Cheaply Affordable COB LED Grow Light On The Market.
  • Sturd Build Quality.
  • All Essential Bands of Spectrum In Effect Ranging from 380nm to 780nm.
  • Easy mounting or installation.
  • Pink effect showing best performance for plants in blooming stage.
  • Coverage caliber of massive 3’X2’ in this price range is something advanced.
  • Lowest power pulling in this price segment by a COB LED grow Light.
  • Safe to use for any plant.
  • Most recommended COB as a supplementary light during blooming stage.
  • Waterproofing element is unique in its own.
  • Shorter warranty terms.
  • No Additional Features Provided By Brand.

Who Should Buy Relassy  450W COB LED Waterproof?

Anyone starting out in indoor growing and wants to get their hands dirty on COB panel should consider Realssy 450W COB LED in their nomination list without fail.

Also, someone who have tried ordinary LEDs and wondering how effective COBs are should also try this out to experience magic of COB and dense penetration of light over plant canopies.

Our Verdict

Well, we’d surely recommend this beginner level COB LED grow light to our readers. Yeah, it’s not just one of the best cheap LED grow light that works on the market; but, it’s one of the most budget friendly COB LED grow light made to ease indoor gardening and improve overall results.

7. GROWSTAR 45W LED GROW PANEL :- Suitable for Small Segment Of Plants

Growstar 45W - LED Grow Panel Review

Are you looking for a small LED Grow Light that is capable of serving good quality light to your couple of small plats?

Then Growstar 45W would be a perfect fit for such case. Yeah, this is the grow light we used to keep on our growspace during seedling phase of marijuana plants.

Yes, that’s true because this grow light is pretty economic when it comes to power requirements; also light delivered by it is enough for seeds to get sprouted.

However, it also suits to adult plants of small sizing and higher density.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight13.0×13.0x0.4 & 2.5 lbs
LEDs225pcs * 0.2W
Reflector or Optical lens?Reflector Cup Design
Focusing Angle60°
SpectrumComplete Full Spectrum
Dual Mode SwitchNo
Daisy ChainNo
PAR Results105uMol @ 12”
Actual Wattage35W
Coverage1’ X 1’ – 2’ X 2’
Warranty 12 Month’s Manufacturer Warranty

Features & Benefits of Growstar 45W LED Grow Panel

  • Compact Sizing & Lightweight :- Compatible for Small Grow Areas

Yeah, as you could predict with help of above mentioned specifications, this grow light is pretty small in size and on the other hand it’s slim as well.

Also, it weighs too less and hence can be mounted on any kind of support.

Moreover, build quality is heavily reliable and is far better than what it takes in term of pricing.

  • Reliable Spectrum :- Good For Plants

Yeah, for less than 35 bucks you’re getting some good quality from it when it comes to spectral caliber.

All essential bands starting from 380nm to 740nm has been included in Growstar 45W’s spectrum effect. Yeah, it includes UV and IR for the purpose of better sterilization and plant bloom.

  • Density & Coverage :- Lower Side of It But Works

Well, if you’re expecting massive coverage and highly dense light from this price range then there’s something wrong in your planning.

Yeah, for that price you might get a fake product that don’t hesitate to lie for making a sell but here Growstar is honest enough to tell you that this one is only suitable for 1’X1’ of coverage expectation.

And from height of 12” it delivers PAR output equivalent to 105uMol.

Well, that’s not sufficient for plants like marijuana and we only recommend it for the purpose of seedling.

  • Power Consumption & Cooling :- Why Does it Need Cooling?

Well, as stated in this best cheap LED grow light’s review, this one is only ideal for side jobs you do in your indoor gardening hustle.

Also, due to compact sizing and low density this panel don’t get heat even after long time usage. Hence, this grow light doesn’t require a cooling facility and it’s absent in it likewise.

Moreover, with tremendous performance that is capable to help your smaller plants this grow light only pulls on average 35W for its working and operation.

What Makes Growstar 45W LED Panel A Right Cheap LED Grow Light?

Low pricing and ideal quality that works for seedling is the prime reason we included Growstar 45W LED grow light in this reviews of best cheap led grow lights.

Moreover, cheap is just a word for it due to the price it has, but, quality it delivers is actually affordable in our opinion.

Pros And Cons Of Growstar 45W LED Grow Panel

  • Least price for a complete full spectrum LED grow light panel.
  • Effective brightness for seedling job.
  • Suitable for small sized plants with higher density.
  • Power consumption of only 35W.
  • Easy installation.
  • Power switch on power cord supplied with it.
  • Inclusion of IR& UV.
  • Decent support for the pricing.
  • Not suitable for big plants in later stages.
  • Not compatible for weed plants in bloom.

Who Should Buy Growstar 45W LED Grow Panel?

Anyone looking for a separate affordable LED grow light for seedling phase might choose growstar 45W for fulfilling their requirement.

However, we don’t recommend this grow light for plant’s entire lifecycle to a beginner even.

Our Verdict

This grow light is only suitable for someone looking for an additional light to support their initial seedling plants and wants some healthy sprout from their seeds on soil.

Yeah, if you’re the one, we’re recommending you this panel to you, not otherwise.


8. TAOTRONICS LED GROW BULB 36W :- Heart Winning Bulb

Relassy 450W - Cheap COB LED Grow Light 2019

This bulb has made so much of the buzz around indoor cannabis cultivators that we can’t resist ourselves from including it in our list of best budget LED grow lights on the market.

Let’s check what it has so good that people are going crazy for it.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight8” Diameter, 6” height& 1lbs weight
LEDs12pcs * 3W
Focusing Angle60° Degree Direct Penetration/td>
SpectrumFull Spectrum
Actual Wattage30-35W
SuitabilitySingle Plant in Pot

Features & Benefits of Taotronics LED Grow Bulb 36W

  • Full Spectrum Effect :- Suffice for Small Plant

Well, you read it right, though we want to make a note here that by full spectrum what we meant is there’s every color band available but ratio of blue & red is good enough to support your plants.

Balancing of other bands won’t be possible in minimal required amount for obvious reasons.

  • Umbrella Design :- For better Penetration & Delivery

They’ve utilized umbrella design concept for the making of this fabulous led grow light.

This design helps in improvising penetration and delivery of produced light towards plants canopy.

Yeah, they’re observed to be effective.

  • Low Power Consumption :- Good Side

Yeah, this bulb is examined to suck 35W on average. And, this one is pretty economic, especially when you use it for a single plant.

What Makes Taotronics 36W A Right Affordable LED Grow Light?

Ability to equip all bands in its spectrum and serving best possible light to a single plant is in our opinion a game changer for this bulb.

Pros And Cons Of Taotronics LED Grow Bulb 36W

  • Cheap pricing.
  • Umbrella design for proper penetration and absorption in plants.
  • Full spectrum light caliber in minimal amount.
  • Decent lifespan.
  • Jaw dropping customer satisfaction.
  • Decent warranty.
  • None

Who Should Buy Taotronics LED Grow Bulb 36W?

Anyone looking for a small bulb which is featuring good caliber for their single plant on the desk or anywhere in their house might find it a worth choice.

Our Verdict

Well, we believe that your expectations from this bulb won’t be too high because it’s not supposed to be that way.

Also, this is ideal choice for people looking for a quality light for their favorite plant instead of using a fluorescent light.

Yeah, go for it if you’re the one among those above mentioned suitable audience.

FAQ:- Best Cheap LED Grow Lights That Works On The Market in 2022

Does cheap LED grow lights really work?

Well, we believe that all lower priced products are not cheap in reality. Also, competition in grow light market segment is so high that manufacturer’s are forced to price their products competitively. So, yeah, this well-researched cheap led grow lights does work.

Which are the best cheap led grow lights for my marijuana plants?

Well, answer depends on several factors like what are your expectations from these panels and based on that a firm recommendation could be provided. However, mars hydro, viparspectra, bestva&phlizon are the few names you should look for when it comes to a budget friendly grow light.

How much does this cheap leds costs for long term usage?

We’ve mentioned average power draw of every LED grow light included in this cheap led grow light reviews, and based on your selected panel you could calculate the same. Moreover, you should go with one which pulls least amount of light by delivering your expected quality of light.

Which cheap LEDs should I avoid while making a choice?

LED grow lights that are not capable of serving well balanced spectrum, has less than 300 uMol of PAR readings from 18” height and those which are not from a reliable brand should be avoided while making a choice.
However, if you’re looking for a single plant light then Spectrum & PAR readings shouldn’t be in your check points.

What is the best possible coverage that a single cheap LED grow light could provide?

An effective and reliable LED grow light will provide at least 2’ X 2’ of coverage uniformly. However, as mentioned in this reviews, you could get upto 3’ X 3’ of coverage potential from lights such as Bestva 600W Full spectrum LED grow light.

What average yield these cheap leds provide?

In this cheap led grow light reviews, we’ve already mentioned average yield for the lights where we’ve got a chance to either test it personally in our lab or we’ve got a reliable opinion from a person who’ve used it in his grow space. One average a good quality light above 100$ bar will provide you at least 1.5 oz to 3 oz. of yield.

Final Conclusion

We hope you’ve gone through all the LED grow lights reviewed in this round up post by bloomshower.

Now, if you’re seeking for our opinion for selection of best led that would improve your yield results or your plant’s health and growth then we’d definitely like to pinpoint such LEDs for you.

As you could predict from the review of each product, each one is included for a particular user segment where some are suitable for large size coverage like bestva dc 600W LED grow light; while few are only suitable for a single plant.

Also, if you’re looking for highly dense light to help you in getting better plants during bloom then galaxyhydro 1000W LED is one of the best with verified results of 453 uMol from 18” height.

Moreover, we’ve also included one latest tech LED which is costing just few bucks yet providing unbeatable results and performance, so if you want to try something new then you should select Realssy 450W COB for the job.

Also, one small panel and a bulb has been included in this list if you’re looking for just a helping hand for your plants instead of a complete package.

Yeah, a better choice could be made only by fixing the expectation and by deciding what exactly you want from your LED to deliver to your plants.

All LEDs included in this review are priced very affordably so that even a beginner could try it with low risk parameter on his hand. Make your choice wisely and grow big.

Wish you a happy garden and tons of yield.

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