Best COB LED Grow Lights of 2022 – For Cannabis Growing

What if I tell you that providing dense and highly penetrable light to plants has became even easier with Best COB LED Grow Lights?  

Yeah, that’s true because nowadays some of the Best COB LED grow lights are ruling the market with its power and performance capabilities.

However, before we start reviewing our best picks for you, it’ll be great for you to get understand the term COB and it’s advantages in a nutshell.

What’s COB LED Grow Light?

Well, COB is shortly abbreviated form of Chip-on-board LED grow lights. Yeah, it means multiple LED chips are directly placed at single substrate to create a single mega module.

Key Benefits of COB LED grow light includes, better lifespan, more power saving nature, plant oriented highly dense light, low heat producing nature and quality spectrum.

Interested in getting benefited with all of them? Then, let’s start with our reviews of some of the best COB LED grow lights for indoor marijuana growing in 2022.

Reviews Of Best COB LED Grow Lights For Cannabis In 2022


#1 Phlizon CREE COB 2000W LED Grow Light Review - Price

Yeah, Phlizon CREE COB 1200 Watt LED Grow Light is selected as our editor’s pick for best cob led grow lights of 2022 for several reasons.

First reason for it to get selected is, high power and stability. Yeah, it’s a power packed beast designed to produce a lot more light than your expectation for your indoor cannabis plants.

Apart from that, Phlizon 1200W CREE COB produces higher brightness with awesome level of thermal resistance. Yeah, while all other grow light might be succeeding in providing great brightness but at cost of lower thermal resistance, it’s a bit different.

If we take a look over technical specifications, then phlizon 1200W COB LED grow light features 96 normal LEDs of 5W and 4 PCs of COBs where 2 PCs are for 6000K Light and 2 PCs are for 3000K light. Also, normal LEDs comprises of various spectrum range to produce a complete full spectrum effect with best combination of IR and UV in it.

Also, if we look at one of the key consideration point like density then this COB LED Grow light delivers 941 uMol from height of 18″ which is by far best in this segment at this price. Yeah, it’s definitely better than it’s sibling variant Phlizon Newest 1200W Reflector which is a traditional LED Grow Light.

Moreover, from above mentioned height and with that level of density you could achieve coverage for an area of around 4′ X 4′ uniformly.

Now, taking a look at power efficiency; this 1200W COB LED Grow light by Phlizon pulls only 400W from outlet which is a definite plus point in our opinion for a COB LED that produces light equivalent to a 1200W HPS system.

Also, from cooling and thermal resistance point of view, Phlizon 1200W COB LED Grow light is backed with a highly efficient cooling fan with a state of the art aluminium heat sink that helps in heat dissipation at its best.

For warranty, this grow light comes with 2 years warranty period along with 30 days buyback guarantee for full price you pay for it.

Pros & Cons of Phlizon CREE COB 1200W LED Grow Light

  • Best value for the money COB LED Grow light.
  • A complete full spectrum effect with well blended IR and UV in it.
  • Combination of 6000K and 3000K light for maximum penetration is great.
  • Unbeatable PAR output of 941 uMol in the segment of 1200W COB Grow lights.
  • Expanded coverage upto 4’X4′ of grow space.
  • Highly power efficient as sucks only 400W for best perfomance.
  • Remarkable thermal resistance with cooling aid.
  • Best body build up for longetivity.
  • Most praised COB LED grow light by indoor gardeners in 2022.
  • Stellar support and customer oriented service.
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • Supports timer to operate but needs to purchase it separately.

#2. VIVOSUN 1200W CREE COB LED GROW LIGHT – Made To Please Plants

#2 Vivosun 1200W COB LED Grow Light for cannabis - Price

If you’re looking for a well stable and a light that’s known for perfomance for longer time. Yeah, a horse for long race then Vivosun brings you a modern age COB LED grow light for very reasonably priced tag.

Let’s take a look at this beast for more information. 

As mentioned, it’s a heavy duty COB LED grow light that’s ideal for all kind of grow room setup. Also, it’s highly power efficient so in case, you’re planning to replace a 1200W HPS system with this light then you’re not replacing a light but you’re cutting cost of almost 80% on your electricity bill.

Now, if we discuss about technical aspects of this 1200W COB by Vivosun then it’s designed with 6 PCs of high lux CREE COBs on board along with 88 normal LEDs of 3W each. Yeah, traditional LEDs are included which creates a complete blend of full spectrum effect.

Also, all this diodes and chips are manufactured by highly reputed brands like bridgelux and epistar which are known for durability and strength.

From technical requirement point of view, this grow light operated with input of AC100-240V and pulls on average 380W to 400W for efficient performance.

Also, Vivosun COB LED grow light features two separate veg/bloom mode switches for higher level of convenience and comfort.

Moreover, all the parts included in its design and build as well as panel itself are certified by variety of safety certification authorities like RoHS, UL and GH. Yeah, manufacturer are more concerned with not only their product but also with the level of safety they want to provide to their users.

Now, if we look at density level then Vivosun 1200W COB Grow light delivers around 928 uMol from height of 23″. so yeah, it’s light quality is better compared to our previously reviewed variant by phlizon.

And, we’re glad to mention that you could achieve high returning coverage starting from 4’X4′ which ends at up to 5’X6′ in our opinion as density and brightness by this COB by Vivosun is just fabulous.

For cooling and well designed heat dissipation they’ve included two cooling fans which operates extremely silent along with a scientifically designed alloy heat sink.

Yeah, not only panel but also the surrounding will remain well balanced in term of temperature with this one of the best cob led grow light for cannabis plants.

Moreover, well managed temperature balancing means low level of harm potential for your cannabis plants. right?

Now, for people concerned about customer satisfaction; we’re glad to mention that this COB grow light has succeded in gaining more than 300 feedback from its users where around 84% are highly satisfied with 1200W COB grow light by vivosun.

Also, Vivosun offers 3 years of warranty along with 30 days money back guarantee if you’re still feeling skeptical for making a move.

Pros & Cons of Vivosun 1200W CREE COB LED Grow Light

  • Highly durable COB LED Grow light by vivosun.
  • Smart placement of COBs with traditional 3W chips.
  • A complete full spectrum with IR and UV included in effect.
  • Highly stable light output for indoor cannabis plants.
  • Remarkably efficient power consumption while using indoor.
  • Suitable for large grow spaces up to 4.5′ X 4.5′
  • Dual mode veg/bloom switches for convenience.
  • Yield output of on average 9 oz where lowest reported is 5.5oz
  • Stability and higher level of temperature resistance for cooling maintenance in grow space.
  • Warranty terms of 3 years along with 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Extremely bright light that’s not safe for naked eyes.
  • Don’t feature daisy port which is ideal for people just beginning with indoor growing.

#3. AGLEX 1200W LED– Grow Light For Performance

#3 AGLEX 1200W COB LED Grow light for indoor marijuana growing - Price

Yeah, up next in our list of some of the best COB grow lights is from Aglex. It’s a COB LED Grow light made for those who are seeking an ideal light for their coverage requirement of up to 3.5′ X 3.5′.

So now, let’s take a deeper look at its details.

Firstly, on board there are two mega power beasts doing its job incredibly well. Yeah, we’re talking about COBs that are placed very well on Aglex 1200W LED grow light.

As mentioned, there are COB chips available one is for warm light at 2000K and one for full spectrum light at 6500K.

If we look at bio-organic importance of this lights then these are for achieving higher level of photosynthetically active radiation which could boost growth of your marijuana plants.

Moreover, Blue and Red bands are equipped in very ideal ratio which is directly focused on growth of plants.

Yeah, all these combined; forms a complete full spectrum effect which is very crucial for indoor growing cannabis plants.

Moreover, this grow light is made up of highly reliable materials which are thoroughly tested for quality control.

Also, in term of density and depth, Aglex 1200W COB LED Grow Light provides 765 uMol from a height of 18″ which is a lot of bright light. And, with this much brightness you’ll achieve coverage of around 3.5′ X 3.5′ with an ease.

Moreover, it only pulls 210W for efficient performance and this power consumption is variable as it also depends on the settings you put in place.

Now, if we look productivity aspect of Aglex 1200W COB LED then this grow light gives yield results of up to 9oz when operated with decent level of observation and all other aspects of indoor cannabis growing are well in place. Otherwise, on lowest level we’ve result of 6oz. per watt from this COB LED grow light.

Also, people who’re concerned with heating and cooling factors inside their grow space might like to know that with two systematically placed cooling fans it keeps things on track and does its job incredibly well.

Moreover, Aglex 1200W COB LED grow light also comes with 3 years of customer friendly and hassle free support warranty. Though, they’ve not mentioned anything about refund or moneyback policy for disappointed users.

Pros & Cons of Aglex 1200W Professional COB LED Grow Light

  • Scientific placement of COBs on panel.
  • A complete full spectrum light effect.
  • Major focus in its design was on plant productivity.
  • Delivers PAR output of 765 uMol from 18″ height.
  • Ideal LED for growers with space requirements of up to 3.5′ X 3.5′
  • Very efficient in term of power consumption.
  • Highly durable and quality control passed parts and elements in its making.
  • Cooling stability and higher level of temperature resistance.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Affordable price tag for novice.
  • Light is too bright and not safe for human eyes.
  • Not waterproof so keep away from dripping water supply.

#4. HIPARGERO 1200W COB – Made Professionally For Professionals

#4 Hipergero 1200W CREE COB LED Grow light for indoor plants - Price

Yeah, up next in our list is from a well known chinese brand named Hipergero. Well, they’re known for producing highly stable growing equipment in very affordable price range.

Also, If we talk about this 1200W model which we’re reviewing then it’s too stable enough to keep your plants well sustained.

Moreover, Hipergero has included 6 PCs of 3000K COBs on this HG1200 COB LED grow light variant. Apart from that, there are 24 PCs of Osram LEDs which are meant to keep spectrum diversified.

Now, if we talk about spectrum then with help of all this COBs and LEDs it produces a complete full spectrum and highly bright light.

Yeah, if you’re worried for phase suitability of Hipergero 1200W COB LED then let me tell you that it’s ideal and suitable for all phase of our indoor cannabis lifecycle.

Now, for those seeking PAR reading of Hipergero COB LED we’re glad to make a note here that it delivers around 1096 uMol in center from height of 18″. Yeah, that’s higher than some of premium traditional LED grow lights like Advanced platinum to be honest.

Also, for this level of denser light you won’t require to pay high on bills as it only pulls around 360 watts from your outlets which is pretty much acceptable and below our expected bar.

Well, from coverage caliber point of view this 1200W COB by Hipergero is an ideal fit for anyone looking for a good companion for their 4′ X 4′ of grow space. Yeah, you could achieve larger coverage by adjusting hanging height but what we recommend is for obtaining best possible yield per watt of electricity.

And yeah, we’re glad to mention that some of our team members are currently using this COB in their grow space and according to them best obtained yield from this COB panel goes aroun 9.5 oz per watt of electricity. And, lowest they’ve got 6 oz with this grow light.

Now, talking about additional functions; Hipergero 1200W COB LED grow light is equipped with two separate mode switches along with a daisy port on backside. Also, all required accessories to mount it in your grow space are available in the box along with a easy to digest user manual.

Moreover, this grow light also comprises two highly efficient cooling fans which operates on tremendously silent mode. And yeah, all required care for best possible heat dissipation has taken by Hipergero.

Also, this COB LED grow light comes with 1 year warranty along with 30 days return policy. Well, warranty might seems a bit shorter compared to other brands on the market but yeah it’s still worth it.

Pros & Cons of Hipargero 1200W COB LED Grow Light for Indoor Cannabis

  • Best build made for longer performance.
  • A complete 12 band spectrum with well blend of Red and Blue in it.
  • Highly dense light that is easily absorbable by marijuana plants.
  • PAR output of 1096 uMol from 18″ height.
  • Lower power consumption of 360W only.
  • Suitable for a grow space of 4′ X 4′ and it’s variable according to height selection.
  • Dual mode switches along with daisy port.
  • Tremendously working silent cooling fans.
  • Verified yield results of around 9 Oz under this panel.
  • Warranty period is a bit shorter compared to other grow light manufacturers.
  • Light is too dense and bright to look at directly and requires safety precautions.

#5. NIELLO 600W FULL SPECTRUM – Power For Weed Plants

#5 Niello 600W COB LED Grow light review - Price

Up next with us if from Niello. Yeah, If you’re looking for a COB LED Grow Light that makes your plants healthier and happier than ever then this Niello 600W COB LED Review is for you.

Firstly, they’ve eliminated traditional diodes completely from their light effect. Yeah, it makes it more power efficient than others.

Moreover, this grow light produces highly intense and bright red light which is ideal for boosting process of photosynthesis in your indoor growing cannabis plants.

Also, Niello 600W COB LED Grow Light is equipped with 3 PCs of modern 3000K COBs to produce above mentioned results.

Moreover, to maximize effect of light produced from COBs Niello has equipped this LED grow light with scientifically designed and advanced reflector cups along with an optical lens cover.

Yeah, that helps in direct penetration which helps our plants to absorb more light. Also, as mentioned it’s intense enough to reach over to deepest leaf of your dense plants too. So, that’s a plus if you’re worried about the same.

Now, for people seeking information on coverage potential of Niello COB LED Grow Light, we’re glad to mention that it’s well suitable for an area of up to 2.5′ X 2.5′ if you hang it at 18″ height.

From power efficiency point of view, this 600W LED grow light pulls 210W for efficient performance. Well, with scientific design and greater performance it’s saving almost 30% cost on electricity.

For cooling and better heat dissipation there are 3 small sized and quietly operating cooling fans on back side. Moreover, it’s an open ended design so heat dissipation takes place from side sink.

And yeah, all this comes with 3 years of unconditional warranty term. So if you’re planning to get one, then get one soon as you’re protected from all the side by manufacturer.

Pros & Cons of Niello 600W COB LED Grow Light For Cannabis

  • Cost efficient COB LED Grow light for cannabis growing.
  • A complete spectrum which is ideal for all phases of growth cycle.
  • Highly intense light.
  • 600W LED for replacing 450W HPS system.
  • Ideal for grow tent sizing of 3′ X 3′.
  • Higher level of power efficiency.
  • Low noise level.
  • Warranty terms are unconditional.
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • Made for internal usage only.

#6. ROLEADRO 800W COB – Best COB LED Grow Light Made For Results

#6 Roleadro CREE COB 800W LED Review for higher yield in cannabis plants - Price

Roleadro is highly reputed brand known for it’s quality. After supplying market with it’s tremendous traditional grow lights in Galaxyhydro series, they’ve now also started providing COB LED Grow Light to indoor cannabis growers.

Yeah Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow light is included in our COB LED Grow light reviews for many reasons.

Firstly, its design is beautiful and aesthetic that anyone would like to have such light in their grow space.

Moreover, if we say about build quality then too it’s built using highly reliable and quality tested materials. Thing we liked the most in its build is, its Reflector cup design. Yeah, there are only two COBs placed on the panel which are 400W each. And, with help of reflector cup, it delivers evenly spread and highly intense light all over plant canopies.

Talking about its spectrum test, we obtained decent results with it too. Yeah, on spectrum graph we noticed that this grow light delivers both red and blue wavelengths in equivalent ratio. Definitely, that makes it ideal for uniform usage throughout plant’s lifecycle.

Moreover, from power pulling point of view too this grow light isn’t too much power hungry as it draws 300W of power in reality.

For people interested in knowing coverage capability of this grow light, we’re delighted to make a mention that this grow light is best for anyone starting to grow weed indoors as it could cover around 2.5′ X 2.5′ of grow space with ease.

Moreover, daisy port is provided on the backside of Roleadro 800W COB LED grow light. So in case, you’re planning to expand your grow space in near future then this one will let you do so without any other hassle.

Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light comes with 2 years of worry free warranty along with 30 days moneyback guarantee.

Pros & Cons of Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light of 2022

  • Aesthetic and beautiful design.
  • Highly durable and reliable build quality.
  • A complete spectrum with well blend of Blue and Red in it.
  • Decent coverage for beginners.
  • Daisy port to expand coverage potential with help of additional light.
  • Remarkable level of cooling.
  • Cooling is decent, but after several months fans starts to make noise.
  • It’s not waterproof.

#7. CF GROW WATERPROOF 300W COB – For Healthy Plants

#7 CF Grow 300W Waterproof CREE COB LED Grow Light Review - Price

As many studies have concluded that plants require light and wavelength depending on its lifecycle for best possible growth and yield.

Yeah, that’s why we’ve included CF Grow 300W COB LED in our list especially for people who’re aiming to provide best red wavelength to their plants during blooming phase.

Well yeah, this 300W COB LED by CF Grow is designed specifically for obtaining best results during flowering.

CF Grow 300 Watt COB LED is backed with 3 PCs of 100W COBs on board and all are protected and shielded with a magnifying optical glass that maximize the light effect.

Moreover, we’ve found major rate of Red wavelength in its spectrum output which is great for plants going through blooming phase.

However, we should also mention that majority of red wavelength in it’s effect doesn’t impact on its suitability over other growth phase. Yeah, you may use it for uniform light delivery during whole lifecycle of your cannabis plants.

Also, we’re pleased to mention that this grow pulls on 150W from outlet and requires 100V AC to 220V AC as input. Yeah, it’s by far best result when we look at cost per watt of power. Indeed! an energy efficient light it is.

Now, if we look at coverage caliber of CF Grow 300W COB LED Grow light then this grow light is capable of spreading highly absorbable light for an area of up to 3’X3′. Though, in case, you’re using it as a supplement light for you plants then it’s definitely going to be a lot more.

Moreover, light is completely waterproof and hence you don’t need to panic for managing parameters such as better humidity level inside your cannabis grow space.

Also, due to it’s compact and scientific design CF Grow has succeeded in eliminating requirement of cooling fans on it. Yeah, it operates with natural heat dissipation system and due to less number of diodes on the board it never picks unexpected level of temperature inside grow tent.

Apart from all this, other key benefits of CF Grow 300W COB LED Grow light includes lightweight nature, sturdiness on which you could rely, remarkable level of brightness. Yeah, all these combined makes it one of the best value for money COB LED Grow Light of the market.

Pros & Cons of CF Grow Waterproof 300W COB LED Grow Light

  • Highly durable body build up and design.
  • Easy installation and mounting.
  • Reliable for blooming phase due to major red in its wavelength.
  • Extremely bright and intense light which is easy for plants to absorb.
  • Suitable for all phases of plant growth cycle for uniformity.
  • Requires only 150W electricity that saves some bucks per year on power bill.
  • One of the most recommended COB LED Grow Light for obtaining best result per watt of electricity.
  • Waterproof in nature.
  • Operates silently due to elimination of cooling fans.
  • Warranty term of 2 years is a bonus by manufacturer.
  • Extremely intense light so requires safety glass to look at.
  • No switches on panel.

#8. RELASSY 150W COB – Best Supplementary COB Panel

#8 Realssy 150W COB LED Grow Light - Best COB LED Grow light

Looking for one of the best supplementary COB LED grow light for your traditional LED grow lights? Well, we’ve included one in our list of best cob led grow light reviews then.

Yeah, it’s Realssy 150W COB LED grow light. Yeah, its design is flawless and performance is something that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

What’s so impressive in Realssy 150W COB panel? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, this grow light has eliminated cooling fans from its design. Well, that might sound like a negative move and many might think that it’ll produce a lot of heat. But, facts and results we achieved are jaw-dropping; yeah, there no heat even after elimination of cooling fans.

Moreover, Realssy 150W COB LED is completely waterproof in nature. Yeah, outer body as well as wiring both are completely waterproof which is great in our opinion.

Also, From performance point of view; it does an incredible job with highly powerful COB that shines brightly through a wide angle and durable lens. And due to this scientific placement of lens right in from of COB it delivers evenly spread light over our plant canopies.

Also, with this mechanism they’re succeeded in providing delivery of light to even deeper and lower leaf of canopies.

Apart from that, it’s a complete full spectrum light with higher level of red frequency in it. So yeah, you shouldn’t get surprised if you get highly resinous and smooth buds out of your cannabis plants next time.

From power requirement and consumption point of view Realssy 150W COB LED is operable with 110V input socket and pulls only 50W for efficient working. Yeah, just 50W! you heard me right.

Moreover, this grow light is mountable anywhere with ease and installation is completely hassle free.

For people concerned about aftersales support, we’d like to mention that Realssy is brand with 10 years of experience and they provide 12 months warranty for their products. Well, in rare occurrence you might need to contact them but it’s still good to know about it.

Pros & Cons of Realssy 150W COB LED Grow Light

  • One of the best supplementary light for indoor cannabis plants.
  • Suitable for all the phases of cannabis plants.
  • Highly dense and centered light that spreads evenly with help of optical lens.
  • A complete spectrum with majority of Red frequency in its effect.
  • Lowest power pulling of merely 50W on our entire list.
  • Highly stable and reliable unit by realssy.
  • Completely waterproof in nature.
  • 12 months warranty period for rare occurrence of faults.
  • No timer operable.
  • A bit heavier in weight.

#9. GROWSTAR 300W CREE LED – For Uniform Performance

#9 Growstar 300W UFO COB LED Grow Lamp - Low Price And Best Budget COB LED Grow Light 2020

Looking for a best budget option in COB led grow light? then we’ve one in our list for you.

Yeah, it’s from Growstar. A brand that’s known for their eco friednly and economically affordable products for indoor cultivators and gardener.

However, we’d like to mention one thing before proceeding with this review of COB that it’s only ideal for couple of indoor growing plants and recommended to people who are seeking an LED for more than two plants.

So now, if you ask for one thing that we liked the most in this COB UFO LED grow bulb then it’s design and placement.

Yeah, formed in a round shape and COB is placed exactly in center to deliver more and direct light over to your plant canopies which is great in our opinion. Well, there’s a single COB of 30W in the center and other LEDs included on board are of 5W each.

Apart from that, we liked selection of Red and Blue bands. yeah, there are only two colors of LEDs are included on the board it’s blue and red. Also, ratio of these bands are well balanced as more Red colored diodes are included to produce resinous and heavier buds out of your one or two cannabis plants.

And that the reason we succeeded in obtaining around 450 uMol on our PAR meter from this grow light at height of 18 inches.

Now, talking about consumption and requirements; Growstar 300W CREE COB LED Bulb is compatible for AC input of 100V to 220V and pulls on average 115W for efficient working.

Also, as it’s a UFO COB panel there’s absence of cooling system; but, still we’re surprised at the temperature stability in our grow space with this grow light. Yeah, it still runs cooler than our expectation. May be, scientific placement of chips on board is the key reason behind this achievement by Growstar.

Moreover, they’re providing 2 years warranty on their products.

However, as all their products are passed through their quality testing and tested physically for performance you won’t require to get in touch with them within their warranty terms for sure.

Pros & Cons of Growstar 300W CREE COB LED Grow Light

  • Best budget LED grow light.
  • Suitable for small grow spaces.
  • A complete and optimal spectrum output for better results.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Even with small size, it succeeds in providing highly dense and bright light.
  • Product is entirely safe to use for indoor purpose.
  • A good supplementary light to your traditional LEDs.
  • Warranty terms of 2 years.
  • Only suitable for small grow tents.
  • Lack of daisy port eliminates freedom of expansion.

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