Best LED Grow Lights for 3X3 Grow Tent – Reviews of 2023’s Models

As we all know, 3’X3’ is mostly preferred and recommended grow tent sizing for beginners and intermediate growers. So, when you start with a 3’ X 3’ coverage sizing, you need one of the best led grow lights for 3X3 grow tent.

Yeah, in this article we’ve picked 5 best LED models available in segment of 3X3 coverage capability segment.

Moreover, our experts have spent many hours in filtering out available LED grow lights for 3’X3’ grow tent sizing. And then, we’ve vetted them for best possible performance while in action.

Also, to recommend our readers with highly efficient and effective LED grow light for their required coverage expectancy, we’ve tested some of these panels physically in our labs.

Yeah, so now, let’s move forward and check what we’ve found for you in this Reviews of Best LED grow lights for 3X3 tent.

Best LED Grow Lights for 3X3 Grow Tent – Reviews of 2023’s Variants

Before we proceed with reviews of each selected LED grow light for this list, you should check out this quick comparison table for our top picks.

Best LED Grow Lights for 3’X3′ Grow Tents
#1 – VIPARSPECTRA XS1500 LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Reliable Brand
  • Jaw-Dropping PAR Outputs
  • Decent Coverage Caliber For 3X3 Grow Tent

#2 – Bestva DC2000 LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Durability Justified With Lifespan
  • Full Spectrum + IR + UV
  • Can Cover more than 3X3 sizing

#3 – Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • SMD Technology
  • Full Spectrum Effect for plants
  • Apt Coverage Starting from 3′ X 3′

#4 – Exlenvce 1200W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Modern Design Etiquette
  • Lower Power Pulling
  • Compatible for 3X3′ Tents

#5 – Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 7.0/10

  • Durable design
  • Best Budget Choice
  • Adequate Coverage up to 3’X3′

Yeah, aim behind this comparison table is to provide you a quick overview of what exactly you’re going to get further in this article of best led lights for 3X3 tent.


Viparspectra UL Certified 900W LED Grow Light for 3X3 tent

When it comes to best manufacturers of LED grow lights, first name that comes to our mind is Viparspectra.

Yeah, this brand is delivering budget friendly growing solutions to indoor growers since ages.

Moreover, they’re known for the quality and performance. Yeah, in this review of best led grow light for 3X3 tent, we’ve picked one of such cool variant falling under their Reflector series.

Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W LED grow light is designed for more PAR output and plant oriented spectrum.

Furthermore, this 900W LED grow light is UL certified unit and hence we can say that they’ve paid complete attention towards their product’s safety while keeping all other parameters on track. Well, it’s rare.

Now, if we talk about spectrum of Viparspectra 900W LED grow light, then this spreads a well blend of all essential bands of colors towards our plant canopies. Yeah, a complete spectrum that also includes IR and UV bands in it.

Also as we all know, when it comes to covering an area of 3’ X 3’; we need denser and highly absorbable light. And, for measuring density and intensity of this grow light, we tested it in our labs with a reliable PAR meter.

Yeah, results we got were fabulous as it succeeds in achieving readings of 608 uMol from 24” height.

Well, that’s too far from plants and usually recommended hanging height for a 900W unit during flowering stage is 18” and from that height we can say that it is capable of delivering near to 800 uMol with ease.

So yeah, based on this readings and results you can easily conclude that how effectively it’ll perform in your grow space of 3’ X 3’. Yeah, this 900W LED grow light from Viparspectra is one of the best LED available on market for 3X3 grow tent.

Moreover, we also checked power efficiency of this grow light in one of our team member’s grow space. And, according to his calculations this grow light pulls on average 405W if you keep both Veg and Bloom switches ON.

Yeah, it also features two separate switches for stage oriented configuration. Pretty cool! Isn’t it?

Now, coming to cooling and additional functionalities, Viparspectra 900W LED grow light features 3 silently operating cooling fans on it. Moreover, design of this panel is done in a way so that it can dissipate as much as possible amount of heat without any additional requirement.

Above all, best part about this 900W LED grow light from Viparspectra is 3 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Yeah, if you’re not satisfied with this product or feel skeptical with intial performance then you can return this unit and they’ll give you a full refund.

As mentioned earlier, this LED grow light is one of the best that you could bring home and help your plants to cultivate at its best, reason is simple that it provides all essential elements in it’s bright and warm light that your plant crave for.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra 900W LED

  • Highly effective for 3X3 tent sizing.
  • Strong and long lasting design and build.
  • A complete full spectrum that boosts plant growth.
  • Highly dense and absorbable light for plants.
  • Two separate mode switches for convenient operations.
  • Fabulously power efficient LED grow light.
  • UL Certification ensuring safest operation of this appliance.
  • Suitable for all stages of indoor growing plants.
  • Warranty terms are adequate.
  • Not a waterproof unit.
  • Doesn’t include daisy port.

Our Verdict

For people, whose prior concern is quality and their plant’s growth, this grow light is capable of fulfilling all your needs.

Yeah, we’ve inquired multiple users of this grow light regarding their experience and according to them Viparspectra UL Certified 900W LED grow lights does more than they expected from it.

Well, you can check existing user’s reviews and feedback on various online shopping platforms too if you want. Yeah, they too speaks the same thing.

So all in all, if you’re expecting one of the Best full spectrum LED grow light for 3X3 grow tent sizing, then none other than Viparspectra can give you best value for you money.

#2. BESTVA DC 2000W LED GROW LIGHT – Best LED For 3X3 Tent

Bestva DC2000 2000W LED Grow Light

Yeah, up next in our list of top led grow lights for 3X3 grow space is one from Bestva.

Well, if you don’t know Bestva has achieved a great spot among some of the best manufacturers of LED grow lights. Yeah, all this is possible only with quality product and capability to produce results that speaks.

If we talk about Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light then, this grow light falls under their Dual Chip series. Yeah, series that’s known for higher maximization rate with help of double diodes on single chip.

As the name suggests, this grow light features 200 diodes of 10W each. Well, each of 10W diode further contains 2 PCs of 5W chip on it.

So yeah, if you’re expecting higher rate of maximization and looking out for an intense light then Bestva is a best bet for you.

Moreover, this is a complete full spectrum LED grow light that contains all essential bands between range of 380nm to 780nm. Well yeah, at 410nm it delivered UV wavelength while at 730nm it give IR effect to plants.

For people, who are not familiar with importance of UV and IR, we’d like to mention that this two bands play an essential role in the process of photosynthesis which is known as backbone process of any live plant for survival.

Also, regarding PAR output we got results of 760 uMol from 18” height. Well, yeah this is lower than our previously reviewed model of Viparspectra and that’s the reason it’s not selected as our top pick.

However, even if it seem comparatively lower than V900; this grow light can still cover and area of 3’X3’ with ease. And that too during blooming phase. So yeah, during veg you can achieve even larger coverage with Bestva DC Series 2000W LED grow light.

Moreover, this grow light pulls on average 390W for efficient and effective working. So yeah, in long run it saves a lot of money on electricity bills without you knowing about it.

Also, Two separate mode switches for Veg and Bloom specific operations are provided on this 2000W LED grow light from Bestva.

Furthermore, they provides an easy to understand user manual along with a complete installation kit in its box. Well, we’ve inquired plenty of users regarding their experience about its installation and all of them informed us that it’s pretty easy as it’s just a plug and play unit.

And yeah, Bestva is also known for their quality support where they give their best in rare occurrence where their product’s user face some troubles with it. Yeah, this 2000W Led grow light is covered with 3 years warranty terms.

All in all, this LED grow light for your tent will be a complete no brainer in our opinion as it comes with all technical specification to be up to date and caters to all the needs of marijuana plants as well.

Pros & Cons of Bestva DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light

  • Strong and durable build quality.
  • Easy installation and mounting.
  • A complete full spectrum light including IR and UV.
  • Brightness and intensity is designed for plant’s growth.
  • Compatible for an area of more than 3’ X 3’.
  • Marvelous PAR output of 760 uMol from 18” height.
  • Compatible for household power outlet sockets.
  • Requires merely 390W for effective performance.
  • Decent cooling and heat dissipation mechanism on board.
  • Warranty terms are satisfactory and support quality is good.
  • Supports timer but it’s not included in the box.
  • Highly dense light and not safe to look at directly. Though, safety glasses are provided in the box.

Our Verdict

For power consumption and some of other parameters this grow light is beating our previously reviewed model from Viparspectra. However, for PAR output it fails in outperforming V900.

But yeah, still this grow light is capable of covering a grow space of sizing 3’X3’ with ease.

So to conclude, if you’re expecting a result focused and productive unit for your indoor growing cannabis plants then Bestva DC2000 2000W LED grow light is one of the best LED for 3X3 grow tent sizing out there. Yeah, just go for it. And satisfaction is guaranteed from our side.

#3. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED GROW LIGHT – Best Mid Range LED for 3’X3’ Coverage

Mars Hydro TS 1000W - Best LED Grow Lights for 3x3 grow tent

Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED grow light is one of the compact and lightweight options out there. Yeah, you shouldn’t just look at its form factor because that’s secondary metric to look at.

So, we’ll pay more attention towards its caliber instead of looking at its design.

Firstly, this grow light is different than other conventional LED grow lights. Yeah, this utilizes SMD diodes instead of using LEDs.

And, with help of SMD diodes on the board, Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED grow light can deliver highly dense light towards plants. Yeah, it achieves around 709 uMol from 18” height.

Moreover, diodes are placed at 90 degree focal point and hence it delivers direct light without any loss in delivery.

Also, we approached some of its existing users for gathering some information about its yield capability. And, according to them this grow light produces 30% higher yield compared to their old LED panel. Yeah, it plays a crucial role in its selection among other best led for 3X3 tent sizing.

Moreover, as stated above, this grow light delivers above 700 umol from 18” height and hence we can say that it’s an ideal grow light available for coverage of 3’ X 3’ sizing. And, this single ability of Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED is enough to justify its place among rest of other best 1000W LED Grow Lights on the market.

Apart from that, we also checked actual power requirement of this 1000W TS series LED grow light by Mars Hydro and it pulls on average 150W from the wall socket. Yeah, lowest of all other panels selected in this list of reviews for top rate LEDs suitable for 3X3 sizing.

Now, talking about spectral caliber of Mars Hydro TS 1000W Grow Light, it doesn’t include random shades. Yeah, it makes use of RED, Blue and Warm White wavelengths in a scientific way so that our plants can absorb only those bands which are most essential for survival and growth.

Also, this 1000W LED from Mars Hydro features slim design and produces very less amount heat. So, they’ve eliminated use of cooling fans from its design. Yeah, that’s the reason behind its lower power requirement.

And now, if we talk about best part of Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED grow light then this grow light supports timer operation. Also, they’ve provided timer in the box itself. Also, a temperature & humidity monitor is included in the box. Yeah, very few brands provides such additional freebies along with their products.

So yeah, all in all, this grow light is best bang for your money as they provides enough value for it in its box itself.

Pros & Cons of Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED

  • Compact and slim form factor.
  • Fanless LED grow light system for power efficient operations.
  • Makes use of SMDs instead of LEDs.
  • Optimal and plant oriented spectrum.
  • Adequate coverage of 3’X3’.
  • PAR outputs of stunning 705 uMol from 18” height.
  • Amazing power efficiency with 150W Actual draw.
  • Timer controlled unit.
  • Suitable for intermediate growers.
  • Additional freebies makes it a value for the money unit.
  • Features of this grow light are not so remarkable.
  • Not a waterproof panel and hence additional care is must from dripping water supply.

Our Verdict

If you’re among those who like to test new things out and experiment with their grow room setup then Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED grow light is made for you. Yeah, its light effect is way more powerful than routine LED grow lights. Moreover, we’ve also checked this grow light for productivity measures. And, it definitely helps in increasing overall yield results from your grow space compared to traditional grow lights.

So yeah, we’ll definitely recommend this one of the best LED grow light for 3X3 tent sizing to our fellow readers.

#4. EXLENVCE 1200W LED GROW LIGHT – Ideal Performer

Exlenvce 1200W - Best LED grow light for 3X3 tent size

With triple chip design for light maximization, Exlenvce has grabbed a decent spot among indoor grower lobby. Yeah, while majority of latest LED grow lights are featuring dual chip design, this grow light included 15W diodes.

So, firstly, due to diodes this LED grow light by Exlenvce succeeds in spreading highly dense and apt light towards our plants. Yeah according to this study on light vs plant relationship, it further helps our growing plants in achieving better growth by absorbing more light.

Moreover, this grow light is a complete full spectrum LED and hence plants grow greener while flowers produced under this light’s influence are found to be more resinous compared to other grow lights.

And yeah, if we talk about density part of this grow light, then Exlenvce provides 688 uMol on the PAR meter from height of 18”. Yeah, it’s closer to our ideally recommended range of 700 uMol.

Furthermore, with this lever of photo active radiation in indoor grow space, this grow light from exlenvce can easily cover and area of more than 3’X3’. Yeah, its perfect fit for 3X3 grow tent too.

And, now talking about actual power pulling, Exlenvce 1200W LED grow light is replaceable to any 1000W HPS or MH system. However, even with that level of performance this grow light needs only 235W from outlet.

Moreover, this grow light is compatible for household power sockets of 120 ACV and hence won’t need any additional efforts in setting it up. Yeah, just plug it and play!

From cooling point of view, multiple cooling fans in combination with an advanced aluminium heat sink are place on it. Well, they definitely does their job effectively in beginning. However, according to few reports from our survey, these fans starts making a bit of noise after an usage of aroun 11 months.

Also, for people concerned about quality, we could say that this is reliable and durable Unit made for long term usage if we take only performance into consideration. However, even if you face any trouble or get an faulty unit delivered then you can simply reach out to their support. Believe me! They’re great in helping their customers.

Yeah, Exlenvce provides 4 years warranty on this unit along with 30 days money back policy. Well, warranty of Exlenvce is longer than all other units included in this list of reviews for best LED grow lights for 3X3 tent sizing.

Pros & Cons of Exlenvce 1200W LED Grow Light

  • Latest technology on board, with triple chip design.
  • Good blend of all wavelengths forming a complete full spectrum effect.
  • Plants grown under this grow light are greener and healthier compared to others.
  • Density of 688 uMol from 18” height.
  • One of the best led out there for 3X3 grow tent sizing.
  • Suitable for all stages of indoor growing plant’s lifecycle.
  • Compatible for a beginner’s grow room setup.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lowest power pulling on the list.
  • Longest warranty period in this list of best LEDs for 3X3 sizing.
  • New brand and hence less reliable for experience growers.
  • Not waterproof.

Our Verdict

If have stiff budget and want some good quality light for your plants then Exlenvce 1200W LED grow light is good option out there for you.

Yeah, we recommend this fabulous full spectrum LED grow light to our readers based on our tests, surveys and existing user’s feedback for this panel.

Moreover, some of our team member are also using this grow light in their grow space and according to them this grow light is capable of beating some heavily priced models on the market. Yeah, all with its performance and productivity. So, you can opt for this panel if you’re looking for one ideal LED for your 3X3 grow tent sizing.

#5. PHLIZON NEWEST 600W LED – Best for Beginners

Phlizon Newest 600W LED grow light for 3X3 tent size and grow space

We’ve also included a novice friendly light for those who’re planning to take their initial steps into indoor cultivation with 3X3 grow space sizing.

Yeah, Phlizon Newest 600W LED grow light is designed specifically for beginners and still its one of most recommended unit by among professionals as well.

Well, Phlizon 600W LED is falling in their NEWEST series. Yeah, series which is known for state-of-the-art workmanship. In this unit you gets more value than what you pay for.

So, let’s discover; how so?

Firstly, this is a complete full spectrum LED grow light and is equipped with 100 PCs of 3W diodes. Moreover, each diodes is checked for durability before placement on its PCB.

Also, Phlizon has eliminated use of reflector in its design. Yeah, this elimination makes it a stand out unit among other competitors. Upon checking logic behind this elimination, we found that usually low quality reflectors melt at 80℃ and as this grow light is going to take place in a packed surrounding, they preferred to eliminate it for ensuring safety of plants as well as of this grow light.

Furthermore, it’s a complete full spectrum LED grow light which delivers all required wavelength for plant’s healthy growth. Yeah, IR and UV are included in its effect too. Yeah, something that helped it in achieving a spot on our top rated 600W LED grow light curation too.

Moreover, from majorly recommended height parameter of 18” this puts 350 uMol in the center. And yeah, for higher PAR output you can choose their 1200W variant too.

However, we’ve tested this grow light for a single harvest in a grow tent sizing of 3’X3’ and results obtained using this panel were fabulous.

Yeah, even with less PAR output this grow light can cover an area of 3’X3’ sizing with an ease. May be it succeeds in doing so due to direct light delivery over canopies that boosts absorption rate of plants.

Also, for people who count cooling as an essential factor while selecting an LED grow light, we’ve confirmed that this grow light is backed by 2 silently operating and efficiently functioning cooling fans. Yeah, these two fans with combination of heat sink manages inside temperature in a smart way.

And above all, this grow light pulls only 100W power from outlet. Yeah, that’s the best part about this one of the top rated LED for 3X3 sizing.

And to add on that, you’ll get some fabulous freebies in the box along with this unit and its installation kit. Also, Phlizon provides 2 years authentic warranty on this unit so you’re ensured for long term usage of this fabulous LED grow light.

Pros & Cons of Phlizon Newest 600W Best LED Grow Light for 3X3 Tent

  • New design.
  • Elimination of reflectors to ensure safety of plants and LED grow light both.
  • A complete full spectrum effect in its brightness.
  • Mild dense light with direct delivery improves absorption rates.
  • Cooling mechanism is ensured by the brand.
  • Daisy port is provided on unit.
  • Dual mode switches for convenient operations.
  • Can cover 3’X3’ of area with an ease.
  • Power efficient unit pulling only 100W.
  • Warranty terms are satisfactory.
  • Compared to other brands, Phlizon provides one year short warranty.
  • Cooling fan starts making noise after 10 months usage.

Our Verdict

If you’re new into indoor growing hobby and planning to start with short budget, then Phlizon newest 600W LED grow light is one of the best option available for you. Yeah, for quality we can vouch for Phlizon.

Furthermore, we’re amazed by its design sense as they’ve not just focused on plants growth but also paid attention towards safety of plant and their unit.

So yeah, if you want a quality light for your plants in a grow space of 3X3 area then go for it. You won’t regret for your selection.

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