#6+ Best LED Grow Lights Under 200$ To Grow Cannabis Indoors

Do you’ve a stiff budget and looking for one of the best led grow light under 200 dollars?

Then, you’re right place. Yeah, we’ve compiled 6 of the best led grow lights on the market which comes under pricing of 200 dollars.

LED grow lights selected in our list of reviews are based on various fundamental criteria we keep in mind while filtering.

Yeah, our aim is to provide you best possible product within your budget range and that’s the key reason behind crafting this reviews of best LED grow lights in your budget.

So now, without wasting our time let’s take a deep dive on what we’ve found for you!

Best LED Grow Lights Under $200


Best LED Grow Lights Under 200 – Reviews For Indoor Cannabis Growing

Here are reviews of our selected LED grow lights within budget range of 200$ or less. So, let’s begin with our first pick.

#1. SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 LED GROW LIGHT – Best Choice Under 200$

Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light for budget of 200

Are you looking for one of the best led grow light within your limited budget; that could help you in giving tremendous yield outputs in return?

Then yeah, Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED grow light is one made for you. Yeah, Spider Farmer features a compact and slim form factor and weighs around 6 pounds.

Now, if we look at technical aspects and specification details of this fabulous LED grow light within range of 200$ then it’s backed by modern age LM301B Diodes which are known for higher rate of penetration at lower wattage in consumption.

Apart from that, these diodes doesn’t require any reflectors or optical lens to maximize it’s effect as these are made to produce highly dense light which could penetrate directly over any surface.

Yeah, It’s a complete full spectrum LED grow light though, it’s not like other blurple LEDs that are placing blue and red diodes without any logic to produce mixture of red and blue effect.

Well, Spider Farmer takes extra care of producing plant oriented spectrum and it’s quiet visible in this spectrum graph available at it’s product page.

Now, talking about coverage; Spider Farmer SF1000 is capable of delivering easily absorbable light to your plants within a space of around 3′ X 3′.

Also, for power efficiency you shouldn’t miss this as it is capable of saving around 40% cost on electricity bills with its scientific design. Yeah, actual power pulling of SF-1000 is merely  100W.

Moreover, instead of old fashioned wiring and driver placement, spider farmer utilized Mean Well Drivers in its making that does an incredibly well job in saving power and reducing temperature.

Yeah, we forgot to mention that, SF-1000 model doesn’t feature any cooling fans and hence noise level of this grow light is almost 0dB. And yeah, if you’re concerned for temperature balancing then let me make a note that it keeps everything on a balanced bar and you’re not required to worry even a bit.

And yeah, LED board is completely waterproof even after elimination of reflectors and optical lens. Yup! Power of LM301B diodes on it.

All in all, if you’re looking for stunning product that’s a definite value for money its light and sucks very less power by running extremely silent; then, it’s for you.

Yeah, Spider Farmer SF-1000 is one of the highly recommended LED grow light under budget of 200$.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • One of its own kind design and build.
  • Highly reliable materials.
  • Backed with LM301B diodes for more bright and sun like light.
  • LM301B diodes are highly power efficient and saves around 40% electricity.
  • Only 100W Power consumption.
  • Ideal choice for coverage of 3′ X 3′.
  • Dense and effective light for higher yield output.
  • Mean Well Driver for keeping it cool and saving more power.
  • Best budget choice for people having budget range of 200$ only.
  • There’s no switches.
  • No daisy port for expansion.

#2. MARS HYDRO SP150 LED GROW LIGHT – Editor’s Choice

Mars Hydro SP150 Best LED grow light for performance within range of 200

Yeah, up next in our list of reviews for bets LEDs within budget range of 200$ is from Mars Hydro.

A well known brand name that’s worth every penny you spend on its products. Yeah, they’re not just known for providing highly budget friendly products but also for level of quality they maintain in it. Like this one and this higher wattage variant in same Reflector series.

Model we’re currently reviewing in this list is SP150. Designed smartly and build authentically this grow light is reason for a lot of gossip among indoor gardening communities.

Yeah, Unlike other traditional LED grow lights on the market for cannabis, this grow light is built in an entirely different way. Firstly, they’re not using normal traditional diodes and instead they’ve opted for SMDs. Yeah, these SMDs are more efficient compared to routine diodes and spreads highly bright light for cannabis plants.

Moreover, power efficiency was key aspect they’ve kept in mind while designing SP150 as they’ve eliminated cooling fans and instead you’ll notice a complete all casing heatsink on it. Yeah, heat dissipation takes place naturally from all around the body of the panel.

So yeah, due to elimination of power hungry elements and replacement of SMDs instead of traditional diodes they’ve succeeded in gaining power efficiency at a higher level. Well, it saves around 70% cost on electricity bills compared to other brands. Yeah, not just budget friendly in term of upfront cost, but also as a long run companion.

Another thing we liked about Mars Hydro SP150 is easy and hassle free mounting. Yeah, installation of the LED grow light that comes withing price range of $200 is very user friendly and easy.

Talking about density levels, Mars Hydro Full spectrum LED grow light is capable of delivering 812 uMol from height of 18″ above your cannabis canopies. Yeah, with this intensity level you’re free to mount it in a 3’X3′ grow tent as its achievable coverage range for this grow light.

Moreover, each and every part on Mars Hydro SP150 full spectrum grow light is made up of highly reliable materials and last longer than your expectation. So with this level of quality it may do a decent job in your grow space for around 50000 hours.

Also, LED board is completely waterproof so people concerned about managing humidity level should have a breath of relief with it as it’s completely safe to operate in such environment where you’re using a humidifier for your weed plants.

However, only LED board is waterproof and wiring is not; so, we advice you to take required care and for not to expose it too much around dripping water supply.

Above all, this grow light by mars hydro comes with warranty period of 3 years and their support quality is quiet impressive according to many people who’ve faced few issues with their delivered unit.

This grow light by mars hydro is further improvised in the year of 2022 and currently in high demand among indoor marijuana cultivators for some reasons. Well, reasons are nonetheless different that what we mentioned throughout this review. Yeah, it’s a complete no brainer for anyone who’s looking for one of the top notch LED grow light for their cannabis plants.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Unbeatable build quality in range of $200
  • Spectrum that pleases your plants and results in higher yield outputs.
  • Saves a lot of bucks on electricity bills with help of modern age parts and design.
  • Utilization of SMDs instead of traditional diodes.
  • Marvelous level of brightness and intensity in its light effect.
  • Coverage caliber up to 3’X3′.
  • Actual power draw of only 134W.
  • Waterproof LED board.
  • Safest option for indoor cannabis growing.
  • Wiring isn’t waterproof so precautionary measures are advisable.
  • Elimination of mode switches and daisy port.

#3. KING PLUS 1000W DUAL CHIP LED GROW LIGHT – Made For Performance

King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light for 200$ budget

“King Plus”! A well known name for manufacturing durable and reliable indoor growing and hydroponic tools.

Yeah, King plus 1000W LED grow light is one of the best LED grow light available under price range of $200. And, key reasons behind its selection in this list of reviews is, its spectrum caliber, build quality, comfort and convenience for usage and power efficiency.

So, let’s go through everything it has to offer to you for achieving success in your indoor cannabis growing journey.

Firstly, Its spectrum quality is remarkable. Yeah, selection and placement of diodes on the board is done in a way so that it produce highly plant oriented spectrum.

Moreover, we also noticed that ratio of Blue and Red is maintained quiet impressively and plants growing beneath King Plus 1000W LED grow light are found healthier and greener compared to other grow lights.

May be, this grow light is capable of turning a key that opens the door of best possible photosynthesis process where chlorophyll elements are produced significantly in our plants.

So yeah, people looking for an option that gives best possible spectrum output shouldn’t miss this best LED grow light under 200 dollars budget.

Moreover, build quality and parts are significantly reliable too. Also, from aspect of design and assembly; this grow light is equipped with two separate mode switches so you are free to deliver only required wavelength to your plants according to their stage of lifecycle.

Also, King Plus has succeeded in achieving quiet an impressive level of power efficiency in this 1000W Variant. Yeah, it draws on average 185W for efficient light when you keep both veg and bloom switch ON.

And yeah, talking about coverage; King Plus 1000W LED grow light is suitable for any type of plants grown within an area of 3’X3′ as PAR output of this full spectrum LED grow light from 18″ height is 595 uMol per meter square per second.

And, yeah, if you’re looking for a bit larger coverage of higher intensity from this brand then 1200W Variant by King Plus will be your best bet. Check our review for 1200W Variant by King here.

Moreover, King Plus has taken nice care of heat dissipation and cooling while designing this 1000W LED grow light with help of incompletely sealed glass and heat sink as well as with cooling fans.

Also, King Plus offers 3 years professional service support to its customers which is quiet good in quality.

Additionally, don’t forget the fact that in the year of 2022, this grow light has gathered a lot of reliance from it’s previous users by receiving tons of positive feedbacks in return of real outputs that it caters to the plants.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • A complete full spectrum LED grow light with IR.
  • Well blend and scientifically proven ratio of Blue and Red in spectrum.
  • Actual power draw of only 185W.
  • Par output of 595 uMol which is impressive.
  • Extensive coverage of up to 3’X3′ grow space.
  • Dual mode switch for higher convenience.
  • Fabulous cooling and temperature management.
  • 3 Years professional support.
  • Only suitable for indoor use.
  • Not waterproof.

#4. BESTVA 1000W FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT – Efficiency All Around

Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light Review for best budget leds on the market

Up next in our reviews of best led grow lights under 200 dollars is from Bestva. Yeah, it’s a china based manufacturer who’ve succeeded in providing highly reliable and trustworthy products to indoor marijuana cultivators.

Yeah, model we’re reviewing in this list is from Reflector series of Bestva. So, let’s take a look at what’s so cool in this variant by Bestva!

Firstly, this 1000W LED grow light by Bestva is manufactured by a team of researchers who’re possessing experience of more than 10 years in this field. Moreover, they’ve professional indoor gardeners in their testing team who test their products before they are released on the market.

Secondly, the most important element that our plant demands while sustaining an indoor growing cycle is quality light. So yeah, Bestva 1000W LED grow light also succeeds in delivering plant oriented full spectrum light that boosts plant growth and helps them in improving process of cell building and leaf building.

Apart from that, Bestva Reflector 1000W LED grow light is also famous among many indoor gardeners for it’s highly cost savvy nature.

Yeah it’s not just budget friendly buying option, but also helps in saving few bucks each month by pulling only 185W for efficient light delivery over the plants.

Now, for those who’re seeking information regarding coverage caliber of Bestva 1000W; we’re glad to mention that it is capable of covering 4’X4′ of cannabis grow space with PAR delivery of 612 uMol from 18″ height.

Moreover, there are two separate mode switches available on the panel using which you could operate it according to your indoor plant’s lifecycle.

Also, Bestva provides everything you need to operate it in a packed indoor grow space like safety glasses, hanging kit, rope, user manual and other mounting accessories.

Bestva 1000W Reflector LED grow light comes with 3 years of extensive and customer friendly after sales support.

So, in case you’re planning to replace your 600W HPS system with an LED grow light under pricing of 200 dollars then this one is definitely a great choice.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Highly qualified and experienced team behind design and making.
  • Durable parts and materials.
  • Plant oriented full spectrum with optimal ratio of blue and red.
  • Inclusion of IR in its spectrum
  • Coverage potential for an area of 4’X4′ from 18″ height.
  • Remarkable level of power efficiency with actual power draw of 185W.
  • Decent cooling and temperature management.
  • Reliable support team to back you up anytime your unit face any issue.
  • Elimination of daisy port.
  • Not waterproof.

#5. YEHSENCE 1500W LED GROW LIGHT – Best For All Phases

Yehsence 1500W LED Review

Up next in Bloomshower‘s reviews of best LED grow light under 200 budget range is from Yehsence.

Yeah, Yehsence 1500W LED grow light has succeeded in pleasing a significant amount of indoor cannabis growers with its performance and quality.

Best thing about this fabulous LED grow light by Yehsence is triple chip diodes. Yeah, Dual chip diodes are quiet famous on the market but this brand has succeeded in implementing triple chip mechanism.

Due to triple chip diodes, light quality and intensity in nonetheless lower than a COB LED grow light which is a new trend among indoor gardeners nowadays.

Talking about spectrum, Yehsence 1500W Triple Chip LED grow light is a complete full spectrum LED panel designed to provide cannabis plants with best possible light they deserve.

With help of triple chip diodes Yehsence 1500W LED grow light delivers 756 uMol from height of 18″. And, with help of this level of intensity from this grow light one could easily achieve coverage for an area of 3.5′ X 3.5′ uniformly.

Now, if we discuss its power efficiency, then this 1500W LED by yehsence is designed by professional and highly qualified researchers who’re experienced in this field. So, yeah, actual power draw by Yehsence 1500W LED grow light is 265W which is 80% less than old fashioned 900W HPS and MH systems.

This grow light is ideal for anyone growing marijuana indoors as well as for those who’re growing other green plants in their grow space.

Also, for cooling stability yehsence 1500W is equipped with highly stable and silently operating cooling fans along with heat sink. So, your plants are safe all around from heat and burning issues.

As additional elements and features this grow light features two separate mode switches, daisy port and various safety cerfications.

And yeah, Yehsence 1500 Watt LED grow light comes with 3 years of warranty period along with 90 days moneyback guarantee which is in our opinion longest term for refund on the market. Yeah, definitely it makes Yehsence one of the best led grow light for budget of $200.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Highly Stable LED Grow Light.
  • Spectrum focused on best returns from marijuana plants.
  • Highly dense light for best level of absorption.
  • Extensive and massive coverage caliber.
  • Cost savvy and economical power requirements.
  • Decent cooling caliber.
  • Daisy port on backside for expanding grow area.
  • Dual mode switches.
  • Longest period of refund on the market.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Supports timer but needs to purchase separately.

#6. GREENGO 1200W LED – Best Budget LED Grow Light Under 200

GreenGo Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Still looking for cheapest option in range of 200 dollars? Then GreenGo full spectrum LED grow light might impress you with not only pricing but also with its performance caliber and potential.

Yeah, GreenGo 1200W LED grow light cheapest and budget friendly option we’ve found while curating products to review in our list of best LED Grow Lights under 200$ budget.

In our expert’s opinion, GreenGo is hidden in the pile because the name itself isn’t quiet famous and hence people are feeling skeptical to give it a try. But, we took one step ahead and bring it in our lab to test. Well, results were impressive and that’s the reason it succeeds for inclusion in our reviews of best LEDs under 200 price range.

Let’s take a look at what we got from GreenGo 1200W LED Grow light.

Firstly, this 1200W LED Grow Light by GreenGo is a complete full spectrum panel which spreads very well blend effect of Blue and Red over plant canopies. Also, Inclusion of IR and UV makes it best to boost cell building and germination.

Moreover, with two separate mode switches for veg and bloom modes this 1200W LED Grow Light By GreenGo offers you extensive freedom of swapping between preferred wavelength of blue or red.

Also, this grow light is already compatible for a coverage area of 3.5′ X 3.5′ but in case you’re expecting more coverage then you could add an additional LED grow light with help of daisy port provided on backside of the panel.

Well, in order to provide this much coverage they’ve succeeded in delivering near to 900 uMol from 18″ height. Yeah, that’s a lot of denser light for this price. In our opinion, this capability alone in GreenGo makes it one of the best LED grow light under 200 dollars budget range.

Now, if we look at its power requirement then GreenGo 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow light needs 248W of electricity for efficient working during flowering phase.

For cooling and stable surrounding to your plants they’ve equipped this panel with two highly reliable cooling fans which does its job pretty decently.

Also, 3 years of warranty period by GreenGo is a complete bonus at this price to experience a complete worry free gardening job indoors.

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable LED grow light for your marijuana plants then your should look no further and invest in this tremendous and highly reliable LED grow light in our opinion.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Highly reliable and trustworthy build quality.
  • A complete and optimal full spectrum for cannabis plants.
  • Dual mode switches for extensive control over light effect.
  • Extremely bright and intense light with PAR output near to 900 uMol from 18″.
  • Coverage potential of massive 3.5’X3.5′ of area.
  • Daisy port available on the LED grow light.
  • Power pulling below 250W makes it highly energy efficient.
  • Extensive and satisfactory stability in grow room temperature.
  • Stellar support and hassle free warranty.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Extremely bright and requires safety glass to look at.

Our Bottomline

Well, as our budgets are fixed up front; now our only concern should be what exactly we want from our future LED grow light in this range of 200$.

Yeah, all these selected LED grow light under 200 dollars in these reviews are vetted for several basic and ideal requirements already. So all you’re left with to make a final move is your other preferrences like coverage, spectrum suitability, diode types and power consumption.

In our opinion, if you’re planning to go for something new then Mars Hydro SP150 is one of the best option out there.

For people expecting traditional but reliable and trustworthy products with guaranteed results should opt for either King plus 1000W LED grow light or Bestva 1000W LED grow light.

And for cheapest option in this budget range, GreenGo isn’t a bad option either.

So now, make your call wisely and let us know about your journey in our comment section.

Till then, have a green and happy growing buddy.

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