Best LED Light for 4X4 Grow Tent – Detailed Guide With Reviews

It won’t be wrong to say that 4X4 is the most favorite and most utilized grow space among indoor gardeners.

However, growing in a 4X4 grow tent with a best suitable LED grow light could create wonders in your grow space.

Here, in this reviews of best led lights for 4X4 grow tent we’ve curated top 8 products that are ideal and best fit for the mentioned grow space sizing.

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Moreover, selection of an LED grow light depends on several characteristics as well, and we’ve taken all the care of the same to reduce your work of researching further.

Yeah, just go through mentioned reviews, and grab one that fulfills all your needs in term of not only sizing but also in performance, durability and convenience.

Best LED Grow Lights For 4X4 Grow Tent In 2020

Best LED Lights for 4X4 Grow Tent in 2020

Best LED Grow Lights For 4X4 Grow Tent
#1 – Advance Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Extremely Intense Light
  • Unbeatable PAR Outputs
  • Massive Coverage

#2 – Viparspectra PAR1200 LED
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Strong And Sturd Build
  • Unique Design
  • Fabulous PAR & Coverage

#3 – Mars Hydro 900W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • Affordable LED
  • Extra Ordinary Spectrum
  • Coverage of > 4’ X 4’ Area

#4 – Maxbloom X4 Plus LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Combination of COB with LED
  • Amazing Control
  • Massive Coverage Caliber

#5 – King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Decent Build
  • Effective Spectral Caliber
  • Dense and Efficient Light

#6 – Viparspectra Reflector V1200 LED
Our Rating: 9.0/10

  • Best Budget Product
  • Active Spectrum for Plants
  • Large Enough Coverage

So, now let’s begin with our expert’s opinions about each and every curated products.

  1. Advanced Platinum Series P P300 300W LED Grow Light – Masterpiece of indoor growing

Advanced Platinum P Series P300 300W LED Grow Light for 4X4 grow tent

Yeah, product that win first position in our list is from a well-known brand among indoor gardeners based in USA.

Well, the reason is pretty obvious that it’s a brand that is USA based and materials and product quality is pretty decent and above all other competitors in LED grow light segment.

Now, if we talk about performance of Advanced platinum P300 in a 4X4 grow tent this grow light is capable of delivering a full spectrum beam all over grow space of sizing 4.5’ X 3.8’.

Yeah, it’s a full spectrum LED grow light and delivers all the essential bands that your plants seek for perfect growth and sustainable health.

Moreover, we’ve tested it personally in our lab and we’ve discovered that this panel by advanced platinum is made up of almost all USA based materials and parts.

Yeah, it’s pretty sturd and strong that could last longer than an ideal LED grow light sold at a lower pricing range.

Also, there are two separate mode controllers available on it and they can be a lot of help while your plants swap between phased of its lifecycle.

Highly reliable cooling system is also one of the great capability of advanced platinum P300 LED grow light.

Now, if we talk about density and coverage caliber then platinum LEDs are also famous for there highly dense light and brightness. Yeah, it spreads around 1050 uMol from 18” height and 683 uMol from 24” height which is higher than even some of the 1000W models on the market.

With that much dense light one could achieve 3’ X 2’ of blooming coverage while 4.8’ X 3.5’ of vegetative coverage for your plants. Yeah, this is something that gives us confidence to keep it at first place in our list of best led grow lights for 4X4 grow tent.

Now, talking about actual power draw, this grow light won’t cost you an entire empire in the long run as it only pulls 180W of electricity for functioning and that too when you run it with both veg and bloom switches ON.

Moreover, advanced platinum provides 5 years of a complete and stellar support to their customer which is highly satisfying in case of trouble while using it.

Pros & Cons of Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light

  • Premium Quality product.
  • Highly Durable & Reliable.
  • Made In USA.
  • Truly Bright Light for plants.
  • Density that’s unbeatable by others. 1050 uMol @ 18”.
  • Full & Complete Spectrum for Faster and improvised Photosynthesis.
  • Lower power requirements of only 180W while running both mode ON.
  • Massive coverage that makes it compatible for a 4X4 grow tent.
  • Fabulous cooling capabilities.
  • Stellar and best quality support & warranty.
  • Light is extremely bright and requires safety while looking at it.
  • A bit pricey product so budget needs to be stretched a bit for better experience.

Advanced Platinum P300’s Suitability

Advanced platinum P300 is made up for best experience among indoor weed cultivators. With highly reliable parts and its working one won’t try other light after using it.

Most suitable grower segment for Advanced Platinum P300 is people planning to grow their plant within their maximum coverage requirement of 4’ X 4’.

Also, people expecting best par output shouldn’t look further and try this beast out.

Our Verdict

As far as our opinion regarding this one of the best led grow light for 4X4 grow tent is concerned, all we’d say is go for it if you’ve enough budget to spend on a high quality and premium product.

Moreover, results you’d obtain using this masterpiece will automatically save you a lot in very short amount of time. Yeah, we’ve confirmed that people using other 600W panels have failed to get better results than this 300W LED Grow light.

Want more about this grow light? You can check: Review and Buying Guide – Advanced Platinum P300 300W LED Grow Light.

  1. Viparspectra PAR1200 1200W LED Grow Light – One for Budget Bound Growers

Viparspectra Dimmable PAR Series PAR1200 1200W LED Grow Light - Top Rated LED For 4X4 Grow

Yeah, up next in the list of best LEDs for 4X4 grow tent is from a well-known Chinese manufacturer called Viparspectra.

Moreover, the model we’re currently reviewing in this list falls under their series of high PAR output producing LED grow lights and is named as PAR series.

Yeah, with massive PAR outputs of 1140 uMol from 18” height this grow light had succeeded frequently in producing highly resinous and aromatic buds in many indoor grower’s growspace.

Now, talking about quality of product, all we’d like to mention here is “YOU WON’T REGRET YOUR DECISION”. Yeah, it’s strong enough to stay there for longer lifespan of around 100000 hours.

Above that, if you’re planning to grow in a 4X4 grow space then you’ll require a complete spectral output and Viparspectra PAR1200 is pretty much capable of fulfilling that requirement. Yeah, it has a complete 12 band spectrum which also includes Infrared & Ultraviolet shades in it.

Moreover, With highly dense and directly absorbable brightness this panel by viparspectra can easily cover a vegetative area of 4’ X 4’ and blooming area of 3.5’ X 3.5’ from 18 & 22-24 inches of height respectively.

Talking about additional features PAR1200 comes with 2 Veg-Bloom dimmers. Yeah, it is dimmable and you could adjust its brightness and mildness accordingly. Apart from that, 5 front facing high speed and quietly operating cooling fans are provided for convenient usage inside a packed grow space.

Now, if we talk about most essential factor in selection process, then it’d be actual power pulling. Yeah, when we think about cost, it should be our non-negligible factor. Viparspectra PAR1200 pulls on average 545W of electricity.

Now, if we talk about its compatibility then while Platinum P300 & PAR1200 has almost same coverage caliber & PAR outputs, this one cost less in the beginning while pulls more wattage compare to its competitor. So, in our opinion, this grow light has more recurring cost compare to Platinum LED and hence our recommendation based on longer run cost will go with Platinum P300 only.

However, if you’ve not a high budget and want to go with a product ranging below 5 hundred bucks then this will be a perfect fit.

Also, note that, viparspectra provides a quality support for 3 years and you could return or replace the product in case of defect for 30 days.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra PAR1200 1200W LED Grow Light

  • Ultimate PAR provider in a good budget range.
  • Effective and plant oriented spectral output.
  • Better, Greener & Healthier Plants Noticed Beneath this Beast.
  • Highly durable quality of product by viparspectra.
  • A good led light for 4’ X 4’ grow tent.
  • Efficient cooling with front facing fans.
  • Dual mode dimmer controllers for comfort and convenience.
  • Power consumption of around 545W if run with both mode ON at full brightness.
  • Longer warranty & support with satisfying response time and co-operation.
  • Long lasting product with lifespan of more than 100000 hours.
  • Well-known brand’s trust with you in your indoor growing ventures.
  • Too bright to look at directly.
  • Longer run cost is a bit higher compared to other premium brands such as advanced platinum.

Viparspectra PAR1200 1200W’s Suitability

This grow light by viparspectra is a best fit for people expecting higher PAR output and density at an affordable price range. Also, quality of product along with light quality concerning plant growth & health is better than many on the market. So, it’ll be a perfect fit for people looking out for best quality of light for their 4X4 grow tent.

Our Verdict

TBH, if you’ve a bit higher upfront product purchasing budget then go with advanced platinum as it’ll cost you less money in the longer run.

Moreover, from plant’s health and growth perspective this grow light is going edge to edge with advanced platinum so we couldn’t say that it has performance issues and hence we’d also like to recommend this product if you’ve tight budget to spend on a grow tool in the beginning.

  1. Mars Hydro 900W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – A Light for 4X4 Grow Tent

Mars Hydro 900W LED Grow Light - Best LED Grow Light for 4X4 grow tent

Yeah, now it’s time to move towards something cool & affordable, isn’t it? So, now, we’re going to give our review about one of the best full spectrum led light for 4X4 grow tent after testing in our several grower’s space.

Our next pick in the list is from “Mars Hydro”, yeah, a brand with thousands of satisfied hearts. Yeah, this is a china based brand but has its warehouses all major tier one countries where indoor growing trend is on the peak.

If we talk about Mars 900W then reason behind its inclusion in this list is that it just don’t have caliber to cover an area of more than 4’X4’ but it has marvelous light quality and spectral caliber as well.

Yeah, talking about spectrum, it has a complete 12 band spectrum in its light effect which is delivered accurately over the plant canopies.

Also, concerning coverage you could rely on it even if you’ve higher expectancy than 4X4 as it could cover around 5’ X 5’ of grow area during vegetation phase without any trouble. Yeah, plant growth and health won’t be compromised even if you utilize it for larger coverage than 4X4.

Moreover, it won’t tear down your pockets in longer run as it only pulls 360-375W of power from outlet which is acceptable for this coverage range.

Apart from that two separate mode switches on backside of the LED grow light is there to operate it conveniently among various phases of a plant’s lifecycle.

Also, 4 highly functional cooling fans are equipped inside the panel along with a sink to dissipate the heat smartly.

However, we’ve got a bit of bad response regarding noise from fans after usage of 1-1.5 years. Well, that’s common from a product under this price range.

Also, 3 year’s authentic warranty is provided from manufacturer’s side where response rate is quick, decent and friendly.

Pros & Cons of Mars II 900W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • A complete full spectrum LED grow light for better plant results.
  • Highly dense light delivering 1267 uMol @ 18” height.
  • Strong quality unit for longer use.
  • Dual Switch for mode swaping among various phases of lifecycle.
  • Coverage caliber up to 5’ X 5’ for vegetation.
  • Actual power pulling limited to maximum 375W.
  • Reliable and cool enough fans and heat management.
  • Better quality plants inside an intermediate grower’s house.
  • ETL, RoHS & CE certified product from satety’s point of view.
  • Daisy chaining available for further grow area expansion.
  • Minimal weight & compatibility for a 4’X4’ grow tent.
  • Consumer oriented support for 3 years.
  • Fans starts making a bit of noise after usage of around 1-1.5 years.
  • Product requires extra care if dripping water flow is nearby it’s installation.

Mars Hydro II 900W’s Suitability

If you’re looking for one of the best LED grow light for your 4X4 grow space with reliable quality and decent performance ratings then look no further and go for it.

Yeah, it’s accurately compatible for people on a hunt for one good quality product for their mid sized grow space. Also, it’s user friendly and safe to use so a beginner with mentioned growing requirements will fit perfectly to it’s suitable audience segment.

Our Verdict

Just go for it if you want a bit of freedom while growing your plants in vegetation as it could cover an area of around 5’ X 5’ during that same phase.

Also, light quality is better compared to all other 900W grow panels in LED segment in this price range.

Our recommendation for this panel lies in a sole reason that it’s a good quality product at an affordable price tag.

  1. Maxbloom X4 Plus – COB LED Grow Light

MaxBloom X4 Plus - Best COB LED Grow Light Compatible for 4X4 grow space

Yeah, you catch it right. Our last recommendation isn’t an ordinary LED grow light, but it’s a modern art technology packed COB light in our list.

There are several reasons behind including it in our list of top 3 best led grow lights for a 4X4 grow tent. We’ll talk about all of them in this COB grow light review.

However, we’d still like to disclose prime selection factor here, yeah, take a look at Maxbloom COB’s price here.

Got it? Yeah, if a state of the art tech is possible at a lower price than ordinary old fashion light then why not to choose the one?

Now, let’s talk all about Maxbloom X4 Plus.

Maxbloom X4 Plus COB LED Grow light is equipped with a combination of conventional LED chips and advanced COB placement in the center of the panel.

Combining all the lights it generates an optimal spectrum effect for green plants which includes almost all most vital and essential bands in it.

Also, COBs in the center maximizes light effect and intensity by delivering highly bright lights all over the grow space.

All in all, for spectrum, intensity and brightness we’d give 10 out of 10 to this Maxbloom grow panel.

Also, Maxbloom COB light is protected using silicon rubber material to avoid failure due to regular water dripping issues in growing space.

In case, you’re thinking that it’s a COB so it would be drawing a lot of power for its working then I suppose you might be wrong, as it only pulls around 200W of electricity from the wall.

Also, grow light for is equipped with two separate dimmer knobs for managing light brightness during various stages of plants lifecycle.

Yeah, during vegetation your plants would crave for blue lights so you’ll have to set veg and flower knobs accordingly so that it delivers a much-needed quality of light to the plants. In flowering too, you’ll have the convenience of keeping things in the control using this knobs.

Now, comes the most vital part which will determine whether it is suitable for your 4X4 grow tent or not. Yeah, it’s coverage.

As far as coverage capability of this grow light is concerned, it could cover around 4’ X 4’ of grow space easily from the height of 24”.

Also, beneficial part here is its brightness potential will boost depending on your grow tent reflection. Also, we’d recommend you to go for a light leakage proof grow tent in case you’ve not bought one yet.

Research and development team behind its design had kept all the things in mind while designing this product. Also, there long term expertise on the market could be imagined by using this grow light in your growing venture.

For cooling, they’ve equipped grow light with multiple cooling fans and high quality and reliable aluminum heat sink. Combination of both these parts takes care of temperature balancing in a perfect manner. Yeah, it’s definitely one of the best cob led grow light out there on the market.

Maxbloom is the quiet famous name, and they’re performing fabulously on the market since a long time back.

Hence, MaxBloom is delivered along with 5 years hassle free warranty.

However, we approached the people who’re using it since a long time and asked whether they faced any issue with the product or not?

Their response indicated that everyone could go for it with confidence as the majority of them are still using it for more than 6 years in their grow space.

Pros and Cons of Maxbloom X4 Plus 8th Generation COB Grow Light

  • Marvellous results in terms of yield and quality of flowers
  • Highly intense and bright light improves growth
  • Perfect fit for people hunting for a best led panel for their 4X4 grow area.
  • Reliable materials & parts with prior testing for final assembly.
  • Dual mode switches for convenience & comfort while using.
  • Satisfying caliber in terms of coverage.
  • Save a lot in longer run with its efficiency concerning power pulling.
  • Cooling and temperature balancing is at its best
  • 5 year warranty period is longest on the market at this rate.
  • It is not daisy daisy chainable.

MaxBloom X4’s Buyer Segment

People looking out for something advanced for their indoor growing plants will like it. Yeah, with COBs in the center and decent light this grow light is a perfect fit for above mentioned buyer segment.

Our Verdict

COB technology is getting famous due to light effectiveness nowadays. Majority of growers are moving towards top rated COB grow lights since its most active and modern technology as far as growing and gardening future is concerned.

We’re recommending MaxBloom X4 Plus to all our readers in case they’re planning to use it inside their 4X4 grow tent.

  1. King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – Light for Plant Oriented Spectrum

King Plus 1000 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for 4X4 growbox

With having more than 1.5K reviews on various online shopping sites this grow light have proven its caliber in many indoor grower’s grow spaces.

Moreover, its appraisal is not just for the pricing it is offered at but in reality its performance is one of the key factor playing major role in its appraisal.

Yeah, with dimensions of 12.2”X.26”X2.36” and weight of around 6.39 pounds this grow light becomes one of the best compact led grow light for indoor plants.

Also, quality of this unit by king plus is top notch and is admired by many who’ve failed after using some cheap led grow lights.

Moreover, King Plus 1000W LED grow light provides a complete and optimal spectrum output which is directly correlated to plant’s growth. Yeah, almost all essential and most vital bands observed in real sunlight is found in its spectral output.

Now, taking about central part of this article, which is coverage then King Plus 1000W LED could deliver 595 uMol @ 18” height and with this much density an area of around 4’ X 4’ could be covered with an ease.

Moreover, as there’s two separate mode switches available in this grow light, you won’t require to increase or decrease the hanging height of light. Yeah, that’s pretty convenient. Isn’t it?

Also, even if you’re unsure about your final grow area and have 4X4 requirement for beginning then there’s a daisy chain port available on this grow light so you’ll have freedom of expansion in future.

Talking about something that matters in long run like power draw then this grow light pulls 185W of power on average and that too only if you run it at its maximum potential. Yeah, this feature makes it one of the best led for 4X4 grow area.

Also, with efficient and smart cooling system inside the panel itself it’ll reduce cost for additional cooling tools like exhaust and all.

We’d also like to mention that King Plus provides 3 years warranty along with 90 days refund policy for disappointed buyers. Well, you’ll never prefer to return it unless there’s any defect as this product is made for a completely satisfying experience.

Pros & Cons of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Strong and durable materials in making.
  • Comfort and convenience offered with additional features like daisy port and dual mode switches.
  • A complete spectrum for boosting your plant’s growth.
  • Decent PAR output for acceptable density level.
  • Maximum coverage goes up to 4’ X 4’
  • Power pulling of mere 185W plays major role in saving a lot in longer run.
  • Affordable upfront pricing for beginners.
  • Silent and smart heat dissipation for healthy plants.
  • Higher yield output verified.
  • Decent support for 3 years is cherry on the top.
  • Product isn’t equipped with timer.
  • King Plus 1000W is not a waterproof unit hence requires a bit of care from dripping water.

Probable Suitability for King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

King plus 1000W is a perfect fit people who wants to rely on a quality product at an affordable pricing.

Also, people with coverage area of 4X4 or less are buying and using it happily due to massive positive response it has gathered from various previous users.

Our Verdict

If you’re expecting a solid and reliable LED grow light for your 4X4 grow tent and could adjust with a bit of lower density compared to our previously reviewed models then this grow light is one of the perfect fit for budget bound buyers.

Yeah, it just don’t cost less upfront but it also costs less in longer run usage as power pulling of this panel is very low compared to other available models for 4X4 grow tent.

  1. Viparspectra Reflector Series V1200 1200W LED – Marvellous Product At An Affordable Rate

Viparspectra Reflector 1200W LED Grow Light - Best LED For 4X4 grow tent

Yeah, up next in our list is again from Viparspectra. As we discussed earlier, this brand has grabbed a lot of attention from their customers due to level of perfection in performance.

The model we’re reviewing currently as a good fit for 4X4 grow tent is from their series named Reflector V series.

Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light is symbol of charming perfection at an affordable pricing for several reasons.

Yeah, we’re going to discuss everything in detail in this review of viparspectra 1200W LED panel for you. So, let’s proceed further with basic specs and details of it.

This 1200W LED grow light from viparspectra features a body build up and dimensions of 19.4”X19.4”X3” and weighs at 20 pounds. Yeah, it’s compact and solid in quality compared to other LED grow lights available on the market.

Moreover, Viparspectra 1200W is equipped with 240 epistar LEDs of 5W each and spreads a complete full spectrum effect all over the plant canopies beneath it.

Plants grown under Viparspectra 1200W LED found to be of good quality and healthy. So, we could confirm that its spectrum is reliable enough even if you’re a beginner into indoor gardening space.

There’re two separate mode switches that offers comfort of usage when your plants change between its phases of lifecycle. Also, a short guideline booklet is provided with this LED grow light that helps you in understanding its working in a better way.

Talking about coverage this grow light produces 750 uMol of PAR outputs in the center from a hanging height of around 18”. Well, that’s a enough of dense light for our live plants and you could easily cover a space of around 4.5’ X 4.5’ by hanging it a bit far than mentioned height.

Yeah, during vegetation; and during blooming reduce it a bit to obtain 3.5’ X 3.5’ of coverage out of it.

If we talk about actual power requirements of viparspectra V1200 1200W LED grow light model then it’s not just a best budget LED from initial pricing point of view; but, it also saves a lot in longer run.

Yeah, with actual power pulling of merely 500W it could enlighten your grow space affordably for a longer period.

Also, make a note that this grow light features highly reliable and stable cooling fans for easy heat dissipation and fresh environmental maintenance.

Moreover, 3 years of worry free warranty is offered by manufacturer along with 30 days money back policy.

Yeah, it’s there so that you could try it initially without any worry and if you don’t feel satisfied just raise a quick refund request.

Read detailed features explained of this grow light at: Review Of Viparspectra Reflector 1200W LED Grow Light.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra 1200W LED grow Light

  • A strong and reliable build from viparspectra.
  • Longer lifespan of more than 100000 hours.
  • A plant oriented full spectrum effect.
  • Marvelous yield outputs verified by real life users and our experts.
  • Dual mode switching for easy user experience.
  • Unbeatable PAR outputs in this pricing segment.
  • Coverage of around 4.5’X4.5’ making it one of the best led for 4X4 grow tent.
  • Power pulling limited to 500W.
  • Silent cooling system for smart heat dissipation.
  • 3 years of worry free warranty for users.
  • 30 days moneyback for disappointed users.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Not safe to look at directly.

Suitable grower segment for this Best LED for 4X4 grow tent

As long as its suitability is concerned, anyone expecting a solid quality and reliable grow light for their 4X4 grow space with a completely leak-proof grow tent would like it in their rucksack.

Moreover, people expecting a best budget LED for long-time use with minimal power pulling might also will also like it.

Also take a look at these other best budget LED Grow Light: Best Cheap LED Grow Light For Indoor Marijuana

Our Verdict

As mentioned earlier in this review of best led grow light for 4X4 grow space, this one will fit your requirements perfectly even if you’ve low budget to invest on.

Moreover, quality of product and yield outputs are verified from real life users and we’ve discussed about it in our detailed review as well.

So, you could go for it based on above mentioned caliber and performance ratings of this tremendous 1200W full spectrum LED grow light from Viparspectra.


4X4 grow space is perfect as a general starter criterion.

We often recommend our readers to start with moderately sized space where our recommendation lies between 2X2 to 4X4. Yeah, the prime reason for this recommendation is you can get better with this sized space. Also, it becomes easy to test things while growing in a 4X4 grow space.

Nowadays, the majority of grow tent suppliers, and manufacturers provide reflective materials as interior fabric. So that light could revert to the plant and to make it possible to absorb almost all the lights generated inside grow space.

So, yeah, here while deciding for one of the best led grow light for your 4X4 grow tent just one thing is a crucial factor to consider. Well, that’s the price and long-term cost concerning power efficiency.

Yeah, as our expert team has cross-checked all other factors and we’ve verified the facts and figure by reaching out to the existing users.

So, as help in the decision-making process, we’d like to recommend lights based on budget and power efficiency.

Hence, a person with a low budget and top-rated power efficiency should go with Maxbloom X4 plus.

On the other hand, for a bit better performance and results you’ll need to stretch your budget further and could select either Viparspectra PAR1200 or Masr II 900W LED grow light for your 4X4 grow tent.

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