Best LED Grow Lights For 2X2 Grow Tent – Reviews of 2023

Are you planning to start growing weed indoor? Then, grow area of 2X2 is best sizing to start with. And yeah, for growing effectively you’ll need one of the best led grow light for 2X2 grow tent.

So yeah, in this article we’ve picked some of tremendously working and effective result producing LED grow lights for you to start within small grow space of 2X2 feet.

Our product selection process comprises of multiple factors such as spectrum, density, energy efficiency, wattage and user friendliness.

Moreover, we only consider those products in our selection process which are praised by its existing users and are value for the money they invest on it.

Now, without wasting our time in further quarrel, let’s start with our reviews of best led grow lights for 2X2 grow tent in 2023.

Best LED Grow Lights for 2X2 Grow Tent


Reviews of Best LED Grow Lights for 2X2 Grow Tents – Top Picks of 2023

Here are the reviews of our top 5 selected picks for you to start with. Yeah, you should go through each of the reviewed item and at the end select one which matches other requirements apart from sizing. Well yeah, we assure you that each product being selected in this list are perfect for grow area of 2 feet by 2 feet.

#1. PHLIZON NEWEST 600W LED Plant Grow Light – Editor’s Choice

Phlizon 600W LED grow light for 2X2 grow area

If you’re just starting with your first grow of indoor cannabis growing, then safety should be your primary concern.

Yeah, Phlizon Newest 600W LED grow light is all around safe to utilize for even a beginner. Moreover, it has complete full spectrum and still light pulls low power on average to perform efficienty.

Also, Phlizon newest 600W is equipped with dual switches for separate and preferred operation depending on plant’s growth.

Moreover, build professionally and with help of highly skilled and qualified team of researches, this 600W led grow light is highly durable and capable of lasting longer than 5 years with longer lifespan.

Talking further on build, this grow light by Phlizon doesn’t feature any reflector to maximize its produced light. Yeah, they’re using optical lens cover to implement maximization. Also, this practice is to ensure best possible safety of an LED grow light.

Now, if we look at spectrum quality then with help of 60 dual chip diodes placed scientifically on the PCB they’ve achieved best possible spectrum we could expect from an ideal grow light.

Yeah, it’s complete full spectrum with combination of IR and UV in its effect. If you don’t know, let me tell you that UV and IR are two most essential wavelengths which are required in very less amount by your plants but its impact and importance in its growth is crucial.

From height of 18″ this grow light delivers 350 uMol readings on the PAR meter which is acceptable for small grow area of 2X2. Also, for producing this level of intensity in brightness, Phlizon 600W model only pulls 103W as actual power.

Yeah, with this level of intensity in brightness one can achieve coverage of 2′ X 2′ with an ease in their grow space.

Also, being a 2′ X 2′ compliant grow light, we highly recommend you to choose grow tent of 2′ X 2′ only so that less light loss occur in your growing job.

Apart from all these essential factors and capabilities, there are few additional features in Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light which we’d like to mention.

Yeah, as additional function they’re providing efficient cooling system on the panel, daisy port to achieve large coverage in future, and dual mode switches.

Also, they’re providing a complete installation set along with a humidity monitor as a freebies. Yeah, as Phlizon Newest 600W is not a waterproof LED grow light, it’s always better to keep an eye on humidity level.

Moreover, installation manual is very easy to understand and process of installation won’t take more than 10 minutes even if you’re completely unfamiliar or doing it for first time.

Above all, they’re providing proactive customer support for 2 years on this 2X2 grow tent compliant LED grow light.

In our opinion, if you’re looking out for a quality light with safer design and higher efficiency with optimal pricing then Phlizon Newest 600W is one of the best bet for you.

Furthermore, not only for 2X2 grow tents, but even if you’re looking for a grow light suitable to bigger sized grow space, then you could rely on may be phlizon’s 1000W or 1200W variants, and it won’t let you down.

Pros & Cons of Phlizon 600W LED Grow Light

  • Durable materials and aesthetic design.
  • Affordable price range makes it best fit for 2X2 grow tent.
  • Elimination of harmful reflector
  • Maximization of Brightness with optical lens cover and well set focal angle
  • Impressive coverage caliber up to 2X2 feet.
  • Separate mode switches along with daisy chain feature.
  • Highly energy efficient as pulls merely 103W
  • Optimal Full Spectrum best for cannabis plants
  • Proactive customer support for 2 years.
  • Starts making noise after 2-3 years.
  • Design is not waterproof.

#2. VIPARSPECTRA UL CERTIFIED 450W LED Grow Light – Best LED Grow Light for All Phases

Viparspectra V450 450W LED grow light for 2X2 grow tent

Well, Up next in our list for reviews of best led lights for 2X2 tent is from a highly reputed brand “Viparspectra”.

Yeah, since its inception this manufacturer is delighting its consumer based with reliable and user friendly growing tools.

Well, as we’re bound to cover only those grow lights which are suitable for 2X2 grow tent sizing, we’ve picked V450 from its reflector series.

Yeah, for those who believe that perfect intensity and division of wavelength is only possible with reflector design, this is perfect fit.

Now, If we look at build quality of Viparspectra V450 LED grow light then it’s completely metal framed LED with improved reflector panel. Yeah, its reflector is completely fireproof and non-hazardous so it won’t melt even at higher temperature level.

In shape, it might seem compact though when it comes to durability, it’s also heavy-duty power house.

Also, 90PCs of epistar diodes which are highly reliable and trusted among gardening community, this grow light spreads a complete full spectrum in grow tent sizing of 2’X2′.

Yeah, as from 18″ height this grow light is delivering PAR amount equivalent to 622 uMol one may use it for coverage in 2X2 area with fabulously dense light.

Furthermore, With two separate mode switches on Viparspectra 450W LED grow light, it let’s you customize wavelengths depending you cannabis plant’s growth cycle. Well, significance of dual mode controlling is very logical and scientific to be honest.

Moreover, if you’re starting with a small coverage space and planning to expand your horizon in the future then Viparspectra Reflector 450W LED is perfect fit to you. Yeah, as it also features daisy port to chain multiple light units on a single power outlet.

Also, Massive amount of customer feedback and positive reviews on various shopping platforms indicates that this one is definitely one of the best led grow lights for 4X4 grow tent sizing.

And, cherry on the dessert is 3 years worry free US warranty. Yeah, they’ve customer support unit based in USA so you are not going to end up waiting.

All in all, Viparspectra is a giant when it comes to manufacturing indoor growing equipment, and they’re specialized in designing top of the line products in grow light category, so yeah, you could rely on them without any worry.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Highly reliable and trusted brand.
  • Fabulous build quality with strong and durable parts.
  • Perfect design for easy usage.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • A complete full spectrum.
  • Extensive control over wavelength delivery.
  • Highly dense light for better penetration and absorption.
  • Decent cooling.
  • Stellar customer support.
  • Massive amount of consumer feedback with positive wording.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Well, with extreme brightness and reflection of light so harmful to naked eyes.

#3. MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light – All the way Best Pick for Cannabis

Mars Hydro TS600 LED grow light

Yeah, another pick in our list of best grow lights for 2X2 tent is from Mars Hydro. Well, the brand is reputed for its quality and affordability.

Yeah, they provide all around versatile and ideal LED grow lights for indoor cannabis cultivators. Moreover, they’ve wide range of variants available for different preference.

Now, if we talk about Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light then it’s one of the most ideal grow light for this sizing for some reasons which includes decent brightness and a complete spectrum. Yeah, spectrum that spreads over our required size of 2X2 tent evenly.

Talking about quality, they’ve taken very decent care and their product seems to be well tested and researched before supplying to its users.

Also, its design and looks are aesthetic and anyone would like to have this piece of elegance in their grow space.

Spectrum of this grow light comprise of variety of elements which includes warm white, orange and optimal red that plays vital role in our plants overall growth and good level of heath.

With 591 uMol of PAR readings this light is being proved to be highly intense and dense for better penetration absorption process. Yeah, better absorption and higher energy to plants is the beauty of led grow lights.

Moreover, there’s an advanced and reflective cover that reverts back the produced light and maximize effect. Also, this reflection helps in reducing light loss to aisles and walls.

And yeah, this reflection don’t just save light but also helps in increasing absorption from plants that results into more energy without any harm. In terms of numerals, it’s around 20% increase in penetration and absorption rates in Mars Hydro TS 600W LED Grow light.

Also, one shouldn’t concern about cooling while using this grow light in their 2X2 grow tent as it takes care of the same in very authentic and hygienic way.

Now, if we take a look over real power pulling figures then Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light draws on average 105W for efficient performance. It’s very decent in such a good led grow light for 2X2 grow tent to be honest.

Also, being a reliable supplier of growing tools, mars hydro provides quality support for their customers over mail as well as on call.

As we found, this grow light is capturing attention of growers since more than five last years and in current 2022 as well, it remains one of the top selling full spectrum LED grow light on the market for 2X2 grow tents.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • Highly reliable and trusted brand among indoor growers.
  • A completely balanced spectrum in effect.
  • Jaw dropping intensity level recorded on PAR meter.
  • Unbeatable quality at a fair enough pricing.
  • A good starter light for beginners.
  • Aesthetic design and compact form factor.
  • Low heat generation with smart placement of heatsink.
  • Higher level of light reflection to lower lightloss.
  • Decent support to customers.
  • No mention regarding warranty period.
  • Light effect is more of yellow than being red or blue in our expectations.

#4. ACEPLE FULL SPECTRUM LED Grow Light – Best Budget Pick for 2X2 Grow Space

Aceple Full Spectrum LED grow light review

Looking for a heavy duty and highly durable LED grow light for your 2X2 grow tent? Then, Aceple is one of the great options out there.

Yeah, unlike other cheap LED grow lights on the market this one is designed by keeping overall performance and durability in mind.

Moreover, it’s definitely not a compact panel if you’re looking for such an option. However, with bigger build and form factor it’s like a definite power house for your grow space.

Yeah, we’ve checked this panel all around and found some unbelievable facts about the same.

Firstly, we’ve noticed that while using this panel yields go significantly higher level. Well, it’s around 2.6 gram per wattage. And yeah, that’s impressive because usually within small grow space this much yield is rare to obtain.

Moreover, a completely balanced and plant oriented spectrum with dense brightness is an another plus point of Aceple Full spectrum LED grow light for 2X2 grow tent.

Yeah, with 238 uMol of PAR readings from 20″ height, this grow light becomes one of the best led for 2X2 grow tent or similar indoor grow area.

Also, it just draws around 85-90W on average for efficient working which is great when we draw a long term picture.

Furthermore, Aceple 600W LED grow light is best replacement to a 450W HPS system with help of higher penetration rates.

And yeah, if you’re concerned about heat dissipation inside your grow area, then you’ll be glad to know that with open end design and advanced full body alloy heat sink they’ve succeeded in reducing heat generation to a significant level.

Moreover, Aceple provides 2 years warranty period with this 600W LED grow light unit.

Pros & Cons of LED Grow Light

  • A completely balanced spectrum.
  • Ideal choice that’s also budget friendly in pricing.
  • Heavy duty build.
  • Highly durable design.
  • Dense light.
  • Comparitively higher yield per watt of power.
  • Lowest power consumption around merely 85W.
  • Fabulous cooling system.
  • Fans start making noise after some time.
  • Not waterproof.

Our Bottomline

As we aimed to provide one of the best led grow light for 2X2 grow tent in this article, we aimed to filter out only those LEDs which are affordable in nature. Yeah, that’s the reason we avoided including pricey products such as advanced platinum led grow light.

Now, to conclude, in our opinion, Viparspectra V450 LED grow light is one of the best led grow light for a grow area of 2X2. Well, our conclusion is based on variety of factors that includes, spectrum, intensity, durability, functioning, user friendliness, cooling and so on.

Also, by labeling this LED as best fit for you we’re not saying that others are not good. But, what we meant is that our recommendation is based on some of ideal and key elements that we keep in consideration when recommending something in general.

So yeah, if your requirements are a bit different in any way then you could also choose another option that matches with your needs and make a move based on it.

Happy growing mate.

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