Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light Review – Is It Worth It in 2022?

Are you looking for a quality indoor growing LED grow light? Well, then this Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light review is crafted especially for you.

Yeah, with immense potential and productivity this led grow light succeeded in occupying a decent spot in indoor growers wishlist.

In this review of bestva 1200W LED, we’ll uncover all essential details about it. Well, yeah, we’re not going to praise this light unnecessarily so you’ll also get some downfalls about this grow light in this bestva 1200W review.

Additionally, we want to make sure that not any details about product and it’s capabilities in terms of providing harvest; we’ve gone a step further and taken some of its existing consumers feedback in consideration while crafting this article. We hope, you’d like it.

So, fasten your belt and let’s proceed with this fabulous review and encounter how it is good or bad?, who are recommended user segment for this 1200W grow light?, what are some of noticeable features of bestva 1200W LED grow light? And, so on.

Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light Review for 2022

Bestva 1200W LED Review for indoor cannabis growing

Here are some of the key features we researched about bestva 1200W led grow light. Some of them are really unique and enough to justify its stand among some of the best led grow lights on the market.

So, let’s have a look at what are those remarkable features we gathered about bestva 1200W LED?

Bestva – Brand That Focuses on Science behind Plant’s Growth

As we all know, depending on phase of growth cycle, our plant requires a specific wavelength of color bands to survive efficiently and grow well.

Yeah, during seedling and vegetation stage of growth your plants will seek more blue bands compared to red bands while during blooming stage it will require more red than blue.

We’re glad to point out here in this bestva 1200W review that bestva is a brand known for having highly qualified researchers and testers for their products. And, it reflects in their product and its working mechanism.

Yeah, bestva 1200W LED grow light works on this key phenomenal aspect of plant growth and that’s the place where it succeeds in producing better plants compared to other grow light brands on the market.

Design & Build of 1200W LED – Durable and Convenient Operations

Now,if we take a look over design aspect of bestva 1200w led grow light then this grow light comprises heavily durable and long lasting parts and materials for its build.

build quality and design - bestva 1200W Review

Moreover, it is designed in scientific way as we mentioned in our previous feature.

So, now, if we talk about dimensions of bestva 1200W LED then this grow light features a form factor of 15” X 11.4” X 2.8” and it weighs around 10.4 lbs net. Yeah, it’s strong enough to last longer in tough indoor growing environments.

Furthermore, for convenient and comfortable staging operation bestva provides two separate veg/bloom switches on this bestva 1200W LED grow light. Yeah, it helps when our plant shift their growth stages from seedling to vegetation or vegetation to blooming.

Spectrum of Bestva 1200W – Balanced Enough to Boost Growth Rate

As discussed earlier, growth focused design is key element available in Bestva 1200W LED grow light.

And, as spectral enhancement in its light effect is a part of that conclusion, we’d like to discuss about it in depth.

Yeah, if we look closely at its spectral wavelength graph then we can conclude that it comprises almost all essential bands that are vital in an indoor growing marijuana plant.

spectral graph output - bestva 1200W LED Grow Light Review

Moreover, ratio of Blue and Red band is balanced scientifically. So yeah, no matter if you’re planning to grab a light for vegetative growth or flowering productivity, Bestva 1200W meets your requirements.

If we talk in terms of range then Bestva 1200W LED grow light spreads wavelength range between 380nm to 780nm. Yeah, it includes two most vital bands called UV at 410nm and IR at 730nm.

spectrum range for reviewing bestva 1200W Full spectrum led grow light

Also, as it delivers wide range, it becomes easier for plants to absorb more specific spectrum depending on its survival needs.

Light Maximization :- Science of Maximizing Brightness

Now, we’ll have look at density and brightness enhancements of Bestva 1200W LED grow light which is crucial for better penetration and different processes of plant growth.

Yeah, it plays an essential role in boosting overall growth and improving processes like cell building, leaf building and formation etc.

Well, for maximizing light effect Bestva 1200W LED grow light makes use of reflector on its panel. Yeah, we know that in some cases reflectors melt due to extreme light and heat produced by these grow lights.

But, if we talk about reflector quality of Bestva 1200W LED then it’s different than other cheap available led grow lights. Yeah, it is tested by their team for durability and sustaining produced heat.

Moreover, they’ve implemented a complete cooling back up to keep light safe from produced heat and external negatively impacting factors. Well, we’ll take that feature in our encounter in a while so we are not aiming to discuss about it as of now.

PAR Results and performance of bestva 1200W LED Grow Light review

Also, with scientific diode placement and focusing angle of diodes Bestva succeeds in maximizing light effect to an unbeatable level in terms of PAR results.

Yeah, Bestva 1200W LED spreads 1683 uMol from 18” height which is highest in segment of 1200W LED grow lights at this budget range.

Capacity to Grow :- Grow Marijuana With Your Dream Coverage Area

With tremendous light density and maximization one can cover an area of 3.5’ X 3.5’ from 18” height uniformly if you don’t aim to change it height.

Well, yeah, depending on plant size and height you can adjust placement of this panel and get more or less coverage depending on your requirement.

So yeah, our marked range is what we observed as ideal in general growing conditions.

Moreover, we’ve also got some input from some of the existing users that they’re utilizing this 1200W LED grow light for their 4’ X 4’ grow tent during vegetation. So, yeah it’s definitely more than what we marked as its general capability.


Power Hungry? :- No! Efficient Enough to Included in An Affordable Grow Setup

As power efficiency is a key factor required to take into consideration before making a buying decision, we pay more attention over this aspect.

We’ve tested Bestva 1200W LED grow light in our lab under observation of our experts. Yeah, we test products physically before reviewing to give our readers most genuine and realistic review about it.

So, after test results we found this grow light to be taking around 290W for efficient operation from power outlet.

Well, if we take other 1200W LEDs into comparison then this is definitely less compared to others. And, hence, we can conclude that this grow light is ideal for long run usage.

Yeah, even if you’re aiming for an affordable light with ideal light performance then this one matches your requirements perfectly.

Yeah, you can’t get one better than this at this particular price label which not just takes ideal power consumption, but also gives better outcomes in longer run from your green buddies.

Cooling Capabilities :- Runs Cooler Than Expected

As cooling is yet another key aspect that majority of growers neglects due to budget or coverage constraints. Well, one shouldn’t neglect this element if they really care about their plants.

Yeah, this single factor can make or break your growing goals. So, we advise our readers to pay required attention on this aspect before making a call. Especially, if you’re planning to buy any other grow light than Bestva Reflector 1200W LED.

Now, if we take cooling facilities of bestva 1200W LED grow light in consideration then this grow light comprises multiple cooling fans and an advanced designed heat sink along with ventilation ports on outer casing.

Yeah, it makes heat dissipation easier in indoor growing environment. Also, during testing we found that bestva 1200W LED grow light operates at a significantly cool level.

Moreover, no harms to plant leaf or canopies beneath bestva 1200W LED grow light observed during our testing.

So we can confidently conclude that Betsva 1200W LED is safe enough to have in a packed indoor grow room setup.

Supplementary Features :- Some Plus + Some Minus

Now, if we look at additional features and functionalities then Bestva 1200W LED grow light comes with dedicated daisy chaining port on its backside. Moreover, Zener diode placement between each working LED chip makes it capable for survival occasional shocks and fluctuation in voltage variation. Also, it helps in keeping other LEDs working even if few fail to survive such fluctuations.

bestva led grow light - 1200W LED Review

Moreover, as discussed in beginning of this Bestva 1200W Review, there are two separate mode switches available on panel which makes operations and grow stage shifting easier. Well, some of users were expecting dimmers instead of hardcore switches. Anyway, at this price this functions are also rare to be found in majority of brands.

Also, this grow light is not waterproof. So, appropriate humidity management is a must while utilizing this 1200W LED grow light by bestva.

Furthermore, this grow light is compatible for operating with a timer. However, timer isn’t provided inside box and you’ll have to purchase it separately if you’re planning to reduce interaction with your grow room by automizing the process of light cycle management.

And yeah, if you’re looking for some cheap yet effective LED grow lights then check out our reviews for the same. You might get a good alternative that can provide you same features at an affordable price.

Warranty, Support & Terms :- Customer Oriented

Reliability of any brand can be visualized by existing customer’s feedback about it. Same way warranty plays an essential role in pushing reliability level of a brand a bit further.

Yeah, if we talk about support quality and warranty terms of Bestva then this 1200W LED grow light from them comes with 2 years limited warranty. Limited in terms of replacement of part in case there is any manufacturing defects.

Moreover, if you’re disappointed with this 1200W LED grow light from bestva then you can claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Yeah, they provides full refund without a single question or arguments in place.

In addition to it, we reached out to many of it’s existing consumers and all reported all good things about not just the product, but also support of the bestva in general.

For support quality, we’ve inquired few customers who faced some issues with their panel after sometimes and they’ve verified that support team helped them tackling the problem with light with a friendly and timely response.

Looking for smaller or bigger variant from same brand because Bestva 1200W LED is not able to fulfill your needs? Then check out our reviews for alternative variants from same brand here.

Pros & Cons – Bestva 1200 Watt LED Grow Light Review

  • Remarkably Durable Build.
  • Highly reliable product provider.
  • Unbeatable brightness and density.
  • A complete full spectrum effect for plants.
  • Well blend ratio of BLUE & RED with UV & IR.
  • Massive coverage suitable for all grow room setup.
  • Outstanding yield results verified by thousands of existing users.
  • Decent cooling and temperature control mechanism.
  • Additional features such as dual switches, daisy port etc.
  • Stellar support with refund guarantee.
  • Product is not waterproof.
  • Supports timer controlled operation, though timer is not included in package.
Frequently Asked Questions – Bestva 1200W Review
Does Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light worth the money?

Yeah, looking at pricing it is offered at and comparing provided functionalities, Bestva 1200W LED is one of the best value for money product out there on the market.

Moreover, this not just justify your investment on this LED grow light but it’s capable of providing you higher returns in terms of better yields from your plant, that justifies it further it’s potential to price ratio.

Is it capable of covering my 4’ X 4’ grow space?

With remarkable output and performance potential Bestva 1200W becomes one of the perfect fit for your 4’ X 4’ grow room setup without a doubt.

It is 1200W Light, so it draws 1200 Watt of power or what?

No. Bestva 1200W LED grow light is rated for 1200W output caliber. It’s not required input power. Well, in reality bestva 1200W LED only pulls around 290W power when operated at its full throttle. Also, if you’re looking for still lower power consuming options then this best 1000W LED grow light reviews might help you in finding a good alternative.

Is it recommended for Blooming? Or it is limited to Vegetation only?

As we mentioned earlier in this Bestva 1200W LED grow light review, this grow light is capable of delivering uniform efficiency throughout whole life cycle of your indoor growing marijuana plants.

So, answer to your question is Bestva 1200W is compatible and well suitable for both veg as well as for bloom stage of your plants.

What About reliability of aftersales?

We’ve verified from multiple existing users regarding customer support and got satisfying response that Bestva’s support in term of response time and quality is better than other providers. So, yeah, bestva is reliable enough for not just getting good results but also for experiencing a good help when you face trouble with their products.

Why to Rely on Bestva 1200W LED Grow Light?

As discussed in this review of bestva 1200W full spectrum LED grow light, this indoor growing light panel meets all ideal requirements in terms of performance, efficiency as well as effectiveness.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a budget friendly grow light for your 4’ X 4’ of grow space then none other than bestva can come to your help.

Yeah, within a massive coverable area this grow light’s performance doesn’t drop like other brands and that’s the key reason in our opinion for choosing or relying on Bestva 1200W LED grow light.

Our Verdict

If you’re on a hunt for a quality product at a decent pricing then bestva 1200W is an excellent option out there.

Yeah, we’ve confirmed in our tests that Bestva 1200W LED grow light is well capable of producing jaw dropping results with very less power consumption in place.

Moreover, this grow light has plenty of additional features and don’t limit its users to a specific grow room setup with it. So, if you’re looking for a versatile grow light option on the market then this grow light one of the best fit for you in our opinion. Just go for it and share your experience in comments below once you’re done with your first harvest.

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