Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review – Detailed Overview

Being an indoor gardener we all know the importance of a good quality LED grow light. Don’t we?

And, in this article, we’re going to focus on one of its own kind of LED grow light which is known for its performance, results and affordability.

Yeah, here in this Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review, we’re going to uncover all the facts, figures and reality about this one of high demanding LED Grow Lights on the market.

So, let’s get started with this review and talk about all of its features, dark & bright sides, people’s opinions and many more thing that could help you in making a worthy decision concerning your indoor plants health and growth.

Bestva 600W LED Grow Light :- All Features in Single OneCheck Price - Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review

Firstly, We’ll start with the technical specifications of Bestva 600 Watt LED Grow Light.

Technical Specifications :- Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36”
Weight5.5 lbs/td>
LEDs60pcs * 10W/td>
Dual Chips?Yes
Focusing Angle120° Degrees
SpectrumTrue Full Spectrum with 10 Different LED Bands
UV & IR?Yes Both Included In Optimal Amount
Dual Mode SwitchTwo Separate Switches for Two modes
Power Switch?Yes
PAR Results430uMol @ 18”& 302 uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage125W Average
Coverage4’ X 3.5’ ( From 22” Max with decent footprint)
Daisy Chaining?No
Ratio of RED:BLUE~8:43
Shade of LightPink
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Cooling Fans + Aluminum Plate Radiator
Warranty 3 Year + 3 Month’s Satisfaction Return

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Now, as you’re familiar with what you’re going to get for the amount you will invest on this LED grow light by Bestva.

It would be great to have a look over how each of these spec is going to play a vital role in helping you give great results.

Let’s take a look at the features and functionality of this high returning product by bestva.

Features & Functionalities – Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review

We should start with Brand’s introduction, what you say?

  • Bestva :- Brand Known for Satisfaction & Performance

It’s rare that one is not familiar with the brand Bestva. Yeah, their main manufacturing unit is based in China & their warehouses and shipping line is connected with the larger part of the world.

Bestva is known for the true efforts of their R&D team and their product design which is truly resulting oriented. They’re having experience of 7 years of large time-span in manufacturing and experimenting products focused towards best possible results.

And yeah, it is clearly visible on the product performance as well as from the current appraisals they’ve received from their users.

Obviously, we reached out to more than 100 users who’ve had experience with this particular model of bestva LED grow light and we’ve taken their experience into consideration while crafting this all around review for this model.

  • Body Build & Design :- One of Its Own Kind

If we talk particularly about Bestva 600W LED grow light, then it features a unique body build with result focused design.

Also, materials used in the making of this 600W LED grow light by Bestva is of extremely durable quality. It features a rectangular design with the dimension of 11.5” X 7.9” X 2.8 and weighs around 5.5 pounds which is pretty optimal for a 600W LED with expected durability.

If we talk about technical aspects in the design then you’ll get two separate mode switches for Veg & Bloom on its side while a Power switch can be found on its backside. Also, power inlet in provided on its side panel.

And yeah, LED chips are manufactured by well known brand epistar & bridgelux.

High Quality Dual Chip LEDs in Bestva 600W LED Grow Light

Moreover, majority of brands are still providing single chip design while this 600W LED panel is featuring 60 diodes of 10W dual chip design which keeps light effect centralized and you could obtain result similar to a modern tech COB LED grow light.

This diodes are ensured not just for efficiency but also for safety and their team have worked pretty hard to cater to the needs of an ideal grow light in a grower’s grow space.

Moreover, small ventilation bars can be found on the side of this LED panel which helps in keeping things cool inside grow space.

  • Spectrum & Light Quality :- Thing That Matters

One of my friend who is growing indoor often states that “For us what matters is the power consumption, and for plants all that matters is spectrum & quality of light.

Yeah, his statement is true at its best. All our plants crave for is good quality of light with almost all bands that’s being observed in real sunlight.

Now, if we talk about Bestva 600W LED grow light then this grow light is designed in a way that it comprises almost all bands that are available in real sunlight.

Bestva 600W is equipped with 10 differently colored LEDs resulting into a full spectrum light by combination.

Spectral Distribution - Bestva 600 Watt LED Grow Light Review

If we talk about spectrum graph then this light has well balanced spectral graph which seems to be focusing majorly on heavy and resinous yield.

Spectrum Graph Results - Bestva 600W Review

Yeah, it has higher level of Red band output which helps in producing heavy and high quality marijuana buds.

  • IR & UV :- Backbone of Better Cell Formation & Leaf Building

As stated earlier in the specification part, this 600W LED grow light by Bestva also includes two most vital bands IR & UV that are known for its role of boosting cell formation & leaf building.

Yeah, we’re talking about IR & UV here. And, if you don’t know, IR’s role is vital for better quality returns while UV plays an important role in germination process and also keeps negative bacteria away from influencing weak health of the plants.

  • PAR Results :- True Measurement of Density & Brightness

While many brands are still using HPS replacement as a trap for a beginner or inexperienced grower’s attention. Well, we often recommend our readers to neglect that figure as it don’t has to do anything with actual performance and goals.

Moreover, this aspect of light efficacy is utmost important in any grow light and hence we dare not to miss out on this. So, we’ve gone a step further and asked out experts to test it live in our labs before mentioning anything here in this review.

PAR Test Results - Bestva 600W LED Grow Light

Yeah, instead we should focus on PAR results or Lumen outputs that really matters.

Now, if we talk about PAR results of Bestva 600W LED grow light then it is capable of providing around 430 uMol from the ideal blooming phase’s height of 18” and from 24” it puts 302 uMol on the board.

Upon considering other LEDs in same budget range with same features we found this one as one of the best results so far.

  • Coverage Caliber :- Expectations Fulfilled In Best Way Possible

Yeah, with highly dense light this panel is capable of covering around 4’ X 3.5’ of grow space according to manufacturer.

And yeah, Our verified figures are almost close to what’s being mentioned by manufacturer.

Yeah, according to our connection this grow light is helping them well for their 3.5’ X 3’ of grow space. And, that too with unexpected returns in terms of yield. Well, this is one of the best one could get in this price range.

This grow light is well suitable for a 3.5’ X 3.5’ of grow tent and you could get above mentioned results in term of coverage from this panel. Also, it will enlighten your whole grow space with a pinkish shade if Bloom mode is turned on.

Also, for bigger coverage expectancy you might consider Bestva DC2000 as your go to light with similar potential and caliber.

  • Power Efficiency :- Straight to Expectations

If you don’t know, it’s better to go for a high priced product instead of a low priced product if the former is consuming few less watts compared to the later one.

Well, this grow light isn’t a high priced product but still it’ll save a lot in term of power consumptions.

Yeah, for successful working and result oriented performance; all it demands is 125W of electricity.

Our mentioned figures are average of both bloom & veg phase so depending on the mode you choose it could increase or decrease a bit. Yeah, just a bit and not massively.

Moreover, according to our expert’s tests, it resulted into 135W. So, we’d say it’ll pull on average 140W to 145W practically in your marijuana grow space.

Also, we’d like to mention that within this price range & with above mentioned practical results we were expecting it to be around 150W while what we’ve got by tests is too much lower than our predictions which is definitely a good sign.

Yeah, compared to other cheap products like BS600 by Bloomspect this bestva 600W model is more power efficient and cost effective.

  • Cooling & Additional Technical Test Results :- All Set Well

As we all know, cooling is one of the crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while looking for one of the Best LED for weed on the market.

Cooling System in Bestva 600 W Dual Chips LED Grow Light Review

Well, we’re glad to state it here in this Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review, that Bestva is a brand known for its quality & performance and as mentioned in Design part they’ve taken almost everything into consideration while designing this 600W panel.

Yeah, multiple cooling fans are present on this Bestva 600W LED grow light along with a high quality aluminium heat sink. Combination of these two will take care of all your worries regarding heat dissipation & cooling inside grow space.

Moreover, grow panel operates on the frequency of 50-60 Hz which is optimal. Also, it works in silent mode so you’re free to have healthy discussions with your guests at home without any disturbance.

  • Warranty & Support :- Remarkable Reliability

As stated in the technical specifications of this Bestva 600W Review article, with this grow panel one gets 3 years of warranty where manufacturer and his team is always there to back you up in case you come across any technical fault with this 600W LED grow light.

Moreover, they’re confident of their quality and performance and hence offers 90 days money back policy to their users.

There is also some additional accessories included with this grow light.

Additional Accessories - Review of Bestva 600 Watt LED Grow Light

What Resists Few Users from Buying This Grow Light?

As there’s nothing in this world which is perfect from all the angles, here too few people are not convinced to go for this light due to some reasons.

Upon asking people their issue, we came to know that they were expecting daisy chaining function in this grow panel because they are not sure whether they’ll go with same grow space forever or they’ll plan to extend it.

Well, according to manufacturer, they’re avoiding this function because of some technical results that they’ve obtained during their R&D as well as in their tests. Yeah, according to them, it increases power consumption. Also, we’ve reached out to experts and according to them, this feature is an additional feature that doesn’t matter if a user is really focused on the growth & health of plants as well as on returns.

If you’re not satisfied with the qualities or features of Bestva 600W LED Grow Light then we’ve reviewed some other 600W LED Grow Lights from different brands as well, check this out.

Pros & Cons :- Bestva 600 Watt LED Grow Light Review

  • High Demanding Product.
  • Affordability Unbeaten.
  • True spectrum quality that matters.
  • Inclusion of IR & UV for Better health & growth.
  • Remarkable coverage caliber.
  • Massive PAR output of 430 uMol from 18” (Best in Price & performance segment)
  • Highly efficient from power consumption point of view.
  • Two separate mode switches to keep things on track.
  • Highly durable materials in making.
  • Quieter operation & performance.
  • Well thought of Cooling & Heat Dissipation System.
  • User oriented 3 Year’s of Warranty terms with Money back policy.
  • Daisy chaining is missing.
  • Product is not waterproof & needs extra care if placed around dripping water.

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What Makes Bestva 600W LED as a Right Fit for Indoor Weed Cultivators?

Well, we don’t think after mentioning everything in the features section itself, it needs the justification for its place in your grow space.

In grow tent Cover Area

Still, we’d like to two things that are better compared to other lights.

Firstly, coverage, yeah, getting around 3.5’ X 3.5’ of coverage from a below 100$ LED grow light is completely uncommon. Moreover, people are praising it for satisfying their needs regarding coverage. You could check it here.

Secondly, even after providing great results in term of light quality & PAR density, this panel knows its limits concerning power pulling. Yeah, 145W is pretty low for a light with this level of performance and caliber to grow great indoor plants.

Moreover, recent results shared by our readers gave us immense confidence to recommend this grow light to other indoor weed cultivators.

What User’s Has to Say About Bestva 600W LED Grow Light?

To provide our readers with best they could get for their bucks, we conduct surveys among people using a particular model of a product.

Here’s what we got as a response from some of our readers & connections.

Jonathan User

Jonathan from Alabama :- 

I’m cultivating 4 bud plants in my house. I am a beginner in this indoor growing space. And, one of my friend who is growing since last 2 years advised me to look for one of the best grow light if I want best returns at the end. Well, I researched myself but failed as I was not knowing what’s good and what’s not? So, he recommended me this panel and since then I’m using it. So, far I’ve got 2 harvests with this Bestva 600W LED model. Long story short; I’m satisfied by what I’ve harvested using this panel.

Simuel User

Simuel from California :- 

Yeah, I’ve been using Bestva 600W &Viparspectra 450W altogether. However, my first light was BestVa 600W model and later I included second one because I wanted to expand. Yeah, everything I expected from both of these lights are fulfilled and I’m growing happily with light. And, for your question regarding what I liked in BestVa 600W model, it’s spectrum & density of this light that results into great yield.

FAQ:- Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review

Can I grow 4 plants using Bestva 600W LED grow Light?

Well, it depends on how tall you’re expecting your plants to be. In case you’re expecting 4 taller plants then you might require additional lights once your plants are grown fully. However, 4 smaller plants could be accommodated with this grow light.

Does Bestva 600W is compatible for a 4’ X 4’ of grow space?

According to manufacturer, this grow light could cover 4’ X 3.5’ of grow space. However, our survey results are a bit deviating from what’s being mentioned by manufacturer and hence, we’d like to recommend either multiple lights or a smaller grow tent for a single grow light.
Well, 3.5’ X 3.5’ of grow tent is recommended by our experts for this grow light. And, if you want larger coverage then Bestva DC1000 1000W LED would be a better choice.

How much power it consumes for working?

If we take manufacturer’s figures into consideration then average is 125W. However, our tests resulted into 135W during vegetation. So, according to our experts it will pull on average 140W – 145W for better performance.

How Many Lumens does Bestva 600W Put Out?

Well, this bestva 600W model will provide you with 11800 lumens of output.

Does Bestva 600W Features a reflector design? What are the pros & cons?

Well, model we’re currently reviewing isn’t featuring a reflector design. Also, some of lights by other brands have resulted in melting reflector by continuous usage. Moreover, elimination of reflector results into better PAR outputs which is great as it will provide your plants with direct light instead of spreading it all over the canopies.

What type of Power Cable is required for Bestva 600W LED grow Light?

It needs US power cable as it’s power inlet is designed by keeping USA & Canada people into consideration. It requires AC input of 85V-265V.

Our Verdict

As we were aimed to provide you everything that matters in this Bestva 600W LED review, here’s our conclusion.

If you’re just starting with indoor weed cultivation or you don’t have bigger budget but you still want a quality product that makes your plants grow well then this one by Bestva is for you.

Yeah, as everything’s being discussed already, all we’ve to say is; you’ll rarely find a light capable of providing similar results from a brand reliable more equal to bestva on the market. Definitely, a cheap LED Grow Light That Work well for cannabis plants.

Wish you great yields!

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