Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Review – A Detailed Encounter!

Buying a product just because people are talking too good won’t make sense unless your requirements and expectations are common among the crowd.

Yeah, to make a worthwhile choice you are supposed to look for something that’s meeting your expectations concerning performance, output and quality.

Well, in this Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Review, we’ve done all the hard-work for you and crafted a piece of information that’s completely focused on how it could help and what you shouldn’t expect from it.

Yeah, our goal is to provide you with a completely non biased review of this product based on the results we got from testing it in our lab and by conducting surveys among people who’re using it.

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Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light :-

Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light Review

So, now, go ahead and read out this entire piece then decide whether you should get it or not?

Let’s get started!

Technical Specifications :- Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions20.66” X 8.46” X 2.36”
LEDs200 pcs * 10W
Type/Brand of LEDs Bridgelux/EpiLEDs
Dual Chips?Yes
Focusing Angle120° Mixed
Reflector? No
SpectrumFull spectrum Comprising All Vital Bands
UV & IR?Both present
Dual Mode SwitchMode Focused 2 Switches
Power Switch?NO
PAR Results1036uMol @ 18”&760uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage390W
Core Coverage7’ X 7’@ 22”
Blooming Coverage6.5’ X 6.5’ @ 18”
Average Yield~8-9 oz.
Daisy Chaining?No
Ratio of RED:BLUE~3:8
Shade of LightPink (Bloom) + Purple (Vegetation)
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System 4 Cooling Fans + 3 mm Thick Aluminium Heat Sink
Warranty 3 Year + 90 Day’s Money back guarantee

Don’t you think that everything mentioned in specs is more for price?

Yeah, we were thinking the same and hence we conducted a survey among our readers and people in our growing circle to get verified and real information in our Bestva DC 2000W LED Review.

Let’s check out what we got in our research and surveys.

Features, Functionalities &Performance :- Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Review

We’ll start out with the build and quality control of this light and then we’ll go ahead with rest of the details.

  • Build & Quality Control :- Less Price! Is It Really Reliable?

Yeah, after looking at its dirt cheap price, our first doubt was concerning its build quality.

Frankly, we don’t think that a cheaply priced product could take the challenge of being durable.

Well, this product proved us wrong. Yeah, it’s disappointing but a good thing. How?

Yeah, because we found that product being supplied to users are tested properly inside lab first.

Their test is comprosing of various checklist regarding its performance, output & stress handling abilities.

They run a product for a continuous 48 hours along with 300 different current impact test and if any deficiency is found then the product would be eliminated in testing phase itself.

Built & Quality - Bestva 2000 Watt Led Grow Light

So, yeah, even at a low price you’re being supplied with what you should expect in a premium quality product.

  • Spectrum & Brightness Quality :- Truely Growth & Result Focused Stuff Ahead!

Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light is equipped with 200 pcs of 10W Dual Chips LEDs. Moreover, they’ve included all essential bands in their color combination.

Also, proportion & ratio of bands being included is entirely focused towards growth & returns from your plants.

Yeah, Bestva DC 2000W features a complete full spectrum along with two most vital bands called IR & UV.

Ratio of Blue : Red is of 3:8. So, you could expect a great boost during blooming phase of your growing plants. However, even with lower ratio of Blue bands we found it to be optimal during vegetation. Yeah, starting from seedling to end of vegetation we ran this panel on only on Veg mode and found unbelievably stable plants at the end.

Full Spectrum - 2000W LED Grow Light(Bestva)

Moreover, we found leaf building process to be speedy compared to other lights. Yeah, IR might have played an essential role in helping plants doing it that way.

Also, we’d recommend to have some protection glass while getting in contact with light. Yeah, light is extremely bright that could damage your vision if looked at directly.

  • Coverage Caliber & PAR :- Measured In Best Way Possible

Firstly, to provide you with most accurate figures in this Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light Review, we tested the light from multiple aspects of measuring coverage.

According to manufacturer’s figures this light could cover an area of 7.6’ X 7.5’. However, hanging height isn’t specified by the brand neither they stated that from what height they’ve got this results.

So, we tested it from most ideal height of 24” and got coverage for more than 35 sq. ft of area.

Par Result - Bestva DC 2000W Grow Light Review

Yeah, by coverage we meant to say that if you draw a circle with radius of 4 ft. and measure the PAR readings from the end point of circle then you’ll get more than 100 uMol readings from that position.

Moreover, upon measuring PAR figure from the center point of circle, we got 760 uMol which is pretty impressive.

Also, just by reducing height to 18” we got near to 1050 uMol of reading from this light.

Yeah, plants in the center during blooming will get unbelievable growth and will give you best buds you expect.

We’d also like to state that we got LCP at the end of 4ft so you could consider this grow light to be ideal for an area of 5.5’ X 5.5’ if your grow tent has some decent reflection capabilities.

Yeah, our mention is pretty accurate and also matches with the people who’ve tested it; such as this guy’s voice tells something similar to what we got.

And, yeah, if your coverage requirements are a bit lower than this then Bestva 600W and DC1000 1000W Version both are two good options to look at.

  • Cooling & Temperature Balancing Sense :- Something That’s Important

Yeah, if the light would have been only requirement of indoor marijuana cultivation then HPS were doing that also old fashioned MH were fulfilling it.

In the same vein, the only issue with all those lights was excessive heat that was harming plants in the grow space.

And, that’s the reason invention of LEDs took place which are not just compact in size and have all bands but these are also capable of dissipating heat in timely manner so that it don’t impact on plant’s health.

Now, if we talk about Bestva DC 2000W LED’s capabilities regarding heat dissipation then you’ll find 4 high quality cooling fans on the backside which lifts the heat from the bottom panel and board of the light and will throw it out.

Cooling System - Bestva DC 2000W LED Light Review

Moreover, advanced and sensibly designed heat sink is there to handle constant heat dissipation from all the sides and angles of this LED, so that things don’t get too hot earlier.

However, it’s always recommended to avoid constant operation of any LED; let it be a pricey LED grom Advanced Platinum or the one we’re reviewing.

Also, Reason isn’t plant’s health, but constant 24X7 usage could lead to failure in board, panel or in electrical parts of the light.

Yeah, it’s common among all light, so, don’t count it as a drawback rather consider it as a tip.

  • Power Consumption :- All Good! Now, What About Power Hunger?

Yeah, light is priced at dirt cheap rates; has great quality of spectrum; has remarkable coverage caliber; and, even cooling isn’t a problem. So, it must be sucking a lot of electricity for its working!

Well, we appreciate your guess as it’s completely similar to what we guessed before testing it out. But, unfortunately, this guess is wrong.

Yeah, in addition,  we expect around 450W of power consumption from an LED grow light with performance & capabilities like it has; but, it just consumed 395W of power when it ran with both bloom & veg mode switches ON.

Moreover, we’d like to mention it here in this Bestva 2000W LED review, that power consumption usually depends on the input voltage; so, it may vary based on the input you provide.

Also, we’d like to mention that ideal input voltage is 140V so use it accordingly.

  • Goodies :- Stuff Included In The Box

Yeah, along with Bestva DC 2000W model in the box, you’ll get some additional stuff as well.

It includes an adjustable hanging rope with set of hooks & strings, a power cord, a user manual mentioning everything about its usage and maintenance. Also, a safety glass that you should wear everytime you enter into your grow space.

Accessories - Review of Bestva 2000 Watt LED Grow Light

Yeah, most of the brands are just providing hanging kits and user manual while safety glass is an addition to what all others are providing.

  • Warranty & Support :- This Is The Sole Reason Behind Brand’s Reputation

Yeah, the level of reliability & trust obtained by the brand Bestva isn’t an overnight success.Customer satisfaction is a strong base behind its success and demand.

There are many brands who are struggling to achieve this level of exposure among indoor weed cultivators, but, they are not capable of satisfying their customers and failing miserably.

However, bestva is different. Yeah, check this out to know how immediate and friendly their support team is.

Now, if we talk about warranty terms & policy then this grow light comes with a 3 years warranty where manufacturer will do their best in resolving a technical or mechanical issue with product.

Moreover, it is offered with 90 days money back guarantee where if you don’t feel satisfied after using it for 89 days then you could reach out to them and could claim a refund by returning the product.

Bestva’s satisfaction guarantee is the longest indeed.

What Are People’s Reasons For Not Buying Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light?

As here at Bloomshower, we often state that different people have different requirements and different goals to achieve.

Moreover, none of the product is perfect compared to all aspects of a real sunlight.

So yeah, as we mentioned at the beginning of this Bestva DC2000 Watt LED Grow light review, we’ll cover low sides of this panel as well.

Yeah, this grow light features two separate mode switches, on the other hand the light is extremely bright; so, some people are expecting a dimmer switch instead of mode swapping abilities.

Also, their expectation is genuine as dimmable lights are more convenient and comfortable to use depending on the requirements of plants.

Moreover, it also helps in experimenting light with plants in more possible ways.

We also found some people to be disappointed with Bestva DC 2000 because it is not featuring a daisy chaining port.

Well, we’ll not completely appreciate their disappointment as it’s being found in various studies that daisy chain has many safety loopholes attached with it and one should avoid it whenever possible.

So yeah, if you’re expecting dimmers then we’d like to go for another brand such as viparspectra has a separate dimmable series.

However, for daisy chaining we’d like to recommend you to drop this one from your expectation list if you’re truly concerned about safety & power consumption.

Pros &Cons :- Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Review

  • Highly Effective and efficient full spectrum light.
  • All 12 bands + IR + UV for extra benefits.
  • Great PAR readings of 1036 uMol @ 18” height.
  • Larger LCP point upto 4ft radius.
  • Dual mode separate switches for easy swapping.
  • Highly durable parts & materials in making.
  • 120° Mixed focal point helps in spreading light evenly.
  • Remarkable power consumption with mere 380W.
  • Great coverage caliber up to 6.5’ X 6’
  • Marvellous and safe cooling.
  • Dirt cheap pricing makes it an affordable LED Grow Light for weed.
  • Additional goodies for safety & convenience.
  • Astonishing customer support
  • Warranty of 3 years with 30 days satisfaction return policy.
  • Missing daisy chaining port.
  • Instead of mode switches, dimmers would be great.
  • Needs additional care from dripping water.

What Makes Bestva 2000W Dual Chip LED Grow Light A Worthwhile Choice?

Dirt cheap price with tremendous reviews of existing customers, we don’t think we need to say anything more to a wise decision maker.

But yeah, we’d like to mention one thing that, this light proven that all affordably priced product are not cheap when it comes to performance.

In addition, we’ve conducted some dedicated surveys among users who’re using it; also, we found then almost all are getting around 8-9 oz of yield on average from a single harvest using a single light.

Yeah, looking at yield you could predict the level of perfection & capabilities it possess.

Moreover, we’d like to mention that above mentioned results in terms of yield is only possible with a light which is utmost closer to what’s being supplied by a real sunlight.

Now, you’ve your reasons to trust on this grow light, but in case you’re still feeling confused then check how it helped people in getting noticeable results with its performance.

What People Are Saying About Bestva DC 2000 After Using It?

Here are two shortest recommendation we got out of hundreds of longer one.

Katrina user

Raza from California :- 

Yes! I’d recommend this grow light to your readers. My average yield per harvest is of about 7-9 oz.

jeffrey user

Jeffrey from Detroit :-

After Bestva DC 600, I jumped directly on to 2000W variant. Now, you got what I’ve to say. Right!

Frequently Asked Questions :- Bestva Dual Chip 2000W LED Grow Light Review

On average how much power it consumes for its best performance?

Well, we tested it using both modes ON; and we got 395W on meter. So, yeah depending on the similarities in external factors it’ll suck more or less power than what’s being mentioned here in this answer.

What is ideal grow space it could cover with result producing effect?

Manufacturer’s mention states that it could cover around 7.5’ X 7.5’ of area. However, we found it to be best when used for an area of 6’ X 6’. Moreover, LCP is at 4ft. radius; So, upto that point plants won’t die due to lack of light required for efficient photosynthesis & respiration process.

What are safety measures one should consider while using Bestva DC2000 variant?

Bestva DC2000 grow light is designed by keeping all safety measures in the mind. So, there won’t be any special requirements. However, we’d recommend to keep light on OFF mode after each 8 hours and for at least 45 minutes as it will help you in getting lifespan for consistent usage. Moreover, light is extremely bright in nature so we’d recommend to wear safety glass everytime you enter into your grow space.

What is Blue:Red Ratio in Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light?

As stated earlier in this Bestva DC 2000W Review, Ratio of Blue:Red is of 3:8 which is most ideal for plants like marijuana as resinous & heavy buds with mind blowing aroma is our prime goal.

Does Bestva 2000W LED features a dimmer knob?

No! It doesn’t feature a dimmer knob but it features two separate mode switches where you could get either purple or pink shade of light depending on the phase of your plants.

Why Bestva stopped providing daisy chaining?

We found it to be an interesting question, because it’s true that bestva was providing daisy chaining in their previous models. However, if you’ll look closely at power consumption figures then older variants were sucking too much of power compared to their latest variants.

Also, daisy chaining isn’t just an additional feature but it is also a major safety loophole as it could bring disaster at any moment of time.

Our Verdict

Well, we’ve given our best to give a completely non-biased review of bestva dc 2000W led grow light.

So, now, we don’t think that you need our green light to go for this grow light.

Above all, with massive coverage, lowest consumption, versatile spectrum comprising all vital bands & remarkable PAR results we don’t found anything to deny you to buy this 2000W grow light by bestva.

Also, pricing of this grow light isn’t skyrocketing like all others. So, yeah, for the price & quality of light that could produce results; we’d like to recommend bestva dc 2000W led grow light to indoor marijuana cultivators.

Moreover, if you’re expecting daisy chain even after our recommendation then Viparspectra & Mars Hydro has several models that includes this features.

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  1. I really like the Bestva 2000watt light. My cooling fans went out. Contacted them and an incredible Support. Service. A Replacement came in 3 days. No complaints. Until today. My Spectrum was different. Remember this is my Xchange. Well 3/4 of my Veg Spectrum completely off. I run FULL Lighting (18hrs). Tried to email support team and their Website. I get an email back saying does not exist. I hope this Review Comment would Help my Situation. Its a GREAT lite but. Bestvalue plse help. All my Friends purchased the Xzact same light.

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