Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light – The Ultimate Review

Won’t you agree if I say that “Your investment on a wrong grow light product is sole reason behind all your return & yield expectation’s failure?”

Well, yeah, that’s true! That’s being reason, here I’m with a completely non-biased Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light review.

Yeah, non-biased means I’m aimed to provide you with everything I’ve got as result in our test & surveys from existing users.

Compared to other reviews available on internet, we’re going to be a step forward and will flip coin to both the sides.

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Yeah, we’ll not just praise the product for selling purpose as it won’t be our aim, rather we’ll look into negative sides of the product so that you could make your decision freely by keeping both plus & minus in the mind.

Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light :- Premium LED Grow Light

Check Price - Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

So, let’s get started with technical specifications of this Bloomspect 600W LED grow light model.

Technical Specifications :- Bloomspect 600W LED Review
Dimensions 11.8″ X 7.9″ X 2.6″
Weight 5.4pounds
LEDs 60pcs * 10W
LED Brand/Type EpiLeds/Bridgelux
Dual Chips? Yes
Focusing Angle 120°& 90°Mixed
Spectrum Balanced Full Spectrum
UV & IR? IR is found & UV Doesn’t seem to be there.
Dual Mode Switch No
Power Switch? Yes
PAR Results 275uMol @ 18”&164uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage 132W±3% || Our Results is 145W
Core Coverage 2.5’ X 2.5’
Blooming Coverage 2’ X 2’
Daisy Chaining? No
Ratio of RED:BLUE ~8:2
Shade of Light Purple
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Cooling Fans + Aluminum Plate Radiator
Warranty 2 Year + 30 Day’s Satisfaction Return

Now, after looking at specification, you should have a rough idea about what you’re going to deal for.

However, it explains everything, still, we’d like to explain all plus and minus in detail with help of this Bloomspect 600W Review, so that you could make your decision appropriately.

Features & Functionalities – Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

Here are some of essential features discussed in detail and you’ll get negatives highlighted.

  • Brand & Reputation :- Is It Really Reliable?

Yeah, this is the first thing we notice before reviewing any product as it makes most of the positive or negative impact.

So, if we talk about Bloomspect then this brand seems to be new. People are facing trouble in reaching out to their customer support as there’s no web platform or contact details found.

However, we noticed that their team is actively responding to the reviews people made about their product and for people facing trouble they’re helping from the amazon itself.

Anyway, we can’t neglect the appraisal they’ve received from their existing users who’re happily using their product.

Yeah, according to our survey only 10% people out of 1000s who’re using it found to be unsatisfied with the product for some reason which is pretty common even for high priced and premium products. And, almost half them are provided with help using amazon.

  • Design & Build :- Checking Quality Control Of Manufacturer

As mentioned in the technical specification of this Bloomspect 600W Review, dimensions and weight is pretty decent.

Also, build quality isn’t that disappointing. Yeah, for the price it’s being offered, what they’re providing is pretty much more than expected.

Moreover, light is equipped with 60 dual chip diodes of 10W each. Also, diodes are from well known brands like EpiLEDs & Bridgelux.

And yeah, to tackle the failures they’ve equipped their light with zener diodes so even if some of the LEDs goes OFF, rest of the LEDs will keep working.

Also, no dimmers or dual mode switches are found anywhere on the grow light. However, a power switch is present there for giving you a bit of control over its operation.

  • Spectral Capabilities :- How Far It Could Take Your Game Of Growing?

As mentioned earlier in this Bloomspect 600W LED Review, this grow light is equipped with 60 LEDs of 10W each.

Yeah, it’s dual chip along with reflector design which spreads light evenly all over your plant’s canopies.

10W Dual Chip - 600W LED Grow Light by Bloomspect

Well, it’s a full spectrum light which means all essential bands are present in its light. However, according to our experts, this one has higher amount of Blue bands compared to Red bands resulting into this one being more focused over vegetation phase.

Also, we found IR to be present with the bunch of other bands but we failed in finding a UV light among all.

Spectrum - Bloomspect 600W LED Light

So yeah, if you’re just starting out and just want to test if you could grow indoor or not? Then this will help you in taking a kick start.

Long story cut short; It’s definitely a great fit for vegetation phase in a beginner’s grow space and for Bloom! You might have to look for another option.

  • PAR Outputs & Coverage :- Measuring Density The Right Way

Being frank, here at bloomshower, we’re not believing in the HPS or MH replacement figure as according to our experience it doesn’t matter from any angle of indoor growing.

Well, we found that PAR & Lumens are real deal and one should be concerned about it if results & yield are their prime goal.

Now, if we talk about PAR outputs of Bloomspect it produced around 275 uMol from 18” of height. Yeah, brand’s mention on its selling page is found to be true here.

Par Result - Bloomspect 600 Watt LED Grow Light

However, compared to other lights in same 600W segment this one might seem a bit low. But, the fact is this one is priced lower compared to those lights with better results.

Also, this light features reflector design which will spread all the light evenly on your growing plants. Which is a plus in our opinion.

Now, talking about coverage, this grow light is ideal fit for a grow space of 2.5’ X 2.5’ and things will go right way. Here, the minus is, this grow light doesn’t have any dimmer or mode switches so you’ll have to deal adjusting the hanging height of this grow light.

Moreover, We’d advice to keep this light at 20-22” away from the plants during vegetation while during blooming you could place it at 16-18” of height. Yeah, these are our tested suggestions with this light where we got optimal results.

Also, we’d like to mention that we’ve specified range instead of a fixed distance for some obvious reasons it depends on to such as type of your plants, current rate of growth, health conditions & especially your density expectations.

  • Power Efficiency :- Measuring Money Saving Ability

Well, a true grow lights caliber can’t be judged with help of its pricing & features it provides with.

Yeah, real potential is how it could help you in longer run by contributing in reduction of power bill.

So, if we talk about Bloomspect 600W’s power efficiency then manufacturer has mentioned 132W±3% for this panel.

However, according to our tests we found that it consumed around 145W per hour for functioning. As there is no mode swaping present for this light, we could say that it will draw same power from your outlet.

We usually mark around 150-170W of power consumption from a 600W grow light as optimal. And, as we could see, this one has pretty lower consumption compared to our optimal levels which is a great plus side of this Bloomspect grow light.

  • Cooling & Additional Features :- Will Things Go Right Way For Forever?

If you’ve used an HPS or MH in past, then you might have come across a worse nightmare of losing all the plants at the time of harvest just because of lack of heat dissipation.

Well, if a grow light is designed by keeping this stuff in mind, your worries will converted into a pleasure to grow.

Anyway, this grow light has advanced aluminium sink along with one large sized and quietly running cooling fan to help you with temperature control.

Yeah, if a light is free from heat then it implicitly means that heat isn’t getting centralized and things will stay cool and fresh for longer time. Because, heat will spread all over the grow space and eventually will be thrown outside from the way of ventilation holes in your grow tent.

Moreover, you’ll get a user manual to setup the light in your grow space, adjustable hanging rope and hooks to make things easy along with power cord.

Package Include - Bloomspect 600 Watt LED Light

  • Warranty Terms & Policy :- What If It Fails?

This grow light by bloomspect is provided with a 2 years warranty policy along with 30 days money back if not satisfied.

However, as mentioned earlier there’s no fixed place where a customer could reach out in case of any failure later on except amazon messaging.

And, yeah, we’d like to mention it here in this Bloomspect 600W review that, their response on amazon is found to be quick and prompt and they’ve helped people in dealing with the issue over there only.

What Resist Some People From Buying This 600W Grow Light By Bloomspect?

We found some people neglecting to go for this grow light. And, upon talking with them we found few things they’re having issue with.

One guy told us that he was expecting a daisy chaining feature because light is majorly focused on vegetation band so what if I required to add more lights during blooming? Well, his concern was true and he was not bound by budget so he found 600W model from viparspectra with daisy chain.

Another guy told us that he didn’t found a specific place or contact details in case any failure happens which was his reason for avoiding this grow light. Well, this one is true but fact is you’re not going to be helpless as seller & manufacturer both are there on amazon to help you in tackling your issue with ease. Also, rate of failure doesn’t found to be jaw dropping as we just found less than 9% of people who faced an issue after using it.

Pros & Cons :- Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Cheaply Affordable grow light.
  • Perfect fit for entry level indoor weed cultivator.
  • Effective spectrum comprising all essential bands.
  • Coverage is decent and optimal in the segment.
  • Power efficiency is better than what we expected.
  • PAR results are acceptable at this price.
  • Cooling is taken well care of.
  • Essential accessories are included in the box.
  • Designed appropriately by keeping user & price segment in mind.
  • 2 Years warranty + 30 days money back.
  • No dimmer or mode switches available, so manual work of adjusting height during phase migration might required.
  • PAR results are good but not exceptional.
  • People are feeling skeptic about support centers.

FAQ:- Bloomspect 600W Review

How many plants could be raised with a single grow light?

With single grow light we’d recommend at max 2 plants to you. However, it entirely depends on the size & type of plants we’re talking about. Our recommendation is for small sized marijuana plants.

What tent size is ideal for Bloomspect 600W LED grow light?

This grow light is capable of covering around 2.5’ X 2.5’ of grow space during vegetation; so, we’d recommend you to keep 3’ X 3’ grow tent. Yeah, because some spare space is necessary when you’re growing in a packed environment. So that, heat could be easily divided to larger space and its impact over plant could be reduced.

What is real life power consumption by Bloomspect 600W LED?

Upon testing it in our own lab, we found 145W of power consumption to be max with it. As light doesn’t feature any dimmers or mode switching facilities, it remains common for all over usage in our opinion.

Which type of LED chips are present on this 600W model of bloomspect?

Model mentioned in this Bloomspect 600W Review is equipped with dual chip LEDs. If you’re asking about brand of these chips then they’re using EpiLEDs or Bridgelux chips for their products.

Where I could find support details for Bloomspect 600W LED grow light?

You could raise an issue inside your review on amazon itself and their support team will promptly respond to your concern. Moreover, you could reach out to amazon support staff in case of any trouble. Also, direct messaging to the manufacturer on amazon itself is possible. So, you could reach out to them from there as well.

Our Verdict

If you’re waiting for our opinion then all we’d like to say is, if you’re not expecting too much from an LED and on the other hand your hands are bound by short budget then this one is a perfect fit for you.

Moreover, for the price it’s being offered to indoor weed cultivators, everything that’s being available on this model of bloomspect is perfect and justifiable.

Also, if you check these reviews of existing customers then they too have somewhat similar opinion.

However, if you’re ready to go a bit further in term of budget then Viparspectra reflector 600W LED & Mars Hydro 600W LED Grow Light both are also doing well in many grow spaces.

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