HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light – Review For 2020 Model

Are you on a hunt for a budget friendly LED grow light in 1500W segment? Then we’ve decided to help you get one with help of this higrow 1500W LED review. Yeah, priced just around hundred bucks, this grow light has some tremendous caliber to provide to your plants.

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Also, we’ve tested it personally in our lab as well as it is working in many of our experts grow spaces so whatever we’ll tell you in this review won’t be just a sentence, but it will be our personal experience.

So, let’s get started with higrow 1500W LED grow light review then.

HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light Review

Before we move towards actual review of higrow 1500W led grow light, take a quick look over following details.

Technical Specifications – HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions 7″ X 11″ X 2.6″
Weight 9.1 lbs
LEDs 150 X 10W
Dual Chips? Yes
Focusing Angle 90°/120° Mixed
Spectrum Optimal Balanced Spectrum
Power Switch? Yes
PAR Results 542 uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage ~300W
Max Coverage 4.5′ X 4′
Core Coverage 4′ X 3.5′
Daisy Chaining? YES
Ratio of RED:BLUE 6:2
Shade of Light Pink
Frequency 0-60 HZ
Cooling System Dual Fans + Sink
Warranty 3 Years

We believe in providing this specification details of each product we review here on bloomshower, so that our readers could get a quick overview about what they’re going to get into it if they buy it.

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Features & Working Results :- HiGrow 1500 Watt LED Grow Light Review

Here are some good things along with important mentions about things to keep in mind before buying it. So, let’s proceed with its features & details.

Durability of Product :- Features Strong Build Up

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light features a pretty strong and highly reliable body built up.

Moreover, being at lower pricing segment we were not expecting this level of quality in it which we actually got in it.

All parts used in higrow 1500w are either manufactured by some well known names in the industry or they’re assembling it themselves.

Also, almost all essential technical features that we should expect at this price are included in it. Yeah, daisy chain and separate power switch are something that we usually don’t get at this price. And if we get it, then the quality of light won’t be worth investing into.

Quality of Spectrum :- Plant’s Real Food

If we keep budget aside, then the first priority in our list should be spectrum quality. Yeah, because after all we’re buying an LED for our plants and not to decorate our home.

Now, talking about spectral caliber of Higrow 1500W LED, you’ll get a complete full spectrum light for your plants where balancing of Red & blue band has been done just right way.

Yeah, Higrow 1500W LED grow light spreads 6:2 ratio of red:blue shade over your plant canopies.

Moreover, people in our team who’ve got one or two harvests using this panel also reported that plants are doing well under this panel and there won’t be any regret if someone is taking it in for the spectrum expectations.

Density To Coverage

Manufacturer claims that this 1500W panel by them could cover around 4.5’ X 4’ of area during vegetation. However, we personally won’t recommend you to go for it by keeping this high expectation.

Yeah, HiGrow 1500W panel put out 542 uMol of PAR readings in the center from height of 24”. While from 18” is could put out around 800 uMol in the center.

So, going above 4’ X 3.5’ of grow space coverage expectation during vegetation won’t be a good idea.

Also, during blooming you can easily achive 3.5’ X 3’ of coverage for this 1500W panel from higrow.

Power Requirements: – Measuring Actual Power Draw

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light for weed pulls on average 300-310 watt of power from the outlet.

Definitely, this is just what we were expecting. Yeah, it’s not more or less, but it’s just in level.

Speaking about power requirements, this requires input voltage of 100-240V so yeah any US power outlet will do work.

For easy operations a separate power switch is also provided on the backside of the panel.

And, daisy chain port is also available to connect extra or a supplementary light to it.

Support & Warranty

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light comes with 3 years of limited warranty by the manufacturer. And, you’ll also get a 30 days return window for the product where you’ll get a full refund upon disappointment, chances of it being less to be precise.

Moreover, this might be an underrated brand, but we’ve confirmed with many current users that support from this brand is worth experiencing.

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What Resists Few People From Going For HiGrow 1500W LED?

Density being the first point people are resisting from getting it for their plants. But, according to experts in our team, whatever provided in this 1500W LED at this price is just perfect.

On the other hand, density is just not great but it is not even less than what it should be from a product pulling this much power and priced at this label.

Pros & Cons – HiGrow 1500 Watt LED Light Review

  • Cheaply affordable 1500W LED.
  • Sturd and reliable build quality.
  • Growth oriented spectrum effect.
  • Dual chip design for maximum penetration.
  • Daisy chain for connecting an extra panel for larger grow spaces.
  • Pulls below expectation power from outlet.
  • Verified Effectiveness during blooming phase.
  • Massive coverage with mild density.
  • Efficient cooling and well balanced grow area temperature.
  • Reliable and quality support.
  • Decent customer base with good satisfaction ratio.
  • Density of light in 1500W segment is a bit on lower side.
  • Not a waterproof product.

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What Makes HiGrow 1500 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

In our opinion, it’s quality of spectrum and pricing that makes it a worthy investment for your plants.

Also, results from cannabis plants grown under this panel are just awesome and gave us confidence to recommend this grow light to our readers.

Yeah, compared to other 1000W LED Grow Lights this one is just stands out and spreads more love among indoor growers.

If your gut feelings are denying to buy this LED by meizhi, and you’ve requirement of a 600W LED only then check our our other reviews on bloomshower.

What Existing Users Are Saying About HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light?

Here are few words of mouth from the users using HiGrow 1500W LED grow light for their cannabis plants.

  • “I’m happy that I’ve bought it instead of going for a pricey panel.”
  • “It provides me with everything I was expecting from a 1500W panel for my 3.5’ X 4’ grow space.”
  • “My cannabis plants are happier than ever before. Yeah, I believe it’s because of HiGrow 1500W LED.”

FAQ:- HiGrow 1500W Full Spectrum LED Light Review

What’s actual wattage consumed by HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light?

HiGrow Pulls around 300W of power from outlet for efficient working.

How many plants I could grow with a single HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light?

This grow light is a perfect fit for 3.5’ X 4’ of grow space, and depending on your growing style, plant distance, and plant size you could use for anywhere between 4-7 plants.

What’s Ideal grow tent size for HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light?

4’ X 4’ of grow tent will be our recommended grow tent size for this panel.

Can I Rely on Durability of HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light?

Definitely, Durability and spectrum quality; two being the main reason for our team to craft this review for you, we could assure that it’s reliable enough to work longer.

Is there daisy chain available in HiGrow 1500W?


Our Verdict

In our opinion, for a pricing below 150 bucks this grow light by HiGrow is a complete no brainer to avoid.

Yeah, quality being offered in term of spectrum and durability, this grow light is worth to look for.

So, if you’re aiming for something similar then just go for it, you won’t regret and that’s our assurance to you. 😊

Happy Growing mate.

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