King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review – Read Before Buying

Have you ever bought a product by relying on positive reviews; and later on found that it’s not something that you was looking for?

Well, it happens when you don’t consider the negatives as a part of your decision. And, in this King Plus 1200W LED Review, we don’t want you to repeat that regrettable decision.

Yeah, this this article, our team of experts have curated everything one needs to know before buying King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light.

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Also, along with good part of it you’re going to get some bad part of it, yeah, our intention isn’t to make a sale, rather we’re focusing on providing our readers with decent and reliable information that they could consider while making a final decision.

So, let’s start this King Plus 1200W Review now.

King Plus 1200W LED Review :- A Complete Encounter

Check Price - King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review

As mentioned earlier, our purpose isn’t to boost you to buy this grow light. So, focus on every detail with utmost priority and look at every aspect of its deliverable.

But, before we move towards “What”, “How”, and “Why”; let’s take a look at some details of King Plus 1200 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.

Technical Specifications :- King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions 15.75 x 8.39 x 2.37
Weight 6.5 lbs
LEDs 120 Diodes of 10W Each
Dual Chips? Yes
Focusing Angle Mixed 120 Degrees
Reflector No
Optical Lens Yes
Spectrum 12 Band Full Spectrum
UV & IR? Yes Both Available
Power Switch? No
PAR Results 645 uMol @ 18” Height & from 24” Height 529 uMol
Actual Wattage 235W
Core Coverage 3.5’ X 5’
Blooming Coverage 3’ X 4’
Average Yield Over 4 oz.
Daisy Chaining? Yes
Ratio of RED:BLUE:GREEN 6:3:1
Shade of Light Pink
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Lifespan 100000 Hours
Timer? Compatible
Cooling System 3 Fans + Exhaust Outlet on PCB
Warranty 3 Years

Features & Working Results :- King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light

Now, as you’re having a limelight over this panel’s built in technicality, it will become easy for you to understand its working.

So, now let’s explore each feature in utmost possible detail in this King Plus 1200W LED Review.

  • How Reliable Is King LED As A Brand?

Yeah, if you’re truly looking for a quality product then it would be your prime concern that you are not being trapped by a single night formed brand which will disappear from the market overnight.

Well, those who’re having a bit of experience in indoor gardening might have already came across this name in past.

Yeah, King LED is the brand working for betterment of indoor cannabis cultivators since 2012.

King Plus LED Grow Light Logo

Yeah, that’s long journey to elaborate but what we’re getting from their products today is the nothing but output of their research, experience and testing.

So yeah, one could solely rely on the quality control and performance caliber of king LED as they might be providing some affordable solutions but at least they’re not cheap in terms of quality and production.

  • King Plus 1200W Product Build Up + Quality

Now, if we look at the product build up then king plus 1200W LED features dimensions of  15.8” X 8.4” X 2.4”  and weighs nearly  7 pounds . So yeah, looking at this figures one could easily imagine the build quality.

Moreover, talking about parts and materials, they’ve used either in house manufactured parts or exported it from fully reliable and well known brands like epistar.

Also, each diode on the panel is supported by zener mechanism which prevents the sudden failure of whole panel even if any single diode goes dead.

Zener Protection - King Plus 1200 LED Grow Light

Looking at compatibility, this grow light would easily get installed on any usual grow tent without any additional hassle as it comes with mounting accessories in the box as we mentioned it in “in the box” section of this King Plus 1200W LED review.

  • How Effective Should I Consider King Plus 1200W’s Spectrum Quality?

And, here it comes the most essential aspect if you’re utmost concerned about your plant’s growth and overall health throughout their lifetime.

Yeah, as we human take essential living elements for our body from our food, same way plants make their food from the quality of light they absorb. Well, that’s the basic explanation of the process of photosynthesis for your information.

So, all in all, the better quality of light you deliver to your plants, the better their growth and overall output will be.

And, that’s the reason we decided to explain its importance in detail in this King Plus 1200W LED Review.

Now, if we consider spectrum quality of king plus 1200W then it delivers a full spectrum light which includes most vital  12 bands  that’s being extracted from real sunlight by scientists and researchers.

This bands ranges in term of  wavelengths of 410nm to 730nm  and also includes white light for mixture.

Spectrum Graph - KingPlus 1200W LED Grow Light

Moreover, IR and UV being vital part from plant’s perspective; you’ll find it in King 1200W’s spectrum as well.

All in all, you’re going to get a great light effect for your plants and hence the results are going to be impressive for you for sure.

  • Power Requirements In Terms of Input & Output

A wise man will not choose a less priced product, instead he’ll choose a least costing product for long term usage.

We hope you got our meaning from previous line of this king plus 1200W review perfectly.

Now, talking about input requirements of King Plus 1200W LED grow light, it is compatible with worldwide voltage of 85V to 265V.

Moreover, its overall power consumption will depend fractionally on this input levels as well. However, people residing in USA or Canada will be glad to know that this full spectrum LED grow light will  pull on average 235W  for its working.

Yeah, that’s the lowest you’ll get in this price range with this level of spectrum and density as the outputs.

  • Dual Mode Switches & Daisy Chain; Good Or Bad?

King Plus 1200W LED grow light also features  two separate mode switches  for the ease of use during different phases of your cannabis plant’s lifecycle.

Well, we’ll discuss on which mode you should operate it, in which phase later in this king plus 1200W Review.

Yeah, this might be a comfortable and convenient addition on this panel for some people.

However, if you’ll ask an expert about their experience of operating an LED with this feature then they’ll say that its better to not have it on a panel.

Yeah, it’s strange but true, to be honest.

Well, there’s a scientific explanation behind it, yeah expert’s states that this features disturbs the balancing of working elements of the panel and later on its way it’ll start pulling more wattage for the working.

Also,  daisy chain port is an additional feature  that’s having a negative impact on power efficiency.

So, yeah, dual mode switches & daisy chain are good from comfort and convenience point of view, but from economical point of view it’s not worth having it on the panel.

  • Coverage Compatibility of King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light

And, here it comes a point which will decide whether you should opt for it or not!

Yeah, King Plus 1200W LED grow light is compatible for a coverage area of  3.5’ X 5’ during vegetation . Well, I’m not lying neither the manufacturers does the same.

Yeah, we’ve verified its coverage caliber from several real life users and also from our experts.

Moreover, it could be adjusted according to your coverage expectancy, so yeah, but decreasing height you’ll be able to cover an area of  3’ X 4’  which is also decent enough for blooming.

Also, make a note that this coverage is based on the LCP we got at the respective radius from the central point of PAR testing which is at 2.5’ & 2’ respectively.

King Plus 1200W is capable of delivering PPFD results of  645 uMol from 18”  height while you’ll get around  529 uMol from 24”  height and still the LCP of at least 100 uMol would be lying at the radius of 2’.

PAR Value - Review of KingPlus 1200 Watt LED Grow Light

Well, if you don’t know, LCP is the point from where any plant could get at least 100 uMol of delivery which is being known to be easy to absorb for plants.

  • Hot or Cool :- How’s The Stability?

We agree that no one would ever prefer to risk their plants for getting massive PAR readings and quality spectrum, even if they require to compromise on it they’ll.

Yeah, because heat is something that could destroy your hardwork over night and we won’t let it happen for you in any case.

And, that’s the reason, we’ve asked our experts to check cooling and stability of this light by personally visiting someone’s home who’s using it and they did it.

According to our expert’s opinion, King Plus 1200W LED doesn’t feature a separate heat sink for dissipation of heat. So, that’s a negative you might consider.

More so, this grow light is equipped with  3 stunningly working cooling fans . Also, to compensate the absence of heat sink they’ve placed exhaust ducts on the PCB itself from where produced heat could find a way to escape.

Cooling System - KingPlus 1200W Review 2019

Well, now talking about overall stability, King Plus 1200W LED runs cooler than some of the best seller panels in this price and wattage segment.

Also, with proper setup of your grow tent and regular observation you could easily help the heat to find a way out from your plant’s place.

  • Warranty, Support & Additional Freebies

King LED provides  3 years warranty  for all their products and the same implies for this King Plus 1200W LED grow light model as well.

Well, for people concerned about quality of support, you could rely on them as their response rate for customer queries and concerns is pretty good. Moreover, they does all they could do to help you in undesired situations you face with their products.

Now, if you’re looking for things provided to their customers for free of cost with their product then you’re getting a safety glass in the box.

Additional Accessories - King Plus 1200 Watt Review

Yeah, it comes handy when you enter into your growspace for observing plants while light is active.

What Resists Few People From Going For King Plus 1200 Watt LED Grow Light?

Well, perfection is everything isn’t done yet in this world as we all know.

So, everything is imperfect at from at least a single viewing angle. Same way, King Plus 1200W is also has some dark sides at its stack.

Well, this is not something that’s being repeated simultaneously, but still one should be knowing that this has been happened with someone, so possibility couldn’t be neglected.

Yeah, one of our reader informed us that his LED’s few raws of diodes stopped working after 1.5 years of usage, and as panel was under its warranty period they helped in replacing the PCB which further took 7 days.

Also, as usual, this brand too has a bit complex terms and conditions on its warranty card, so, you’ll have to check it in detail.

Pros & Cons – King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review

  • Priced competitively.
  • Symbol of a sturd and strong build.
  • A complete and fulfilling spectral caliber.
  • Inclusion of IR & UV in its effect optimally.
  • Pulls least amount of power in this price and with this level of quality.
  • Fabulous PAR outputs of 645 uMol from 18” height.
  • Dual mode switches for ease of mode shifting during variety of phases of plant lifecycle.
  • Effective cooling with fans and exhaust duct.
  • Daisy port for extension of an additional light.
  • Massive coverage of 3.5’ X 5’
  • Decent support.
  • 3 Years warranty
  • Huge positive customer feedback (>80% happy customer base)
  • Sometime failures in LEDs could occur if operated for longer than recommended time simultaneously.
  • Elimination of Daisy & Dual mode switches could have made it more power efficient.

What Makes Product 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

Well, in our expert’s opinion as an unbiased King Plus 1200W LED Review, there are two major things they liked about this panel.

Firstly, panel body and parts are of safe to utilize. So, there’s less risk potential with this panel.

Secondly, quality at an affordable price is something that’s being delivered at your doorstep which is also a great thing justifying its worth. Yeah, quality concerning spectrum & PAR output is just one step ahead of its competition.

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What Existing Users Are Saying About King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light?

Here are few King Plus 1200W Reviews we curated from our internal connections.

Jane from Detroit :- 

I’m using King Plust 1200W LED Grow Light for approximately 1.5 years now. So far, I’m satisfied with its performance. Also, within first harvest I’ve already recovered my investment on this panel. So, whatever I’m getting out of it, is just a bonus for me in my opinion.

Rosh from Alabama :-

I’ve used King plus 1200W in past, and carried on with it for almost 3 years. Later we planned to use COBs instead of this ordinary lights so we replaced it. However, using it was a fabulous experience as before King LEDs we were using Viparspectra which was comparatively less productive than this and on other hand that was costing a bit more to us. So yeah, we had made a good move while selecting it. Though, the only thing we expect King LED to improve on is inclusion of Dimmers would have been great to test few stuff during vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions – King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review

Here are the some of the F.A.Q related to King Plus 1200W Full spectrum LED grow light.

Is King Plus LED any good?

Well, answer lies within this king plus 1200W LED grow light review. It’s only you, who can justify answer to this question after reading this review.

What size of grow tent should I choose for King Plus 1200W LED grow light?

You should go for a 48” X 60” X 80” grow tent.

What’s average power consumption of King Plus 1200W LED?

It’s 235W on average, considering dual mode shifting functionality available on it.

Do I need a daisy chain feature in king plus 1200W??

Well, if you’re planning to cover only 4’X5’ of space and your future plans are not yet fixed then yeah, you might require it when you expand your space as quality of light and convenience of usage will make you expand your grow space.

Does King plus 1200W has a built-in timer??

No. But, this grow light is compatible to operate with timer.

Our Verdict

As its closing time of this King Plus 1200W LED review, we’d like to make few notes for our readers here.

Yeah, firstly, the panel is priced very competitively if you take other panels into consideration like viparspectra, mars hydro, roleadro or phlizon.

Secondly, quality you’re getting in king plus 1200W LED grow light in term of density (i.e PAR outputs) is just better than all of the above.

So, if you’re planning to use king plus 1200W in your grow space of 3’ X 5’ then this is the one of the best led grow light available for you.

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  1. I recently purchased your 1200 model with Veg and Bloom switches. I just wanted to confirm that during the Veg stage the only switch I need to have on is the Veg switch? Is there any advantage to having both switches on during the life cycle of the plant or should I turn the bloom switch for flowering?


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