King Plus 3000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Are you hunting for a stable yet budget friendly high end LED grow light for growing your cannabis plants at its best potential?

Well, in that case, you’ve landed on exactly right piece of information.

Yeah, in this King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review, we’re going to unwrap every smallest details that’s not been available publicly for indoor weed cultivators.

Moreover, there are many rumors and misconceptions are spread all over internet about this led grow light.

So, we’ll keep this review entirely unbiased and will bring your attention towards negative bits of this high demanding LED grow light as well.

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King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light: Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Check Price - King Plus 3000W LED Review

This King plus 3000W LED Review is effort of many people in its research and test process; so, we’ll appreciate if you pay proper attention towards each detailing mentioned in this review.

Let’s start unwrapping unspoken details of King Plus 3000W LED grow Light here on Bloomshower.

Technical Specifications :- King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions26” X 15” X 6”
Weight16.2 lbs
LEDs300pcs * 10W
Dual Chips?Yes
Focusing Angle90°&120° Mixed
Reflector? No
Optical Lens? Yes
SpectrumFull spectrum of 12 Band effect
UV & IR?IR Found, UV Unknown
Separate Mode Switch Yes
Power Switch?No
PAR Results1582 uMol @ 18”&923 uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage610W
Input Voltage Range 85V-265V
Core Coverage7.8’ X 8’@ 22”
Blooming Coverage6.5’ X 6’ @ 18”
Average Yield~9 oz.(Minimum of 5.5 oz.)
Daisy Chaining?No
Ratio of RED:BLUE~8:2
Shade of LightPink Color
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Controllable Using Timer? Yes
Cooling System 4 Stunning Fans + Well Researched Heat Sink
Warranty 3 Year+Money back assurity for 30 Days

Aim of providing you with this specs is to help you in getting familiar with available features and functionalities of King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light.

Yeah, we assume that you’re familiar with terminologies mention in above section, but if you’re not then don’t worry as we’re going to discuss everything in detail in this King Plus 3000W LED Review.

Features & Functionalities :- King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light

  • Initial Impression :- Taking A Close Look At Quality

King plus is a well known brand and has grabbed some solid reputation among indoor cannabis growers in recent years.

So, there could be something shaddy as long as build quality is concerned; though, we believe in clarifying everything by testing it.

Now, if we talk about our findings then light is built using some ruff & tuff solid materials. Not only outer panel & body cover but internal parts such as diodes, drivers, fans & rest of electrical parts are found to be of top rated quality.

Furthermore, placement and designing of this panel done in a way so that it could enhance performance without losing its charm of beauty.

Also, there are two separate mode switches along with power inlet on side of the light.

Moreover, King Plus has eliminated reflector design for some obvious safety precautions and instead an optical lens cover could be found on the front side of the LED grow light.

And yeah, 300 PCs of great quality LEDs are found on the board. We’d also like to mention it in this King Plus 3000W LED review that instead of utilizing 3W or 5W traditional chips they’ve utilized 10W chips for making of this piece.

Yeah, in reality each of this single diode is a combination of two 5W diodes which helps in maximizing fruitfulness of light being produced.

On backside of panel, 4 silently operating cooling fans are placed to dissipate heat in timely manner. It helps in maintaining well balanced temperature on panel as well as inside grow zone.

Cooling System - King Plus 3000 Watt LED Grow Light

So yeah, first impression concerning build quality and design sense didn’t brought anything negative to us.

  • Quality of Light & Its Effectiveness

Light quality is backbone of anyone’s entire growing results and yields. Yeah, it could make or break your expectations of getting awesome results from your plants.

So, while making a decision, it is always recommended to be concerned about light quality more than anything else.

Now, as long as King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light’s spectrum quality is concerned we found that it is capable of producing a complete 12 band full spectrum for plants.

Moreover, we also found IR to be working as when plant’s shift from veg to bloom it helped in formatting flowers within shorter time than we expected.

However, we didn’t found UV on the panel, neither manufacturer has included it in their covered band’s list. No doubt, our plants were healthy but it could be due to supplements we provided to them.

Also, King Plus 3000W LED grow light is equipped with optical lens cover on each of its diode as mentioned in previous section.

LEDs viewing angle is of mixed 90 and 120 degrees and we found that this optical lens cover acts as a magnifier and due to that light found in our grow zone to be of well spread state.

Optical Lens- 3000 Watt LED by King Plus

Also, compared to other brand’s LEDs this are found to be a bit bigger so centralization of light effect was maintained adequately.

  • Red & Blue Band Balancing

As you might be knowing, these are two most essential bands as far as health and growth rates are concerned.

Yeah, Red color plays major role when your plants are going through blooming stage. Also, researchers has found that majority of Red band in a light’s effect could help plants in producing heavier and aromatic buds & fruits.

Moreover, Blue is also essential in initial days when a plant is going through vegetation. Yeah, majority of blue just helps a plant in getting quicker and well sustained growth.

Now, if we talk about King Plus 3000W LED grow light’s balancing of this two bands then we found that ratio of Blue:Red is of 2:8.

Also, we found that intensity of Blue band goes higher compared red but red band covers multiple shades and density of red is greater than blue.

Light Distribution- King Plus 3000 Watt LED Review

Now, as far as this King Plus 3000W Review is concerned, we’d also like to state that we conducted a survey regarding production of cannabis buds using King Plus 3000W LED grow light.

Yeah, it was conducted among around 25 users and average of yield was above our expectation.

In our survey, we found that average yield produced by a single King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light is of around 9oz.

Minimum figure by 2 of those 25 users lies around at 5oz. Yeah, there could be multiple external factors that might have impacted negatively on those results but possibility can’t be denied.

  • Density & Coverable Area Using King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light

Now, after quality, spectrum & band details; the most important element that needs to be taken into consideration while looking for an LED grow light is Density of light delivered to the plants.

Well, as it is a 3000W LED grow light so central penetration would definitely be higher compared to others but thing is even after spreading for what size of area decent light could be found inside grow space.

Yeah, King Plus 3000W Full Spectrum LED Grow light marked readings of 1582 uMol from height of 18”; and, this is reading we got from central point of execution.

Now, if we talk about LCP a.k.a Least compensation point then we found that ideal 50 uMol’s LCP is lying at radius of 6 ft. Yeah, calculatively it is 12 ft of optimal coverage.

However, for optimal penetration and absorption rates it is advised to keep plants under light with at least 120 uMol.

So, yeah, you could keep it at 18” and it will provide you with 120 uMol of LCP for a radius of 4.5’.

Now, according to our experts recommended coverage area with optimal and growth focused quality of light will be 8’ X 8’ from height of 20-24” during vegetation.

And, during blooming phase, it is advised to hang light at height of 18” which will provide with effective coverage of 6’ X 6’.

So yeah, this is the best you could get at this price. Moreover, quality and effectiveness remains same even after achieving best possible coverage so it is a definite plus bit of King Plus 3000W LED grow light.

Well, for lower coverage requirement you could always look for King Plus Reflector 600W or King Plus 1200W Full Spectrum LEDs with similarities in the light effect and performance.

  • 3000 Watt!!! What It Is? Will It Consume This Much?

No! It’s not actual power consumption of King Plus 3000W LED grow light.

In fact, it is calculative representation of total number of LEDs multiplied by each of its power ratings.

Moreover, as discussed earlier, King Plus 3000W LED is capable of generating highly dense light that could help one in replacing its 2000-2500W HPS or MH system.

Now, if we come to the point end elaborate actual power consumption then even if each LED is entitled to consume 10W its internal drivers will minimize actual power consumption of each diode.

Moreover, in reality and while operating King Plus 3000W LED only demands 610W for reaching out to its best potential when Veg & Bloom both switches are turned ON.

So yeah, people planning to buy this LED might like to know that its actual power requirement is very low compared to other LEDs with same wattage and price on the market.

  • Timer Operable LED grow Light

Well, King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light itself doesn’t feature a timer inclusively.

However, one could buy it separately and could connect light with the timer and could make whole operations automated.

Also, there are several benefits of using timer with an LED grow light and we’ll make a separate post focusing on this topic.

But, if we talk about this ability of King Plus 3000W then we’d like to say that this feature is not available in all the LEDs available on the market.

So, it is essential to know whether a light could be operated using a timer or not.

  • Elimination of Dimmers and Daisy – Is it a negative bit?

As mentioned in the beginning of this King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review, it is going to be focusing on minus sides as well.

Yeah, if we look at its price tag and search for another light with some premium features then at this some of 450W LEDs are featuring dimmers as well as daisy in it.

No doubt, their utilization and results are lower than this one. But, when we’re buying an LED for massive coverable area of around 60 sq.ft dimmers is a definite requirement.

Yeah, it helps in reducing negative effect of light delivered to the plants directly placed beneath it.

Now, if we talk about daisy then we don’t think that this feature is required as this light doesn’t require an additional or a supplementary LED panel as long as you’re using it for 6’ X 6’ of area.

  • Warranty Terms & Policy

Talking about reliability, this is primary concern of most of the indoor growers out there.

Yeah, it just don’t ensure that you’ll be safe in case there’s any trouble but it also gives an idea about how much the brand is confident about their products.

Yeah, brands offering lesser warranty terms are not confident of their products and hence are less reliable in our opinion.

However, in case of King Plus 3000W LED grow light, warranty terms are adequate and they’re offering 3 years of support and assistance when you come across any deficiencies in their product.

Also, they’re giving you a chance to test their products for 30 days and in rare case you’re disappointed by its performance then you could send it back to them and they’ll refund you.

Pros & Cons – King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review

  • Affordable grow light on the market.
  • Sturdy & stealth design and build up.
  • Immense quality of light.
  • Well balanced full spectrum comprising 12 vital bands.
  • Inclusion of IR in spectrum range.
  • Dual mode switches for easy shifting between plant phases.
  • Optical lens cover helps in magnifying actually produced light.
  • Higher respiration, absorption, and penetration rates compared to other lights.
  • Unbeatable coverage of around 7’ X 8’ in this price segments.
  • Remarkable PAR outputs of 1582 uMol @ 18” height.
  • Optimal power consumption of 610W.
  • Effective and well balanced temperature of grow space & light panel as well.
  • Operable using timer.
  • Elimination of Daisy improves power consumption.
  • Light is too bright to look at directly so requires additional safety.
  • Sometimes fans makes a bit more noise compared to other panels.
  • Dimmers would have been an added advantage.

What People has to say about King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light?

Yeah, instead of talking about a product ourselves we also go one step ahead and ask about the product to those who’re already using it.

In the case of King Plus 3000W LED Review, we asked people to let us know what are some points in this panel that they didn’t liked about?

Here are some of the commonly responded answers.

Mathew Indoor Gardening

Mathew from New York :-

Because of too much of direct light in the center it harmed my plants when I used it for first time. Yeah, it is extremely bright and if you’ll place plants directly beneath it then chances of losing those center placed plants are high. So, instead of just providing two separate mode switches they should have provided dimmers so that we could adjust its brightness. Though, I’m doubting if with dimmed effect it will cover same area or not.

Jonathan Grower

Jonathan from California :-

There’s no negatives I experienced since I got this light. Yeah, all I could say about it is positives only. Though, in my case delivery was late than I expected and I doubt if it’s negative of seller or of light or brand.

Two Most Impressive Things about King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light That Made A Person By It.

Now, we again asked few people about what are two things that they liked about King Plus 3000W LED Grow light and here are some of the most commonly responded answers.

Ron User

Ron from Denver :-

I was not thinking of buying it to test it out myself; so, I asked one of my friend who was using it at that time and he told me that he is using only single panel for 7’ X 7’ of area and that too he bought only for less than 350$ which was very cheap as I was planning to buy two lights costing around 200$ each. But, after getting his opinion and recommendation I changed my decision. So yeah, it’s coverable area and price that are two things that made me go for it.

Gregory User

Gregory from Seattle :-

I checked its price and PAR and bought it. Yeah, its as simple as that. Because they’ve mentioned that it provides around 1500 umol from center. And even if they would be lying about it then I was expecting only 800 uMol in this budget. In reality, for me remaining 700 uMol I’m getting is my gift given by this brand lol.

F.A.Q – King Plus 3000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Does king plus 3000W LED grow light comes with a daisy port?

No! it doesn’t and it don’t require it as it is already capable of covering 7’ X 7’ of area and that too with decent blooming effect.

Potential coverage of King Plus 3000W LED is uniform?

Well, coverage has always been a point of discussion as it could be increased or decreased based on tests and experiments. So, yeah to be precise, coverage isn’t uniform and you could achieve higher or lower area with your preference of placement.

PAR in center is more than 1500 uMol so won’t it harm my plants?

Yes, in some cases, too much dense light could impact negatively. So, it is advised to keep plants well separated and to avoid plants right beneath light.

Why light is not having reflector?

Instead of utilizing a reflector design, they’ve utilized optical lens cover to maximize the brightness of light.

Our Verdict

To make it short and simple, people having larger coverage expectancy and want good quality light in an affordable budget range. This is an ideal choice available for you.

Moreover, reported average yield of around 9oz. could help you in making a wise call in our opinion. Yeah, in this price range there’s no other light that could help you in achieving this much yield and results.

So, yeah, we’re recommending it in this King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review to our readers based on our findings, tests and user’s opinion.

Happy Growing Mate. Don’t forget to share your experience or concern in the comment box below.

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