King Plus 600W LED Review – A Complete Encounter Of This Grow Light

It won’t be wrong if we say that “Majority of LEDs below 100 buck mark are worthless.

Well, that’s true and when you’re limited to that price range, your responsibility to do deeper and enough of research will increase potentially.

Anyway, in this King Plus 600W LED Review, we’ve done all the hard-work of collecting facts, figures and functionalities available on this full spectrum LED grow light by King LED.

Moreover, we experienced few things that are a bit troublesome in longer run and few people are not convenient with such problems in it, so, read whole review and save yourself from missing any essential tip about King Plus 600W LED.

So, let’s get started with King Plus 600W LED Review.

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King Plus 600W LED Review :- Dual-Chip LED Grow Light
Check Price - King Plus 600W Review

Before moving on to explanations about its abilities, let’s take a look at some of the technical capabilities implemented on this King Plus 600W LED grow light model.

Technical Specifications :- King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36”
Weight6.61 Pounds
LEDs60 X 10W Dual Chip Epistar LEDs
Focusing AngleMixed Angle
SpectrumComplete Full Spectrum 12 Band
UV & IR?Optimal Amount
Power Switch?No
Mode Switches?YES 2 Separate Switches
PAR Results430 uMol @ 18” & 302 uMol @ 24”
LCP Radius100 uMol LCP = 2.5 Radius
Input Voltage Req.85V-265V
Actual Wattage120W
Coverage3’ X 3.4’ @ 24” Height
Daisy Chaining?Yes
Ratio of RED:BLUE:GREEN6:1:3
Shade of LightPink Color in Grow Space Effect
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Fans & Sink
Warranty 3 Years Warranty & 30 days guarantee

Features & Working Results :- King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review

Now, if you’ve a lump sum idea King Plus 600W LED Grow Light model, then we’d like to explain everything in detail.

Also, in this review, we’ve included opinions of people who’re using this LED in their indoor growing jobs.

So, yeah this King Plus 600W LED Review is going to be combination of two things; our own tests and our reader’s experience of its long term usage.

  • Build Quality & Reliability

When it comes to the build quality, first thing that we think about is the brand reputation.

Yeah, majority of our expert’s have a common opinion about brand credibility, according to them “If a brand is new, you should test it; if a brand is old you should get reference for it.”

Well, if you’re hunting for an LED for past few days then you must have got a reference for it.

Now, if we talk about build quality then manufacturing of King Plus 600W LED is done with latest tech and result oriented facts in the mind.

This panel is equipped with strong quality and long lasting parts. Moreover, instead of using old fashioned LED of 3W or 5W, they equipped this full spectrum LED with 10W dual chip LEDs.

Yeah, these LEDs helps in saving a lot of energy and power, also it delivers decently divided light to the plants.

All other parts in its making is certified for safe usage; not only for its user but also for plants.

  • PAR Factor & Its Caliber

As mentioned in the specification section of this King Plus 600W LED Review, this panel features a  rectangular dimension of 12.2” X 8.26” X 2.36”  and Diode placement and band organization is done by keeping plant growth in mind.

Body Build - King Plus 600W Review by BloomShower

So yeah, with  mixed focal point  and Diode placement and band organization is done by keeping plant growth in mind. of its lens and rectangular form factor this panel delivers well spread light over to the plants.

Now, if we talk about PPFD or PAR outputs, this panel throws PAR meter reading to massive  430 uMol from height of 18” .

Par Result - King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review in 2019

Moreover, its LCP which is knows as the ideal point of improved respiration and absorption lies at massive radius of  2.5’ .

Yeah, this is the place where our above mentioned discuss regarding form factor and design comes to the play.

Now, if talk about this PAR outputs then this is the best we found from a full spectrum LED grow light under this price range.

Also, for higher PAR expectancy you may go for King Plus 1200W Variant or King Plus 3000 Watt LED grow light.

  • Spectral Capacity & Light Effectiveness

Quality light is one of the pivotal elements required by plants in indoor gardening or cultivation.

Well, quality of light implies to the type of wavelength it deliver over to the plants. Usually upon dividing a sunray, 12 different shades of colors gets produced in it.

So, in general plants expect light beam with all those 12 color shades in it. This is also called full spectrum light.

Now, if we talk specifically about King Plus 600W LED Grow light Model in this review, then this grow light delivers a complete full spectrum light effect with help of variety of color bands in its diodes.

Spectrum & Color - King Plus 600W LED

Yeah, there are various ranges of shades of light in its wavelength.

Moreover, if we look at 3 basic color bands then these are Red, Blue, & Green. Contribution and division of each band is managed scientifically by the manufacturer.

Yeah, plant growth and health were their prime focus and not anything unusual.

  • Ideal Grow Tent Sizing & Requirements

With above mentioned PAR outputs, King Plus 600W LED could provide a  coverage area of 3’ X 3.5’ from the height of 24” .

Yeah, we’ve tested it from that height for checking its suitability for vegetation and mentioned area is the real output we got with an  LCP of 150 uMol .

Also, this coverage is definitely expandable with help of change in the hanging height and light placements.

Ideally, we found that one could get best probable results from King Plus 600W LED by hanging it  at 18” height during flowering and   at 20”  during vegetation.

Also, this way, during blooming you’ll be able to achieve coverage of around  2.5’ X 3’  which is optimal and ideal for this segment.

Now, if we get to the discussion about Grow tent suitability and preference then King Plus 600W Full Spectrum LED has been found to be a best fit for a  36” X 36” X 60” grow tent  with leakage proofing and reflective Mylar with reflection rate of around 90-98%.

  • Cost Economy – Pricing Isn’t an Actual Cost

Here it comes the most important aspect to look for from the economical point of view.

Yeah, you may get an affordable light if your budget is tight, but buying a cheap LED isn’t a wise move in our opinion.

Well, as far as this King Plus 600W LED Review is concerned, this full spectrum light is not just an affordable indoor grow light from pricing point of view, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective choice available below hundred bucks mark and in 600W segment.

Yeah, for powerful working King Plus 600W only  consumes on average 120W  from the outlet. So yeah, in term of power pulling and efficiency it could beat even some of the top rated 600 Watt LED grow lights used for cannabis growing.

Well, this is the least possible amount you could expect from an LED grow light in this PAR, price & reputation section on the market.

  • Heating & Cooling

As mentioned earlier in the body build up section of this King Plus 600W Review, this full spectrum grow light is designed and manufactured by highly skilled professionals.

Yeah, they know their job pretty well and that can be realized by their sense of including as much powerful features in their product as possible.

Well, if we talk about Cooling abilities available on King Plus 600W LED grow light then there are  2 scientifically designed and highly durable cooling fans  placed on the backside of the LED.

Yeah, these fans continuously dissipates the produced heat outside from the panel. Also, for easy circulation an  aluminium heat sink  is fixed on the LED body.

Cooling Fans - Review Of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

Also, temperature sensing ability of King Plus 600W is one step ahead of the competitors. Yeah, its driver will adjust power pulling and operations based on the heat sensed by it.

So, all in all, if you’re expecting on of the very few well balanced LED grow light in heat dissipation then this one is made for you. Let’s not make your plants die due to heat and bad environment.

  • User Comfort & Convenience

For the purpose of ease of use and to provide indoor gardeners with a user friendly LED grow light, King Plus 600W LED grow light is equipped with  2 separate mode switches .

Dual Mode Switch - King Plus 600W Dual Chip Review

Yeah, this mode switches in King Plus 600W LED model are highly convenient to use as one could operate it according to their plant’s phase of lifecycle.

Moreover, A daisy chain port is available on the backside of King Plus 600 Watt LED grow light.

This daisy chain port provides an easy way of connecting an additional LED grow light on single outlet for power supply.

  • Warranty & Support

All LED grow light products by King LED is backed by 3 years complete cover as a warranty and 30 days cover for satisfaction, defects or technical issues with the product.

Also, we’d like to mention it here in this King Plus 600W LED review that support quality from King LED is better than many of cheap LED manufacturers available on the market nowadays.

Yeah, reliability is something that couldn’t be expected from each and every brand on the market.

What Resists Few People From Going For King Plus 600W LED Grow Light?

We couldn’t expect anything to be perfect when we have any one side bounded by some sort of limitation.

Yeah, if you’ve shorter budget, this grow light is providing a lot more than what one is paying for. But, still there are few points that people didn’t liked about it.

Well, we won’t spare those negative bits in this King Plus 600W Review here on BloomShower, so, don’t you worry.

Firstly, few users have complained repeatedly about the noise issue in the fans. Yeah, after constant usage of a year or a year and half, its fans start making a bit more noise than other LEDs available on the market.

Another thing that few people reported as a dark side of King Plus 600W is fire hazard.

Well, don’t predict things! Yeah, fact is everything has a limitation when it comes to usage.

If one is operating it constantly for 48 hours without even a minute’s rest then obviously its glass cover will start melting due to the excessive heat in the environment.

So, it is advised here in this King 600W review that please use it with care. Also make a fix schedule based on recommended hour’s of usage.

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Pros & Cons – King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Reliable Brand.
  • High Quality product and materials in making.
  • A Complete full spectrum in light effect.
  • Included IR & UV for healthy plants.
  • Massive coverage of 2.5’ X 2.5’ to 3’ X 3.5’
  • Power consumption of maximum 120W
  • Operates on the frequency of 50-60Hz
  • Dual mode switches for ease of control.
  • Daisy port for expansion.
  • High quality cooling facilities.
  • Amazing support quality that’s praised by many.
  • Long warranty.
  • Cheap pricing making it Best Budget LED on the market.
  • After 1 or 2 years of usage fans starts making a bit more noise.
  • Should be operated with care, excessive constant usage could be fire hazardous.

What Makes King Plus 600 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

Highly affordable price tag along with worth to have and satisfying to experience quality of light in the grow space is something for which King Plus 600W LED grow light becomes a worth to have choice.

Moreover, in this price range, majority of brands are providing nothing but a complete crap where you mount it and use it for days, yeah, for days and not even months; and, it’s die.

And, if you’re really expecting some sort of quality in the light effect as well as product durability then King 600W is the best bet for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review
Is King Plus 600W LED grow light’s Spectrum Reliable?

Yeah, we’ve tested its spectral capacity on hand and its truly reliable from plant’s perspective.

How many plants I could grow with one King Plus 600W LED?

As many as you could fit within a 2.5’ X 2.5’ of grow space with appropriate spacing in between.

What is footprint of King Plus 600W LED model?

A decent footprint could be observed for 6.25 sq.ft of area. However, in term of LCP of 100 uMol we’ve tested its footprint and it is available for a radius of 2ft.

Does King Plus 600W suck 600W Power?

NO! King plus 600W consumes 120W in reality, while 600W is the HPS, HID or MH lighting system replacement figure.

What is money back guarantee policy for King Plus 600W LED model?

Within 30 days of purchase, you could ask for a refund in case you didn’t felt OK with products, you didn’t liked its performance, or you think that you could get a better light than this.

Our Verdict

As far as our opinion in this King Plus 600W Review is concerned, we’d leave whole decision over to you.

Yeah, reason being, we’ve already elaborated each and every smallest bright as well as dark side of King Plus 600W LED grow light in this review.

So, we believe that based on your requirements, expectations and feasibility you could move ahead and make a call.

But, if you ask for our shortest opinion then all we’d say is “Go & try this out if you want to experience affordable light quality.

Also, if you’re still confused and don’t want to get this one then Viparspectra V600 is also a Good Alternative to this budget oriented LED grow light.

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