Lightimetunnel 600W LED Review – What It Has To Offer @ a Decent Price?

When it comes to indoor gardening and growing, our major worry is the selection of right tools that don’t spoil our hard work at the end time.

Moreover, it becomes too tough to choose one when we’re bound by limited budget.

However, here we are with lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review, which is an affordable and quality LED Grow Light for indoor growing.

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Yeah, we’ve done all the hard work and researched each and every tiniest detail about this LED grow light by Lightimetunnel.

Our aim was to craft a detailed piece of information that help our readers in resolving their doubts regarding this sole piece of satisfaction, and we’re glad that our team has succeeded in doing so.

Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light :- Best For Biginners

Check Price - Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review

In this Lightimetunnel LED Grow Light Review, we’d like to let you know all tidbits of it along with bright and dark sides attached with this grow panel.

Also, to make sure that what’s being advertised on various platforms are verified and true, we’ve considered taking opinions of people who’ve used it in past or using it currently.

So, let’s begin with some of the key details of this 600W LED grow light by Lightimetunnel.

Technical Specifications :- Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions 12.1” X 8.2” X 2.3”
Weight 5.3 lbs
LEDs 60pcs * 10W
Dual Chips? Yes
Focusing Angle 120°For Proper Maximization.
Reflector? Yes (Fireproof Reflector Cup)
Spectrum Optimal Complete spectrum
UV & IR? Yes Both
Dual Mode Switch No
Power Switch? No
PAR Results 460 uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage 145W
Ideal Coverage 3’ X 3’ @ 20” Height
Average Yield ~2.5-3.2 oz.
Daisy Chaining? Yes
Ratio of RED:BLUE ~8:2
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Perfectly operating cooling fans with sink
Warranty 2 Year Hassle Free + 30 Day’s Return & Refund

Features – Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review

There are plenty of features and quality aspects in this grow light but it is always better to know about the brand first, because it is essential to know that on whom we’re relying for better results.

So, let’s start with reputation obtained and satisfaction delivered by the brand to indoor growing community.

  • Lightimetunnel – A Brand with Unspoken Caliber

Well, craze for growing plants indoor and enjoying harvest is on its peak. And, people are often falling in the traps of false promises and fake results.

However, Lightimetunnel falls under budgeted grow light manufacturers and has successfully delivered some of the highly effective pieces to cultivators.

High Efficiency- Lightimetunnel 600W Review

Moreover, number of remarkable reviews on various shopping sites justifies its caliber in terms of customer satisfaction and product performance.

Also, level of perfection and experience of qualified indoor growers can be recognized in its quality and light effect.

  • Spectrum of Lightimetunnel 600W – Perfect & Balanced

Now, when it comes to spectral abilities, we must ensure that light should be capable of delivering all desired bands of colors to the plants.

Yeah, more balanced the spectrum, better the growth and health of our beloved plants.

However, in the case of Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review, we’ve approached to the people who’ve experimented and used this grow light with their various kind of plants including marijuana plants.

And, According to their opinion, this grow light is delivering a completely balanced full spectrum with all bands covered in its effect to the plants.

Absolutely! It is a completely full spectrum grow light where balancing of RED and BLUE band is done in a perfect manner and by keeping plant’s growth in the mind.

  • Light Maximization :- Fabulous Use of Reflector With Dual Cheap LEDs

We usually expect light that is easily absorbable by the plants and for that its effect has to be maximized properly.

For this purpose, Manufacturer has included Reflector design along with dual chip LEDs. Yes, in this 600w full spectrum LED grow light you’ll notice each cup will have two chips in it.

Also, reflector cup design is fireproof so be assured regarding safety. Moreover, they’ve used 60 degree COB reflector cup design to maximize brightness at its best level.

Dual Chip LED - Lightimetunnel 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Lightimetunnel 600W will be perfect fit for any grow space with grow tent made up of highly reflective mylar material. As in that case, it’ll further be able to maximize effect and your plants will get more room to absorb light and to fulfil their hunger.

  • Capacity to Grow :- Well Suitable for Small Sized Cultivators

Coverage widely depends on the height and footprint. However, Lightimetunnel is capable of providing 325 uMol PAR results from the height of 18” so you may imagine the caliber to provide footprint.

Par Result - Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light

Also, depending on your experiments and tests you may change its height at its best suitable level.

However, on most ideal height of 18” this grow light is capable of covering around 3’ X 3’ uniformly.

As light features highly dense light with perfect working of dual chip + reflector design, you may even get 3’ X 3’ as ideal in several case.

Moreover, it is boosting absorption rates up to 95% which means even at it’s peak you’ll get effective lighting for your plants, where plants could achieve our desired growth. Also, depending on strain and seed quality bigger yields are a sureshot outcome with this LED grow light.

  • Power Hungry? :- No Not At All

When we come across a low priced product, we usually think of it as a product with some negative results or side effect. And in our thought process Power consumption comes as a first point of doubt.

However, in the case of Lightimetunnel 600W, it just pulls 140W from the wall. And we must say, with merely 140W power consumption it is able to provide amount of light that we usually obtain from a 600W HPS panel.

Yeah, HPS replacement figures are never been our prime concern but for this grow light we must say you can replace this grow light for your 600 Watt power hungry HPS System.

  • Inner Environment :- Cool and Well Balanced

This grow light is backed with one massive and unbeatable performance producing cooling fan. Also, it has an aluminium heat sink to dissipate the heat properly.

Upon taking opinion from people, we came to know that in term of cooling, it is capable of beating some of the high priced products as well.

Yeah, you growing environment and space is assured to be safe from unusual heat and temperature.

Moreover, cooling just don’t make things balanced in grow space, it also increases lifespan of the grow panel as well. So yeah, you’re going to get two advantages from a single feature.

Also, we got a question regarding thermometer in it, by one of our beloved reader. Well, it doesn’t comprise any thermometer in it, however you can buy an additional one if you want.

  • What Additional Features :- Some Plus + Some Minus

Well, we always look for more as a human being. However, in lightimetunnel as well we’re getting some plus and some minus regarding additional features.

Yes, Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow light features daisy chaining feature which is a definite plus when one is beginning with a small grow space and planning to expand later on.

But yeah, this 600W panel is directly controlled using your main electricity outlet as there is no power switch available on the panel. It could be a minus point for few who are expecting at least a bit of technical perfection.

Also, most desired feature of Dimming or mode switch isn’t provided in the Lightimetunnel which might be a negative for few people who expect it.

Dimming System - Review of 600W LED Lightimetunnel

  • Warranty, Support & Terms :- Customer Oriented

Lightimetunnel is offering 2 year’s extensive customer support to their buyers. Yeah, it is less compared to others however looking at price, it is acceptable.

Moreover, you’ll be ensured with satisfaction before final decision as it comes with 30 days money back policy in case you’re disappointed with the product. And yeah, pricing isn’t so stiff so it’s affordable for even beginners in indoor cannabis growing too.

Also, their product is passed from various phases of testing and hence you can be assured of quality.

Above all, as discussed earlier, it is growing brand and currently establishing trust among indoor growers of USA, so it is second reason for believing in this brand.

That’s all for features.

Now, as you’re completely familiar with the features of this marvelous piece of quality, we’d like you to have a look at its bright and dark sides.

Pros & Cons – Lightimetunnel 600 Watt LED Grow Light

  • Cheap yet effective product for optimal returns.
  • Optimal and well balanced spectrum, However it lacks some aspects of a complete full spectrum, still it is ok and will work its way.
  • High quality beads for LED.
  • Scientifically designed panel for saving as much as possible on electricity cost. (Merely 140W consumption)
  • Effective cooling for well balanced grow space.
  • Well achieved and proven coverage of 3’ X 3’ (Verified)
  • Daisy chaining for people who’re planning to expand later on..
  • Effective PAR without any harm to plants.
  • Customer satisfaction taken care off.
  • Doesn’t feature any mode switch.
  • Not waterproof and required additional care in dripping water area.

Yeah, everything comes at a cost and it is true in its case as well. You might be thinking of its dark sides but let us confirm that at this price many manufacturers are failing in delivering what it is doing. Yeah, we’ve examined plenty of lights and many at this price are not even has a perfectly balanced spectrum. Even some of them seem to be harming the plants beneath it.

Anyway, now it is time to move ahead and discuss some frequently asked questions. After that we’d share few opinions of people who’re or who’ve used lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light in their grow space.

Frequently Asked Questions – Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review

There are plenty! Yeah, but we’ve filtered depending on number of people seeking advice on a particular confusion. Pick your piece freely.

Ain’t Heard about this brand ever! Is it really good and reliable?

The brand is serving indoor growing and gardening community since almost 2008. However, it might be neglected by people sharing their opinions over internet. Anyway, check this reviews of existing people that are worth to prove its reliability and quality.

Is it capable of covering my 3’ X 3’ grow space?

All alone? Yes. Will you prefer a supplementary light? Then too it would be great, because it features a daisy chain port and you can attach additional light with it.

It is 600W Light, so it draws 600 Watt of power or what?

No! 600W is recommended replacement capability for HPS systems. While working lightimetunnel 600W will only consume 140W of electricity for proper functioning.

Is it recommended for Blooming? Or it is limited to Vegetation only?

It features an optimal spectrum, which is well balanced and capable of delivering uniform light quality throughout whole lifespan of your plants. Its RED spectrum is enough for an ideal plant and most probably you won’t require any additional light. But, still if you’re expecting extreme red shade of light then yeah, you’ll need an additional bloom bulb.

What about reliability of after-sales?

They work on M2C business model where you won’t require to deal with any third party in case you face any issue with their product. Yeah, you’ll be dealing with directly to the manufacturers and they’re doing well as long as our survey has confirmed.

So, that’s all folks for frequently asked questions for Lightimetunnel 600 watt LED. Now, we think you’ll like to have a look over some real life experience of people who’ve had Lightimetunnel 600W in their grow space.

Let’s move forward.

User Stories – Lightimetunnel 600W LED Review

During our survey we found around 59 people who’re using lightimetunnel 600W in their grow space. Whatever written in this review is combined result and shared opinion of that survey. While we reached out to 3 people and we got 2 responses. We’re sharing it here for your consideration.

Michael from California :-

In the mid of 2017, I started with indoor growing. And, my first LED panel was from lightimetunnel 600W. Yeah, I was a bit skeptic about my venture and so limited myself with throwing extra bucks on the tools. However, at a fraction of what some of premium brands are charging, this one is delivering much more in term of quality and performance.

Jenna from Alabama :

I was using viparspectra 600W and for some reason it went dead. I was looking for decent and budget friendly replacement and one of my friend suggested me to try lightimetunnel 600W on a condition that if I don’t like it then I could give it to her and she was gonna pay me full amount. So far, I’m using it and she had ordered it separately.😊

Now, that you’re having complete information about this product, it will be great to know our top 2 reasons why you should trust on this brand and why this product deserves a place in your grow space.

Why to Rely on Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light?

Well, this review is enough to justify its worth, here’s our take on top 2 reasons that ensures best performance out of it.

First and foremost reason is, Build & Reliability. Yeah, even being offered at a decently fair price they didn’t compromised on material quality neither they’ve neglected any safety parameters. It is built and designed in a way that it could last longer and keep serving your future endeavors for longer time span.

Second Reason is, Power Efficiency. Well, cheap products usually suck more power and may seem affordable at first glance while costlier than a premium light in longer run. While, Lightimetunnel is limited to consumption of only 130W for its best performance.

Our Verdict

Well, everything is crystal clear by now. Still if you want our opinion then you’re advised to go with it if you’re bounded by budget and expecting a working and performance packed grow light in your grow space. Yeah, it is a green signal from our side in the given case. Also, if you’re open to price and want to invest on some more quality offering products then Viparspectra 600W and Mars Hydro 600W both are also two good alternatives.

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