Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review – Must Read It Before Buying It.

Have huge return expectations and looking for an affordable LED grow light?

Well, we’ve found one for you and in this Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review, we’re going to elaborate everything about it starting from its plus points to loopholes while using it.

Yeah, we’ve got everything covered for you in this review.

Also, we’ve got some real life experience to share with you, later in this review of mars II 1600W panel.

So, hang on and take a deep look at this review.

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Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review :- Is It Good? Really?

Check Price - Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review

Well, there’s an imbalanced opinions from crowd of indoor gardeners when it comes to china manufactured products.

But, this one is got some great caliber in it and that’s the reason this brand has been succeeded in standing out of all other crap brands.

Before we move towards detailed explanation of this LED grow light by Mars Hydro, it’d be great if you take a look at this specifications and included functionalities of this panel.

Technical Specifications :- Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review
LEDs320 PCs of 5W each.
Dual Chips?No
Focusing Angle90° Direct Penetration
Optical LensNo
Spectrum12 Band + IR + UV Full spectrum
Power Switch?No
Mode SwitchYes
PAR Results1732 uMol @ 18” Height
Actual Wattage641W±5%
Veg Coverage5’ X 5’
Blooming Coverage4.5” X 4.5”
Average Yield1.8g/watt
Daisy Chaining?No
Ratio of RED:BLUE3:2
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No, But compatible
Cooling System 5 Efficient Fans + Heat Sink
Warranty 3 Years + 30 Days (Money Back)

Features & Working Results :- Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review

Now, let’s dive deep into some of the fabulous functionalities of the Mars II 1600W LED grow light along with some of the heart breaking realities.

Yeah, it’s going to be a completely unbiased Mars Hydro 1600W LED review for you.

  • Design, Build & Performance

Yeah, mars hydro is the name known for quality they deliver to their customers in term of strength and reliability.

So, regardless to say that Mars II 1600W LED is also built using some top notch materials. Moreover, their design sense and scientific placement of each part and element of the light is impressive.

Well, if we talk about technical abilities then there’s no daisy chain port as it’s not required in Mars Hydro 1600W LED because of  large coverage capability  of this mega beast.

Moreover, they’ve used traditional 5W diodes which left us a bit skeptic about its performance. But we found that they’ve done it intentionally for producing largely distributable light.

Yeah, this grow light includes  320 epistar/bridgelux diodes of 5W  each. And, placement of diode is done very smartly and scientifically so that each color band blend properly in upon delivery.

Built & Design - Review of Mars Hydro 1600W

Also, focal point of 90°along with elimination of reflector as well as optical lens is a definite well-thought of move.

Yeah, it helps in boosting rate of absorption and also reduces danger of panel failure by fire or excessive heat.

Well, even its starter variant as well as intermediate model of Mars Hydro are showcasing same body build up & strength.

  • Marvelous Spectrum For Healthy Plants

Yeah, you’ll just love its spectral caliber.

We’re glad to make a note here in this Mars Hydro 1600W review that this grow light features a complete full spectrum effect which further includes IR and UV in it.

This both elements should be on your utmost priority if you’re looking for great results in your indoor grow space.

Also, ratio of  Blue:Red is well balanced and lies at around 2:3  which is great if you want highly resinous buds from your plants in blooming phase.

Color Ratio - Review of Mars Hydro 1600 Watt LED Grow Light

Well, now if we talk about results obtained using this panel in this Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review, then we’ve observed that plants under this light are found to be greener than other panels in this segment.

Also, Prevention of yellow leaf issue could be done perfectly with help of this LEDs spectrum.

  • Unbeatable Coverage With Perfect Density In Center

As we mentioned in very beginning of this Mars Hydro 1600W Review, this grow light is most preferred choice for larger coverage expectancy.

Yeah, this grow light is capable enough of covering at least  4.5’ X 4.5’ of grow space  with optimal light quality.

Coverage Area - Mars Hydro LED Grow Light In 2019

Moreover, coverage in vegetation could be enlarged by increasing height of the panel as usually during this phase plants don’t seek denser light.

Yeah, so during vegetation one may expect 5’ X 5’ of area to be covered using Mars II 1600W LED Panel while during blooming it decreases to 4.5’ X 4.5’ from 18” height.

Also, this panel’s  PAR output is better  than some of the premium LEDs available on the market like advanced platinum and g8 led.

Yeah, you read that part correctly! If you take a 900W platinum LED which is priced double than this panel then Mars II’s PAR outputs are better that grow light from platinum LED.

Well, if you’re seeking numbers then this grow light throws PAR meter to 1732 uMol from 18” height in the center of its placement. Yeah, right beneath it you’ll get that number.

Also, LCP lies at the radius of massive 2.25’ and that’s what defines its massive coverage caliber as an indoor grow light for weed.

Low End Power Sucker? Really?

We highly recommend our readers to focus on this element of any grow light no matter what other things you need to compromise while making your decision.

Yeah, because an LED might be priced at 250 bucks and might deliver utmost similar effect and results to a higher priced LED. But, things don’t end on 250 bucks initial investment as later in the journey you’ll have to pay the bills.

So, choose an LED which is cost effective in longer run, even if you require to spend a bit more than your budget.

Now, if we talk about power efficiency of Mars Hydro 1600W Full Spectrum LED grow light then this one will  pull on average 620W-640W  for efficient performance. Yeah, that’s less than what you’ll pay for a premium range LED so you’re safe you decide to go for it.

Result Expectancy For Marijuana Harvest

If everything else is right on the place in your grow space then this grow light is one of the highly productive LED grow lights for marijuana cultivation.

Yeah, you may expect  1.8 gram of yield per watt  of electricity at the end of a single harvest.

Well, that’s impressive figures in our expert’s opinion.

Moreover, we reached out to several people who’re using this panel in their grow space and our collective opinion from all those user’s feedback is something like this….

“This panel produces on average 1.7 gram of quality weed with strong aroma if all parameters in your grow zone was maintained accordingly. While least achieved results in worst conditions lies at 1.2gm/watt in case of one of our prospect.”

Yeah, that’s true, and if you’ve some good grip over indoor weed cultivation then you’ll definitely make it happen in your grow space as well.

Comfortable & Convenient Usage

We’re glad to state it here in this Mars Hydro 1600W LED review that, this grow light is equipped with  two separate mode switches  which is a fabulous feature for a comfortable usage of an LED Grow Light.

Dual Mode Switch - Mars Hydro 1600W LED

Moreover, if you’re looking for convenience of auto set mode by setting timer then this grow light is also compatible for a timer connection.

However, built-in timer functionality is not present in it, if it would be there then its pricing might have got a bit higher.

Also, all mars hydro products are certified for safe and non-hazardous usage from ETL certification authority.

  • A Look Over Cooling Capabilities

As we all know, cooling plays a major role especially when we’re mounting a massive light for a larger grow space.

Also, the grow space is going to be leakage proof to make efficient usage of produced brightness, so it becomes essential to bother about light’s heat generation limits and dissipation techniques.

Well, you’re concerned about it in the case of mars hydro 1600W LED grow light then be worry free as this grow light is equipped with  5 PCs of reliable and quiet cooling fans . Also, fan placement is done scientifically so that most of heat produced on panel get out of it quickly.

Cooling System - Mars Hydro 1600 Watt LED Grow Light

Moreover, an  aluminium heat sink  is also present in it to back things up when it comes to temperature stability.

Overall, this grow light’s Heat output lies at 2555 BTU which is definitely a bit higher than optimal and you’re required to take proper care of heat ventilation and air flow circulation so that things don’t get imbalanced too sooner.

Also, using this panel on recommended time limit for per day usage with help a lot in keeping things stable in your cannabis grow space.

  • Stellar Support & Long Warranty

Well, manufacturer’s claimed  lifespan for this panel is of at least 50000 hours  and could fight for 100000 hours in some cases.

Also, verified rate of failure is also on pretty low side which justifies the brand reliability in term of provided quality.

However, even if you’re one among very few unfortunate people then too you won’t be required to worry even a bit as their support is always there to back you up in undesired situations.

Yeah, you’re getting  3 years stellar support with 30 days money back guarantee  for mars hydro 1600W LED grow light.

What Resists Few People From Going For Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light?

There’s a proverb “Nothing’s perfect in this world.

Well, this is true in the case of this mars hydro 1600W LED grow light as well. Yeah, if you’re planning to use Mars Hydro II 1600W LED grow light then you’ve to be extremely careful in plant placement.

Well, that’s the only negative we observed from this panel. Because if a single mistake is done by you in plant placement then you’ve lost the game half way.

Yeah, due to extremity of light in the central point of grow space, it is not recommended to keep too dense placement in the center because this way your plant’s will get most of heat and too dense light that will result in over efficiency which leads your plants to sickness.

Moreover, this panel is also not featuring any dimmer knob because if it was there then you might have ability to keep it dim for saving your plants.

Pros & Cons – Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Economic from pricing point of view.
  • Well-suited light for an intermediate indoor weed cultivator.
  • Marvellous spectrum delivery over plant canopies. (12 band)
  • Inclusion of IR & UV for boosting sterilization & growth.
  • Use of SMD technologies for diodes.
  • Unbeatable PAR output of 1732 uMol @ 18” height in the center.
  • Far point of LCP at radius of 2.25’
  • Massive coverage of 5’ X 5’ of active grow area.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Least power pulling of 635W in this price & wattage segment.
  • User friendly operations with dual mode switches.
  • Fabulous cooling system with 5 fans and sink.
  • Elimination of daisy for power efficiency.
  • Safety certification from ETL, CE & RoHS
  • Strong built-up.
  • Low failure rate.
  • 3 years stellar support + 30 days moneyback policy.
  • Extreme light could damage vision if seen with naked eye. (Wear safety glass)
  • Not waterproof so proper care from dripping water is expected.
  • No dimming knob for reducing brightness and density.

What Makes Mars Hydro 1600 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

We don’t think that you need to seek our opinion for those things as we’ve already mentioned all bright and dark sides of Mars II in this Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review.

However, if you’re still interested in knowing our expert’s opinion for the same then we’re happy to let you know.

Yeah, the PPFD results it delivered in the center was jaw dropping for us. Also, we were a bit skeptical for its coverage potential but what’s being mentioned in this review is completely verified and that’s the second thing we liked the most for mars hydro 1600W LED grow light.

Moreover, scientific making of this panel is commendable. And one must thank the team at Mars’s research center for delivering this much in single package at this price range.

Considering all above reason, we’ve put mars hydro 1600w in our list of Best LED Grow Light in 2022.

What Existing Users Are Saying About Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light?

As we mentioned in the introduction part of this Mars Hydro 1600 Watt LED grow Light’s review, we’ve reached out to several people who are reliable to take an opinion about their experience with mars 1600W Panel.

Here are two selected responses for you.

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review

Ricky from Miami :- Mars Hydro is my second favorite brand after platinum LEDs. Well, I love platinum LEDs as they’re US based manufacturers. Well, mars hydro was just an experiment I was trying to do and eventually I fall in love with it. Yeah, I’m using mars hydro 1600W LED and my experience says that one must try this light out if they’ve bigger expectations concerning final outputs and lesser abilities to spend.

Mona's Opinion on Mars Hydro 1600W LED

Mona from Denver :- Yeah! I’m using Mars Hydro 1600W LED grow light happily for past 14 months. I like this panel because of two things 1). Its light quality is justifiable from the plant’s growth and health. 2). It consumes less power than others in this price range with this level of quality.

Yeah, not everyone could deliver same quality at an affordable rate. You know what I meant.

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Review – Unboxing Along with Review

Check this video out to get an overview of what you’re getting in the box along with a decent opinion from a real user.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review

We’ve curated some frequently asked questions based on our reader’s responses. Check it someone has already asked a question that’s in your mind!

Are Mars Hydro’s LEDs any good?

Yes. However, even if you’re spending thousands of bucks on other LEDs from other brands then too it’ll be missing something that’s available in Mars Hydro 1600W panel. Same way, this one might be missing something that’s available on those panels. But, all in all this LED is good from price to quality perspective and one could rely on it for the same.

Which grow tent size I should choose for Mars Hydro 1600W LED?

This LED grow light by mars hydro can cover an area of 4.5’ X 4.5’ from 18” height. And can be increased or decreased based on observations and experiments. So, ideal grow tent size that we’re recommending to you is of 60” X 60” X 80” for keeping some room for experimentation.

What should I consider in priority list for a grow tent compatible to Mars 1600W?

Keep light proofing and ventilation in mind while choosing a tent for this panel by mars hydro.

Does its spectrum include all bands?

Yes, mars hydro 1600W’s spectrum includes all 12 bands in its effect along with UV and IR.

Its PAR readings are too high, won’t it result in over efficiency?

Yes, it could. And, that’s why we recommend to do plant placement smartly. Also, we advise you to keep an eye on your plant’s growth and adjust distance between plants and light accordingly.

Do they provide replacement during warranty?

No, they don’t. In fact, none of the brand on the market would provide replacement. They’ll provide replacement of parts and shipping charges for it will be your responsibility. Moreover, for ease of claim you might like to reach out to their support center available in the California as well. For detailed terms check out their manual provided in the box.

Our Verdict.

As you might have realized from this mars hydro 1600W Review that this is not a beginner’s light and one with no prior experience should avoid it at first place.

So, if you’ve had experience of growing plants in past and you’re familiar with basic parameters of indoor growing then you should go for it without doubt.

Yeah, we’re recommending it to intermediate level of indoor weed cultivator as this light could give best out of it to the people who’re familiar with ideal height positioning, plant density based on PPFD readings, and could take care of nutrition & supplements along with managing proper ventilation for dissipating heat.

Well, even if you’re not experienced but could manage to research the stuff out or you’ve someone in touch who could guide you in setting it up then too we’ll recommend this grow light to you.

Yeah, one should must try out its quality for this affordable price.

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