Mars Hydro VS Viparspectra – A Closer View At Caliber

If you’ve decided to grow your cannabis indoors and ready to set up the grow space then first thing that you’ll come across is selection of one of the best led on the market.

Yeah, it’s pretty evident that you might have heard the names of Viparspectra & Mars hydro. As, both of these brands are ruling the LED market like a king.

When there are two similarly powerful options in our hand, we get confused and hence we need to have a close look at wins and losses of both the products.

In this Viparspectra VS Mars Hydro comparison, we’re going to give you a close and completely non-biased opinion to you for making a non-regrettable decision concerning your next grow.

To give you a complete overview we’ve selected reflector series of both the brands. Yeah, reflector series have gathered most of the appraisal in both brands.

Moreover, we’ll be taking 4 different models of different capacity into the consideration while doing comparison so that you get even a nano particle like detail about each brands.

So, let’s get started with our Mars Hydro VS Viparspectra comparison now.

Mars Hydro VS Viparspectra – A Closer View At Caliber

Here’s a quick comparison for better understanding. Check it out.

Viparspectra Reflector V300 VS Mars Hydro Reflector 240W

Dimensions12.5" X 8" X 3"12" X 12" X 2"
Weight5.5 pounds6.6 pounds
Dual Chips?NoNo
Focusing Angle90 Degree120 & 90 Degree Mixed
SpectrumComplete Full Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum
Power Switch?YesNo
PAR Results412 uMol @ 18"477 uMol @ 18"
Actual Wattage130W110W
Max Coverage2.5' X 2.5'2.5' X 2.5'
Bloom Coverage2' X 2'2' X 2'
Daisy Chaining?YesYes
Ratio of RED:BLUE5:33:2
Cooling SystemAdvanced Fan + SinkScientific Alloy Sink + Fan
Warranty3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)
Best SellersCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Mars Hydro 480W LED VS Viparspectra V450

Dimensions16" X 8.5" X 2.5"26" X 13" X 2.5"
Weight6.5 pounds~9 pounds
Dual Chips?NoNo
Focusing Angle90 Degree120 & 90 Degree Mixed
SpectrumFull Spectrum + IRFull Spectrum With IR
Power Switch?NoNo
Dual Mode Switch?YesYes
PAR Results619 uMol from 18"680 uMol from 18"
Actual Wattage200W190W
Max Coverage3' X 2.5'3.5' X 2.5'
Bloom Coverage2.5' X 2.5'3' X 2.5'
Daisy Chaining?YesYes
Ratio of RED:BLUE8:38:5
Cooling SystemAll Around Heat DissipationScientific Heat Dissipation
Warranty3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)
Best SellersCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED VS Mars Hydro 720W

Dimensions15.3" X 12.8" X 3"37" X 13" X 2.4"
Weight11.6 pounds11.02 pounds
Dual Chips?NoNo
Focusing Angle90 & 120 Degree Combined120 & 90 Degree Mixed
SpectrumOptimal Full Spectrum + IR & UVFull Spectrum With IR & UV
Power Switch?NoNo
PAR Results592 uMol from 22"873 uMol from 18"
Actual Wattage260W298W
Max Coverage3.5' X 3.5'3' X 4.5'
Bloom Coverage3' X 3'3.5' X 4.5'
Daisy Chaining?YesYes
Ratio of RED:BLUE3:13:1
Cooling SystemHeat Sink + FansMultiple Fans With Sink
Warranty3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)
Best SellersCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Mars Hydro Reflector 960W VS Viparspectra Reflector 900W

Dimensions16.5" X 16.5" X 3"21.6" X 20.7" X 4.9"
Weight15.7 pounds16.5 pounds
Dual Chips?NoNo
Focusing Angle90+120 Degree120 & 90 Degree Mixed
SpectrumFull Spectrum + IR + UVFull Spectrum + UV + IR
Power Switch?NoNo
PAR Results936 uMol from 18"1200 uMol from 18"
Actual Wattage400W±3%390W±5%
Max Coverage4.5' X 4.5'4.5' X 5'
Bloom Coverage4' X 4'4' X 4.5'
Daisy Chaining?NoNo
Ratio of RED:BLUE5:33:2
Cooling SystemAdvanced Fan + SinkScientific Alloy Sink + Fan
Warranty3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)3 Year + 30 Days (Refund)
Best SellersCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Before we proceed any further with this comparison, we’d like you to have some introduction to both the brands on the board.

Mars hydro VS Viparspectra

Yeah, we believe that our readers should be well-informed about not only products but their makers too as your indoor grow success is our main aim and your success is our reward.

So, now, if we talk about geographical inception and existence then both brands are based on china. And, their main production house and research centers are operated therein.

However, since last few decades both brands are delivering highly satisfying and return efficient products to indoor growers. And hence, their warehouses and service centers are available in various states of America and Canada too.

If we talk about Mars Hydro then by delivering exceptional products that produces commendable results they are doing remarkable progress and have grabbed decent success among indoor gardening lobby of USA & Canada.

On other hand, Viparspectra incepted a bit later compared to Mars Hydro but even within very small timespan this brand too succeeded in getting tremendous place on the market with its highly result focused indoor growing products.

For both the brands, LED Grow Lights and Grow Tents are main products and they comprises various series and functionality.

So yeah, dealing with any of these brands is pretty much sensible decision and one won’t regret opting for either of them.

Which one Wins Race of Build Quality, Functions, & Science Behind Design ?

As LED grow light is one of the key factor playing an essential role in your overall growroom success story, it’s evident to look at the technical ability of the product.

So, for measuring it we’ll take Mars Hydro Reflector 960 VS Viparspectra V900 and Mars Hydro Reflector 240 VS Viparspectra V300 into consideration.

Yeah, to get a close look we’ve considered high end as well as low end model of each of the brands in the matter.

Firstly, Mars Hydro 960 features dimensions of 26”X21”X2” while Viparspectra V900 features 22.5”X 12.8”X3” on other hand Mars 240 features 12”X12”X2” & V300 features a dimension of 12.8”X8.2”2.8”.

Build Quality - Viparspectra VS Mars Hydro Comparison

Yeah, compared to Mars Hydro products of Viparspectra showcases a bit thicker design. However, weighing factor of Mars 960 is 16.98 lbs while V900 weighs around 17 lbs.

So, we could examine that Mars hydro panels are more compact and slimmer compared to Viparspectra while Viparspectra LED grow lights are lighter in weight compared to that of mars hydro.

Now, if we pay attention towards technical parts then both brands makes use of reflector design in the series we taken into consideration.

Also, key difference in design is found for a function called daisy chain. Yeah, while all low end models in Viparspectra comes with a daisy port only V900 has not available. However, Mars Hydro provides daisy function for all of its variants in its reflector series.

And yeah, as long as make of diodes are concerned, both brands utilizes high end diodes from the brands like epistar and bridgelux in all of their products.

Above all, zener diode is placed between each series of diode to avoid failures in all of the variants of both Viparspectra & Mars Hydro.

Moreover, all the models of both brands have a separate mode controller for convenient and hassle-free user experience.

So yeah, for this race it’s almost a tie among both brands as both are having its own plus and minus associated into their products.

However, for your decision we recommend you to take things that matters to you the most into consideration so that you could have an evident and worry free decision at the end of this comparison.

Spectral Caliber :- Race for Results

Spectrum being the most essential factor to look after in an LED grow light as it plays vital role behind process of efficient photosynthesis.

Well, as far as spectrum is concerned we took Mars 720 & Viparspectra V600 into consideration for having an all around test.

However, for this factor as well it’s a almost a tie as both brands have included a complete 12 band spectrum in their light effect along with most essential IR. Though, absence of UV is detected in both of these variants in our test.

Spectral Caliber Mars Hydro 720 VS Viparspectra 600w Reflector

But yeah, for the price they are offered we didn’t expected this level of perfection in either of them.

Both Mars 720 as well as Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED grow light produces a marvelous and plant friendly pink light effect. Moreover, our experts also noted that both LED grow lights are perfect as uniform light source among all plant stages as frequency of rand band is higher in all the variants compared to blue band.

Also, we’d like to mention that due to similar light effect in Mars 720 & Viparspectra V600 we took one step ahead and also checked spectrum and light effect of Mars 480 & Viparspectra Reflector 450W and we got similar results again.

So yeah, it’s a definite tie among both brands as long as spectrum effect and effectiveness is concerned.

Coverage Capability & Density – Most Mattering Factors! Which One Grabs Spot?

Yeah, as we all know after spectral capabilities, one’s most concerning factor should be density of LED grow light.

Yup, as denser light tends to be more absorbable on plant canopies and results into better and healthier process of photosynthesis.

So, for this one of the most concerned factor in an LED grow light; we’d take Viparspectra 300W, Mars Hydro 240W, Viparspectra 600W, Mars Hydro 720 & Vipaspectra’s V900 as well as Mars Hydro Reflector’s 960W into our consideration.

Moreover, we’d keep optimum height of 18”-24” to our attention so that we could have more closer view regarding this ability of all of these variants of both of the brands.

Firstly, Viparspetra V300 delivers 412 uMol is the center from 18” height while Mars Hydro 240W delivers 477 uMol in the center from height of 18”.

And, with this PAR output range both lights are perfect fit for a coverage area of 2’X2’ from mentioned height. However, Mars Hydro’s variant penetrates denser light so it’d be great to note that.

Secondly, Viparspectra 600W reflector series led grow light penetrates around 696 uMol in the center with height of 18” while Mars 720W delivers 873 uMol in the center from same height. Also, we’re glad to note that Mars provides LCP within 2.5’ X 4.5’ of area and V600 provides 3’ X 3’ of area coverage.

Yeah, as we mentioned in this Viparspectra V600 Review, LCP range of this unit is just unbeatable in the segment.

Yeah, mars hydro delivers more output and provides more coverage but notable thing here is both lights are not similar concerning Wattage segment.

Mars Hydro’s variant in this comparison is high end compared to that of viparspectra so having a clear idea was a bit tough for our team too.

But yeah, our expert’s recommendation for PAR hungry plants and their growers goes to Mars Hydro Reflector 720W as it has more capability compared to viparspectra’s model.

Now, if we talk about V900 VS Mars Hydro 960W then former one delivers 911 uMol from 18” while later one delivers around 1200 uMol of PAR output from same range. And, PAR performance of Mars Hydro 900W is something that makes it one of the best led grow light for cannabis.

PAR And Coverage - Mars Hydro 960W VS Viparspectra V900 900W

So yeah, in high end variant comparison too our recommendation goes to Mars Hydro Reflector 960W variant due to denser light and more rate of absorption that we analyzed.

To conclude, race for PAR output and coverage capability was very tough for both brands though Mars Hydro succeeded in securing our recommendation due to obvious and visible results. Also, both V900 and mars hydro 960W are considered among some of the best led grow lights for 4X4 grow tents.

Power Efficiency – Which One Is A Good Friend In Grow Space?

A good led grow light won’t just help plants beneath it to grow well, but it should also help its owner to save money on longer run.

Yeah, to check reliability of both the brands we’ll be taking Viparspectra’s V900 and Mars Hydro’s 960W into consideration.

So, let’s begin with our test and check what we collected from the dust.

Daisy Chaining In Viparspectra & Mars Hydro

Well, Upon checking we found that Viparspectra pulls 405W when operated on its full throttle. Yeah, when we keep both bloom and veg modes ON it pulls equivalent to our mentioned figure.

While, Mars Hydro’s 960W LED grow light draws power unit of around 410W on average when you operate it to its best potential.

Yeah, definitely, in our opinion, mars hydro wins the battle here in the year of 2022 as it has a lot more improvised components in its product compared to viparspectra.

Mars Hydro 720 Reflector Low Power Consumption Noticed

So yeah, for the price you pay Viparspectra’s Highest variant will suck less power compared to that of Mars Hydro.

However, as we found in our previous test Mars Hydro LED grow lights tend to deliver denser and comparatively more efficient light to plants and that could be a reason behind its 5W more on power requirements.

So if we look at all in all game, then both products will help you either way. One could produce higher results with a bit more power pulling while other one would produce a bit less results from plants with low power pulling.

Yeah, when it comes to power efficiency both grow lights runs edge to edge and this race too results into a tie.

Cooling Efficiency & Surrounding Balancing

Cooling factor also should be your prime consideration point as while growing plants indoor they have to survive in a packed place and hence proper balancing is a must.

Also, we often recommend our readers to focus on this particular aspect as much as possible while looking for a suitable LED grow light for their grow space, because it won’t just make a sense, but it’ll yield positive outcomes in longer run.

Now, if we talk about cooling and balancing functionality then top end variants of both the products i.e; mars 720, mars 940, viparspectra V600 & V900 features highly reliable cooling fans with advanced and scientifically designed heat sink.

Cooling And Safety - Mars Hydro VS Viparspectra

Moreover, both brands take equivalent care of heat dissipation and inside temperature noted by our team was pretty much well balanced. One of our team member have used V600 and according to him, it’s one of the best 600 watt led grow light available on the market when it comes to cooling and dissipation.

So, yeah, you should be assured that no harm is going to made to your plants while utilizing either of the brand’s LED grow light.

However, if you’re still confused then we’ll recommend to opt for Viparspectra as it offers pretty much everything that we desire from a plant focused LED grow light with comparatively low price range.

Affordability – Let’s Check Whether Either Of Brand Makes A Hole In Our Pocket? Or Not?

As all the variants considered in this comparison are aimed to provide minimalistic and acceptable level of performance to beginners as well as intermediate indoor gardeners.

So, we won’t even recommend a pricey product to someone who’s taking their baby steps in indoor gardening or just here to learn few things about it.

Now, if we take pricing of Viparspectra then compared to all other brands based in china, this one provides highly affordable LED grow lights with all plus points on technical as well as performance oriented detailing.

Mars 480 VS Viparspectra Reflector 400W - Products

Moreover, Mars Hydro is a bit costlier compared to Viparspectra and provides a bit denser light to its user.

However, with density drawback of 5 more watts per hour is associated with the panels of Mars Hydro; so overall it would cost the same. Well, both brands are known for their nature of providing cheap led light that works on the market.

But yeah, in our opinion both brands have priced their products marginally low compared to other cheap brands of LED grow lights available on the market.

Mars Hydro VS Viparspectra – Knockout Round :- Our Bottomline

As now you have all the details and very micro level view at both the brand and each of its products, we’d like to ask you one question.

Yeah, just think! What’s the most concerned factor in your situation and what’s you not to miss element in an LED grow light?

If you’ve your answer ready then we’d like to give you a quick recommendation.

Also,If it’s build quality then you could opt for either of them but if along with build you’re concerned for pricing too then go for Viparspectra.

And yeah, If it’s density then we’d recommend Mars Hydro but it will suck a bit more power compared to viparspectra, so if you’re ready to let it be then let it be and opt freely for mars hydro.

For spectrum, cooling & features both brand goes edge to edge in the competition and you could make your choice depending on above mentioned three elements namely pricing, build quality, and density.

Also, if you’re not sure about which one to opt for and you’re just beginning with your gardening journey then we’d recommend you to start with Viparspectra V600 as it comes with everything that we look for in an ideal full spectrum indoor LED grow light.

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