Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light Review – Is This LED Worth The Money?

Are you looking for an affordable and decent LED grow light from performance point of view?

Well, Meizhi 600W Reflector LED is one good choice for such requirements.

In this Meizhi 600W Review, we’ll explain you everything about this heart winning LED grow light in 600W HPS Replacement segment.

Moreover, we’ve also considered some loopholes for the inclusion in this review of meizhi LED grow light, so stay tuned and don’t miss a line.

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Let’s get started with the review of Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light.

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Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light
A Detailed Review

Check Price - Meizhi 600W Review

It’d be great if you take a quick look over this specifications and technicalities of Meizhi 600W LED grow light.

It won’t just help you in understanding the discussion henceforth, but will also give a rough idea about the overall capacity of this 600W full spectrum LED grow light.

So, let’s get started with this meizhi 600 watt led grow light review.

Technical Specifications :- Meizhi Reflector 600W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions 15″x12.6″x2.8″
Weight 12.3 Pounds
Dual Chips? No
Focusing Angle 120°
Reflector Yes
Spectrum 12 Band Full Spectrum
UV & IR? Yes
Power Switch? No
Mode Switches? Yes (2 Separate Mode controllers)
PAR Results 780 uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage 277W
Coverage 3ft X 3ft
Average Yield 3-4 oz.
Daisy Chaining? Yes
Ratio of RED:BLUE 5:4
Shade of Light Pink
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Timer? No
Cooling System Cooling Fans + Excellent Heat Sink
Warranty 36 Months Warranty + 30 Days no Question Asked Money Back

Features & Working Results :- Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light

As you have a decent idea about this 600W reflector full spectrum LED grow light by Meizhi; it’ll become easy for you to understand facts and explanation being presented from now onward in this Meizhi 600W Review.

  • Product Quality & Brand Repo

Meizhi is a brand known for fulfilling needs of indoor cultivators since last whole decade.

Moreover, they’re a team of vastly experienced indoor gardeners and highly qualified researchers.

Also, improvement is an ongoing and never ending thing and this brand has proven it by providing something great with every new and upgraded version of their products.

Old vs New - Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light

So yeah, as far as this Meizhi 600W Reflector LED review is concerned, you could rely on the durability and quality of this full spectrum LED grow light.

Moreover, Meizhi’s products are safe to use or utilize as it’s certified by  safety certifications like UL and ETL and RoHS .

  • Improved Version Of LEDs

By improved version we didn’t mean 10W dual chip LEDs.

Yeah, they’ve used traditional 5W diodes but their diodes are of different quality and have better penetration rate compared to traditional 10W dual chip diodes. Yeah, you’ve read it correctly.

They’ve utilized  SMD technology of LEDs  which features better PPFD range, has low damage rate, better penetration rate, corrosion & water resistant, and never loses the intense of the light for plants.

Yeah, if you’re still confused between traditional and SMD diodes then let me tell you that a single SMD will beat a dual chip diode with all its performance and quality.

  • Spectrum, Ratio’s & Light Quality

Meizhi Reflector 600W LED grow light features plant oriented light and effect inside your grow space.

Yeah, well balanced and the only available ratio of 5:4 in Red:Blue mixture is something that stands out from the crowd.

Moreover, all  12 essential wavelengths of sunray  is available in its spectral graph.

All in all, blend of perfect placement of diodes for creating a remarkable light effect is one of its own kind in meizhi 600W LED.

Yeah, spectrum quality is decent and fully plant’s growth oriented in this meizhi 600W LED model.

  • Focal Point, Reflection & PAR Results

As far as this meizhi 600W Review is concerned, all the diodes in this panel are placed at 120 degree focal point.

Moreover, a fireproof and highly durable reflector panel is being used in the making of meizhi 600W reflector LED grow light.

Reflector - Meizhi 600W Reflector LED light

We must admit that combination of right focal point and best quality reflectors makes it possible to produce lose free light with intact intensity and the best density.

Yeah, from the  height of 18”  this LED grow light by meizhi delivers  PAR of 780 uMol  which is the best possible from a 600W LED grow light in this pricing segment.

Par Value - Meizhi 600W Reflector Review

Well, power consumption is increased due to achieving better PAR readings, so, it also have a dark side attached to it.

Also, watch full video test of PAR result.

  • Coverage Potential of Meizhi 600W

With optimal delivery and best possible rate of Light absorption in the cannabis plants, this 600W LED grow light could cover an area of massive  3’ X 3’  uniformly.

Moreover, one could change this expected coverage by adjusting light placement.

However, for best results and returns we recommend our readers to stick to the advised distance between plant and light.

Well, we’ve mentioned this later in this meizhi 600W LED review.

  • Power Economy & Additional Functionalities

Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light features two separate mode switches for swapping between plant’s phase of its lifecycle.

Also, depending on the phase, your plant will require different intensity and density of the light where this dual mode switch comes handy.

As already mentioned earlier in this Meizhi 600W Reflector Review, this LED covers an area of 3’ X 3’ and still it features a daisy chain port which is senseless in our opinion.

Yeah, according to our experts 3’ X 3’ is mid sized grow space and one might rarely require to expand it with an extra light.

On other hand, this  grow light sucks 277W  for its functioning which obviously isn’t a great thing for this model after getting all other aspects right on its place. Also, in our opinion, this power consumption is very ideal and something that makes it one of the best 600W LED grow light on market.

Yeah, there are many LEDs available on the market which lower power consumption and equivalent HPS replacement abilities; the only issue with those LEDs is a bit of compromise on intensity of the light.

However, footprint remains ideal for same coverage area in all other competitor’s LEDs as well..

  • Cooling & Environment Balancing

Meizhi 600W Reflector LED features  2 highly reliable and quietly operating cooling fans .

Moreover, advanced heat sink on this LED does its job pretty well and keeps on dissipating the excessive heat from the LED body.

Cooling System - Meizhi 600w Reflector LED Review

Also, as mentioned earlier in this Meizhi 600W Review, this LED features SMD LED technology which uses Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) that saves the intensity and runs it cooler than the ordinary diodes.

All in all, there’s no doubt on its cooling caliber and it keeps the things smartly well behaved and well balanced inside your grow space.

  • Warranty & Support

Meizhi is known for their Stellar and customer satisfaction oriented support as well. As far as this Meizhi 600W LED grow light review is concerned, this panel comes with  3 years of manufacturer’s warranty .

Also, if you don’t feel satisfied after using it for 29 days then you could send this LED back to them and they won’t ask a single question.

Yeah, you’ll get a  full refund for 30 days satisfaction breach .

What Resists Few People From Going For Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light?

As we promised in the beginning of this Meizhi 600W Review, it is aimed to be an unbiased opinion from real life growers and our experts combined.

So, here are few things that our experts and our readers thinks that not worth in the Meizhi 600W LED grow light.

Firsty, this panel consumes 277W of power for potential performance. On other hand its HPS replacement figures lies are 600W which don’t seem to be a good fit in this range.

According to few readers of bloomshower, there are many good alternatives available which pulls less power and delivers ideal density of light. Well, by mentioning “ideal” they didn’t mean equivalent or better than Meizhi 600W.

Next thing according to our experts is a core role playing factor behind its higher power pulling. Well, according to them, daisy chain is a worthless feature when you’re growing for 3’ X 3’ of grow space of higher. And, this feature is biggest power waster in the LEDs.

Pros & Cons – Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Budget Friendly LED grow light in 600W LED segment.
  • Marvelous light effect and spectrum of 12 bands.
  • Well Balanced RED:BLUE ratio, uniformity included.
  • Dual mode switches for ease of usage.
  • ETL, UL certified product.
  • New SMD technology in diodes.
  • LEDs are fireproof.
  • Focal point of 120° helps in boosting reflection.
  • Coverage caliber up to 3’ X 3’
  • Great cooling results, well balanced environment inside grow space.
  • Decent warranty terms.
  • No question asked money back policy.
  • Reflectors are less reliable compared to optical glass cover, though this LED is certified as a fireproof product.
  • Daisy wasn’t required, elimination of Daisy could help in saving few more watts of power.
  • Product isn’t waterproof.

What Makes Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

Inclusion and improvement in older version by utilizing latest technology of diodes and change in overall build which includes inclusion of daisy, dual mode and advanced cooling is something that makes Meizhi 600W LED a worth to have choice.

Moreover, this grow light is cheaply budget friendly and anyone, yeah, even a beginner could try this out as his starter LED grow light.

Yeah, in our opinion, its combination of design sense, advancement & economical pricing that makes it one of the best cheap led grow light that work for cannabis plants.

Unboxing & Video Review – Meizhi Reflector 600W LED Grow Light

Check out this video to know why Meizhi 600W is considered as one of the best rated LED Grow light on the market.

Few Tips on Getting Best Out Of Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light

Here are few essential things our experts have curated while testing this 600W LED grow light in our lab.

Check all these tips and try to follow it while using this LED, you’ll get best return by following this technique.

  • Meizhi 600W Reflector LED is not waterproof by built-up, so, take utmost care when exposed near to any waterflow.
  • Never run this LED grow light constantly for more than 10 hours.
  • Only use it with compatible input voltage supply.
  • Make sure that your grow tent have best possible ventilation facility for dissipating excessive heat out of grow space. Well, Meizhi 600W LED has decent cooling functionalities but still relying all alone on this LED isn’t a good idea.
  • Follow provided hanging distance for different phases of the plant’s lifecycle.
  • Operate with the recommended mode switches on based on the plant’s lifecycle and plant quality.
  • Don’t place Meizhi 600W LED too far on the verge of getting more coverage. You’ll get large coverage but your plants won’t sustain required growth rate.

Recommendation for Hanging Height

Germination Seedling Vegetation Blooming
18 Hrs Usage 18-22 Hours Usage 20-24 Hours Usage (30 Min Break) 12 Hours Usage
24” Away from Soil Surface 20” Away From Sprouts 20” Away from Top Leaf 18”-15” Away From Canopy
Frequently Asked Questions – King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review

Here are some of the repeatedly asked questions and its answers regarding Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Review.

Check it out.

How Reliable Is The Spectrum Quality of Meizhi Reflector 600W LED?

Meizhi 600W LED’s spectrum is perfectly blended and well balanced. Ratio of Blue:Red is 5:4 and this ratio is decided based on the uniform requirements of plants.

Moreover, all remaining and required 12 bands including IR & UV are present in its effect so it definitely helps the plant in getting expected boost in the growth.

What is suitable grow tent for Meizhi 600W LED grow light?

Well, if you’re asking for sizing then we’d recommend to go for a 3.5’ X 3.5’ X 5’ of grow tent. Moreover, better reflection & light leakage proofing would be great if available.

What input voltage does meizhi 600W Reflector LED requires?

Meizhi Reflector 600W LED grow light requires voltage range of 110V to 220V.

How reliable is the fan quality? Any noise issue?

Fans are super quiet and fully reliable.  We’ve taken opinion from people who’re using it for past 2 years and they’ve confirmed that it doesn’t make noise even after longer usage.

Does it have any dimmable feature?

No. Only, two separate mode switches are available on panel and there’s no dimmer or dimmable functionality available in it.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, anyone looking for a reliable and heavy duty full spectrum LED grow light may consider giving it a go.

Yeah, looking at pricing as well, it is not costing anyone a life. Moreover, quality provided at the given pricing is something that is not available by many brands on the market nowadays.

Also, some of advancement in LED technology and inner functioning is worth to try out for anyone’s grow space.

Yeah, as far as this Meizhi 600W Review is concerned, we’d recommend this panel to anyone looking for quality at a budget friendly tag. And, no other light could give you such a tremendous results from your marijuana plants like this one.

Happy growing buddy.

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