Top 10 Cannabis Brands in 2021

top cannabis brands

The growing cannabis industry is characterized by transformation and innovation, with the market getting more and more saturated with new brands and products. A few names with a cult following are on top of the game, while some recent brands are quickly rising through the ranks. Below are our top picks for the best cannabis brands in 2021.


Cookies cannabis is one of the most innovative players in the game. Their grip on the cannabis industry began with their vast collection of strains that started with the Girl Scout Cookie and is now hyped by their recently-released CBD mushroom capsules. Cookies carry its brand in its quality as much as it invests in celebrity endorsements and street-style drop marketing. 

What made Cookies stand out is that it is hybrid marijuana with the combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush. This strain is a big hit to users since its primary effect is happiness and a stress-free feeling. The wave starts with several euphoric effects and eventually ends with intense feelings of full-body relaxation. 

710 Labs

You’ve probably already heard of this because of its cult following– 710 Labs is one of the first brands to make a name for itself in the cannabis industry. It prides itself in cultivating organic cannabis grown with the utmost care and attention. Because of the meticulous process with their line of the most exotic strains, only small batches are produced.

The way they market their products is also unique. They do not stick to the traditional way of communicating to their customers, but they also expand to cannabis artist collaborations, clothing drops, and crusade launches. The creation of their direct-to-consumer cannabis e-commerce platform also contributed to their speedy growth. 

Grandiflora Genetics

Grandiflora Genetics is known for its unique and exotic strains. Dubbed a premier luxury cannabis brand, it breeds some of the rarest and most exclusive strains that no other brand can replicate. Its flavors are sold as flowers, extracts, edibles, and pre-rolls. The brand is also known for campaigning for marijuana legalization.

Seed Junky Genetics

Seed Junky Genetics is a dynamic powerhouse in the cannabis industry with a team of industry tried and tested breeders. The brand consistently delivers the trendiest and most innovative strains and flavors, such as the Gelato 33 strain, its most popular release. In fact, top California cannabis brands get their stocks from Seed Junky Genetics

Leafs by Snoop

Snoop Dogg is on his way to make a name for himself in the cannabis industry with his new brand. The brand’s products are either Indica or Sativa dominant and come in chocolate bars, flowers, chews, and gummies.  Its packaging comes with selected quotes from Snoop Dogg.

Nature’s Medicines

Nature’s Medicines is a brand with a mission. It advocates for the de-stigmatization of marijuana by stressing the variety of its medicinal and healing benefits. Calling its products “medical marijuana,” their selection includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and tinctures. They strongly believe that their products will definitely contribute to the betterment of those needing medical attention. They ensure that those with medical cards will be able to receive higher-dosage products that are not accessible to recreational users. 

Nature’s Medicines is also known for its vertically integrated operations. More than 90 percent of their offerings are their own products grown in their 300,000 square feet marijuana cultivation sites. This works hand in hand with their concentrated processing facility and edibles facility. 

Marley Natural

Reggae icon Bob Marley partnered with Privateer Holdings to create Marley Natural, a cannabis brand advocating for social justice and environmental protection and restoration. Considered a premium brand, all of its products are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. 

What makes Marley Natural stand out is how they market their products and launch them as a global brand. They strayed away from the usual branding of old-school merchandising and targeting university kids to skip class just to get high. They took a more classy approach and have limited their distribution to specific areas where clients are older and wealthier. 

Marley Natural’s selection includes whole flowers, pre-rolls, and oil cartridges.

Old Pal

Old Pal’s markets to consumers with a friendly approach to simplify the world of cannabis and make it accessible and affordable. Their cannabis growers in the sunny California farms keep the whole process fresh, simple, and organic. Branding itself as the “communal cannabis,” Old Pal’s pre-rolls and oils come in shareable quantities and lower price points. 


Foria takes the medicinal benefits of cannabis and ups the game by pairing it with sexual health and intimacy. Its products are marketed to ease the pain and discomfort of sexual activity by helping you relax. Its most reviewed products are the intimate oils, which work as weed-infused lubricants to enhance pleasure and increase physical sensitivity.

Connected Cannabis Co. 

Connected Cannabis Co. is one of the longest players in the market, which was founded last 2009. With more than one decade in the industry, this company has strived to become an excellent cultivator and entrepreneur of designer cannabis strains. Their goal is to continually expand in the whole United States, targeting states with a huge opportunity due to their robust cannabis cultures. 

Their number one priority is to invest in science and develop more best-in-class genetics through growing and producing top-quality flowers. They see that these kinds of innovations will not only be good to the company but will also be a huge contribution to its loyal customers. 


As mentioned earlier, the cannabis industry is snowballing by the minute. Because of this, brands are coming up with new ways to stand out from the rest, such as an advocacy campaign or sourcing exotic ingredients to breed the most out-of-the-box strains. The wisest thing to do is read up on reviews, do some pros and cons, and see which brand fits your strain preferences and budget.

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