Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review – Should You Buy This?

Investing in a good quality grow tent and in some high yielding seeds isn’t the end of the game; especially, when you’re expecting best returns from your marijuana plants.

Yeah, in this Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review, we’ll serve you with all essential details of it which are great from plant’s growth perspective.

Also, we aim to provide a completely unbiased review to our readers, so, there are some fallbacks of Viparspectra Reflector 1200W mentioned as well.

Moreover, we’ve reached out to hundreds of users by surveying method for taking their opinion regarding performance and potential of this LED grow light by Viparspectra, so, you’ll get some real experiences on the way before making a final call.

So, now, without wasting time; let’s move towards this Viparspectra V1200 LED review.

Viparspectra 1200W LED Review Check Price - Viparspectra 1200W review

As stated in the introduction of this Viparspectra 1200W LED Review, we’ll start from the least concerned factors and slowly go towards most vital and essential parts of this LED grow light in this article.

So, let’s start with the product details and its technical qualification first.

Technical Specifications :- Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review
Weight20 lbs
Dual Chips?No
LEDs240 diodes of 5W Each
Focusing Angle90
Optical LensNo
Spectrum12+ Bands Forming a Complete Full Spectrum
UV & IR?UV is Not Available, IR Present
Power Switch?No
Dual Mode SwitchTwo Separate Mode Controllers.
PAR Results870 uMol @ 18” Height
Actual Wattage520W
Core Coverage4’X4’ @ 22-24” Height
Blooming Coverage3.5’X3.5’ @ 18-20” Height
Average Yield8-9 oz. (Least result on worst conditions is 5+ oz.)
Daisy Chaining?No
SafetyUL Certification
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No (Can be operated using timer)
Cooling System 4 Cooling fans on back + Heat Sink
Warranty 3 Years US Local Warranty + 30 Days satisfaction or return guarantee

Features & Working Results :- Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light

Well, judging a book by its cover never serves you with the moral of the story, and same way one shouldn’t make any decision just by looking at the raw figures mentioned in previous section of this Viparspectra 1200W Review.

So, now, let’s dive deep into Viparspectra 1200W where we’ve explored and researched on all the essential pointers that are going to play an essential role in your decision making process.

  • Scientific Design & Quality Build – Good Enough For Durability.

Firstly, viparspectra is a brand based out in china. So, many people might think that Chinese products are cheap. Well, here your perception has been proven wrong by viparspectra.

Yeah, Viparspectra 1200W Features a  sturdy and solid build  and the design of this entire panel has been done both performance and durability in the mind.

Body Build - Viparspectra 1200 Watt LED

So, yeah, it is strong enough to rely when it comes to long term usage.

Also, we just loved the square shaped design because according to many expert’s square or circular design of a panel is good for even spreading of produced light compared to a rectangular shape.

  • Spectrum, Bands, Wavelengths – Measuring Quality of LIGHT.

We’ve seen many people asking “Can we use white light for raising indoor plants?

Well, one could use white light but growth rate and yield won’t be as you might have expected.

And, that’s the reason why majority of indoor gardeners aim for a full spectrum light where all the vital wavelengths that are found in real sunlight are available.

Now, if we talk about spectrum in this viparspectra 1200W Review then it produces a full spectrum light.

Moreover, there are more than 12 bands are observed in its spectral graph. You can see all those band in below image.

12 Full Spectrum Band - Viparspectra Reflactor 1200 Watt LED Grow Light

And yeah, if you’re interested in knowing the available wavelengths of Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light then it includes  9 different wavelengths ranging between 440nm to 660nm for blending of Red & Blue light.

Moreover, IR at 730nm is also presend and for balancing mildness and for proper mixture white and light purple light at 3000K and 7500K respectively are present in viparspectra 1200W LED grow light.

  • PAR Potential, Density & Coverage – Grow Big.

Usually, plants need a specific amount of density in order to keep their growth process on track.

This specific amount of density could be measured using PAR or PPFD measurements.

As far as this Viparspectra 1200W LED Review is concerned, we’d like to state that this grow light is capable of  delivering 870 uMol  right in the center point of its placement.

Par Value - ViparSpestra V1200 LED Grow Light

Moreover, quality light is being spread in the diameter of around 3.5’ where plants could get decently absorbable light to keep process of photosynthesis going.

Also, this grow light comes with two separate mode switches so you won’t be required to change its height frequently.

Ideal positioning of light should be at the height of 18”-24” which further depends on the plant’s current growth and health.

So yeah, for this ideal height placement one could achieve coverage for an area of around  3.5’X3.5′  during vegetation and during blooming if you place light closer to the plants then it reduces to  3’X3’ .

Coverage - Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review

For a light priced under this price line this is not so great results, but yeah, this is ideal and acceptable results in terms of coverage for a light in this price range.

  • Power Requirements & Consumption – What We Have To Say Here?

Well, a lights initial pricing don’t help in anyway to make a beneficial choice. Yeah, if a product is available to you for just 100 bucks and it is resulting into massive figures on your power meter then that’s definitely a bad choice.

So, what we found here in Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light’s case is that it sucks on  average 520W for delivering best results when both veg and mode switches are on ON mode.

Well, this is higher than its competitors like king plus and mars hydro. But, upon testing we found that those light’s PAR outputs are disappointing compared to what you get in this panel.

Moreover, growth rate is better in viparspectra compared to its competitor brands. So, to conclude it in this Viparspectra 1200W Review, we’ll say that if you’re expecting an energy efficient light and ready for extending overall growth timing then this won’t be an ideal fit.

Moreover, plant’s compatibility is also better in viparspectra 1200W so, if you could grow one more plant in it and achieve results 2 weeks earlier than others then this one is definitely not a bad choice.

  • Safety Standards, Daisy Chain – Some Good, Some Bad.

Viparspectra is brand known for quality and their expertise in producing safe and eco friendly products.

Yeah, this product by viparspectra is certified by UL standardization and you could rely on its safety measures.

UL Certified - Viparspectra 1200 Watt LED

Moreover, it’s completely non-hazardous and eco friendly LED grow light where all environmental factors has been taken into utmost consideration.

However, if you’re expecting daisy chain port in your next grow panel then there is a bad news for you. Yeah,  it neither features a daisy chain port nor a power switch

So, one could only control this panel with help of  mode controllers available  on the product.

Also, we’d like to state it here in this Viparspectra 1200W review that as it’s a high end product with large coverage potential you might not require a daisy port as long as you’re planning to grow in a 4’X4’ grow tent.

  • Heat Management – Fabulously Cooler Stuff In Grow Space.

Cooling being an essential factor from plant’s safety point of view, we pay utmost attention on a product’s cooling abilities.

So, Viparspectra V1200 1200W Full Spectrum LED features  4 highly reliable and stunningly working cooling fans  on the backside of panel from where they dissipate the excessive heat produced inside the panel body.

Also, a scientifically designed advanced aluminium heat sink is equipped on the panel to keep heat dissipation on track.

Our experts tested this grow light for 10 hours constant usage and temperature inside grow space as well as on the panel was remarkably stable.

Yeah, a bit of heat is ideal but it just won’t your plant canopies and that’s what matters.

However, one of our connection who’ve used it in past reported that after a year’s usage its fans will start making a bit of noise and one might require to deal with it.

  • Support & Reliability – Get The Best of The Both The Worlds.

Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light comes with  3 year’s US based local warranty  and  30 days satisfaction or return  guarantee.

However, we’ve verified that their return rates are very low due to the quality of light this product delivers to its user’s plants.

Also, their support team is very friendly, humble and kind; so, you should expect quick response to your concerns from their side.

What Resists Few People From Going For Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light?

As we stated in the beginning of Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review, our opinion regarding this full spectrum LED grow light is going to be completely unbiased. And, that’s the reason we’re not intending on telling you the dark sides of this LED grow light in this review.

Well, there are mainly two things that we didn’t liked about this grow light.

Firstly, Viparspectra 1200W LED’s power pulling is a bit more compared to others as already stated. Well, from quality perspective this light is great but still more than 500W electricity is not just ideal and could result in higher cost in long term.

And second thing that we didn’t like about V1200 model is the report we got from our friend ken regarding noisy behaviour after a year’s working.

However, apart from these 2 facts, we liked almost everything in viparspectra 1200W model.

Pros & Cons – Viparspectra 1200 Watt LED Grow Light Review

  • Reliable and trustworthy brand.
  • Full spectrum including 12+ bands.
  • Inclusion of IR for better growth and health of plants.
  • Separate mode switches for easy shifting of light wavelengths.
  • Well balanced ratio of Blue & Red.
  • Decent PAR output of 870 uMol/ from 18” ideal height.
  • Highly dense and bright light for sustainable growth of plants.
  • UL certified product which is safe to utilize.
  • Remarkable coverage of 3.5’ X 3.5’ @ 22” height.
  • Best fit for intermediate growers looking for quality at an affordable price.
  • Unbeatable results of average 8-9 oz yield in this price segment.
  • Compatibility of around 4 plants beneath it.
  • Tremendously cool & stable temperature after 10 hours usage.
  • Fabulous user appraisals. (Check people’s opinion here.)
  • 3 Years warranty with 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.
  • Stellar customer support and guidance.
  • Fans starts making a bit more noise after more than a year’s usage.
  • Power consumption goes above 500W which is a bit high compared to competition.

What Makes Viparspectra 1200 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

If you’re asking for two topmost reasons to go for this light in this viparspectra 1200W review, then all we’d like to mention is its build quality and performance.

Yeah, we agree that it’s not so great in performance when it comes to power pulling but if you look at average yield results that we’ve verified among 100’s of users then that’s best among all in its competition.

Yeah, all the panels in its competition are averaging 4-6 oz. of yield while it takes that figure to almost double.

Secondly, we liked dual switching mechanism. Yeah, nowadays many panel are eliminating this feature and I personally don’t like it when I come across absence of it in an LED grow light.

It’s eases the process of phase shifting and also eliminates hassle of back and forth height changes.

What Existing Users Are Saying About Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light?

Here are two shortest responses we got.

Ken On Viparspectra 1200W LED

Ken from Beaverton :-  Apart from a bit noisy fans after 1 years usage, I like almost everything in this LED grow light. Yeah, if you’re thinking of your plant’s only then this one is best bet. But, you’ll have to tackle with the noise.

Viparspectra 1200W LED Feedback

Marsh from Detroit :- Yes, I’d recommend Viparspectra 1200W if you’re looking for quality light, which you’re definitely looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions – Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review

Have a question? Check this first, who knows if yours is already included!

Is Viparspectra 1200W LED’s Spectrum Reliable?

Yes. You could rely on the quality of spectrum provided by Viparspectra. We’ve checked the spectral graph in our test and we’ve found that almost all bands available in sunlight are available in it except UV.

How many plants I could grow with a single Viparspectra 1200W LED?

As many as you could accommodate in a 3.5’X3.5′ grow space. Yeah, suggesting a fixed number of plants isn’t justifiable as different strains and plant breeds of weed requires different positioning and density.

What’s Ideal grow tent size for Viparspectra 1200W Grow Light?

As stated earlier in this Viparspectra 1200W Review, ideally you could use it for a 4’X4’ of grow tent with top reflection and least possible light leakage.

Can I Rely on Durability of Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light?

Yes you can, afterall they’re known for affordable quality.

Is there any better alternative to viparspectra?

From price perspective? Yes. King Plus and Phlizon 1200W are two best alternative to V1200. However, they’re not capable of delivering similar or close quality of light if you expect that.

Our Verdict

As everything was explained in detail, we don’t think that you need our opinion in this Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review.

However, if you’re confused between quality and power consumption then all we’d like to say is check what you want? Short seed to harvest timing and higher yield? Or low power cost and optimal yield with comparatively longer seed to harvest timing?

Yeah, you got your answer.

Also, our experts suggests that going for viparspectra 1200W would be a best bet for someone who’s a bit of experience and is capable enough of observing plants and making decisions accordingly.

Yeah, it’s an intermediate level of cultivator’s grow light and we don’t recommend it to someone who’re taking their first steps in the growing journey.

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