Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Review – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for an ideal fit for your first indoor growing experience? Or you have just planned to expand your horizons with some mid sized grow space?

Well, in both cases you’ve landed on exactly right piece of information.

Yeah, in this article we’re going to discuss about one of such LED grow light that could be an ideal option for both of above mentioned situations.

Yes, in this Viparspectra Reflector V600 600W LED grow light review, we’ll talk about plus and minus of the product.

Moreover, we’ll discuss about ideal conditions where one could use this light as well as cases where it should be avoided.

Yeah, you got it right! We’re not going to brag this light for anything wrong that’s not available in this light.

Our aim is to provide our readers with as much as possible non-biased review that is backed with real life user’s experience and their inputs.

So, let’s get started with this Viparspectra 600W LED grow light review!

Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light :- LED Light With ReflectorCheck Price - Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Review

Technical Specifications :- Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions15.3” X 12.8” X 3”
Weight11.6 lbs
LEDs120pcs * 5W
Dual Chips?No
Focusing Angle90°&120° angle for spreading
Reflector?Yes Fire Resistant Reflector Panel
SpectrumOptimized 12 Band Full Spectrum
UV & IR?5 PCs of IR Included
Dual Mode SwitchYes
Power Switch?Not Separate
PAR Results820 uMol @ 18”&488 uMol @ 24”
Actual Wattage260W (Verified)
Core Coverage3’ X 3’ @ 22”
Blooming Coverage2.5’ X 2.5’ @ 18”
Average YieldMore than 4 oz. (Least in Worst Condition is 1.80oz+)
Daisy Chaining?Yes
Shade of LightPurple
Frequency50-60 Hz
Timer? No
SafetyUL Certified Parts & Product
Cooling System 2 Heavy Duty Fans + Heat Sink
Warranty 3Y US Hassle Free Warranty + 30 days Money Back guarantee

Yeah, for this price it is a definite power packed punch for your indoor growing venture. But, just specifications don’t provide with complete picture; am I right?

So yeah, to know more about potentials and shortcoming you’ll have to read this Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Review in detail.

Let’s proceed then!

Functionalities & Features – Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED Grow Light Review

Yeah, as we’re going to discuss about functionalities of Viparspectra reflector series 600W LED grow light in this section, we’ll not waste your time in bragging about brand and its introduction.

  • Product Durability & Part’s Quality – Key Factors to Look at for Long Run Usage

As indoor growing is a hobby and not just a task; and, as usually hobby is something that we do repeatedly and multiple time for a longer time period.

Yeah, our point is, if you’re going to do something repeatedly then props and tools used in doing it should not be temporary.

So, moral is, you need a sturd and strong product that lasts longer. Right?

Yeah, to check its lifespan one requires to check about each and every part used in construction of product.

Now, if we talk about viparspectra reflector 600W LED Grow Light then parts and materials used in this LED Grow Light is either manufactured in viparspectra’s own production house or made up by well known brands like Epistar and Bridgelux.

Moreover, panel is featuring dimensions of 15.3” X 12.8” X 3” and weighs around 11 pounds.

Built & Design - viparspectra 600 Watt LED

Yeah, thing is weight of Viparspectra 600W LED is greater than some of the 1000W LED grow lights available on the market which clearly indicates that it features a solid build.

Moreover, all products manufactured by Viparspectra is marked with 100000 hours of lifespan; so yeah, it is capable of lasting long enough.

  • Light Quality & Spectrum :- Want Well Grown Plants? Look At This Stuff First.

As the heading suggests, light quality and spectrum is a key factor behind well grown and sustained plants.

So yeah, if one wants their plants to grow at their full potential and produce some decent returns then they’re supposed to fulfill key requirement of their plants.

Basically, spectrum is a measurement used to classify different colors in a ray. And, in indoor growing it is considered at an utmost priority because natural sunlight is not going to be available for your plants.

Now, if we look at spectrum caliber of Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED grow light then it comprises of 12 most vital bands in its light. Yeah, all of these bands are found in natural sunlight too.

Full Spectrum - Viparspectra 600W LED

However, natural sunlight also includes optimal amount of UV in it while spectrum of Viparspectra 600W UV is not present.

Yeah, UV’s primary role is to keep germination process active or to improve it. Also it helps in preventing growth of negative bacteria inside grow space and on plant bodies.

Moreover, IR is included; so you could expect healthy and well sustained plants.

Also, talking about light quality; Viparspectra V600 produces extremely bright light that shouldn’t be looked at with naked eyes.

  • PAR Potential & Coverage Ability :- Competitive Results At Affordable Price.

Well, for this price we usually expect on or around 600-700 uMol readings on PAR meter from height of 18”.

Par Coverage - Viparspectra Reflector 600 Watt

But, we’re glad to mention it here in this Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Review, that this panel produced results above our ideal expectations.

Yeah, Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED Grow Light is capable of delivering 820 uMol readings on PAR meter from height of 18”.

Moreover, if we keep 50 uMol as LCP then this grow light is capable of producing that level of results for a radius of 1.5’.

Yeah, we found that reflector cup design and diode placement at 120° angle helps in maximizing light effect and achieving this level of density without losing light.

In our opinion, for this achievement all credit goes to their highly experienced research & testing teams.

As mentioned earlier, it is capable of producing quality light with an LCP at 1.5’ radius; so, this 600 watt led is an ideal light for a coverage of up to 3’ X 3’ of grow space.

However, actual footprint is found outside this area as well so plants which are few inches outside this marked area will also grow well without any compromises.

Also, it is essential to note, that our calculation is for area when light is hanged at 18” height which is ideal during Blooming, but during vegetation one could hang it at up to 24” of height from where more coverage could be achieved.

And yeah, people who’re not yet sure about their expectations regarding coverage will have freedom of expansion in future as Viparspectra V600 LED features a daisy chain port on its backside.

Daisy Chain - Reflector V600 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Yeah, just connect another light and expand your horizons further.

  • Power Requirements :- Calculating Long Term Cost

Yeah, a wise and experienced indoor weed cultivation hobbyist won’t invest in a light which is cheap up front and costs a lot in operating it.

Now, as far as actual power consumption is concerned, Viparspectra Reflector 600W LED pulls around 260W for its operation on average.

Yeah, comparatively it is equivalent to some of the 1000W LED grow lights of brands competing with viparspectra.

Also, if we take light quality and yield potential of this grow light then this is a definite profitable option compared to others.

So yeah, Viparspectra V600 LED Grow Light is not a cheap LED grow light that sucks too much of electicity; rather it would be right to consider it as an affordable choice that also meets our saving expectations in longer run.

  • Cooling & Safety Parameters :- How Safe Is It To Use Viparspectra V600 LED?

If your plants are beneath a heat producing light then it indirectly means that they’re exposed for failure.

So yeah, one needs to be concerned about lights temperature balancing and cooling ability as well.

Now, if we talk about Viparspectra 600W LED’s cooling ability then this panel is equipped with two heavy duty cooling fans that takes care of dissipating heat appropriately from the light itself.

Moreover, to give produced heat a way out it is also features a highly reliable and top notch aluminium heat sink.

Also, we found upon testing it inside our lab and with our experts that for minimum 6 hours this light will run without any heat on it; and, then it increases gradually and once after using it for 12 hours continuously.

So yeah, we’d advice you to turn it OFF for sometime after every 12 hours to prevent damage to plants.

And, if we talk about safety parameters then all products manufactured by viparspectra has been certified with UL safety standards.

So yeah, there’s no loopholes present in this LED that could result in to hazard.

Here is the full video about Viparspectra Reflector V600 LED Grow Light, Watch it Now!

  • After Sales & Support – What If I Faced Some Trouble After Using It?

Well, as long as you’re following instruction mentioned in the user manual provided by manufacturer you won’t face any trouble in using it or controlling it.

However, in rare case, if you come across any technical issue or failure in the light then Viparspectra provides 3 years hassle free US local warranty.

And, yeah, we’ve confirmed that their support team is completely customer friendly and does their job on priority basis.

Moreover, if you don’t feel satisfied with this Viparspectra V600 model and wants to return it then you’ll have a money back window open for 30 days of time period.

Also, we’re glad to mention it in this Viparspectra V600 600W LED Grow Light Review that this is one and only LED grow light among rest of all with massive user response and almost above 80% satisfaction rate. Don’t believe? Check this real life user’s reviews.

What Are Some Of The Short-Comings of Viparspectra V600 600W LED Grow Light?

Yeah, as there is a proverb like “nothing on this planet earth is perfect”.

This Viparspectra V600 600W LED grow light isn’t an exception. Yeah, even after all this quality and this performance we’ve found some of negative sides of this grow light as well.

Firstly, Ratio of Blue:Red isn’t mentioned by manufacturer but looking at shade of light it could be easily identified that during bloom it may not be a perfect choice.

Yeah, we agree that RED isn’t completely absent but it is available in lesser amount then we usually expect. So, people who’re fancy about RED band during bloom may be a bit disappointed as they might need a separate bloom booster like this.

Moreover, dimmer knobs and build in thermometer would have been a great addition to this panel. But yeah, for this price it won’t be right to expect those premium features.

Pros & Cons – Viparspectra Reflector V600 600W LED Grow Light Review

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Perfect fit for beginners.
  • User friendly controlling and usage.
  • Sturdy and durable build with high quality and standardized parts.
  • Highly Effective Reflector Cup Design for Effect Maximization.
  • All 12-Bands of Spectrum are covered.
  • Inclusion of Dual Mode Separate Switches.
  • Remarkable PAR results of 820 uMol from 18” height.
  • Least power consumption of mere 230W.
  • Excellent coverage of 3’ X 3’ from height of 18”.
  • Comfortable Daisy Chaining Port.
  • Well Balanced Temperature on LED as well as inside grow space.
  • UL Certified product which is safe to use.
  • Heart Winning LED Light Amount Thousands of Indoor Growers.
  • Only LED Available on market with >85% of satisfaction rate.
  • Stellar consumer support and 3 years warranty with 30 days money back policy.
  • During bloom a separate bloom booster might required. Though red light is available in ideal amount.
  • Product isn’t waterproof so needs extra care when dripping water flow is near by.

What Are Some Of The Key Factors We Liked About Viparspectra V600 LED Grow Light?

Yeah, apart from pricing and quality we also liked few more things about viparspectra 600W LED grow light.

Viparspectra V600 600W LED grow light’s power consumption isn’t compromised even after including daisy chaining. Yeah, usually, researches indicates that daisy chaining is a major loophole that results in increased power consumption especially while utilizing daisy port.

However, in Viparspectra 600W LED case is entirely different and we’ve tested it for multiple products but it’s most stable when it comes power consumption. Yeah, even after using 2 LEDs by utilizing daisy port we found on average 460W in readings.

Moreover, well balanced and noiseless cooling system is also one of our favorite functioning part of Viparspectra 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.

People’s Opinion About Viparspectra Reflector 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

We usually conduct a survey among group of indoor growers and weed cultivators in our connection for evaluating quality and performance of an LED grow light.

However, for viparspectra 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review, we changed our mind and canceled the survey for some reasons which includes visible and already shared review about viparspectra 600W LED grow light on amazon.

Yeah, you could check it here yourself. It’s the only LED available on market which has this many reviews in its rucksack and increasing everyday.

Moreover, best thing about this reviews is there is more than 85% of highly satisfied people who’ve rated this light with 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

Yeah, it clearly speaks about its potential, plant’s growth focused lighting and many more things.

Frequently Asked Questions – Viparspectra Reflector 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

What is difference between V and PAR series of Viparspectra?

Well, key difference not just in pricing but also in user focus and quality.

Yeah, V series mainly designed for beginners and budget bound people who’re expecting adequate quality of light for their plants. While, PAR series is a bit pricey and in that series they’ve included some of the advanced and premium features. Also, in PAR series quality and density of light is much more improvised and result too are better compared to V  or Reflector series.

Can I Use Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light For My 4’ X 4’ of Grow Tent?

Yes, you could use it for 4’ X 4’ grow tent but you shouldn’t expect this single light for covering whole grow space as it is ideal for 3’ X 3’ of grow area.

Amount of Blue band is more than Red band so will you recommend this grow light for blooming?

We agree that amount of Blue band is greater than red. But, as there is not a complete exclusion of Red, so, it won’t be like it won’t work for bloom. So yeah, we’ll recommend this grow light for blooming but we’d also advice to add some supplementary Red booster for getting better results.

What is actual power consumption by Viparspectra V600 600W LED Grow Light?

As stated earlier in this Viparspectra 600W LED Review, 230W is the maximum wattage we experienced while using it. So yeah, what’s being mentioned by manufacturer is pretty much accurate.

Its price is pretty low, so its quality might be compromised; is it so?

We understand your point here. But, our answer is “NO!

Yeah, we’ve tested this grow light for multiple aspects of indoor growing and we’ve found everything being provided in this light’s quality is more than optimal level of quality we expect from an ideal LED grow light.

Does Viparspectra 600W LED suits for indoor cannabis growing?

Yes, this light is suitable for all types of plants in all the phases.

Our Verdict

As we stated in beginning of this Viparspectra 600W LED review, it was supposed to be a non biased review.

And, we hope we justifies our statement by now.

Now, if you ask for our opinion regarding Viparspectra 600W LED grow light then all we’d say is go for it if you’re one among following people.

Yeah, if you’re a beginner with expected coverage requirement of 3’ X 3’ for your first grow then it is ideal choice for you.

If you’re running short on budget and want to get a quality product then too it would be your best bet.

In case, you’re not sure about your coverage expectations and you’re thinking of starting with 9 sq.ft but later on wants to expand it further then it will be perfect fit with great quality.

Yeah, our recommendation lies in quality, features, and return or yield expectations. So, you could make a call based on your requirements and expectations.

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