Yehsence 1000W LED Grow Light Review: – A Complete Encounter

You might have heard people saying, “Quality light at an affordable pricing is a myth.”

Well, we’re here to prove them “wrong” with this yehsence 1000W LED review.

Yeah, that’s true, as we found this amazing LED grow light panel with some tremendous capabilities to spread quality light all over your plant canopies.

Here in this Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review, we’re going to discuss all the plus and minus associated with this grow light.

Also, we’ll discuss some noteable pointers to keep in mind while buying this LED grow light.

So, let’s get started with our complete review on yehsence 1000W LED grow light for cannabis growers.

Yehsence 1000W LED Grow Light Review:  A Complete Encounter

yehsence 1000w led review - a detailed guide

Before we start with actual meat of this product here on Bloomshower, let’s have a look on general overview about yehsence 1000W panel.

Technical Specifications – Product Wattage LED Grow Light Review
Dimensions12.3” X 8.2” X 2.9”
Weight4.9 lbs
Dual Chips?Yes
Focusing AngleMixed
Optical Lense?Yes
SpectrumFull With IR & UV
UV & IR?Yes
Power Switch?No
PAR Results634 uMol @ 18”
Actual Wattage180W
Core Coverage4’ X 4’
Blooming Coverage3.5’ X 3.5’
Daisy Chaining?Yes
Ratio of RED:BLUE7:2
Shade of LightPink
Timer? No but Compatible
Cooling System 2 Cooler Fans with sink
Warranty 3 Years + 90 Days MoneyBack

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Yehsence 1000W LED Review Features & Working Results : Product Wattage LED Grow Light

We believe that with help of our general overview where we reveal all the details about a specific product our readers could have better idea.

However, few things still requires a bit of detailed discussion and that’s what we’ll be covering in this section.

So, let’s move forward with detailed discussion regarding each specific feature that matters the most.

Affordability – Available At Cheaper Pricing Than Others

As you might already have checked, LED grow lights in 1000W segment are priced above 150$ and more, while this LED is priced below 100$.

Yeah, for less than 100$ you could get a tremendous 1000W LED grow light for your plants and that too with decent output capabilities.

Yeah, we expected optimal results from this 1000W LED grow light by yehsence before testing it barehanded in our lab. And, results were better than what we initially expected from this one of the best and cheap led grow light on the market.

Improvised & Updated Design – Some Major Changes

One of our team member was already using its previous model and he verified that this current model has a lot of improvements in design and outputs.

Yeah, previously provided model was having some difficulties in providing good quality light, also it was having some issues with durability.

design & build of yehsence 1000 watt full spectrum led grow light

While this current model of 2022 has a lot of improvements in its design like quality of diodes are improvised, PAR results has been improved a lot, also body build up and material quality along with additional functionalities has been changed.

Moreover, power efficiency in yehsence 1000W LED grow light of 2022 has been changed further where it pulls very less power for operational functioning compared to its previous model.

Spectral Caliber – Happy Plants & Fruitful Results That Justified It

Now, when we think about an LED grow light, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that after all it’s light quality that’s gonna matter for our plants and not just pricing and build quality.

So, talking about spectral caliber this grow light delivers almost all the bands require for ideal indoor growing plants.

Moreover, plant’s grown under yehsence 1000W full spectrum LED grow light has been found to be healthies and well sustained compared to other cheap panels.

Well, it delivers a complete full spectrum light along with two most vital band playing essential role in boosting a plant’s germination and cell building process. Yeah, that’s IR & UV.

Talking about number of diodes in color range there are 70 LEDs of Red, 17 LEDs of Blue & its shade, 5 LEDs on White, 5 LEDs of Warm White, 1 UV & 2 LEDs of IR.

With combination of above mentioned diodes light produces a pink shade in grow space where ratio of Red:Blue is expected to be of 7:2.

Coverage Potential & Light Density :- Not Less, Not More.

When it comes to indoor growing, we usually be more concerned regarding coverage vitality of an LED grow light. Well, that’s ideal and acceptable as no one would like to invest in a light which provides less coverage than his requirements.

If we take a look at yehsence’s 1000W LED grow light then with 634 uMol mark on PAR meter from height of 18” it could cover an area of 3.5’ X 3.5’ with an ease.

Unbeatable PAR ratings of yehsence 1000 watt led grow light

Moreover, due to extremely dense light you could hang it a bit higher during vegetation & germination phase where you could get around 4’ X 4’ of coverage with decent footprint. Yeah, it’s one of the best led for 4X4 grow space if you’re growing within that area.

Yeah, this grow light just not provide your plants with light their need, but it also keeps intensity and density of brightness in its process core so ensures that your plants will give better yields at the end of your final harvest time.

So yeah, this one has everything we require as a beginner’s recommended light.

Power Consumption :- Balanced Or Not?

Now, if we focus on power consumption and requirement for the panel to produce quality light; then it pulls on average 180W for efficient working.

Yeah, that’s pretty much below the bar and helps in longer run to save few bucks every month from your overall growing cost.

power pulling of yehsence 1000w LED

Moreover, this full spectrum LED grow light by yehsence is designed in a way so that it don’t compromise on output even after consuming less power. Yeah, it saves around 80% electricity compared to other cheap led grow lights on the market.

We’re delighted to mention that with this low power pulling it definitely stands a chance to get selected as one of the best 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow light for indoor cannabis growing. So, if you’re growing weed indoors then it’s highly recommended to you.

Daisy Chaining : Good For Beginners Who’re Yet To Expand

Yehsence 1000W is compatible for daisy chaining feature where you could simply operate multiple grow lights even with a single power outlet.

daisy port and other systems of yehsence led grow light

Just plug power cable of another panel in given port and boom!!! It’s working.

Well, in order to save power and utilize this panel to its full extend we don’t recommend to use daisy port if not necessary.

Support Quality & Terms :- Available 24X7

Yehsence 1000W Full spectrum LED grow light comes with a 36 months manufacturer’s warranty where they take full care of technical issues arised from manufacturing defects. Though, damage due to operational mistakes isn’t covered in this warranty.

Moreover, our team has confirmed with help of more than hundreds of real life users of this tremendous grow panel that one could rely on this brand’s support and their quality is quite good.

So, we highly recommend our readers to pay proper attention to the user’s manual and warranty terms before starting to operate this panel so that you could avoid potential mistakes on the way.

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What Resists Few People From Going For Product Wattage LED Grow Light?

As the brand isn’t that much famous and it’s a bit new on the market many people hesitate before opting for this panel.

However, those who’ve tried it; have praised its performance and caliber. Also, many have recommended this led grow light as its available for a dirt cheap price.

But, yeah, if you’re not able to rely on a Chinese manufacturer who’s comparatively new on the market then you should avoid opting for yehsence 1000W in our opinion.

Pros & Cons – Product Wattage LED Grow Light Review

  • Available at a dirt cheap pricing.
  • Fully functional led grow light panel.
  • Efficient and powerfull lighting for healthy plants.
  • Inclusion of all essential bands in its light effect.
  • Lower power pulling with greater output compared to others.
  • Optimal and acceptable PAR results.
  • Decent coverage capacity up to 3.5’ X 3.5’ from 24” height.
  • Better and scientific design compared to traditional HPS/HID/MH.
  • Tripple chip 15W LEDs in action.
  • Low noise.
  • Daisy function for saving on operational cost.
  • Decent and co-operative support system.
  • Not for advanced level growers.
  • Only Good as a supplementary light to improve production.
  • Requires to pay attention over warranty terms properly.

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What Makes Product 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Worth To Have Choice?

In our expert’s opinion, the dirt cheap price for an advanced and scientifically designed LED grow light for marijuana isn’t bad bet at all.

Yeah, if you’re new or an intermediate indoor grower then this panel is worth your attention as well as your money. You won’t regret as it also makes you able to experiment with different light parameters and you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Well above all, also light quality and coverage with very low power pulling makes it a worth to have choice.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, if you’re finding an affordable and very optimal entrance level LED grow light then yehsence 1000W LED grow light is one for you.

Yeah, we recommend it to beginners and intermediate indoor gardeners based on the words we gathered from its existing users.

Definitely, one could go for this grow light if all they need is an ideal pack with tremendous power and performance in their grow space. What else do we seek for the sake of our green marijuana plants!

Moreover, some of the users have also shared their positive feedback with us and hence we are sure for this recommendation. If you’re not willing to compromise on quality then go for it. It’s not that pricey, just check it out here.

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