When Do Outdoor Plants Start to Flower in California

If you’re thinking about when does flowering start outdoor, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a common concern, and it’s important that you get a satisfactory answer. We’ll be providing the information you need in this article. 

Weed plants first go through the vegetative stage, where they grow from seedlings and mature over many weeks. Eventually, they become ready to flower, and you can begin the harvesting process. 

This differs depending on a range of factors, and one of those is location. California is one of the most densely populated American states, so there are a lot of cannabis growers there. That’s why we’ve focused our article on that state in particular. 

We’ll be talking about when weed begins to flower in California, an example of growing a particular weed strain in the state, trimming it where needed, and then harvesting it. 

When Does Flowering Start Outdoor in California?

When does flowering start outdoor will vary from state to state, but there are some general guidelines you can follow when it comes to California. It will help you if you’re new to growing weed because you won’t have to figure it out independently. 

According to research, the most common flowering time for weed plants grown in California is the start of August. This makes sense because it’s the middle of summer, which means temperatures are as hot as they will be during the year. That benefits weed because it grows best in warm temperatures. 

However, some strains don’t flower at the same time. Indicas usually flower sooner, and sativas usually flower later. If you’re growing an autoflowering plant, then you’ll notice they flower much faster than feminized plants, no matter where you’re growing them. That’s because they’re grown specifically to flower automatically. These can be very helpful if you’re not confident with using feminized seeds yet. 

outdoor flowering california
Flowering Outdoors in California

The timing isn’t confined to August, either. Sometimes you’ll get strains of marijuana that flower in September, and sometimes you’ll get strains that flower in February. You’ll need to research your strain of choice and do some experimenting. 

Growing the White Widow Strain 

If you’re thinking about when does flowering start outdoor in California, then it’s a good idea to approach the topic with a case study. We’ve chosen White Widow, which is a very popular marijuana strain. It’s indica-dominant, at 60%, but its 40% sativa genetics are substantial too. THC levels are at 19%, which is average for weed, and flowering takes around nine weeks.

Once you’ve planted your White Widow into a pot, you may find that it doesn’t have the necessary space to grow properly. That’s why you need to focus on finding a patch of land in your garden where you can plant the weed. Once you manage that, you’ll be in a good situation. 

It’s essential that you act fast if you think the White Widow you’ve planted is too constrained by its container. The last thing you want is your weed to grow poorly and then not be very rewarding to use at the end. You don’t need to replant the White Widow straight into the ground. Instead, you can just buy a very large container that you think will be sufficient. 20 gallons is a good baseline. 

After around two weeks in a larger pot, your White Widow should be doing nicely and have very few problems. Typically, a repotted plant will thrive. That vigorous growth is aided by the summertime and being supplied with proper nutrients. So you’ll need to pick the right time to plant your seeds and then ensure they get enough nutrients. 

The color of the weed will change to a darker shade of green after a few weeks, but this won’t impact your growing efforts. What’s more important is the health of your plant. It should be free from deficiencies and be planted in a location and container that maximizes heat absorption. 

Trimming Weed Outdoors

It’s crucial that when you’re thinking about when does flowering start outdoor, that you also make plans for how you’ll maintain weed that’s growing. Part of this includes trimming the weed to ensure it remains healthy. You should begin by taking away any large foliage and then take any overly large leaves. But be careful to leave trichomes untouched.

After a few days, it’s worth checking your buds. You may decide to cut the leaves off or leave them as is. The choice is yours. It can be done with scissors if you choose to remove the leaves. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that your buds remain hydrated. 

Harvesting Weed

Harvesting weed is the most important step you’ll need to take once your weed has grown. It won’t harvest itself, and if it’s left for too long, it will become worthless. Bugs can eat it, for example. 

Harvesting will typically happen after the flowering has finished. For example, White Widow has been harvested on the 20th of October, which is quite late in the year. When you are close to harvest time, you should consider trimming the canopy of the marijuana plant and allowing the buds to grow. 

You can also harvest in stages without creating too many challenges. You simply have to take the time you need and spread out the work by separating it into chunks and stages. 


You should now know when does flowering start outdoor, as well as when does flowering start outdoor in California. The issue is quite simple, but only if you research points you may not understand. 

We’ve looked at the White Widow strain, but there are also plenty of other choices, like:

  • Gorilla Glue Autoflower 
  • Bruce Banner Autoflower 
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized 

We’ve also examined why weed flowers in California first, trimming weed and harvesting it. However, these are only a few factors, and there are others, albeit the main ones. There are plenty of resources online to help you become informed, and you can also follow some of the links given in this article.

Now you know when does flowering start outdoor. If you’d like to buy some high-quality marijuana seeds, there’s one thing you can do. 

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