Reviews of Best Canadian Seed Banks – Most Reputable Stores of 2022

Are you residing in Canada and looking for one of the Best Canadian Seed Bank out there?

Well, we’ve collected and curated some of the most reputable Canadian seed banks for our readers. Yeah, in this article you’ll get reviews of top 10 Canadian seed bank that are providing quality seeds, service, and satisfaction to indoor marijuana growers.

As we all know, now cultivating cannabis for medicinal purposes is legalized in few parts of the country and hence people have started growing it indoors.

But, first thing we need to start growing cannabis indoor is seeds. Yeah, if you’re not knowing from where to buy marijuana seeds online in Canada? then, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Also, as all these selected seed banks are established and operated from Canada, they’re the best online seed bank that ships to Canada at lightening fast speed. Moreover, majority of seed banks in our list also take appropriate care of confidentiality with facilities such as discrete delivery and stealth packaging.

So, now without wasting our time, we should move towards our top pick for Canadian seed banks that are shipping within Canada in timely manner.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Canadian Seed Bank

Well, for quality seeds, you need reliable and trusted supplier. And, to fulfill your purpose, here are the reviews of Best Online Canadian Seed Banks of 2022.

Crop King Seed Bank – Best Seed Bank of Canada

Crop King Seeds - Best canadian seed bank for marijuana seeds

Yeah, crop king seeds are one among most reputable seed banks of the world. And, that’s the reason we’ve included Crop King in our list of Best Canadian Seed Bank Reviews.

In fact, Crop King is our editor’s favorite for many reasons. Firstly, it’s based out in Canada and has wide range of strains available in their inventory.

Yeah, Crop King provides more than 40 strain varieties and some famous strains from their inventory are Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, Train Wreck and Blueberry.

Moreover, they’ve all genetics available. So, no matter what you want! Autoflower? Or Feminized? They’ve got you covered.

If we talk about Crop King’s experience and qualification in indoor cannabis cultivation, then they’re on market since 2012. Yeah, they’ve walked down a long journey and have learned the art of growing best quality marijuana seeds for indoor cultivation.

Moreover, they’ve won Top Seed Company award of 2017, which was awarded by Canadian Cannabis Awards.

Also, with more than 100 storefront in Canada they’re doing a great job of providing marijuana seeds with utmost convenience of their customers. Yeah, you can visit their storefront and could buy seeds directly from there if you desire.

Moreover, for online purchases they’ll charge a small shipping fees of $10 which is quiet acceptable as they provide a complete discrete delivery with stealth packaging.

People’s Opinion for Crop King Seedbank

Upon asking their existing customers, we found that marijuana seeds bought from Crop King provides germination ratio of around 80% which is best even if we take some most reputable suppliers in comparison. Yeah, this is sole reason behind it’s inclusion in some of best online seed banks shipping to USA as well.

Furthermore, for failure to germinate they’ll provide a complete replacement at no extra cost to you except shipping.

Also, payment and user interface is very easy to proceed through. And yeah, for payment they’ll accept Crypto-currency, debit card or cash orders.

All in all, for quality and extreme level of customer satisfaction, we’ll definitely recommend you to grab your pack of marijuana seeds from this one of the best online seed bank of Canada on the market.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Canadian Seed Bank Review

quebec cannabis seeds - online seed bank review for usa

After CropKing Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank is one of the most reputable seed bank in Canada.

Yeah, QCS was founded back in 2013 and since then after they’re providing best quality cannabis seeds online to their potential customers and indoor growers.

Moreover, best part about them is their mastery on some widely known strain’s breeding. Yeah, they’ve experts and professional in their team and they’re breeding best quality seeds that don’t fail to germinate.

Furthermore, regardless of plant type you desire to grow, they’ve everything you plan to grow within your grow space. Yeah, they’ve high-yielding strains, they’ve autos in their collection, they’ve regulars for people who want phenotype weed plants. Yeah, mastery on providing versatile seed packs for sale on their online store is something great about them.

Also, regarding germination rate we’ve confirmed that almost 80% seeds delivered by Quebec seeds bank succeeds in germinating and you’ll see your seeds sprouting within 4-5 days of sowing, depending on method of germination you use.

Varieties of QCS

Talking about strain varieties, QCS covers more than 50 strains in their inventory. And some of the best being sold in canada on their online seed bank includes Quebec Gold 2.0, Jack Herer, Bruce Banner and AK47.

However, there’s a drawback while shopping on QCS and that’s ability to accept payment via cards only. Yeah, they don’t support cryptocurrencies or other options which are considered to be safe and secure.

Also, talking about shipping and delivery promptness, they usually take 12-24 days for shipping within Canada or USA. Moreover, they provide a complete stealth packaging where seeds will be hide inside some on cannabis related props.

Yeah, stealth and discrete delivery by Quebec Seed Bank is something that we loved the most in this one of the best online seed bank of Canada.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Yeah, Montreal Cannabis Seeds is one among very few top Canadian seed banks at the moment. Montreal Seed Bank is serving Canadian cannabis growers since last 5 years.

Moreover, seed quality is adequate and genuine enough to rely on. Yeah, their team of experts curate seeds manually before packaging and they ensure that each seed has maximum possible potential to germinate.

Well, with more than 82% germination rate, Montreal has to be a definite candidate among some of well deserving and top Canadian seed banks for cannabis seeds.

Regarding genetics & sex of cannabis seeds, they’ve Autoflowers, Femizined, and Regular seed varieties in their arsenal. Moreover, plants grown using Montreal Cannabis Seeds produces highest THC:CBD ratio of 1:1.

Yeah, Most consistent one. Isn’t it?

Moreover, their breeding techniques are different compared to other suppliers and breeders. Yeah, they breed seeds from healthy plants and before starting breeding they filter out bunch of week plants to avoid dead ducks.

Well, that’s something which helped Montreal Cannabis Seeds to grab a spot among some of most reputed online seed banks of Canada, and that too in very short timespan.

Key Strengths of Montreal Seedbank

Regarding strain varieties, they’ve included more than 50 strains in their inventory and some of them have got tremendous fame among indoor cannabis growers in USA as well as in Canada.

Also, they run occasional promotions and discounts for their seeds. And yeah, upon ordering for more than $150 you’ll get some seeds for free in your package.

Concerning payment, they provide ample of payment options and also crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litcoin etc.

However, their shipping isn’t free like others. Yeah, they charge $10 shipping fees on each order.

Regarding delivery, we’ve confirmed that Seeds delivered by Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank takes at maximum 15 days time to reach to destination. Moreover, they provide a discrete and stealth shipping. So, you shouldn’t worry about confidentiality or privacy related matters.

All in all, Montreal is one of the best place to buy cannabis seed online in Canada and you can trust on them. Yeah, they do what they claim and it’s verified by our experts.

Vancouver Seed Bank – Love Of Cultivators

Serving since 2006, Vancouver Seed Bank has grabbed tremendous attention from indoor cannabis growers of Canada.

Yeah, this one is also one among some of the most reliable online seed banks in Canada when it comes to sure shot delivery and quality seeds.

Moreover, regarding types and varieties, Vancouver seed bank has more than 200 strains on their catalog and they provide both indoor growing seeds as well as outdoor growing seeds.

Also, according to their claim they’ve almost all strains available with them. So, in case you don’t find your desired strain in their collection then you should contact them and they’ll do a custom order for you. Definitely, It’s something that helps Vancouver Seed Bank the most in standing among some of the best Canadian seed banks of 2022.

Germination & Seed Quality

Regarding germination and seed quality, we’d like to ensure you that, usually near to 80% of their seed will pass through germination and if due to some reason they fail, you can contact them and they’ll provide you with free seeds.

However, if you want to claim free seeds with germination failure as reason, then in the beginning you’ll have to follow their germination guide from scratch. Yeah, anyone using their own method to germinate can not claim free seeds due to failure.

Now, if we look at packaging, delivery and payment option then they takes utmost care for you to have a worry free growing experience. Yeah, they provide stealth packaging at no extra cost, their delivery is guaranteed and if they fail you’ll get free package, and for payment they too accept orders using cards, crypto and cash.

Moreover, for people who want their seed at their doorstep at lightening fast speed, they also provide fast delivery in Canada at mere fees of $16.

Yeah, all in all, Vancouver Seed bank is also one of the top 10 Canadian seed banks in 2022 for cannabis seed and one can rely on their quality and consistency.

Dr.GreenThoub Seed Bank – Symbol of Experience

Having cannabis seeds from one of most experienced supplier is a delight to be honest. Yeah, Dr. GreenThumb Seed bank is around market since 1996 and they’re operating from Ottawa CA.

Well, even with old fashioned HTML like website they’re doing quiet great on the market. Yeah, their site’s user experience might be devastating but their seed quality is not. And, that’s the reason we’ve included it in our best Canadian Seeds banks list to buy marijuana seeds online.

Also, their Endless Sky and Niagara X Shiva are two of most famous and heavily demanded strains among indoor growers.

Moreover, regarding germination we checked that more than 75% of seeds succeeds in germinating as they pass each seed individually from a manual inspection process before shipping.

Also, thanks to broad experience of Dr. GreenThumb seed’s experts who’ve succeeded in producing less disease vulnerable seeds from their plants. Yeah, plants grown using their seeds are less prone to fungal and bacterial disease.

Furthermore, they’ve more than 30 strains in their inventory and they’re doing great with it. Well, we’d like to make a note that their inventory might seem limited but they produce only those varieties on which they’ve mastery.

Regarding delivery, we’ve confirmed that they do their best to provide your seeds within 24 hours but in case they fail at doing so then too you’ll get it within maximum period of 7 days.

Yeah, Dr. GreenThumb Seed Bank is one among very few fastest shipping Canadian seed banks of 2022.

Also, they put their best efforts to save your parcel fro confiscation by authorities.

For support, you can reach out to them for 24/7 as they operate constantly to provide their customers with best possible online seed buying experience.

Common problems with GreenThumb

Ordering from Dr. GreenThumb is a bit troublesome. Yeah, you’ll have to order using mail and they’ll send a order link to place your order. Then process is quiet simple. Also, they accept money order from Canadian customers and for USA customers they accept money orders via Wallmart, 7-11, and Western Union.

Toronto Cannabis Seeds – Known for Quality

Yeah, Toronto Cannabis Seeds also grabbed a spot in our list of top Canadian seed banks for many reasons.

Firstly, looking at other people’s opinion and reviews about their service & quality it’s pretty imaginable to predict trust potential of this supplier. Yeah, people are praising Toronto Cannabis Seeds for their top notch quality and best rate of germination.

Moreover, their site’s user interface is very promising and look like they’ve put enough of efforts in providing their customers with best experience from the beginning.

As the name suggests, they’re based out in Toronto and they’re operating from there since almost 15 years now. Moreover, their delivery capabilities are not limited to Canadian customers only. Yeah, they deliver marijuana seeds online all over the world.

Now, coming to most essential factor of a seed bank, well, they wide range of varieties available for different strains and some are originated from some of the best Canadian seed breeders.

Yeah, they’ve more than 150 strains available with them.

Also, Seeds delivered from Toronto Seed Bank possess best yielding potential with best possible potency levels.

Moreover, coming to the delivery part, they provide complete discrete delivery and your package will reach out to you without confiscation. Also, if in rare case, it gets confiscated by authorities then they’ll provide a free replacement.

Furthermore, they’ve plenty of option available when it comes to payment. Yeah, being a worldwide supplier they provides almost all kind of cards, cash orders, money orders, and crypto currency payment options for best experience.

Now, to conclude, we’d like to recommend this one of the best canadian seed bank to buy cannabis seeds online for primary reasons which includes seed quality, fast delivery potential, discrete packaging, and wide range of strain varieties on their platform. Just check them out.

Dr.Seeds Seed Bank – Symbol of Excellence

Are you on a hunt for one of the best canadian seed bank that ship for free? And, still provide fastest delivery service?

Well, then we’ve included one of the best seed bank of canada which is providing best and consistent delivery timing with quality service and that too for free.

Yeah, Dr. Seeds Seed Bank provides free delivery to their online customers. However, for that you’ll have to claim a coupon “SENDFREE” during payment and checkout process.

Furthermore, even after being a free delivery; your package is completely trackable and you can keep an eye on it’s status.

Also, if you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds strains online in 2022 and one of the key factors you should keep in mind is reputation. And, we’re glad to state that Dr.Seeds is among those very few of most reliable canadian seed banks in 2022.

Yeah, they’ve wide range of Cannabis strains available in different sex and genetics categories. So yeah, no matter if you’re looking for autos or feminized, they’ve got you covered.

Regarding Dr.Seeds Best Selling strains, there are many and if we’d have to mention some of them then it’ll be Granddaddy, Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue. Yeah, these strains have gathered a lot of love from Canadian cannabis growers for many reasons.

Moreover, for beginners they’ve dedicated a special department of seeds where they provide easy to grow cannabis seeds to their new customers. Yeah, this seeds usually require less growing skills and are tend to grow on their own with natural parameters in place.

Reliability Of Dr.Seeds Cannabis Seed Bank

Also, for payment, Dr.Seeds Cannabis Seed Bank accepts bank transfer and Marster And Visa Cards only. So yeah, that might be a fallback for few who wants to keep their identity private by expecting to pay via crypto currencies.

Moreover, as Dr.Seeds provides occassional discounts and run promotional programs throughout the year, we’d like to recommend our readers to talk to their support and seek advise if there’s any such program going on or not!

At last, if we talk about packaging quality, then they too provide discrete packaging like all other seed banks.

All in all, for best experience of enjoying your cannabis grow without worries about extra overhead costs such as deliveries, Dr. Seeds is one of the best option available to you if you’re residing in Canada.

And yeah, for seed quality? Never worry! they’re doing their best for your satisfaction.

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank – Quality Strains, Reliable Service

Yeah, BC Bud Depot also got a chance for inclusion in our top picks for Canadian seed banks in 2022.

As our intention is to pick only those seed banks in this list which are local to Canada; we were filtering out a lot of suppliers with negative feedback and reviews. Also, our surveys among people; who’ve purchased their marijuana seeds online from each of these seed banks to have most verified results on our list.

Now, as BC Bud Depot is here on the list, it’s pretty obvious that it’s located in Canada. Moreover, existing customers of this supplier are happy with its quality of cannabis seeds and their service as well.

So, now let’s discover some of the best part of BC Bud depot in this Canadian Seed Banks Review.

Firstly, they’re local to Canada but they’re shipping seeds Worldwide and have wide range of network.

Moreover, they exceptional range of varieties in their inventory; and, some of their strains are even award winning in Cannabis industry. Yeah, to name one award among many; it was Most Comprehensive Marijuana Seed Bank In The World Award; which was awarded to this seed bank for wide range of strain varieties.

Now, coming to the essential part, BC Bud Depots provides stealth packaging and discrete delivery of various cannabis strains all over the world. yeah, you place order and leave rest up to them and they’ll take care of it.

Service Standard Of BC Bud Depot Seedbank

Well, yeah, they provide guaranteed delivery and in case they fail to deliver, you can simply raise a refund or replacement claim and they’ll be prompt to take care of your missed parcel. Even in many failed delivery case, they’ve provided replacement at no extra cost to customers.

Also, in case of confiscation, you can ask them to provide free seeds by providing them with confiscation proof. Well, it’s normal that packages get inspected by authorities and in some cases they remove seeds too. But, you shouldn’t worry about that as supplier is ready to take care of such occasions and situations.

All in all, if you’re hunting for one of the most trusted cannabis suppliers out there; then, BC Bud Depot might be your bet. Also, regarding quality of strains we’re ensuring you; that, they’ll deliver best quality marijuana seeds for you in Canada.

I49 Seed Bank – A New Comer On The Market

Yeah, i49 also got a chance to stand among some of the masters in our list.

Well, i49 seed bank is new in the business and hence for few trusting on them might be a bit troublesome.

Also, upon asking some of their existing customers we found; that they sometimes fail to deliver their packages and don’t take responsibility of it.

However, not all opinions are same and some of them are very happy with their quality and support too.

Moreover, this seed bank is included based on the fact; that, people who’ve received seeds from them are happy with its quality. Yeah, it’s not only delivery when it comes to online seed buying activity, it’s also about quality of seeds.

Also, if we talk about their experience; then, people behind its inception and foundation are connected with marijuana growing activity since more than decade now. Yeah, they’re master of breeding.

And, hence they’re providing top grade cannabis seeds to their customers at very affordable pricing.

Also, we’ve confirmed from people who’ve grown their plants using i49’s strains; that almost 95% of seeds results into successful germination.

Regarding strain varieties, they’ve more than 200 strains in their inventory and it’s growing day by day. Yeah, they’re respecting customer’s demand and adding more strains in their stock everyday.

Moreover, there’s an advantage of dealing with a fairly new supplier, and, that’s opportunity to grab initial promotions. Yeah, they provide massive discounts once in a while to their customers; so, you should keep checking with their store if any such discount is going or not?

Also, packaging will be discrete and order receipt will also be discrete. So yeah, your marijuana buying experience will always remain private to you.

Legal Disclaimer :-

According to new Cannabis Act which was passed in Oct’18; a Canadian citizen can use and grow marijuana in their home. However, there is a limit of maximum 4 plants for personal use; and, for growing you should be of minimum age of 18 years.

Hence, we advise our readers to confirm with their local laws and regulations regarding this limit.

Moreover, this article is just for informational intent and shouldn’t be considered as a legal advise.

Our Verdict

So, folks! that’s all for best Canadian seed banks of 2022. We hope you’ve liked our reviews; and, now you’ve one of the best place to purchase cannabis seed online; which can ship at exceptional speed to you.

However, if you’ve confusion about selection; then Crop King Seeds and Quebec Seed Bank both are providing best quality strains. Also, we’ve confirmed about their reliability and trust factors as well. So, it’s completely safe to go with either of them.

And yeah, If you’re not bound to buy from a Canadian seed bank; and, can opt for European seed bank then sky is the limit. But yeah, ILGM is one of the best cannabis seed suppliers which has highest level of trust, reliability, customer hospitality and support quality.

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