#10+ Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA – Curated Suppliers of 2021

Success in indoor cannabis growing relies completely on the quality of seeds and for best quality seeds you need best supplier.

So, now, fasten your belt! As we’re going to present you top 10 best online seed bank for cannabis and we’ve also ensured that each of them have high quality and reliable seeds & strains in their arsenal.

Yeah, if you’re living in USA then shipping to your local is must and hence we’ve also covered those seed bank that ships to the USA.

Moreover, we’ve also ensure that each of these top 10 seeds bank ships to USA at lightening fast speed for your convenience.

Yeah, as providing genuine and reliable information to our readers and fellow growers we aim to filter out each of these best seed banks with various filters in place.

And, hence we assure that all of these seed banks are best place to buy marijuana seeds online as we’ve done our research and hardwork at its best.

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Top 10 Reliable & Best Seed Banks That Ships To USA

Here we’re presenting reviews of each seed banks picked by our experts. We also, ensure that we’ve took opinion and experience feedback from people who’ve purchased their pack of seeds from these banks and have a good experience.

So, go through each of them and order from one where you get your perfect fit.


I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank - Best online seed bank that ship to usa very fast

Well yeah, ILGM is our editor’s choice for best seed banks that ship to the USA for some obvious reasons.

Firstly, this seed bank is founded and operated by one of the most experienced and qualified cannabis growers. Moreover, Robert Bergman is the founder of this seed bank and have decent experience; thank to his guidance and direction that they’ve succeeded in pleasing millions of people around the globe with their high quality seeds.

Yeah, ILGM is providing reliable and quality strains for indoor cannabis growing since ages and they’ve never failed at it.

Furthermore, they’re providing ample guidance regarding care of marijuana plants for free in their growbible which we highly recommend to go through if you’re new to indoor cultivation.

Well, it’s completely free so you might like to go through it once.

Now, if we talk about locality and deliveries then they’re based in Netherlands but their shipment facilities are capable of delivering seeds all over the world. Yeah, ILGM seed bank delivers marijuana seeds to USA too.

Furthermore, with fair price and awesome promotions and occasional coupons you’ll get a lot of value for your money.

Also, ILGM covers wide range of cannabis seeds and strains. So, whatever taste you possess, you’ll get one perfect match for it within their inventory of more than 100 strains.

Apart from Seeds, they also provide a complete grow set, nutrition packs and mixpacks as well.

Well, Mix packs (AKA Value packs) are something that might interest you as it has everything you need to take first step in your indoor cannabis growing.

Moreover, there are variety of Value packs available for different segment of skill sets i.e; beginners or professionals. Yeah, they’ve got everyone covered and that’s what makes this place one of the best place to buy cannabis seeds online.

Now coming to the payment options, ILGM accepts payment in the form of bitcoin, bank transfer, and credit/debit cards. Pretty convenient payment process is another advantage of I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank.

Furthermore, they provide a complete germination guarantee on their seeds and believe me, they mean it. Yeah, we’ve confirmed from number of growers regarding this and they’ve verified that each seeds being provided to them has grown healthy.

And, in rare case, if your seeds fail to germinate then from their customer support window you could raise a complaint and they’re promptly act to serve you with a replacement.

Well, that guarantee alone is sole reason behind massive success of ILGM among large range of competitor seed banks that ships to USA.

Coming to the reliability, ILGM’s quality and service are top notch and so does its reliability. Yeah, you could trust on them without any doubt as they’re great at providing what they promise.

Also, delivery and shipment is quick and for free of charge which makes it one of the top 10 seed banks delivering faster in USA.

Moreover, as delivery type is major concern for many growers, we’d like to mention that ILGM provides a complete discrete packing facility so yeah everything will remain under control.

Though, in rare case if seeds don’t reach to you then you could ask them for reshipping and they’ll ship another pack for free of cost. Again! They mean it.


MSNL Seed bank - cannabis seed bank that ship to us

Incepted since 1999 and serving quality at a fair budget, MSNL succeeds in snatching a top spot in our list of best seed banks for growing cannabis in USA.

Well, MSNL is based out in Netherlands and operated from there only, but they’ve discrete shipping facility available for all around the world.

Apart from discrete shipping, their shipping timeframe is pre-mentioned to customers so they don’t end up waiting. Yeah, according to our talk with them, they’ve confirmed that their seed packs usually takes 20-25 days for delivery.

And Yeah, we’ve also inquired some customers of them and they’ve confirmed that fact that it delivers within that time. Furthermore, some customers also reported that they received their pack in less time than their usual timeframe.

Also, Stealth shipping is their identity and reason for all these wide spread reputation. If you don’t know, stealth shipping means seeds will remain hidden inside some other non-marijuana product and it’ll reach out to you.

Now, apart from shipping if we talk about seed quality and strain inventory then with more than 21 years of experience in developing strains and seeds they can’t go wrong.

Yeah, with strain inventory of more than 120 strains they’ve also succeeded in grabbing attention from indoor cannabis growers for some of their strains.

Also, autoflowers, feminized and regular all stain types are covered in their wide range of varieties. No one will serve better than them when it comes to versatility.

Well, if you’ll go through customer reviews and ratings on their platform then you’ll identify that their name for delivering best quality strains and seeds is legit. And, like us; you’ll too vouch for it once using them.

Talking about payment and stuff, MSNL seedbank accepts cash/money order, debit/credit card and bank transfers. Yeah, no option for BTC payment over there. So, it might be a drawback if you want to stay completely in dark while ordering seeds from them.

Also, before shipping and packing, each seed will go through a lab test and ensured for capability to germinate.

Well, they’ve around 90% germination rate from their seeds and it’s verified by our experts too.

Furthermore, MSNL is one of the most reputed and recommended seed bank among professionals when it comes to marijuana seeds for sales online.

Also, each pack delivered to you comes with some extra seeds in it. And for commercial growers who’re ordering wholesale pack, a bunch of free seeds along with it will make you order again from them for sure.

To conclude; with best quality seeds that are ensured to germinate, wide range of genetics, discrete stealth shipping and convenient payment process makes MSNL Seedbank one of the best seed banks that ships to USA for sure.


Crop King Seeds - Online cannabis seed bank

Yeah, Up next for you is Crop King Seed Bank Review with 2020 variants.

It’s been 20 years Crop King Seeds is serving indoor cannabis cultivators around the globe with never failing growing formula in their seeds and strains.

Moreorver, Crop King Seed bank is located in Canada and hence and hence it deserves a well place for this list of best seed banks that are shipping to USA faster.

Yeah, their head office is located in Vancouver and they’ve coupled up with many retailers as well who’re providing on store sales services for their seeds. Next time, if you see a retailer selling Crop King Seeds on their store then don’t get amazed.

Being an indoor cannabis cultivator since past 7 year, I must admit that they’ve grown through their experience and dedication.

Yeah, since inception they’ve tried their best to provide best quality marijuana seeds to their customers and that’s the key factor helping the brand to build loyalty among their customers.

Now, if we talk about varieties and genetics then they’ve covered almost all varieties including Regular, Autos, Fems, and Medical CBDs.

Moreover, with smartly breed strain inventory of 30+ strains they are known for less but great value.

Yeah, Northern lights, Sour Diesel and Green Crack are some of widely renowned and praised inventions of Crop King Seed Bank.

Also, with germination rate of around 80-85% they might not beat our top two picks ILGM and MSNL but still it’s good and ideal especially when you get benefit of fast shipping in USA and Canada.

And yeah, for payment on Crop King Seed Bank they provide Bitcoin, Visa and master card options to leverage from.

Furthermore, We could vouch for their customer support and satisfaction. Yeah, you found some issue in their seed? Just contact them and tell your issue. They’ll send another pack for free of cost without asking a single question.

To conclude, if you’re residing in Canada or USA then fastest delivery option with you is Crop Kind Seeds. Moreover, occasional coupons and promotions are worth looking at. So, check out here if there’s any promotion going on or not? If you get something like us, then you’ll be lucky so grab it and give it a go.


Are you looking for one of the best place to buy marijuana seed? Then Seedsman might be your hunt.

Yeah, they are known for large variety of strains in their inventory which are quiet a bit famous among indoor as well as outdoor cannabis grower.

If we talk about the brand, then Seedsman is a marijuana seed supplier based out in UK. Yeah, they’re shipping seed around the globe which also includes USA.

Moreover, they’re only selling and supplying seeds and growing kits apart from that, they don’t recommend people of UK to smoke weed as it’s not legal over there.

Moreover, while inquiring multiple customers of them and upon checking their growing plants we amazed with the perfection in their breeding. Yeah, they provide top notch quality of seeds for indoor marijuana growing and we could vouch them for the quality.

Coming to the varieties and genetics, they’ve pretty large inventory of strains which includes many widely known varieties as well. Moreover, all genetics are available let it be autos, fem or regular.

Furthermore, a completely discrete and stealth packing along with multiple safe payment options, they’re known to keep confidentiality a top most concern. Above that, if you want a separate ultra stealth option for packaging and to ensure security of parcel, then they provide such facility as an add-on.

Well, even if you’re residing in USA or Canada and you’re concerned about delivery then guaranteed delivery is another add-on available on this site for delivery where delivery is guaranteed no matter what.

Also, for payment they accepts money orders, cash orders, checks, credit cards, wire transfer as well as few crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

Furthermore, if we talk about range of seeds then they’ve endless options to choose from as we mentioned earlier. And yeah, you’ll also notice few seeds from other seedbanks in their inventory as they’ve tie up with other seed suppliers to who’re qualified for making great seeds.

And in case, you’re confused regarding seed selection then they provides a tool named seed selector which will suggest you best fit for your climate and requirement along with taking other factors into consideration.

Yeah, all these combined makes Seedsman one of the best seed bank for growing marijuana indoors.

And, if you’re planning to step into this indoor growing game for longer term, then keep a watch on their platforms and also subscribe for notifications as they provides some decent promotion and coupons occasionally.

Also, loyalty program handled by them is pretty user friendly where each returning customer gets some loyalty points credited into their accounts which they can utilize for making purchases on their site.


quebec cannabis seeds - online seed bank review for usa

Well, you might be thinking that Quebec is part of Canada then how it could be a popular name in USA?

Yeah, Quebec Seed Bank is located in Canada and serving indoor cannabis growers since last 7 years with quality seeds. But, they’re popular even in USA for its fast delivery in states.

Moreover, primary factor that played a crucial role in its inclusion in this Seeds Bank Review post is that they’ve qualified and experienced breeding experts who give their sweat and blood to produce best quality seeds for building a loyal and returning customer base.

Furthermore, if you’ll go through their collection of more than 130 strains then you’ll notice that they’ve only included some of the most famous strains on their inventory and rest of unusual strains are eliminated by their selectors.

Moreover, with due diligence over germination they’ve succeeded in researching appropriate techniques to breed seeds that don’t fail to sprout out of soil. Yeah, they’ve very smart mind behind their success and seed production.

Also, once you place an order, respective seed packs will be inspected inside their lab first and then manually by experts who knows the thing.

And yeah, you shouldn’t worry about type of seeds as they’ve included almost everything starting from Regular to Auto-flowering.

Quebec Gold 2.0, AK47 and Jack Herer are some of best-selling seeds in their arsenal. Well, we’ve named only those which are most popular at the time of writing this reviews of best seed banks delivering in USA and it’s obviously variable.

For, concerned customers they provide stealth packing option for free and for delivery you shouldn’t worry at all as we mentioned in beginning of this seed bank review, they’re popular for fast shipping in USA.

And, for payment they accepts only card payment which might be a disadvantage for some but still it’s worth it.

Now, to conclude, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the most reliable seed supplier for indoor cannabis growers which ships seeds in USA very faster. Also, for quality & variety of seeds you should give them a go.

Also, Freebies are provided as surprises to random customers and sometimes, you’ll get unexpected gifts from them while doing business. Yeah, they love to please their customers with best value possible for their money.

So now, without wasting time, visit their website and go through their collection of seeds and strains. If you like it then order from them. Because, Delivery is prompt within USA as well as Canada and they never miss a chance to please their customers. 😉


seed supreme seed bank shipping to usa

Yeah, compared to other seed banks and seed suppliers we’ve included in our list, Seed Supreme is a bit new on the board.

However, Since last 7 years Seed Supreme is delivering high quality, authentic and reliable marijuana seeds to indoor cultivators all around the world. Well, they operate from England but their shipping facilities cover almost all continents where cannabis seed selling business is legit.

To cover more in Supreme Seed Bank Review for our list of best weed seed banks in the world, we inquired few people of different localities regarding their experience with this seed bank.

Well, response we got from them was enough to give this seed bank a well deserved spot among rest of all seed banks that ships to USA.

Now, if we come to the strain varieties of Supreme Seed Bank then they’ve more than 4000 seed varieties in their inventory and they’ve included some of seeds which are breed well by other seed suppliers too.

Yeah, just check out their website and we are sure that you’ll get blown by the variety of seeds and strains over there. They’ve made their name in this short time for a reason.

Also, majority of reviews shared by existing users of their seeds seems to be positive and impressive enough to boost one’s confidence to rely on seed supreme. Yeah, we’ve verified that those reviews are not fake and all are genuine and original.

Actually, when a supplier is providing quality and value for their customer’s money then why shouldn’t people shower them with positive ratings and feedback!?! Yeah, some of the highest quality cannabis seeds in your business could give you a decent reputation and popularity; they’ve proved it.

Coming to the delivery and payment options, they provide a complete discrete and fast delivery on your order. Moreover, you could pay them via variety of payment media.

Furthermore, Loyalty program of supreme seed bank is another reason people love them. Yeah, you make a purchase, you spend some money and you earn some part of it back in form of loyalty points. And, to redeem your points you could make further purchases in future when needed.

Also, occasionally Seed Supreme provides a lot of promotions and coupons. Don’t miss a chance to stay tuned with their subscription letters. They provide coupons in mail too so keep checking it if possible.

So all in all, if you are interested in variety of seeds and strain genetics and expecting quality service with affordable pricing then seed supreme is your place to buy cannabis seed online.

Yeah, just go to their site and check out few varieties for assurance. Don’t miss to go through people’s opinion and feedback on each of seed pack.


AMS seed bank - review of weed seed bank in 2020

Yeah, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the heavily recommended name among indoor cannabis growers for several positive reasons.

AMS was founded back in 2002 and they’re operating it from Amsterdam. Though, their business is connected all around the globe and they’re serving with impressive quality of marijuana seeds.

Moreover, people behind each seeds selection are highly qualified for testing each seed for variety of parameters. Yeah, they’re capable of identifying what will work and what won’t! So, as result what you’ll get will be handpicked seeds that are guaranteed to germinate and sprout.

Also, they’ve more than 130 strains in their arsenal and we also found that many people are repeatedly praising for their some of genetics. And above that, they’ve everything covered for indoor cannabis growing starting from regular to feminized and auto flowers. Yeah, if you’re planning to breed seeds in your grow space then too they’ll guide you for the same.

Talking about delivery and packaging perspective, they’re master of serving customer with full level of satisfaction. Hence, they provides complete discrete packaging and fastest shipping around the globe. Usually, for USA they’ll deliver your seeds with 20-25 days of timeframe.

Yeah, it’s definitely something that makes it a deserving candidate for our top best online seed banks for marijuana seeds that ships to USA.

Also, for payment they’re providing ample options including Bitcoins and bank transfer along with card payments. So, you’re not supposed to worry about anything.

With impressive and unmissable deals that they often provide to their customers, they’ve grabbed a lot of attention among indoor cannabis cultivators.

So yeah, if you’re planning to buy marijuana seeds online from AMS then don’t miss to check their latest deals on best cannabis seeds.

In our opinion, AMS is one of the best fit if you’re planning to try something new within your grow space and we ensure that they’ve best quality ensured for their customers when it comes to marijuana strains online.


growers choice cannabis seed bank for fast shipping

Yeah, Grower’s choice seed bank is one among rest of of top 10 best seed banks that ship to USA.

As the name suggests, this seed bank was founded by people who were experts in indoor as well as outdoor cannabis cultivation. And, as people in their connection were heavily interested in their cannabis seeds they’ve named it as Grower’s choice seed bank.

In this Grower’s Choice seed bank review, we’ll cover some of the best part about it.

Firstly, They’re name and repo is not just due to fame they’ve received from initial testers. Yeah, it’s their everyday improving service in all the segment of their company that made their reputation.

Well, they’re master of shipping seeds at lightening fast speed and you’ll get it within few days of ordering. Though, they’re charging for shipping in USA and Canada and yet they’re worth it.

And yeah, note that Growers choice seed bank only charge for shipping when order is less than $500. For, $500 or bigger amounts they’ll ship it for free.

Also, for shipping discrete packaging is implicit facility and hence you won’t be charged for anything extra to pack your cannabis seeds insides some other non-marijuana products such as pens, specs or watches.

Now, talking about Seed and strain varieties of Grower’s choice seed bank they’ve more than 50 strains in their collection and they’re raising this number frequently by including new strains in it constantly.

Also, we’ve talked to around 20 people regarding their experience with grower’s choice and out of 20 we got 16 positive responses about seed quality and shipping. Yeah, for remaining 4 they were having some issues regarding shipment initially and they got their seeds after raising ticket in support regarding delay in delivery.

Moreover, they’ve also said that due to delay they got some extra seeds as remittance to inconvenience so that proves that supplier is concerned about customer satisfaction.

So, if you think that this is something that you’re looking for then go…visit their official website and order your best cannabis seeds online from grower’s choice seedbank.


ministry of cannabis seed bank review

Yeah, up next in our list of top seed bank to order marijuana seed online is Ministry of Cannabis.

Well, they’ve obtained a great level of reputation online for selling best quality for cannabis seeds and strain.

Also, as their team of experts includes biology experts as well as real life experience indoor/outdoor growers, your trust on them won’t go wrong.

And, each seed being delivered to you will be handpicked by experts after checking for ability of germination. Yeah, as they’re experts of breeding cannabis seeds they also keep a watch in their breeder marijuana plants for best possible growth and health.

Furthermore, with combination of experience and education they’ve succeeded in inventing some of outstanding strains for their demanding customer base.

Moreover, just go to their website and check out list of seeds available out there. Yeah, you’ll find that they’ve included large variety of seeds in their stock to satisfy their customers.

Talking about genetics, they’re experts of feminized cannabis seeds and auto flowering cannabis seeds. And, most of strains on their shop are falling under either of above mentioned genetic category.

And yeah, even if you’re residing in USA and expecting them to ship their seeds to you then they’re capable of doing the same. Moreover, they provides a complete stealth and discrete packaging options.

So yeah, they’ll do everything to ensure you safest and secure delivery of your cannabis seeds while ordering online.

Moreover, we’re glad to make a mark that their seeds are produced from a complete organic growing method which takes time but they were intending towards ensuring best possible quality.

For MOS provides Cash order, card payment and bitcoin along with moneygram payment facility to their customers.

And yeah, with ample of experience in growing stuff indoor as well as outdoor, you could take their help in case of any query. Yeah, they help their customers for free to obtain best outcome from their marijuana plants.

All in all, Ministry of Cannabis is doing well since a long time back and upon taking opinion of their customers we also found that they deserves to be included in this list of best weed seed banks online for USA.

Now, as you’ve all detail about ministry of cannabis, it’ll be great if you’ll go over to their site and check out some strains for yourself. Who knows, if you get something for you that you’re hunting for you. 😊


Yeah, lastly in this reviews of top 10 best marijuana seed banks in 2020 is Seed City.

Well, they’re in seed supplying business since last 10 years and doing well on the market. Also, from people’s feedback on their product it really seems like they’re doing pretty well.

And, there are multiple reasons people are praising Seed City and Its products which we’d like to mention in this cannabis seed bank review for 2020.

Firstly, their products are priced fairly. Yeah, anything you’ll choose from their stock, you’ll get it at the lowest possible rates.

Secondly, their discrete packaging of marijuana seeds and fast deliveries are another reason for counting it as one of the fastest shipping seed bank for USA.

Moreover, they’ve large variety of strains on their stocks. And, user interface of the platform is pretty simple and flow of process to order cannabis seeds online on their website is also simple.

Apart from being professional business, they also stay in touch with real life indoor growers to test out new stuff. Yeah, they’ve succeeded in breeding some of the widely known strains that you’ll see all over internet.

As when there is a large number of available options, we usually get confused in selecting one. Right?

Well, they’ve taken appropriate care of the same as they’ve a dedicated section for winning strains. Yeah, on this section you’ll find a lot of strains which are award winning and have grabbed a lot of indoor cannabis cultivator’s attention over the time.

Furthermore, for same kind of people who still want to filter out their expected strain based on some requirements such as available external growing factors, budget and taste then they’ve decent filtering interface for the same. Yeah, just leverage it and filter out your best match in fraction of second.

Well, if you’re concerned about genetics then they provides wide range that includes regular, feminized and auto-flowering. Also if you want seeds for breeding then they’ve best seeds for breeding as well.

As mentioned in beginning, they label each seed at fairly affordable rates and if you’ll check out some of world famous forums for cannabis growing then you’ll get their recommendation as best inexpensive seed banks in the world.

Moreover, for people placing order of more than 25 pound they provide free seeds as tocken of love. Yeah, they treat their buyers in very professional way.

Furthermore, for issues and queries, they always remain available and they’ll answer your issue within very less time compared to other seed providers of USA.

And yeah, for people looking for discounts or offers, then you’ll find a lot of promotional coupons in your inbox if you signup for their newletter. Moreover, a dedicated promotion section on their site is also great to keep in touch with ongoing promotions and discounts on their seeds and strains.

How To Choose One Of The Best Marijuana Seeds While Buying Online?

While buying seeds online you should look over some of very basic stuff but in detail. Yeah, you’ll have to be careful on selection as seeds are the crucial part of indoor growing as we all know.

And, to understand process of selection, we’d like you to understand all details regarding seeds and their genetics.

So, firstly, let’s start with type of cannabis seeds available in some of best online seed banks.


Basically, there are two parts when it comes to types of marijuana seeds.

Yeah, weed seed type are categorized in two way. First is based on sex and second is on genetics.

So, let’s understand seed types based on sex first.

Types of Marijuana Seeds Based On Sex

Marijuana seeds are categorized in three sex categories. And, in this section we’ll explain each of them in brief for better understanding.

  1. Regular Seeds

If you’re looking for a long term game in indoor cannabis growing then you should opt for regular marijuana seeds.

Yeah, this seeds are in the games since beginning and pretty famous among cannabis growers.

If we look at their nature, then this seed types yield mixed female and male marijuana plants. So, for long term crop this are ideal choice.

Basically, these seeds are not genetically modified and hence when you buy them there won’t be a sure shot answer whether these will yield female plants or male plants. And as we all know, only female plants yield buds this is can be a terrific blind bet if you get all males sprouted out of the pack.

However, in our opinion, these seed types are best only when you’re planning to breed new genetics in your grow space. Yeah, you could breed new strain by mixing random male strain sprouted out of regular seed with feminized seeds which are already genetically modified.

And yeah, breeding and old school growing method is only reason behind its existence in cannabis seed market.

  1. Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You might have noticed that some of the best weed seed banks in the world are full of feminized seeds in their stock.

Well, there’re some reasons behind it. Let’s understand why do they do so?

Basically, feminized seeds are artificially modified seeds where male chromosome of seeds are removed. Yeah, when you purchase a feminized seed pack, you should be assured to get buds on each of plant sprouted out of these seeds.

Moreover, as female plants produce buds, this will be great choice for anyone who’s growing cannabis for medicinal purposes.

  1. Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds

Don’t want to rely on light and want to save yourself from hassle of constant observation, scheduling and placement of light? Then, auto flowering seeds are best choice for you.

Yeah, Auto flowering seeds are modified artificially for flowering without much dependence on lighting factor. Well, lighting is a crucial part of indoor cannabis growing (Check out our reviews on best led grow lights here), but when you sow auto flower seeds, this becomes an exception.

Yeah, Auto flowering seeds are quiet famous among indoor gardeners and outdoor growers as well. Moreover, these seeds are altered for a modified lifecycle where plants will shift to flowering stage directly from seedling and germination.

So all in all, if you want your buds in less time period and with less observation & light in place then you should buy autoflowering seeds from online seed banks.

Types of Marijuana Seeds Based On Genetics

Yeah, these are second types of seeds that are categorized based on genetics. In this section of this reviews of best online seed banks for marijuana seeds, we’ll cover types of seeds based on genetics as well.

  1. Sativa Genetics

Plants sprouted out of Sativa seed types are intented to grow taller and bigger. And, leaf will be narrow and skunked in this type of seeds.

Moreover, Sativa seeds are adapted to warm climates and hence if you’re located in USA and in a cold climate then Sativa seeds might not be your bet. But, for warm climates they’re proven to be best result producing seeds by many indoor cannabis cultivators.

Talking further about plant growth, with Sativa seeds plants will have longer branches and pointed leaf. Yeah, in some cases they’ve grown around 15 feets tall and even taller. Moreover, Sativa seeds are more adaptive and immune towards pests and diseases. Also, less mold in plants is another advantage of sativa genetics and hence they’re quiet famous among outdoor gardeners as well.

  1. Indica Seeds

Indica is yet another genetic of cannabis plants. And, compared to sativa plants these plants will grow shorter. When you grow cannabis plants of Indica genetics, it’ll seem like a bush in the place. And yeah, for cold climates such as USA and Canada, Indica is the best seed types to grow your plants from as they produce tremendous yield in cold climates. Yeah, these genetics are completely opposite of Sativa genetics and comparatively more famous among indoor cannabis cultivators.

Although, Indica strain’s flowering cycle is shorter compared to 10 weeks cycle in Sativa, they reach out to flowering stage quicker than Sativa.

And yeah, bud quality of Indica seeds are more dense, resinous, damp and aromatic compared to that of Sativa seeds.

  1. Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds are less famous due to it’s indefinite nature of growth. However, we’ve decided to explain about these weed seed types too to our readers so we’ll cover it in brief.

Well, as the name suggests Hybrid genetics are those which are crossed between Indica and Sativa genetics.

Moreover, few growers even grow with these genetics as well as it also has some bright sides attached. Yeah, plants sprouted out of Hybrid seeds usually stay shorter yet give higher yield like Indica and like sativa they’ll reach to flowering cycle very quickly and its flowering cycles will last longer than 10 weeks.

So, yeah, if you’re planning to get benefited by both of previous genetics then buying hybrid seeds will be your best bet for growing indoor cannabis.

So now, to give you a concise answer to our initial question “How to select cannabis seeds online?” let’s understand the process.

Firstly, As seeds are categorized based on genetics first and then based on sex. Each strain will have both label on a listing on seedbanks product page.

Yeah, each seed will fall among one of three genetics and will also have a pre determined sex type.

So, if you’re buying an Indica genetic of AK47 strain then again you’ll have three option like AK47 Indica autoflowering, AK47 Indica feminized and AK47 Indica Regular.

Now, all you’ve to do is, select a seed based on genetics first where you’ll have to take following things into consideration.

1). Growing environment

2). Climate

3). Flowering expectancy

4). Overall growing goals.

Once, you’re done with selection of genetics based on our mentioned factors, choose a strain based on sex type. While selecting a cannabis seed from online seed bank in USA, you’ll have to keep following factors into consideration.

1). Growing goals (Breeding or yielding)

2). Flowering expectancy. (Adequate light available or not)

So, now, you’ll have a perfect fit available on online seed bank you are buying from and you just have to choose a strain based on your other requirements like aroma, taste, THC factors, CBD factors and all.

But, before you buy from any online seed bank, you’ll have to keep few things into consideration. So, now, let’s understand what you should keep in mind while buying marijuana seeds online from online seed banks in USA?


Here are list of things you need to consider before purchasing any seed online from any online cannabis seed bank.

Seed Bank’s Reputation

Yeah, first and foremost factor to keep into consideration before you buy marijuana seed online is reputation of seed bank.

Well, as demand of marijuana seeds is going high at skyrocket speed, many fake seed banks have took place over internet and hence you needs to be aware of such scammers.

Moreover, some seed banks simply build rented reputation. Yeah, that might seem like a funny lingo but we’ve came across seed banks in past where they simply ask people to give positive reviews on their listings to build fake credit.

And, in such occasion, we highly advise our readers to do their due diligence before ordering marijuana seeds online from other seed banks that we’ve not included in this list.

Yeah, we’ve filtered out all highly reputed seed banks from all over the world and have included only those which are worth a spot in our reviews.

If you’ll ask for our recommendation then ILGM and MSNL are two of the most reputed names among indoor cannabis growers. Also, if you’ll look over closed and private growing communities which are premium services ran by companies then you’ll notice their names in recommendation. Well, this is something that’s not possible while creating fake reputation. And, some of our experts are part of such communities and hence we’re sure about our recommendations and advises.

Qualification of People Behind Seed Banks

Yeah, by this we meant that if people who’re serving fellow community members with quality service and products then they’ll definitely have better experience.

One of widely known name of such experts is Robert Bergman of ILGM. Yeah, many seed banks are established and running for more than 10-12 years and that’s a sign indicating that they’ve experienced people behind it.

So, before you buy cannabis seeds online, always insist of checking inception date of that specific seed bank first.

Type of Cannabis Seeds They Sell

Now, once you’ve surety about seed bank’s reputation and their experience, you should look over their collection.

Yeah, Many seed banks are dedicated to some specific seed types such as feminized and auto flowering seeds. So, you’ll have to make sure that your required seed type is available in their inventory.

Also, for obtaining pure genetics of a marijuana strain you’re advised to go for regular seeds which are usually available on all the online seed banks in the world.

And if you’re intending to grow female plants for quicker and better yields then going for feminized seeds will be better move, and in such situations we recommend ILGM as they’ve large stock of feminized weed seeds on their seed bank.

Available Strain Variety on Seed Bank

As each individual will have different taste and choice, you’ll have to go through their listing on seed bank to check out that whether your required strain is available with them or not.

Yeah, many seed banks have limited yet high demand strains in their stock but still making sure up front that they’ve your required strain available with them is best way of buying seeds online from a cannabis seed bank.

Also, if a specific seed bank has less number of strain available then it doesn’t mean that they’re not reliable. In fact, many seed banks are keeping limited strains in stock to ensure best quality control and result to their clients by breeding it themselves.

Furthermore, if you’re suffering from any medicinal issues then the type of strain you’ll require to go after depends on its medicinal properties so also check that they’re including it in their stock.

Confidentiality & Shipments

Everyone wants to keem their indoor growing activities confidential and private. So, it’s a must to ensure upfront that seed bank you select are providing stealth or discrete packaging to maintain confidentiality.

Also, always check out delivery timing of a seed bank before your order your seeds online from any seedbank in the world.

Usually, many online seed banks are shipping seeds to USA within 10-25 days of time range, though checking it upfront is a great relief.

Also, having a stealth delivery doesn’t mean that you won’t have tracking ability. So, ask their support before ordering that whether they provides tracking facility for their parcel or not? If not! Then simply dump them.

Payment Options Available

When you’re ordering cannabis seeds from online seed banks in USA then you’ll have to come across issues related to payment. Yeah, many seed banks are running in European countries and hence some of them won’t be able to take your card payment.

So, make sure that your payment feasibility are available with them.

Furthermore, all seed banks included in our list of reviews for best seed banks shipping to USA in 2020 are providing wide range of payment options.

Yeah, many online seed banks are accepting crypto currencies, card payment, wire transfer and cash or money orders too. So, if you’re buying seeds from any of our recommended seed banks then you won’t face any issue.

Freebies, Discounts and Coupons for Festive Offers on Cannabis seeds

Yeah, while buying marijuana seeds online, you should also check if a specific seed bank is running any promotion or festive offer or not? And, if they’re running it, you should take advantage of it by ordering from them.

Moreover, many seed banks provide a lot of freebies on ordering above a predetermined threshold. So, make sure that if a seed bank is providing freebie on $500 order then you’re not coming back at $499. Yeah, simply don’t miss freebies for merely a single buck.

Replacement/Refund Policy

Yeah, it’s one of crucial factor to look after. As, almost all seed banks around the globe are providing a specific germination guarantee for their seeds. Make sure that the place you’re buying from is providing the same.

Also, for germination guarantee and related question you should reach out to them personally before ordering your stuff.

Customer Support

Well, we do it all the time. Yeah, not just after facing a trouble but even before placing order.

So, fact of the matter is, if they’re prompt and friendly in beginning then they’ll be the same after selling.  And, if they’re rude and lazy in the beginning then too they’ll be same after selling.

All in all, reach out to them and ask some random questions regarding your seed type, delivery, shipment, offer etc and if you get satisfactory response back then that mean they’ve decent support.

Moreover, also check online growing forums and communities to ensure that they’re good in support too.

It’s good way of being at safe side before buying marijuana seeds from online seed banks.

Now, you’ve everything you should know before you buy cannabis seeds online from online seed banks shipping to USA.

So, next we’ll cover some of frequently asked questions regarding buying online seeds for cannabis growing in USA.

But, before moving to that, kindly pay attention over this short disclaimer.


Please note that, Section of FAQ is just intended to provide information and shouldn’t be considered as a legal advice.

Always refer to your laws and regulations and stay abide with the same.

Frequently Asked Questions – For Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

In this section, we’ve covered almost all the basic questions that trouble a beginner indoor cannabis grower. So let’s go through it once.


Well, we’ve listed all 10 most reputable and reliable seed banks in this review for you. And yeah, each one has its own plus and minus points attached so do your due diligence of cross checking your requirements and one matching all is best. In general, we consider ILGM as one of the best seed bank to order cannabis seeds online.


They’ll be dropped in your pavement. However, you can choose in-store pick up if your seed bank is have any store in their selling chain. Moreover, states where selling cannabis seeds is not legal; you can only pick up seeds dropped on pavement.

Even some seed banks will safely deliver it to you in safe way at your doorstep. But, yeah you should only order seed from an online seed bank that ships to USA if you’re residing in USA.


Firstly, upon confiscation, authorities will remove seeds and will only deliver the props and original packing to you with a side note that they’ve removed prohibited items.

Secondly, you’ll have to reach out to your seed bank with proof of confiscation and they’re re-ship the seeds if they’re guaranteeing a delivery.

Most of online seed banks shipping to USA provides free replacement or another pack of seeds.


Well, it depends on seed bank to seed bank. Some takes orders from guest visitors too. However, we recommend you to sign up on the platform before ordering to avail complete tracking. Moreover, many seed banks provide good discounts and promotions on first order upon sign up, so doing it could help in a better way.


We always recommend our readers to ensure that platform from where you’re buying have SSL enabled. SSL is a green lock type symbol in browser’s URL bar which indicates that payment process you’re doing is safe and secure.

Any site taking payment without SSL is not a good sign of paying online and avoid it.


Online seed banks are familiar with issues and hence your account statements will show random text which won’t contain any words such as cannabis, weed, marijuana, or seeds.


Bitcoin payment is one of the best payment method while buying seeds online from any online seed banks.

Yeah, confidentiality is one of the biggest advantage of crypto payment. Moreover, many seed banks run promotions for BTC payments and they provide a lot of freebies on the same. So, doing it is best way to keep things private.


To eliminate bad seed banks, simply check for following things.

  • Are they prompt at answering customer queries?
  • Are they selling authentic and genuine cannabis seeds?
  • Do People recommend them in communities and forums?
  • What’s people’s opinion regarding their delivery and confidentiality?
  • Do they’ve enough strain varieties available with them?
  • Are they provide refund when fail to provide expected service?

So, if you get negative answers to all of above questions then it simply means that they’re not good rely upon.


No. You can’t and you shouldn’t. We strictly limit our readers to growing and cultivating of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Moreover, breeding and selling of seeds is strictly prohibited by USA laws and regulations regarding marijuana.

These is the primary reason, there are no seed banks available based in USA. You can only order seeds online and receive them to grow for medicinal purposes, out of this line anything is strictly prohibited.

Moreover, We highly recommend our readers to check out their local laws and regulations even before purchasing seeds from online seed banks. Yeah, as many local laws are not allowing it too. Also, most of seed banks sells seeds for scientific, medicinal and experimentation purposes only. Here we don’t advocate any activity that are considered as a breach of law and regulations.


Firstly, a good seed bank will treat their customer and their money in good way. Secondly, they’ll take all the required care regarding safety and security of their customers. And lastly, they’ll have large number of positive feedbacks showered regarding their seed quality all over the internet.

So, if any seed bank is out of these criteria then reliability level reduced a bit.

Our Verdict On Best Online Marijuana Seed Banks That Ships To USA

As we’ve tried to cover almost everything that’s required to know for an indoor cannabis grower in our buying guide; we don’t think we need to say much in this section.

However, for people to whom this information is a bit hard to digest, we’d like help them by giving an all around safe, secure, faster and quality packed seed bank as a recommendation.

Yeah, in our experience of more than a decade, we’ve used seeds of various seed banks. And, hence, we have a better idea about each of them.

But, if you ask for a single bank name as an advice, then we just love “I Love Growing Marijuana” by Robert Bergman. Yeah, their seed quality and large stock and options to choose from is key factor we took into consideration. Moreover, they’re ships cannabis seed in USA at lightening fast speed with appropriate confidentiality in the place.

So, for all these reasons we’d recommend ILGM to our all readers. Go, check out them as they often have promotions and discounts going on their site.

And, if you’ve any question then don’t hesitate to drop us a text with help of comment box below.

Happy growing buddy.

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